Feeling Stuck? How To Reset & Realign With What Really Matters To You

alignment intuition podcast Jun 02, 2024

Have you been feeling stuck, stagnant, or just a bit off? Maybe you feel a bit disconnected from your intuition and the things that are truly important to you. 

I’m excited to share a process that has been incredibly helpful for me in resetting my energy and realigning with what truly matters whenever I feel out of sync.

Signs You Could Use An Energetic Reset

Here are some situations and signs where an energetic reset can be really helpful:

  • You’ve been feeling stagnant, “off”, in a slump or out of sync/alignment
  • You’ve been feeling disconnected from your intuition and what really matters to you
  • Your current rituals and habits are feeling stale or draining
  • You’re going through major life changes
  • You're feeling overwhelmed and bogged down with tasks that are pulling you away from what truly matters to you.

How To Reset Your Energy & Realign Your Life With What Really Matters To You

  • Reflect: journal or ask your intuition for guidance/clarity

Creating the space to reflect on what's been off, what needs to change, and what will support you can bring clarity on how to move forward with new energy and intentions. 

This awareness alone can spark significant transformations in your life.Use these questions as a starting point, or ask the questions you feel are most relevant for you.

  • How do I want to feel day to day?
  • What creates these feelings?
  • What’s really important to me? What would make this season of life great?
  • What’s getting in the way of that?
  • What can I let go of?
  • What needs to shift?
  • What supports it?
  • What do I know I need more of?
  • What do I know I need less of?
  • Realign: with your values

If you’ve been feeling out of sync, it’s likely you’re also disconnected from what’s truly important to you. It might be a good time to go within and honestly ask yourself what REALLY matters to you. Be honest. And check in afterwards…are these MY values or is this what I think I should want? Does this bring me true fulfillment now or do I think it will bring future fulfillment? Focus on what authentically brings you joy and fulfillment NOW.

Another way to get back in touch with what really matters to you is to google “list of values” and write down all of the ones that intuitively jump out at you. Then see if you can narrow your list down to 5 or so.

These are the values that came up for me right now:

  • Adventure/wandering/flowing
  • Beauty
  • Inner peace
  • Creation
  • Growth
  • Intuition
  • Joy

Once you have your list of values, you can turn them into questions to guide you in your daily life:

  • What does (value) look like right now?
  • How can I embody (value) right now?

For example, if your value is freedom, you could ask yourself these questions throughout the day to reconnect with and embody that value:

  • What does freedom look like right now?
  • How can I embody freedom right now?

These questions are intended to help you transcend the mind’s habitual patterns and what it thinks you “should” do, so you can live in more authentic alignment with your values and intuition.

  • Reset: cultivate intentions & rituals that will help shift your energy and support you in living aligned with your values and intuition

Create daily intentions/reminders

Using the awareness and responses from above, create a list of daily intentions/reminders. There’s no “right” way to set intentions or “right” set of reminders…but here’s what I like to base mine off of:

  • What intuitively feels right/what I know will really support me in showing up and feeling how I want each day
  • Something you read or heard from someone that really landed with you
  • Values questions (from above) or other questions you can ask yourself throughout the day to reconnect you within
  • Areas where patterns are taking over and more awareness needs to grow so you can choose intentionally versus acting without awareness

I also like to try to make them short and sweet and keep the list to 5 or so. If there’s too many, my mind tends to ignore them all ;)

You can print them and put them somewhere you’ll see them daily, make them your phone or computer background, turn them into a vision board.

Keep in mind, these are intentions/reminders for now or as long as they are aligned. I usually use them for a few weeks or months and allow them to naturally fall away (rather than forcing myself to keep focusing on them every day forever). Then when it feels right, which is usually several months later, I’ll go through this process again to create new intentions and rituals. 

