How to Find Peace When Things Don’t Go Your Way

alignment podcast Oct 08, 2023

In the midst of life's turbulent moments, it's easy to feel as though the universe is conspiring against us, as if we're being punished for some unknown wrongdoing. But here's a gentle reminder: you aren't being punished, and you certainly haven't done anything wrong.

In fact, these bumpy seasons in life are not roadblocks but invitations. They are the universe's way of showing you where more freedom, wisdom, and opportunity are available to you.

In this blog, we'll explore the profound wisdom in finding peace when life takes an unexpected turn and how these moments can lead to your greatest expansion yet.

Step 1: Become aware of your emotions & mind’s stories

My recent trip to Italy didn’t always go as planned — among other mishaps we dealt with canceled flights, ant infestations, and a foot injury that limited what we could do during the trip. These twists and turns brought up frustration, disappointment, sometimes blame. In each experience, I was reminded that the first step was to become fully aware of what is happening in that moment.

Do your best to recognize when you’re having an attached reaction to things not going your way. This is your "sign" that there's an emotion within you ready to be felt and released. 

Knowing (or having awareness) that there's something to be released becomes your gateway to actually being able to release it.

Step 2: Release the stuck emotions 

When triggered by things not going our way, the mind will have a tendency to stay stuck in the story (it could sound something like "Ugh why me? Why did this happen? This shouldn't have happened. This is terrible") or react by immediately trying to “fix” the situation, thinking that will “fix” the emotion. This keeps us trapped.

Staying present with how we feel is what allows it to soften and neutralize. As best you can, allow yourself to feel any uncomfortable feelings arising. Lean in and welcome how you feel instead of trying to get rid of the “bad” feelings. 

When circumstances get a grip on you, this is your sign to stay present with the feelings. Within the feeling is all of the wisdom you need for how to unravel what keeps getting you stuck. By directing your awareness into the emotions arising, they can dissolve and transform, allowing an incredible lightness, peace and clarity to emerge from within. The circumstance is no longer in control of how you feel and that is real freedom.

Step 3: Tap into intuition 

Once your emotional state has come back to neutral, it’s so much easier to hear and trust your intuition. Let it guide you from there. You can ask yourself “What is the now step? What does moving forward look like now?”. Trying to move forward from a reaction keeps us stuck but once the feeling triggering the reaction dissolves, we can move forward in clarity and act in alignment with our natural intelligence. 

If you want more support cultivating inner peace even when things don’t go your way, I would be honored to coach you through this process. You can learn more and sign up for 1:1 coaching here.

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