Thriving In The Unknown: 6 Reminders For When Life Feels Uncertain

alignment podcast Jun 23, 2024

In this blog, I share 6 reminders to help you stay grounded, present and at peace when the path ahead seems unclear. From embracing the present moment to redefining the unknown, these insights are here to help you move through uncertainty with confidence, joy and ease.

Inspired by my own experience with the unpredictability of pregnancy and birth, these reminders are also relevant to other uncertain scenarios, such as awaiting job offers, health exam results, starting a new business, dealing with breakups, fluctuating income, moving to a new city/home, etc.

Here’s to turning uncertainty into an opportunity for magic, miracles and growth!

1. Give Yourself Permission to Feel

The first step in making peace with the unknown is allowing yourself to feel exactly as you do. It's not wrong to experience anxiety, fear, or uncertainty. Recognize and accept your emotions without judgment. Ask yourself (feel free to journal what comes up), "What am I really thinking and feeling?" By acknowledging your feelings, you create space for them to exist, which can be incredibly liberating.

2. Tune into Your Body

Instead of getting lost in your thoughts, give more attention to the sensations in your body. Ask yourself, "What is the experience in my body of not knowing?" Sense from within where you feel congestion, heaviness, or tension. By focusing on physical sensations, you can ground yourself and release the mental overwhelm that often accompanies uncertainty. You can not know AND you can be at peace.

Also, notice how you react to uncertainty. Are you trying to control everything, overworking, drinking, shopping, or constantly checking your phone? These behaviors can be signs that you're struggling with the unknown. Use these reactions as signs to shift your focus inward and feel your feelings directly.

3. Embrace Possibilities

Remember that the unknown means possibilities still exist. Not knowing the outcome isn't necessarily bad; it means there's still room for all possibilities. Instead of fixating on a specific result, set an intention for the highest and best outcome. For example, rather than wishing for the soonest possible birth, I set the intention for the highest and best timing and outcomes. This shift in intention made me feel instantly lighter.

It's common to try to protect yourself from disappointment by assuming the worst. While it might seem like a way to prepare for any outcome, it often leads to unnecessary stress. Instead of trying to save yourself disappointment by assuming the worst, lean into the uncertainty with the attitude of "I don’t know, and I don’t need to know."

4. Come Back To The Now

Uncertainty is based on a future that doesn’t exist. What exists now? Can you work WITH what is, with who you are right now, with how life is right now?

Ask yourself, "What is calling me now?" or "What feels joyful now?" By giving as much of your attention to the present moment as you can, you can find peace and joy in the current moment, regardless of the unknown future.

5. You don’t have to have it all figured out. 

What if you could give up the need to know? What if you don’t need to know now? What if you could not know and still experience the highest joy available to you right now?

6. Fear doesn’t mean the outcome will be bad. 

You can be afraid/anxious and still have a good outcome. We don’t have to pretend we know it’s going to be good (we don’t and this often adds to the resistance) but we also don’t have to pretend we know ahead of time it will be bad. We can soften our need to know by honoring that we don’t and that it’s okay that we don’t.

Uncertainty is a part of life, but it doesn't have to be a source of stress. In this blog, I've shared six powerful reminders to help you stay grounded, present, and at peace when faced with the unknown. By allowing yourself to feel your emotions, focusing on your body, embracing all possibilities, living in the present, letting go of the need to know, and recognizing that fear doesn't determine outcomes, you can navigate the unknown with greater ease and confidence. Embrace the uncertainty and let it be a fertile ground for magic, miracles, and personal growth.

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