Access A New Level Of Inner Peace & Alignment With Intuitive Life Coaching

“I’m 180 degrees different than I was when I first talked to Madison; I’m living my best life.”


Access A New Level Of Inner Peace & Alignment With Intuitive Life Coaching

“I’m 180 degrees different than I was when I first talked to Madison; I’m living my best life.”


What would happen if you really lived out what your intuition is 

 calling you to?



  • If you really did what feels joyful over what you’re “supposed to” do?
  • If you really trusted life to unfold?
  • If you really lived in the now?

Would life fall apart? Or might you feel more free, joyful and at peace than ever before? And might life start unfolding more magically than ever before?

Until a few years ago, my mind had convinced me that my life would fall apart if I lived this way. The opposite has proven true, over and over again.

The more I release and test the mind’s limitations and trust my intuition to guide me, the better life gets and the more peaceful, grounded and whole from within I feel.

I created this coaching program to hold space for you to do the same: to go deeper within yourself than ever before for the peace and answers you seek and to experience the incredible freedom, peace and clarity that only expands as you do.

Give Yourself The Gift Of Unconditional Alignment

There’s truly nothing better than knowing your source of peace and alignment is within you. When your happiness is no longer dependent on your career success, manifesting a partner, how much money you have, the perfect body, etc, that’s when you’re really free.

What we all want more than these external desires is the peace and freedom we think they’ll grant us. But no external manifestation can grant this to you. It’s a gift only you can give yourself. From you, to you, for you.

How many times have you gotten “there”, the place your mind desperately needed to get and withheld your joy from you until you did, only to realize the “joy” only lasted about 5 minutes

Alignment isn’t about getting “there”. It’s what’s already here when you free yourself from needing to get “there”.

And then, where before there was a sense of resistance and struggle, there is now a sense of wholeness and clarity. And from this place of inner alignment, comes an intuitive knowing of the right action in any given moment.

You can feel whole from within. You can feel aligned no matter the circumstance. You can live a life beyond your wildest dreams. Your intuition will show you the way.

And if there’s any resistance or heavy emotions arising now, they’re also showing you the way back to the place within you that is deeply still, peaceful and filled with loving, wise guidance.

What It's Like to Work With Me


Madison is an absolute gem of a coach, guide, facilitator and intuitive. I feel like I have let go of lifetimes of trauma and the biggest things my mind has worried about. Now, I am fully allowing and embracing it all. I can love it all and flow with life, celebrating being human. I hear my intuition guiding me and I have no doubt that I am free to reflect on the outside that which I am on the inside. This is all to a large extent because of this beautiful work. It is my absolute joy and pleasure to write this testimonial to honor the work I have done with Madison. I highly recommend Madison to anyone who is looking for a lighthearted, loving, present, wise, joyful and healing release of that which no longer serves you so that you can reach the wisdom that resides within us all. She is so level headed, so grounded, so patient, and loving, non-judgmental, objective, supportive, understanding and truly wise beyond her age. Joining her training was one of the best decisions ever! I can attest that once you decide to work with her, prepare to be delighted and grateful beyond your wildest dreams! I know that I am a better human and a therapist for having learned from and healing with Madison."

Monika Jamrozek-Burra


The first time I worked with Madison, I found her through a Google search at a low point in my life. I was unhappy with myself and my body and was desperate for relief. Our work together was transformative in a way that I did not fully understand at the time. The second time I worked with her, her emails spoke so clearly and powerfully to me that I knew she was the one who I needed to help me navigate starting my business. I was feeling so lost and frustrated with all the different messages I was hearing from marketing and business “gurus.” I had tried many of their strategies but they either did not match what I was trying to do or felt out of alignment. I was stuck, not knowing how I could ever take what was in my heart and get it out into the world. I knew working with Madison was the answer to my struggles when she showed me that I could do marketing and build my business in MY way—trusting MY intuition, building MY business, following MY passion. She guided me to recognizing that what I had within in me was valuable and that standing up for myself and my inner knowing was crucial to creating a business that I loved. She helped me break free of old thought patterns, supported me in facing what I had been avoiding, and introduced a sense of fun and possibility that I had never experienced. Today I own a yoga studio and have an online business that finally FEELS GOOD. Instead of panicking and fretting and wondering what is wrong with me, I take action and trust that things are moving at the perfect speed and in the perfect way for my own personal growth and development—not just that of the business. Working with Madison is like a long, beautiful inhale after not being able to breathe. I trust her wisdom in the same way she taught me to trust mine. I know that I am a completely different person than I was when we first started working together. If you are even remotely considering working with her, do not wait. It is not often that you can find someone who not only holds a powerful vision of who you can become (far beyond what you can see!) but is also willing and capable of guiding and supporting you along the way. If Madison has come into your life, it is not an accident! It is because you are ready for the next level. I can’t recommend her enough!

