Hi I’m Madison. I’m so excited to have you here!!

I'm a Mindset & Energy coach and the host of the Magnetically You Podcast. I teach women how to manifest a life they’re completely in love with using the power of their mind, energy and intuition! I'm on a mission to help you tap into the infinite magic within you because when you do, you become magnetic to more success, abundance and freedom than you ever thought possible.

My journey that brought me
to where I am today...

Hi I’m Madison. I’m your zen, spiritual bestie who keeps it high vibe while supporting you to reprogram your mindset and energy to live your best life.

These days, you can find me at a coffee shop drinking matcha, reading a juicy personal development book or in Sedona healing my chakras and hiking into a vortex.

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I went on a mission to figure out how to eat in a balanced way WITHOUT all the anxiety and guilt.

What I discovered completely changed my life. I learned how to eat intuitively and my obsessive thoughts about food disappeared.

I realized quickly that so many women needed exactly what I had found so I got certified as a Health Coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and started teaching everything I had learned. I worked with 1:1 clients and then went on to create a life-changing online program (The Subtle Art of Food Freedom) that helped dozens of women rewire their brains for food freedom too. 

Let's take a little trip down memory lane...

I started my first corporate job as an actuary. I was struggling with disordered eating, had anxiety 24/7, slept only 2 hours a night and had chronic back pain. The first month of my job, I wrote in my journal “Do I really want to sit in this cube for several years? It really freaks me out. I hope that I have the drive to eventually start a business.”

I bought a website domain but never did anything with it because I was so overwhelmed by not knowing where to start.

I met a food blogger making 6 figures which inspired me to finally start Sunny Thymes. I healed my relationship and enrolled in IIN to become a certified health coach so I could help other women do the same. I also hired my first coach.

I got my first client in Feb. I started making a couple thousand dollars a month doing recipes/food photography and health coaching. I created The Subtle Art of Food Freedom and helped 20+ women through this program make peace with food and their body too.

Expanded my mission beyond just food and started Magnetically You. I also got engaged!

I quit my corporate job and work on my biz only 3-4 hours a day. I’m more confident, fulfilled, free and abundant than ever before. I truly am living a life better than I ever thought possible AND I’m JUST getting started!!

The biggest thing I’ve learned along this journey is that what you desire is meant for you. I believe you get to want what you want AND you get to have it.

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And that’s why I’m here – I can help you do that.

I want to teach you how to create more joy, freedom, abundance, and fulfillment just by being YOU. Just by having fun. Just by trusting and following your desires. Just by remembering who the F you really are. Just by listening to your intuition.

The BEST time to stop settling and start allowing yourself to want what you want and believe you’re worthy of having it is NOW.

If this is what you desire, I want to invite you into my 1:1 coaching program.


If you’re ready to immerse yourself in becoming the best version of you so you can be the creator of your own reality too, you can DM on instagramlisten to my podcast, or book a free consult call below to discuss how I can help you reprogram your thoughts and energy to manifest a life that lights your soul on fire and see if we’re a good fit to work together! 

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