Navigating Recurring Emotions & Following Your Intuition Over The Mind [1:1 Coaching With Kristina]

In this coaching session with Kristina, we explore the challenges of dealing with persistent emotions and worries that seem insurmountable, which recently for Kristina, has been sleep anxiety. Kristina’s inner voice also encourages her to take a bold step, despite the mind’s reservations about the financial uncertainties. This opens up a new frontier for Kristina, contemplating the possibility of acting in harmony with intuition as opposed to obediently following the mind's directives.

In this session, we dive into:

  • Navigating recurring emotions and worries that feel like they’ll never fully go away
  • How I moved through 2 fears/attachments that were “harder” and took more releasing for me
  • Letting yourself feel how you really feel vs trying to convince yourself you shouldn’t feel that way 
  • Kristina’s inner voice’s guidance about quitting her job, doing what she wants to do and navigating the financial unknowns 
  • Choosing to act in alignment with the intuition over what the mind says you “should” do

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