From Conflict to Clarity: Releasing My Doula and Reclaiming My Peace & Power

In this podcast, I share my experience of listening to my intuition to end my relationship with my doula and how I navigated the emotional turmoil that followed. Throughout this uncomfortable journey, I was reminded that my source of power, peace, and alignment is always within me, regardless of others' actions or external circumstances.

If there are situations in your life where you feel victimized by someone else's behavior, I hope this episode encourages you to stay true to yourself and your values. By finding peace and clarity within, you can free yourself from the need for others to change, allowing you to reclaim your inner power.

In this episode, we dive into:

  • Why I “fired” my doula
  • The drama that ensued and how I navigated the triggering emotions
  • Choosing my alignment and integrity over making others comfortable
  • How one of my client’s navigated a similar situation where she was feeling victim to someone else not behaving how she felt was right
  • Reclaiming your peace, power and alignment when it feels like someone else has tried to “take” it away
  • How to respond to conflict from a place of truth, clarity alignment versus emotional reaction

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