10 Ways Releasing Stuck Emotions Will Change Your Life

Learning to actually feel, process and transmute your emotions will have a huge impact on your life. Most people attempt to do this through thought but it's something that happens beyond the mind and the more you release, the lighter you feel and more access you have to your intuition.

I'm going to share 10 ways releasing stuck emotions will change your life. These are based on my personal experience and the effects I've seen in my clients as well.

What are "stuck" emotions?

When negative emotions aren’t fully felt or released, they leave behind remnants of energy and get “trapped” in the body (this is what Eckart Tolle calls the pain-body). They can also be known as trapped emotions, trauma, energy blocks, emotional charges, Shenpa (in Buddhism), emotional baggage, etc.

Left unprocessed, they disrupt the natural flow of energy in our bodies and keep us stuck in unhelpful habitual reactions, stories and circumstances. 

But when we actually feel and process them when they arise (what most people would call getting "triggered") instead of reacting or repressing, they dissolve and transmute back into free-flowing, positive energy and wisdom.

It's hard to put into words how deeply life-changing this is but I'll do my best...

10 Ways Releasing Stuck Emotions Will Change Your Life

1. Feel lighter and more free (in a way that actually lasts and only gets better)

With every single release, there's more lightness, freedom and wisdom on the other side. It's truly like the gift that keeps on giving, as cliche as that sounds.

Stuck emotions are actually a gift; the mind just has a hard time seeing them that way.

The mind sees a heavy, mysterious box and is like "hell no, there could be a bomb inside, I'm not opening it". It avoids because it's scared to see what's inside.

It's like a kid being scared of a monster under the bed. But once you look under the bed, you realize there's no monster.

When we open the box (go into and feel the emotion), we realize there's no bomb, no big scary monster. 

There's actually a gift inside...greater freedom and wisdom. Every time.

2. More wisdom & greater connection to intuition and ability to act in alignment with intuition

When you have stuck emotions, it’s hard to hear or act aligned with your intuition because the grip of the emotion and the attached story is so strong. When the emotion is released, the story no longer has a grip on you and you are free and clear to follow your intuition without all of the resistance or compulsion to do something that isn’t actually helpful.

3. More compassion and less empathy

Compassion rises and empathy lessens naturally the more you release the stuck emotions within you.

Empathy is when you FEEL the same (or similar) feeling someone else is feeling. In essence, you are also "weighed down" by the feeling. Compassion is when you are no longer feeling the feeling in you but you can have love and understanding for someone who is.

Compassion is amazing because it's empathy without the weight of your own "baggage". It's a more clean, clear, free empathy.

One of my mentors says it's the difference between you and another person having a cold at the same time versus the other person having the cold and you having already healed from it. You remember what it was like to have the cold and can have compassion, but the symptoms are no longer in your body.

If you identify as an empath and feel like you're weighed down by taking on other's emotions, you might love this new perspective on how to "protect" your energy as an empath.

4. Less reactivity

The more stuck emotions you release, the less reactive (triggered into habitual responses) you will be. The things that used to "trigger" you or "rile" you up will no longer have a grip on you. It's an incredible freedom and is very transformative in relationships.

For example, I used to feel extremely triggered by my husband asking about my business. I had so many stories and stuck emotions around feeling like I was doing it wrong and perceived his curiosity as judgement because of my own stuck emotions. As I've released the emotions, there's no longer any reaction in me. Instead of feeling triggered and reacting in unhelpful ways that just perpetuated these feelings, I now feel neutral and go about living aligned with my intuition instead.

5. A deep sense of inner peace even when emotions ebb and flow

If you’re coming at your emotions from a place of "I should be feeling better", it’s hard to ever feel at peace.

When you learn to fully allow and feel your emotions, you no longer have to expend so much energy controlling them (which doesn’t work) and can allow the natural ebb and flow.

Over time, you become less wrapped up in and identified with your emotions. It's like you’re watching the washing machine tumble all around versus being inside the washing machine feeling like you’re being tumbled all around. This shift in experience happens naturally the more you feel and process any stuck emotions as they arise.

6. Greater flow and magic with your circumstances

The more you release, the lighter you feel (your vibration rises) and the more access you have to your intuition. Your reality also naturally elevates to match this new vibration and alignment with your inner wisdom. You experience more flow, synchronicities and magical experiences beyond what you could have imagined.

7. Less attachment/suffering

You experience less attachment to circumstances and outcomes to a point of suffering because you are emotionally good with or without them. There's a deeper peace underneath it all. This is the ultimate freedom.

"The tragedy of an attachment is that if its object is not attained, it causes unhappiness. But if its object is attained, neither does it cause happiness. It merely produces a flash of pleasure followed by anxiety that you may lose the object of your attachment." - Anthony De Mello

8. More presence and ability to enjoy each moment

The less bogged down we are by stuck emotions, the more present we can be and the more we are able to enjoy each moment without needing it to be any different than it is.

9. Radiant energy/brighter skin

I've seen this in myself and so many clients. Your energy begins to radiate brighter as you release the stuck emotions within you and it's common for people to start asking you what you're doing because you're glowing! Inner peace radiates and can be seen and felt.

10. Faster/easier manifestations

The more stuck emotions you release, the faster and easier manifestations unfold.

Think about the area of life you don't really have a lot of emotions or worries about. Things just seem to work out and flow naturally, right?

For the area that you worry the most about, it probably feels harder to manifest. But this is just because the stuck emotions are creating your point of attraction and manifesting situations that match the frequency of the stuck emotion. This is actually great because life will keep giving us opportunities to release it. As you do, things will seem to flow a lot more smoothly and easily.


Learn How to Release Stuck Emotions and Find More Ease And Alignment

If you want my help with this and to integrate this into your day to day life, I’ll be teaching a whole module and coaching on this in But First, Alignment. If your intuition feels like it's aligned, I'm excited to work with you.

This is also something I do with my clients if you're looking for 1:1 support. You can book a free alignment call with me to talk more.


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