Daily intentions and rituals/routines can be on a “sometimes” basis, meaning you allow your genuine alignment to create a natural ebb and flow. Sometimes you might have lots of clear intentions and a structured set of morning rituals and sometimes you might just flow with whatever you feel in that moment, without any clear structure. Neither is better or worse; it’s about tuning into what is most aligned for you now and trusting that it’s correct.

Here are my reminders/intentions from when I recently took myself through this process in case any of them resonate or spark any ideas for you:

  • Alignment first then see what flows
    • Can I wait until there’s an actual alignment/intuition (something deeper than thought) moving me into action?
  • More intention/following joy now, less unconscious obedience to thoughts
    • Allow path to unfold
    • When pulled by mind/patterns, STOP and realign
    • When mind is stuck on what it “should” do but it’s not actually aligned:
      • What else could I do? What else could be fun? What would I do in Bella Vita?
      • What limitation/belief/rule can I break now? 
  • What’s going to make me feel best right now?
    • What’s the next small right action?
    • What is 10/10 alignment now? 
  • When I feel the urge to control/correct Trevor, exhale & turn focus inward. 
    • Wanting to control him is a sign to look inside.

And here are some of my reminders/intentions from the last couple years:

  • What feels good now? (this is the one that ended up leading to the creation of But First, Alignment!)
  • What feels like relaxing, opening and allowing now?
  • What feels like trusting the flow most now?
  • How can I embody wholeness from within now?
  • Alignment before action. Repeat. Repeat repeat.
  • WHEN I FEEL LIKE I NEED TO “PUSH TO GET SOMEWHERE”: Pause & feel. Don’t try to stop it or escape it. Just be aware and stay with the feeling. Wait for the dust to settle then see what happens.
  • I'm going to get as aligned as I can and I'll do whatever I have time for after that 
  • When you think things are bad or not magical, stay open a beat longer. See what happens after something doesn't work out. Let's just see. It must not have been as magical as the next thing coming. Something that falls through isn't bad - it's just that a new potential is arising.
  • You are free to choose in clarity, lightness and alignment and until there’s that, there’s nothing to do. You’ll know what to do when to do it. Nothing to force, nothing to do before then. You don’t have to jump when the mind says jump. Jump when it feels fun.
  • When I feel the feeling of “I gotta get something” …Breath and release the “gotta get” feeling. Move from “I need nothing”. When there’s “I need something from this, release the need before acting from it.
  • Is this adding or releasing resistance? If adding, STOP.

Daily journal prompts for living in alignment with your values and intuition

In addition to keeping these daily reminders/intentions where I can see them every day, I’ve been using these journal prompts most mornings and loving it. Feel free to borrow them if it feels aligned for you :) 

  • What am I really thinking and feeling right now?
  • Intuition, what do you want me to hear now?
  • 1 thing I’m proud of myself for
  • 3 things I’m grateful for
  • What I want to remember today
  • What would feel really good to do today?

Other ideas to reset your energy

  • Home cleanse: Declutter, rearrange and/or clean your home and get rid of possessions that are no longer aligned or bringing joy
  • Consumption cleanse: unfollow podcasts & social media accounts that aren’t bringing joy
  • Social media, technology or work cleanse: take a break from social media, technology or work - any amount of time from a few hours to a few weeks can help you completely reset and reconnect with what you really care about
  • Give yourself the gift of support: you can book a package of inner voice sessions with me, join But First, Alignment or sign up for any other ways to receive support that resonate most for you right now

Feeling stuck, stagnant, or disconnected from your intuition can be a frustrating experience. Yet, it's important to remember that these moments offer a valuable opportunity to reset and realign with what truly matters. Through reflecting on your current state, realigning with your core values, and cultivating daily intentions and rituals, you can create a newfound sense of freedom, clarity and energy. 

Remember to be patient with yourself and trust the process. Whether it’s through journaling, decluttering, or taking a break from social media, each step you take brings you closer to a more authentic and fulfilling life. Embrace the journey, knowing that there’s nothing that can’t ultimately be seen through to come back to the peace, clarity and freedom within you.

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