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Personalized intuitive coaching and experiences to access the deep inner wisdom and peace within so you can live with more more flow, joy and alignment in your everyday life

Everything you're seeking 

can be found within

We all have a deeper part of us filled with wisdom & personal guidance that allows us to access an entirely new realm of peace, freedom and possibility.

This space is here to help you access this part of you (also known as your intuition or inner voice) and release anything that may be blocking it so you can live with more joy, clarity and peace in your everyday life. Come as you are. Emerge new.

Welcome! I’m happy you’re here.

Slip Into A State Of Serenity

Download this free deep healing meditation to journey into a deep state of inner peace and relaxation.

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Personalized 1:1 Sessions

Whether you’re looking to relax the mind, release stuck energies/emotions or realign with your intuition, you will leave these sessions feeling transformed spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Deep Healing Meditation

Quiet the mind, feel stress/tension melt away and slip peacefully into a deep state of relaxation. This session will leave you feeling more present, grounded and at peace.

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Energy Detox Sessions

Experience the incredible lightness and clarity on the other side of releasing stuck emotions/energy. This session will leave you feeling like a weight has been lifted off of you.

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Inner Voice Sessions

Travel beyond the mind into a deep state of awareness where you can release trapped emotions/energy and access spiritual guidance and intuitive wisdom. This session will leave you feeling lighter, with so much more clarity and peace.

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Heidi Frye

Ever since our inner voice session, it’s crazy, I just feel so much lighter, so different. So much of that negative energy and emotion is gone.

Susan Wallace

I'm 180 degrees different than I was when I first talked to Madison; I'm living my best life.

Julie Bouche

Working with Madison is like a long, beautiful inhale after not being able to breathe.

Talia Startsman

Working with Madison has been one of the best decisions of my life.

I’m happy to connect with you before you book a session or package to guide you through the different journeys available so you can choose the best experience for you. To speak with me, you can book a free alignment call below.

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About Madison


Madison Arnholt is an Intuitive Life Coach and Meditation Guide with 8+ years of personal experience and training. She’s worked with clients all over the world and companies including Facebook, LinkedIn and Accenture to help them live with more joy, clarity and calm.

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