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alignment intuition podcast Aug 06, 2023

When it comes to business, it can be difficult to imagine a reality in which anything other than complete success feels like a win. A year ago, a business mentor asked me to imagine being okay if I didn't get the big success I dreamed of, and I couldn't do it. My business had become attached to my worth, and its success and failures felt like my successes and failures as a person. 

Fast forward a year, and I now exist in a constant state of neutrality and alignment within my business. I've released all attachment to the outcome, and things have unfolded far better than I ever could have planned. I no longer need the big success my mind used to crave. Now, I look for feeling calm, clear, and grounded in the moment, rather than constantly chasing a dream that is three steps ahead. In this episode, I am sharing my journey to creating a business built on alignment.

I started my first business as a food blogger, creating recipes, taking photos, working to get brands to sponsor me, and other creative tasks that go into making a foodie business work. In addition to this work, I worked 12 hours each day as an actuary, and worked on the flood blog on the weekends. I was obsessively perfectionistic at this point in my business. I never felt like anything was good enough, even though in hindsight I am incredibly proud of what I created. I worked with several name brands like Purely Elizabeth and was featured in Thrive Magazine, but I never got to enjoy it because I never felt like it was enough.

Around that same time, I discovered intuitive eating. Up until then, for the previous several years, I'd had very disordered relationship with food but everything changed when I began the process of giving the control around food over to my intuition instead of staying in the fear my mind was holding on to. It was the first time I saw that everything was truly better when I came into the present and used my intuition to guide me. Through that process, I became a certified Health Coach to help others with intuitive eating in their own lives. But as I let my intuition guide my nutritional life, I continued to let my mind take over my success. I constantly pushed to find the right strategy, marketing techniques, etc., but when nothing worked, I felt like it was somehow all my fault. I felt like a failure.

After spending so much time, energy, and money trying to find the perfect solution to all my problems and effort my way to success, I reached a breaking point. I felt burnt out, exhausted, stretched thin, and constantly anxious about myself and my worth. I remember the moment I reached my limit because I offered a 'prayer' to my intuition, asking for guidance because I knew I couldn't continue the way I was. I heard very clearly, 'Take 3 days off of Instagram.' In that moment, my intuition showed me the best way forward, and I've never looked back.

Those three days off led to a long period of deep internal transformation. The more I surrendered to my intuitive guidance, the more emotions came up for me to be released. Layers of fear, shame, anxiety, frustration, and low self-worth began peeling away over a six-month period of deep emotional release. I began to realize how powerful it is to actually let yourself feel and process your emotions instead of stuffing them down, and I saw how much better I felt when I allowed those emotions to move through me.

During that period, I also learned how to truly let my intuition guide me in each moment. Every choice I made I directed to my intuition. When it finally became time to step back into my business, I felt completely different. I was no longer attached to the outcome, I trusted that my intuition would guide me to what was best in each moment, and I felt, for the first time, peaceful. Now, I flow through my business day to day without worrying about what will happen. I ground myself in the present moment and trust my intuition will guide me exactly where I need to go, and new opportunities and success flow through me without the need to effort or strive for them.

I believe everyone has the ability to reach this place within themselves, and I am passionate about helping them find it. So here are my top five tips for finding alignment in your own business (or your life).


1. The Next Thing Isn't Going to Make You Happy

Our minds love to live in the future, telling us that the next promotion, next opportunity, next number on the scale will make us happy. But inevitably, when we get that next thing, we are stuck feeling empty, dissatisfied, and like it isn't enough. The first step to living in alignment is realizing that happiness doesn't exist in the future, it exists here in this now moment. 


2. Decide What's Most Important to You

Learning to live in alignment and trust your intuition isn't an easy process for the mind. The mind loves to think it has control, and to keep you in a cycle of stories and beliefs to keep you safe. But true alignment comes by releasing the mind, which can be a fearful process. At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself what matters more. Do you want to be in control, or do you want peace? Only you know what is best for you, but I can say in my experience, peace is always the way. 


3. Release, Release, Release

Learning the process of emotional release was the most transformational thing I have ever done. When you can allow emotions to flow through you instead of staying stagnant within you, your entire energy will shift. You know you have released an emotion when it feels like the emotion was shaken up, and then the energy settles, like shaking a snowglobe. Another way to know you have successfully released and emotion is the original emotional trigger doesn't feel as triggering. If you want to learn more about emotional releasing and experience it for yourself, I would love to hold space for you in a session


4. Do or Do Not, There is No Try

Our minds love to try things. We love to effort our way to success, working as hard as we can to achieve results as fast as we can. But all that efforting leaves us exhausted and stuck in the cycle of low self-worth. In contrast, our intuition acts from a place of peace and knowing. The intuition does, it does not try. The more we can release our efforting and striving, the more we will find ourselves in flow and aligned action.


5. Follow Your Intuition

This may seem simple, but it's an important reminder. We often forget that we have all the answers we will ever need within us, just a breath away. Alignment comes when we are living in sync with our inner truth, and the best way to get there is by bringing your inner voice into the conversation.


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