Cultivating Unconditional Alignment

alignment intuition podcast Jul 18, 2023

We live in a society that prompts us to prioritize our careers and the money we make above our own sanity, happiness, and alignment. Our lives revolve around expectations that we will get good grades in high school, move into college with a scholarship and clear life plan so that once we earn our degree, we can being our 9-5 job, make more money than we need (and invest it too), before retiring and finally getting to live out our dreams because we 'earned it'.

This is something we've covered in many blogs, but we often forget that alignment is a powerful state. My own journey to understanding alignment began by trying to strive my way through the prescribed steps a 'successful' life follows, at the cost of both my physical and mental health.

I grew up hearing that if you work really, really hard, then you'll be able to get everything you've ever wanted. The overall message was that everything is possible, but only if you work for it. So I grew up constantly pushing, pushing, pushing to achieve at all costs, because I believed that was the only way to be successful.

It's important to note that those methods work- I did end up getting scholarships for college, creating a successful job as an actuary, etc., but in order to achieve those things I experienced profound mental and physical symptoms, including insomnia, eating disorders, and more. 

Through those years of efforting my way to success, I started to believe that there had to be an easier way forward. It wasn't that what I was doing wasn't working, but I realized that I couldn't keep going at the pace I was going, because it cost me everything. I wanted to find success and abundance while still maintaining my inner peace, happiness, and, ultimately, alignment. 

That journey brought me to where I am today, and inspired the creation of But First, Alignment.

What is Alignment?

Alignment is the process of being in flow, allowing whatever is showing up to be there without judgment or resistance. When you're in alignment, you are more open to synchronicity and seeing a path you wouldn't have seen before. An aligned state allows you to get exactly what you need to get done, done, exactly when you need to get it done (but on your intuition's timeline, not your mind's.)

How Can We Cultivate Unconditional Alignment?

Cultivating alignment is simple, but not always easy. Alignment looks different for every person, and a big part of cultivating unconditional alignment, or the ability to exist in a constant state of flow, is listening to your own intuition. Here are some other steps you can take to cultivate alignment:

1. Do What Sparks Joy

The first step is to choose things that light you up in each moment. Asking yourself, 'What feels good right now? What would spark joy for me in this moment,' then going and doing whatever it is you thought of.

2. Release Any Heavy Emotions or Thoughts

As you begin to do what sparks joy, your mind might have some things to say. You might find yourself feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or guilty for not doing what you are 'supposed' to be doing. When those emotions come up, feel them, and allow them to release

3. Stay in the Present

Alignment requires you to be present in the here and now, without worrying about the future or regretting the past. The more we can practice staying present and allowing ourselves to be exactly where we are, the easier it will be to come into an aligned state.

4. Follow Your Intuition

Of course, the best way to cultivate alignment is to follow your intuition. Our inner voice has all of the answers we ever need, and it knows exactly what we need in each moment to come back into our highest state of alignment. 

Living in alignment looks different every day. But when we can commit to finding a better path, listening to our intuitions, and choosing joy over fear, that's when the magic happens. I would love to know how you cultivate alignment in your own life!

If it feels aligned for you to join us, you can sign up for But First, Alignment here.


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