Trusting Creative Flow & Divine Timing: How I Built An App In 2 Months

When we trust the flow of creativity and inspiration coming through us as well as the unique divine timing of our lives, we can create in the most effortless, beautiful, joyful ways.

This is exactly how the creation of my meditation app, But First, Exhale, unfolded. From start to finish I launched the app in 2 months (which I’ve heard from a lot of people in the industry, is unheard of). It was also so fun and came together in such an easeful, flowing way. My mind was truly blown by how easily and beautifully it all flowed and came together.

In this blog, I share the story of how I brought this app to life by trusting my inner voice, staying open, and stepping back from the process when my inner voice told me to take a break. Even if your inner voice has never wanted to build an app, may this story be an inspiration as you bring that next amazing idea, project, or creation to life. 

Here are some key learnings I took away from this (very fun!) process.

1. There are many paths, your inner voice knows the way

At the very beginning, the app that is now But First, Exhale was: 
1) called Ritual Queen, and
2) was a meditation library hosted on Kajabi for two years.

Neither felt like a perfect fit, but I didn’t obsess over it. Instead, I let things be, until my inner voice told me it was time to start turning the library into a proper app this past June. I was really on the inner voice’s path, not the mind’s, because one of my first steps was creating the branding for the app before I even had a platform for it (some mind’s might call this premature!). I also began talking to a few different platforms and developers, but none of them flowed. Instead of forcing it, I took a step back, and only returned to working on the app when my inner voice said it was right. This time, I ended up Googling with inner voice in the driver seat, finding a site to make the wireframe myself, and then finding an amazingly aligned developer to code it. This developer was a dream to work with, created amazing work, and charged much less than the other platforms I had talked to earlier in the process. This same pattern of wait-action-wait-action played out with my photos and my music as well. 

Intuition often feels like a series of green lights or open doors. Sometimes, as you walk along your path, you’ll find yourself at a place that seems like a dead end. Instead of pushing through to keep going, stay open for the next open door. You’ll often find that once you return to your center, the road magically diverges into another open door, and you just keep walking. 

2. Wait until the timing is right to take action

While building this app, there were plenty of times when I had to take a step back and simply wait. In any creation process, taking a step back and waiting for the next creative surge of energy can drive the mind crazy and make it want to dive into action because it “should”. In creating But First, Exhale, I learned the power of waiting. It's not time until it's time. Like ripening avocado, there is that sweet spot when the fruit is not too hard nor too soft and overripe. Trusting our intuition allows us to act when the timing is just right. 

3. There are many paths, your inner voice knows the way

The mind can sometimes settle for something the inner voice does not want, simply to avoid the pain of the unknown. This almost happened to me when I was selecting the music for the app. Looking back, I’m so glad that I trusted my inner voice even when it led me into the unknown.

When it came time to pick music for the app, my mind was full of questions: “When will I find music? Where will it come from? How will I find it?”.  Instead of just settling for music I didn’t like because I wasn’t sure if I could find anything better, I let myself sit in the unknown and open to what would come next. And then, of course, the right music came along in divine timing. When you are in the unknown, you either struggle to get out of it by settling for the next thing that comes along, or open up to see how aligned things can get. 

But First, Exhale app is available in the App Store. Download the app and subscribe to start your free 14 day trial today. I am so excited for you to try out the meditations, which my inner voice has lovingly created to support and guide you.

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