The Highs, Lows & Everything In Between Pregnancy So Far (21 Weeks)

intuition podcast Mar 17, 2024

Get ready to dive deep into the highs, lows, and everything in between of my pregnancy journey so far! It’s been a wild ride with so many lessons, challenges and beautiful moments. From deciding we were ready, releasing the disappointment from our first attempt at “trying”, getting pregnant and navigating the first trimester, I’m giving you all the juice. 

In this episode, we dive into:

  • Why I took my IUD out about 2 years before getting pregnant and the “natural” birth control method we used
  • The journey from deciding we were ready for a baby to actually getting pregnant
  • Allowing vs. trying for pregnancy
  • What it was like finding out I was pregnant and how I told Trevor, my husband
  • What my experience has been like so far and what helped me get through the most challenging moments
  • How I’ve used my intuition to make decisions in pregnancy
  • How pregnancy has shifted my experience of sex and intuitive eating
  • My current intentions for the rest of pregnancy and birth

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