Intuitive Living: 11 Simple Practices For Daily Guidance

intuition podcast Apr 06, 2024

We all know we “should” follow our intuition. But what does that actually look like? How can we live it out in our daily lives? How can we deepen that connection and trust the guidance we receive?

In this blog, I’m sharing 11 simple practices for receiving daily guidance from your intuition. Whether you already have a pretty strong connection with your intuition or feel totally disconnected, these 11 practices will help you tap more deeply into your intuition in your day to day life.

11 Simple Practices for Daily Intuitive Guidance

  1. Release “stuck” emotions

    We’re all born with intuition and a deep wisdom within. But for most of us, it tends to get “covered” up by “stuck” emotions and the mind’s stories, like clouds in front of the sun.

    Releasing is so effective at deepening our connection with our intuition because we’re essentially removing the clouds to reveal the sun that was always there. In other words, the more clear our emotional and energetic state, the easier it is to hear, trust and act in alignment with our intuition.

    Anytime there’s a heavy emotion, tension, stress, activated emotion, resistance, etc, the practice is to locate where it is in the body and feel it until it dissolves. On the other side, every time, is more lightness, freedom and clarity. And the more we release, the more we return to our natural state of alignment with our intuition.

    Read the full blog post on releasing emotions here.
  2. Practice presence 

    When we’re fully in the moment, not distracted by or caught up in the past, future or stories in the mind, we’re able to much more easily and clearly hear our intuition. Here are 3 ways you can practice presence in your daily life, what I call the 3 Fundamentals Of Presence.

    The 3 Fundamentals Of Presence

    1. Conscious breathing 

    When you notice your mind has gone down a rabbit hole, spend a few minutes consciously breathing. FEEL your breath come in as you inhale, FEEL your breath out as you exhale (the idea is to experience the breath directly rather than think about breathing). Breathing is the bridge between our mind and body, bringing them back on the “same page”, allowing us to feel whole again.

    If it feels good, you can try taking big inhales through the nose and sigh out deeply (or make the “haaaaahh” sound) as you let go and exhale.

    You can take 3 conscious breaths throughout the day or practice for as long as it feels natural when you remember and/or infuse conscious breathing into your meditation practice. 

    1. Inner energy awareness

    Direct your awareness into the body and notice any sensations, emotions or energies present. Directly feel and experience what you're aware of, while breathing. For example, if you feel heaviness in the chest, place your awareness there and feel the heaviness. If you feel a pit in the stomach, place your awareness there and feel the “pit”. The moment any stories or thoughts arise in the mind, gently redirect your attention back into the body, back to feeling. Practice for a few seconds or as long as it feels natural.

    1. Tune into your 5 senses 

    Good opportunities to practice this are while cooking, making coffee, on a walk, etc. For example, if you're making coffee, you might feel the warm mug in your hand, see the brown color, smell the aroma, hear the drip of the coffee maker and taste the bold first sip. Don't just think about what you're experiencing; actually experience it through the senses (feel the warm mug in your hands versus thinking "this mug is warm").

    You can also choose 1 of your senses to focus on like sound. Breathe, notice and listen to the sounds present. If you get distracted, just bring your awareness back to the sounds and listen. The practice is to keep coming back to this moment.

    Read the full blog post on unlocking the power of presence here.

  3. Meditation

    Meditation is not about making yourself perfectly calm and free of all thoughts. Rather, it’s the practice of being with whatever arises. Practicing meditation in this way helps you become more present, feel and allow your emotions and calm and slow down the mind, all of which create a stronger connection to your intuition.

    Download the But First, Exhale meditation app to start a free 14 day trial.
  4. Voice-memo with your intuition

    Start a voice-memo recording on your phone then start asking your intuition questions. After asking, you’ll want to exhale and place your awareness below the neck (the heart or gut space works well for most clients) and listen to see what comes through. It’s not about looking for answers but opening to allow the guidance that wants to come through to be received. It may come to you as words, images or a “knowing”.

    I love to do this on walks but you can also do it sitting or lying down with your eyes closed. 

    You can ask any questions on your mind. Here are some of my go-to questions if you’re looking for ideas to get started:

    • Intuition, what’s your perspective on ______ (insert situation your mind is concerned about)?
    • Intuition, what do you want me to hear right now?
    • Intuition, what would you have me do now?
  5. Voice-memo with your intuition

    This is essentially the same practice as voice-memo-ing with your intuition but instead of speaking what you receive from your intuition out loud, you’ll write it down.
  6. Practice with “small things”

    Practice letting your intuition guide "small" choices like outfits, nail color, meal choice, etc. As you build trust in these smaller day to day choices, it helps the mind trust your intuition on the “bigger” things.
  7. Ask questions that evoke your intuition

    Asking yourself questions like these and tuning into what feels most true for you can really help you connect with your intuition throughout the day:

    • What feels good now?
    • What feels like a green light now?
    • What feels like a clear yes now?
    • Where is my intuition guiding me now?
  8. Ask questions directly to your intuition/inner voice

    This one is very similar to #7, but instead of asking in a more open-ended way (and allowing the mind or the inner voice to respond), you’re asking your intuition directly and listening for the guidance that comes through.

    Here are some ideas of questions you can ask, or feel free to ask anything on your mind.

    • Inner voice (or intuition), what would you have me do?
    • Inner voice (or intuition), what do you want me to know now?
    • Inner voice (or intuition), why is the mind upset?
    • Inner voice (or intuition), how can I feel more at peace with this?

    Remember to ask, exhale and listen within to see what you receive.

    To learn how to do this or practice more, you can book an inner voice session here.

  9. Tarot/oracle cards 

    Ask a question and draw a card. What intuitive clarity arises? It’s not about relying on the cards as your source of wisdom; rather it’s a tool that can show you and help you access what you already intuitively know within.

    Here are my favorite decks:

    Cosmic Dancer Oracle Cards & Guidebook

    Thoth Tarot Cards & Mirror Of The Soul (Thoth Tarot Guidebook)
  10. Keep an intuition tracker

    Make a note in your phone or keep an intuition journal. Note the times where you trusted your intuition and what unfolded and also the times you didn’t. This can really help the mind build trust in following your intuition.

  11. Notice and ask for signs

    Look out for signs that you intuitively feel have meaning for you. For example, on my walk today, I was voice-memo-ing with my intuition and it said “it’s okay to slow down even when it feels like life is moving really fast and there’s a lot to do”. Then, just a minute later, I walked by a sign in someone’s yard that said “Slow Down”. The message was crystal clear ;)

     You can also ask your intuition for signs. You could ask for a more general sign that you’re on the right path or a sign for something more specific like “show me a sign if I’m meant to take this new job”.

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