Julie Bouche


“I have done many Inner Voice one on one private sessions and group work over the past few years, but I have to say that working with Madison has been the best!

I love how Madison can lead you into your Inner Voice [Intuition] even if your mind is struggling and she always knows how to facilitate a great "release".

I have often done releasing and Inner Voicing on my own but I have found that it's much more powerful and easier when Madison leads myself through the process. Your mind can let go and trust that Madison and her amazing intuition will lead you where you need to go.

I have always been a pretty happy and positive person, but after a month or more of [working with Madison], I have felt my happiness soar. This is for anybody, but it really was what I wanted and needed at this time in my life.”

Fawn Boyd Vigil


 “One of the most beautiful gifts I’ve received in working with Madison is to just “see what happens”. Madison is a calming and supportive guide that brings you in, through these delightfully simple but effective challenges to just “see what happens”, and to the beauty and alignment you can experience with your Inner Voice.”

Shawna Anderson


“Working with Madison truly changed everything for me. I wish I would have joined her program sooner instead of sitting and wondering if this was going to work for me. I was super hesitant when starting her program but as the weeks went on and I was seeing progress, I was amazed. Even though I have never met Madison in person I can say she has a special place in my heart because she truly changed my life, I was stuck and she understood and was able to help me move on.”

Jessica Westerdahl 

1:1 Coaching Includes

✧ 6 Intuitive Coaching Sessions (Every Week For 6 Weeks)

Your sessions will incorporate a blend of traditional life coaching, meditation, emotional release and inner voice-ing (accessing your intuition for answers/guidance). Each session will be 60 minutes and take place on zoom. Clients leave these sessions feeling like a weight has been lifted off of them, with so much more clarity and peace.

✧ Support Between Sessions

Ask questions, share insights and receive guidance between sessions on the free Voxer app (text and voice messaging).

✧ Bonus Gift: But First, Alignment

A 6 week online course with practices and teachings to help you create more flow, joy and alignment in your everyday life. This course is an incredible complement to private coaching and as you go through it, you’ll be able to get support to more deeply integrate and apply it all.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Intuitive Life Coach?

An intuitive life coach is someone who supports you in accessing your intuition and releasing anything seemingly blocking your clarity and peace. Intuitive life coaching is great for someone who knows it’s time to trust the wisdom within themselves, rather than seek wisdom from others. 

My approach to intuitive life coaching isn’t like getting a psychic reading or doing reiki. I’m not here to heal you or tell you the steps you should take. All of the transformation happens from you, within you. I’m just here to hold the space for you to access your own innate guidance and healing abilities. Learning to shift your own energy and access your own guidance is the ultimate freedom and is what creates the most rapid, deep, lasting transformation.

Is This Right For Me?

Only you know what is right for you ;) I will say for me, the ongoing practice of releasing any triggered emotions and following my intuition, one now moment at a time, has dramatically transformed my life and experience of life. And it can feel really good and be really helpful to have someone on the journey with you, holding the space for you to do the same.

All of the answers and wisdom you’ll ever need are within you. I’m just here to hold space for you to go beyond the confines of the mind’s stories and emotions so you can access your innate healing abilities and intuitive wisdom.

How Much Does it Cost?

You can choose to pay in full or do a monthly payment plan. It’s $1,111 in full or $555/month for 2 months.

What People Are Saying

“When I first found Madison, I was feeling quite defeated, burnt out, frustrated, unaligned & uninspired with my coaching business. I had hired several previous coaches to help me execute the "perfect" strategy that would land me all the clients and a five-figure launch. While these coaching programs definitely provided a level of value, I found that they tend to create false limitations and encourage a "one size fits all" model... The corporate spin on running a soul-aligned business.

