But First, Alignment


A 6 week course to create more alignment, flow and joy in your life


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What would change in your life if you felt a deep sense of inner peace?

If you trusted your intuition to guide you each step of the way?

If you truly followed your heart?

If you did what actually brings you joy instead of what you “should” do?

It’s amazing how much better life is when you feel peaceful inside.

But most people are chasing that peace through external achievements and success, thinking that they’ll find alignment, flow and joy once they get there. But this is backwards. We all know it never works and never lasts.

You can have alignment, flow and joy NOW and from that place of inner alignment, you will be guided by the greater intelligence of life (aka your intuition) that is within all of us. From there, what unfolds will be far greater than you can even imagine.

Why I Created But First, Alignment

My healing journey started in my early 20s. I overcame an eating disorder, chronic back pain, eczema, insomnia, started a business and quit my corporate job. It opened up a lot more freedom and peace but...

It REALLY transformed in the most profound ways when I “dove off the inner peace deep end” early 2022...

  • What will happen if I REALLY follow my heart and intuition vs of what I’m "supposed to" do?
  • What will happen if I REALLY feel every emotion without reacting or repressing?
  • What will happen if I REALLY surrender and allow life to unfold instead of forcing and trying to “make things happen”?

Part of me was terrified…what if my life completely falls apart? But a deeper part of me knew it was safe and would liberate me beyond my imagination. Why NOT see what happens? And if not now, then when?

It’s hard to put into words how my experience of life has transformed through this “experiment”.

I feel more at peace, happy and free than ever before. I’m so much more present and able to enjoy each moment. I feel deeply worthy, steady and grounded. I have so much love for and trust in myself. And my life is unfolding in really beautiful, magical ways.

Consider this an “experiment” to see what happens when you put alignment, joy and inner peace first.

What might change when you let joy be your guide for 6 weeks?

You can always go back to how you were living before. But what if this changes everything? What if you get to feel more free, joyful and aligned than ever before? And what if life starts flowing even more magically?

The Results I Experienced From This (and I think you will too)

 Feel lighter and more at peace

 Heightened intuition and clarity

 More ease, flow and alignment in your everyday life

 More presence and ability to enjoy each moment

 Less extreme attachment to outcomes (no longer NEEDING particular outcomes to be happy, okay or at peace)

 Feel more in flow with life

 Less negativity and reactivity when triggers and obstacles arise and greater ability to act from wisdom, freedom and clarity

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What We're Going To Cover

Week 1: Awareness

  • Become more aware of your patterns from compassion and curiosity
  • How to see yourself and situations more clearly without getting lost in mental spirals or judgment
  • How to use inner body awareness to quickly rejuvenate and ground your energy

Week 2: Get Into Alignment

  • How to get into the receptive mode
  • How to experience more ease, flow and alignment in your everyday life
  • How to avoid the trap of “trying too hard” to get into alignment

Week 3: Releasing

  • Learn to use triggering situations as a direct path to more freedom and wisdom
  • How to ACTUALLY release negative emotions and clear out old energy so your energy can flow freely (When your energy flows freely, you feel clear. When you feel clear, you have greater access to your intuition.)
  • What to do when you have an emotion that feels really stuck or hard to release
  • How to find peace in the area of life (career, money, relationships, etc) your mind worries most about

Week 4: Tap Into Your Intuition

  • How to strengthen and tap into your intuition in your day to day life
  • Taking aligned action (& what to do when you aren’t sure what actions are aligned or no inspiration is coming)
  • How to tell the difference between fear/ego and intuition

Week 5: Allow & Surrender

  • How to ACTUALLY surrender and trust your path to unfold instead of forcing and pushing
  • The power of learning to maintain your alignment no matter what
  • How to balance surrender with striving for what you desire

Week 6: Deepening Presence

  • How to stop mentally fixating on the past and future and experience the lightness of now
  • Key rituals/practices to experience more presence and ability to enjoy each moment as it is
  • How to open your heart, even during emotionally intense moments

How The Course Will Work

But First, Alignment is a 6 week course to help you create more alignment, flow and joy in your life.

We'll have 6 weekly calls on zoom (Thursday's at 130pm EST) starting March 16th where there will be a teaching portion, hot seat coaching and Q&A to actually integrate in real time. 

 If this feels aligned for you, I’m excited to see you in class!

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