5 Tips To Stay In Alignment While Traveling

alignment intuition podcast Oct 01, 2023

 Travel can test us in ways we don't always expect. Being in a new place pushes us out of our mind’s comfort zones, routines, and expectations. My recent trip to Italy was no exception. The trip was an absolutely incredible, unforgettable, amazing experience. And… at times it was a complete sh*tshow!

The trip offered so many opportunities to tap into my intuition and allow it to guide me through the ups and downs. By releasing the mind’s expectations about how things “should'' go, I watched this sometimes difficult trip transform into an aligning, magical, and beautiful experience. 

This is the blog I would have wanted to read before we left for our trip. Read on for 5 tips to staying in alignment while traveling. 

1. Finetune When to Optimize Alignment vs. When to Just Let Go

In the very last days of our trip, Trevor hurt his foot and we found out that — despite paying a premium for specific seats on our flight home — we hadn’t been assigned seats. My initial reaction was frustration and panic. My mind wanted to take control of the situation, and so I started trying desperately to reach the airline so I could push for a resolution. Even when I finally reached someone, they couldn’t resolve the issue and it was just draining my energy trying to forcibly change the situation.

Instead, Trevor and I decided to go to a massage appointment and in this appointment, I recognized this wasn't a situation to optimize for alignment. Instead, it was an opportunity to release and let go. Instead of resisting the flow of events, I allowed myself to feel and experience the moment, embracing whatever was unfolding. This shift in energy transformed the entire experience. Once we let go, there was so much freedom and peace. We got on the flight the next day, and of course, after we had released our attachment to the outcome, the seat situation worked out easily and effortlessly. The lesson was clear: life remains in alignment, and it's up to us to decide whether we resist or embrace it.

2. Watch the Mind’s Attachment to “What is Next”

When we were in Tuscany, I got really attached to going to Siena, a town I'd heard a lot about. The mind really just wanted to 'check off' the next thing on a list. It wasn’t super easy to get to Siena, but I pushed really hard to get us there because I was hooked on the idea of it. And in the end, I didn’t enjoy my time there as much as I had expected. I had been chasing 'the next best thing', and when I returned to where we were staying in Montepulciano, I realized that all the joy and alignment I had been seeking in Siena was where I already was all along.

When you are traveling, if you notice yourself getting caught up in, “Where are we going next? What are we doing next? ”, notice it and come back to the present moment. You can try immersing yourself in music, feel its rhythm, and really let the music bring you back to now. Or tune into your five senses, or simply breathe. Allow yourself to ease and feel your way back to the present moment.

3. Tune Into What’s in Alignment Now

When we were in Tuscany, my mind also became fixated on traveling to a hot spring that looked beautiful from the pictures. Because we were only in Tuscany for a few days, my mind felt that we had to go see it to make the most of our time there, but was also worried about it being too crowded. I got caught in a loop: “Should we go? Should we not go? Should we go? Should we not go?. When we finally decided to go, I literally had to stop in my tracks as we were leaving the pool to check in if this was coming from a place of scarcity or alignment. I realized that it was going against the flow. We were forcing it. So instead, we relaxed by the pool, honoring what actually felt in alignment in the moment. Magically (of course), visiting the hot spring flowed naturally into our plans the next day. It is not about seeing everything but instead experiencing every moment fully, allowing it to be enough as it is while opening to where your intuition guides you next. 

4. Let Your Intuition Guide You

When planning your trip, let your intuition guide you to what really sparks joy and what's really in alignment for you. Don’t base it off of other people’s Instagram accounts or stories, and instead consult your inner voice. Trust where it leads you— sometimes the mind wants to jump in and take control but I’ve found that things tend to flow a lot smoother when I’m willing to let my intuition lead the way.

5. Consider the Small Things That Bring You Alignment at Home

When I'm planning a trip, I always ask myself: what will best support my alignment?? Maybe that's a room with a beautiful view, or ensuring there's a pool, or even packing my favorite coffee blend. I've learned to be intentional and prioritize what brings me joy and alignments, even while traveling. 

If you want to dive deeper into this topic of alignment and flowing with your intuition, consider joining my six module course But First Alignment. In this course, you’ll receive over 20 hours of content on tuning into your inner voice, trusting, and releasing stuck energy. Those that have gone through this course share such incredible results and transformations. I would love to have you join us!

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