How To Make A Vision Board That Aligns With Your Values And Sparks Joy (for your phone or computer background)

If you’re ready to expand beyond “mind-forced manifestations” and open to “intuition led magic” and infinite possibilities, you’ll probably love this vision board process.

I made vision boards for years with everything I wanted to manifest but this new year, it just didn’t feel aligned to create one so I didn't.

But then I got inspired to create one in a whole new way that felt more fun, intuitive and aligned with what I care most about.

I used to make vision boards by putting things on them that I desperately wanted to manifest and felt super attached to. The underlying vibration was “Where I am now isn’t enough so I need to manifest really hard to make these things happen and then it will all be better”.

All they did was perpetuate my feelings of shame, not-enoughness and “should be farther along” (because this was the energy in which I created them).

The one on the left was my 2021 vision board. At the time, I was desperately chasing "success", which at the time I thought meant flying first class, making $100,000 in my business and driving a Range Rover. 

The one on the right is my 2023 vision board. I feel whole, at peace and exactly where I'm meant to be. I'd totally welcome and am open to manifesting all of this or better but the difference is that I'm good either way, whether they manifest or not. To me, this is real freedom and real success. These photos don't represent what I want to manifest. They represent what makes me feel most joyful when I look at them. The photos really aren't THAT different but the shift in intention and energy is COMPLETELY different and feels so much better.

I’ve dropped “trying” and “efforting” (including mental efforting) to manifest what my mind thinks I should have. The deeper I go into trusting my own intuition, the more I realize that my mind’s ideas of what “should” be happening and what it wants are limiting compared to the infinite possibilities of allowing my intuition to lead me into the unknown.

I follow my intuition and trust what unfolds from there. It’s opened up SO much more ease, freedom, joy and alignment and my life unfolds in far more magical ways than my mind could have ever predicted or controlled.

This new vision board was purely led by my intuition and what sparks joy in me. I’m excited for you to try it and see how it feels for you to approach vision board-ing in this more intuitive, open way.

How To Make A Vision Board Using Your Intuition For More Joy & Alignment

1. Check in with your intuition

Before starting, check in with your intuition. Does it feel aligned, fun and natural to create a vision board in this way? Or does it feel forced? If it feels good, I’m excited to create with you. If it doesn’t, what would your intuition have you do instead right now?

2. Gently set an intention that feels good

What is your intention for this vision board? For me, my deepest intention was to create a vision board that sparks joy. What feels most aligned for you?

3. Find images on Pinterest

Start searching for images on Pinterest that spark joy. Here are some questions to help you use your intuition to choose the images.

  • What images spark joy?
  • What images make you feel really good inside?
  • Which images give you that juicy, intuitive, gut feeling of alignment?
  • What images do you feel magnetically drawn to and lit up by?

I let my intuition guide me and only added images that evoked a spark of joy in my body.

For example, I would search for things that felt joyful for me like “organic modern design”, “gold jewelry”, “cappuccino photography”, “soft feminine aesthetic”, “travel couple”, etc and add the images that made me feel really good inside. You can also click on the images you love and find more related images below.

Once you’ve added a few images, you can go to your board and at the bottom, Pinterest will recommend pins you might like. This is when it gets really fun because Pinterest starts feeding you all kinds of inspiration that fits your vibe and it just snowballs from there.

Keep adding images until you feel satisfied.

Here's my board in case you want to see it for inspiration!

4. Save the images from Pinterest to your computer

Right click on the images and click “save image as…” then choose where on your computer you want to save them.

5. Start building your vision board in Canva

You can search for vision board templates in canva, make your own (using photo grids or frames under “elements”) or use the template I used here

Make sure to set the proper size depending on what you want to use the vision board for. I did and iOS wallpaper and wallpaper computer so I could make it my phone and computer backgrounds.

My iPhone wallpaper vision board (you can also use this as a starting template).

My desktop wallpaper vision board (you can also use this as a starting template).

Drag and drop the photos from Pinterest into Canva that you want to use and then start adding the photos to your template. You can move, resize and arrange them in the way that brings you the most joy.

6. Add your deepest intentions/values (words, quotes, phrases, etc) 

For me, I added words that felt expansive, joyful and aligned with my deepest intentions/values of living intuitively with an open heart and presence. For inspiration, you can google “lists of values” or ask yourself: what is really really important to me?

You also don't have to add any words if you prefer to stick with images only.

Goals/Manifestations vs Intentions/Values

I focused my vision board less on specific outcomes and more on my deepest values and intentions.

Intentions/values are not outcome based (manifest $100,00 this year), future focused (when X happens, I’ll be Y) or attachment focused (things you feel lack without or have made your happiness dependent on).  

Intentions/values are driven by your intuition. They are heart-led, focused on the now, fluid, open and peaceful.

It’s about “what feels good now?” vs “what do I need to manifest so I can be happy?”.

It's about "this vision board brings me joy now and is aligned with my deepest values" vs "I will have joy when I manifest what's on this vision board".

For example, your mind might have an attachment to making a certain amount of money. If you approach your vision board from goals/manifestations, you might put “$100,000” on it. But why do you want that money? What do you believe it will give you? What would it feel like to put “inner security” (or whatever words/phrase feel uplifting for you) instead? There’s no right or wrong way…trust what feels best for you! If it’s specific goals, go for it. If it’s deeper intentions, go for it.

Some examples of intentions/values:

  • Present
  • Open-heart
  • Flexible
  • Inner peace

You can also make them into phrases like “trust what unfolds when I live from my deepest heart”. I’ve found it’s best to keep them as short as possible. The more words we use, the more the mind tends to get attached.

7. Finalize and export

Make any final touches that bring you joy and then download your digital vision board. Click share, download and then select PNG or JPEG.

If it’s the desktop version, you can right click the downloaded image and click “set as desktop picture”. If it’s the phone version, you can airdrop or message the photo to your phone and set it as your wallpaper.

Depending on the size of your computer/phone, you might have to make some edits and tweaks to the sizing in canva and try again until it fits just right.


I'd love to see what you create - share it on Instagram and tag me @madison.arnholt!

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