Each & every human is unique and thrives by using "strategies" that are unique to them & supportive of their specific energy type. This is what Madison was able to awaken inside of me. My own unique business strategy that feels good, generates consistent revenue and FEEDS my inspiration.

AND the energy of my business shifted from depleting & life-draining to natural, flowing & life-giving. I now fully trust myself to make the most empowered, aligned and profitable decisions for myself AND my business...Thanks to Madison's guidance and mentorship. She is a powerful leader & permission slip for how to live an amazing, fulfilling, purposeful life while growing your impact & sharing your gifts with the world in a way that feels true for you!”

Austin Armstrong


“I feel so much lighter, so different. So much of that negative energy and emotion is gone (those feelings of self-doubt, that chatter that would come up in my head). I feel like I'm operating differently. It’s been crazy. I don’t know if this is normal for things to happen this quickly. I can’t believe how different I feel.”

Heidi Frye


“Before I decided to hire Madison as my coach, I had recently discovered that I no longer wanted to go to graduate school to pursue a degree in social work. I realized that my true calling was to become a mindset coach! The problem was, I didn't know where to start! My mind started to flood with feelings of fear, doubt and overwhelm. 

The value of the questions she asked me were mindblowing and the way that she guided me through each session truly uncovered some wonderful breakthroughs and pushed me to become a better version of myself. Since working with her, I have signed my own clients through my coaching business and am on my way to starting a podcast! The breakthroughs that Madison guided me through during our coaching sessions have led me on this beautiful journey that I am currently on and I couldn't be more grateful for it. If anyone is feeling stuck and needs some guidance, I would highly recommend hiring Madison as a coach!”

Nikki Velasco


“Before working with Madison, I was sad and felt trapped. I knew I was meant for more, and I wasn't doing that. I just didn’t have the confidence. What I’d tried hadn’t worked, and I didn't know what to do next.

I'm 180 degrees different than I was when I first talked to Madison; I'm living my best life. I wake up happy and energetic. I look forward to work. I have this enthusiasm for life and I'm really proud of myself that I've made these changes, and that I'm actually doing the things now that I always thought about doing. I feel like anything's possible. And it’s rubbing off on the rest of my family and I’m bringing a whole better self into the world.

Making the decision to move forward with coaching allowed me to get to a much higher level much faster. With coaching, I was able to go from being afraid, sad, desperate, unfulfilled and unhappy to being free.

It made my relationships so much better. I launched my coaching business. And I’m speaking in front of people about mental health which is one of my passions.

And all of that was possible because of coaching.

For someone considering working with Madison, I’d say go for it. Make the investment. Number one, because you're worth it. And number two, because Madison is amazing. She is focused 100% on you and she is going to be completely present with you. She's going to be asking you questions and taking you through exercises; not talking at you. She's going to be listening, and she's going to give you different ways to frame things to have a new perspective, that will open you up in ways that you haven't been before.”

Susan Wallace


“Working with Madison has been one of the best decisions of my life.

Madison is an incredible mindset and energy coach who knows how to ask the right questions, listen with empathy and neutrality, uncover and heal the root of the problem, and share actionable tools to overcome challenges.

Madison knows how to help you harness your thoughts, energy, and intuition to create abundance, joy, and success. Madison is compassionate, empowering, non-judgmental, understanding, and truly invested in helping her clients live their best lives. I am so thankful for how Madison has helped me uplevel my life. I highly recommend working with Madison if you’re ready to heal, learn, and grow beyond what you thought was possible.”

Talia Startsman

Meet Madison

Hi! I’m Madison Arnholt, Intuitive Life Coach and Meditation Guide. 10 years ago, I was suffering deeply from unhealed trauma, an eating disorder, severe anxiety, chronic back pain and insomnia. 

Everything changed when I discovered the life-changing power of meditation, releasing trapped energy/emotions and following my intuition. It's hard to put into words how deeply these practices have transformed my life and it’s truly a joy and gift to share them with you. If it feels aligned, I’m excited to be part of your journey.

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