The Simplest Way to Create More Alignment, Flow and Joy in Your Life

This is truly the most simple way to create more alignment, flow and joy in your life. My intuition recently told me to "be radical about doing what feels fun" and it inspired me to share this. 

This is something I've integrated so much more deeply over the last year - day to day there's SO much more flow, joy and alignment in my life that isn't conditional based on what's going on around me. It's been such an incredible freedom to develop this ever present inner peace that's always there even if my emotions or circumstances are fluctuating. It's truly been life-changing.

I had someone tell me recently, "you seem SO in flow, so still and so present...what are you doing?! Is it your skincare? Are you meditating every day? You must be!"

Yes, I meditate several times a week (I use Ritual Queen) AND I've really focused the last year on releasing any heavy emotions/energies as they arise and truly following what feels aligned for me even if it doesn't make any sense or if other's think it's crazy.

Whether you're radiating/glowing or not is not what this post is about....but, it is a fun side effect of alignment ;) Your inner stability, peace and joy begins to shine outwards and it becomes noticeable in your energy, skin and just entire way of being. 

The most simple way to create more alignment, flow and joy in your life

Most people "know" this conceptually but embodying it is a whole different thing. It's something I've deeply embodied over the last year through a lot of releasing and lot of trusting my intuition. My life has unfolded far greater than my mind could have imagined possible. There's truly nothing better than knowing that your inner peace and freedom are always inside of you and you can always come home to that.

So, what is the simplest way to create more alignment, flow and joy in your life? 

It's doing what feels flowing, aligning and joyful.

Duh, right?

But most people don't actually live this way. 

Why most people don't actually do the things that bring them joy now

Most people are operating from stories about who they're supposed to be and what they're supposed to do and old, stuck emotions that give those stories  a "grip" on them.

Instead of actually feeling and processing those stuck energies/emotions, most people ignore them and keep chasing the next thing, thinking the negative emotions will go away once they do or have XYZ.

This just perpetuates the old realities, old stories and old emotions. 

The shift is learning to become aware of the stories and associated emotions and instead of reacting to or repressing them, you actually learn how to process the feelings. Once you've actually felt and processed them, they dissolve and no longer have a grip on you. Then, you're free to actually act in alignment, in flow and with joy.

We can think it's a good idea to simply do what feels joyful but we won't be able to actually do that until we release the emotions that have a grip on us and convince us we have to do something else.

When we release those stuck emotions, there's no longer an emotional charge that compels us to do something else. We are free to actually do what feels joyful (not what we THINK we have to do based on trying to get rid of or fill a negative feeling in our body).

The more we release, the more easily and naturally we are able to follow our joy and intuition without all the baggage, resistance, "what are they going to think?" and "will my whole world fall apart if I do this?". We trust that it really is okay to let joy guide us.

But what about the things that don't feel flowing or joyful but you "know" are good for you? 

I was recently asked this question and wanted to share my perspective on it. Most people would say "just push through it, you've gotta do it". But what if we don't have to? And what if we're not actually worse off if we don't?

How do we really know that the thing our mind thinks we should do even though it doesn't feel joyful is actually what's best for us in the moment?

What if it's not?

"I have to do X because it's good for me" is just a story. The only reason it feels compelling is because there's an energetic/emotional weight tied to it that makes it feel real and scary to not do it.

For example, maybe someone believes that they need to get their workout in even if they don't feel like because it's supposed to be good for them. And if they don't, they're afraid they'll be less healthy, gain weight or something like that.

What if you let yourself not workout and then an hour later, because you fully gave yourself permission not to, you feel inspired to? Or maybe you don't and you're still just as good off if not better? Maybe your body needed the rest?

What if you could trust your body's natural alignment and flow without having to force yourself to be different?

What if you really don't have to force and push yourself to do anything? What if it flows better at another time or ends up not even being necessary? What if you could trust that? 

What if you could experiment with only doing what feels flowing, joyful and aligned? What if everything DOESN'T all fall apart?

What if that gets to be your reality?

It's different if you have an intuitive knowing to do something that the mind just has resistance to. In this case, you can choose in free will to act aligned with your intuition versus the mind's resistance. That might be a case where it's helpful to do something you don't feel like doing. Or, even better, you can recognize and actually release the resistance. Once the resistance is gone, you can do what you wanted to do without all of the resistance or you will no longer feel like you have to do it.

What if you experimented with being radical about doing what feels aligned, flowing and joyful for you in each moment?

If this resonates with you and creating more alignment, flow and joy in your life is something you feel a deep calling to, I would love to invite you to join my new course But First, Alignment.

It's going to be 6 weeks of us doing this experiment together and see what happens when we really put alignment, flow and joy first. Does everything really fall apart? Or might it all work out better than you ever thought? Might you feel better than you ever have? Might new, magical experiences and opportunities come? 

Are you willing to see what can unfold?

Why not try it? If you're tired of doing what you're "supposed to" do, what if you said "fuck it" and tried something else? And what if it gets to work even better for you? What if you get to feel amazing AND have an amazing life? 

Instead of "I have to push and force and try really hard because I think that's going to get me an amazing life but it actually doesn't and I can't even enjoy it anyways".

We don't have to live that way. There's a way to have freedom, inner peace and alignment that isn't dependent on what's going on outside of you. And from that place of inner alignment, what unfolds is always far greater than the mind could predict or control.

If it feels aligned for you to join us, you can sign up for But First, Alignment here.

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