Inner Voice Sessions

This powerful session will help you connect with and receive deep inner guidance on the topics your mind has the most questions about (career/money, relationships, health, etc) and learn to release deep, stuck emotions lingering in the body that are ready to be released if and when they come up during the session.

I believe that everything we need is within us and when we align with and live from this inner source of guidance, life unfolds in the most miraculous ways.

You're welcome to bring any specific questions or areas of focus you have for your inner voice to the session. It can be ANYTHING from "what's my next step in my career/business?" to "what needs to be healed?" to "how to handle this situation with my ex?" to "how can I trust myself more?".

We'll start with a meditation to quiet your mind and open your energy to be receptive to divine guidance, where I'll teach you how to connect with your intuition . I'll share the 3 things that could happen when we get started so you know what to expect. I will ask your inner voice the questions you requested as well as intuitively flow with questions based on the responses from your inner voice. If any heavy emotions or energies come up during the session, I will teach you how to release those.

Single 60 Minute Session $88

3 60 Minute Sessions Package $222

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Kaori Ishino

I had a wonderful experience beyond my imagination. It was only an hour session, but after that, I started to feel energized from the inside, and I feel like I'm different from what I was yesterday. Madison, thank you!

Heidi Frye

Ever since our inner voice session, it’s crazy, I just feel so much lighter, so different. So much of that negative energy and emotion is gone (those feelings of self-doubt, that chatter that would come up in my head). I feel like I'm operating differently. It’s been crazy. I don’t know if this is normal for things to happen this quickly. I can’t believe how different I feel.

The last 2 days I've had back to back meetings all day every day and I've just felt great. I feel like those mental blocks have been broken down. I just wanted to thank you and tell you how awesome that was and how awesome I feel.

Christine Konefall

I finally felt my Inner Voice today. It came to me easier than I thought it would and in the most unexpected way. I feel like I have gained freedom and comfort in my life. I would do another inner voice session with her in a heartbeat. I would highly recommend booking a session to help you gain access to your own inner wisdom.

Julie Bouche

Working with Madison is like a long, beautiful inhale after not being able to breathe. I trust her wisdom in the same way she taught me to trust mine. I know that I am a completely different person than I was when we first started working together. If you are even remotely considering working with her, do not wait.

Austin Armstrong

The inner voice sessions helped me get back in my body and have my truth come through In a way where my nervous system was so relaxed. Feeling safe in my body allowed me to actually receive the wisdom and trust it.

Jaclyn Gallo

This was truly a life changing experience. I’ve never done anything like this before, but I definitely am a spiritual person who believes in my intuition. Through the inner voice session, Madison guided me to many truths that were inside of myself. I feel so clear on my next steps and definitely plan to do many more inner voice sessions in the future!!!