7 Ways Following Your Intuition Will Change Your Life

alignment intuition Mar 09, 2023

Learning to receive, trust and follow your intuition opens up a whole new world of inner peace and outer possibility. 

I'm going to share 7 ways following your intuition will change your life. These are based on my personal experience and the effects I've seen in my clients as well.

This blog goes hand in hand with 10 ways releasing stuck emotions will change your life. The more stuck emotions we release, the greater access we have to our intuition and the easier it is to trust and follow it. I’d recommend reading both blogs together…I’ve found that combining energy and intuition is the most transformational :)

How My “Intuition Journey” Started

It all started when I found intuitive eating in my 20s. By letting go of all the ways I’d been told I “should” eat and learning to trust intuition with food, I healed from my eating disorder and went from worrying about food 24/7 to feeling completely free and at peace.

I thought “if I can follow my intuition with food and have total ease and freedom, what if I can do that with everything?”. I started trusting my intuition in other areas of life too and my entire life transformed. My insomnia, chronic back and anxiety disappeared. I started a business and left my corporate job. And it truly just keeps getting better.

The more I follow my intuition, the better I feel and the more my life unfolds in ways far greater than I could have imagined. I’ve seen the same to be true for my clients as well and I’m excited to share with you how you can create more ease, flow and joy by following your inner wisdom.

7 ways following your intuition will change your life

1. More original creativity & inspiration

The more we follow and trust our intuition, the more creative and inspired we become.  

The mind can only create from what it’s seen and experienced before so if we rely solely on our mind, our creativity is limited. There’s a deeper part of us that isn’t limited in this way and has an incredibly beautiful, never-ending well of creativity and inspiration. This is the same “energy” that created the grand canyon and we all have access to this within us. When we tap into it, what we can create is far greater than we can even imagine possible.

2. Easier decision making and less overthinking/mental spiraling

You will spend a lot less time/energy overthinking and be able to make decisions with sooo much more ease and clarity.

3. True embodied wisdom not just mental concepts

Receiving wisdom from your own intuition is very different from reading a book and mentally understanding wisdom from another person.

You actually embody it and FEEL/KNOW the truth in your body.

For example, you can read “all is well” in a spiritual book and try really hard to make yourself believe it because it sounds good. But when you receieve that wisdom from within you, it actually feels true wtihout any effort or convincing needed.

4. More freedom and flexibility. Less rigidity/stubbornness. 

Your intuition doesn’t operate in black and white thinking like the mind does. Your intuition is open to ALL possibilities, not just what might have been aligned in the past or the one rigid way your mind is fixed to.

For someone who used to be very rigid, this has been soooo life-changing. Over time, the more I trust my intuition, the more free and flexible I become. “Nevers” and “always” have become sometimes. For example, I went through a phase a few years ago where I “never” drank coffee. Now, I have full freedom and permission with myself to have it whenever it feels right. Sometimes I have it, sometimes I don’t. 

I also used to have soooo many “always” and “never” foods. Now all foods are on the table at any time and I’m free to choose what feels best in that moment. Sometimes it’s salad, sometimes it’s ice cream. It’s all allowed and THAT is true freedom.

5. More magic & synchronicities

Our intuition “sees” things that the mind and logic can’t. And when we trust it, unexpected helpful occurrences and synchronicities happen much more frequently. Life smooths out and feels like it's flowing in your favor, people become helpful, circumstances more cooperative and you manifest aligned experiences, opportunities and people into your life with so much more ease (law of attraction). 

6. More trust in yourself 

You realize you can trust your own wisdom and don’t need to rely on others or “gurus” because you know the most wise answers for you are within.

In the beginning of my business, I was desperately searching for answers outside of myself. It left me feeling completely disconnected from myself and like something was wrong with me because I was doing everything the “experts” said I should, yet I wasn’t seeing the results they promised.

Now, I trust my intuition to guide my business and it’s FAR more joyful and has led to FAR more magical experiences and opportunities. Truly, nothing feels better than the deep inner peace that comes from following YOUR truth. 

7. More trust in the flow of life

The more you let go and trust your intuition, the more smoothly and beautifully life flows and the more you trust and know that all is well, even when things don’t go according to how the mind thinks they should. 

You no longer need to constantly worry and control because you have a deep knowing that you can trust what unfolds when you live from your deepest heart.  

Learn How to Follow Your Intuition and Find More Alignment, Flow and Joy

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