6 Reminders For When Heavy Emotions Come Up

In this blog, I’m sharing 6 reminders for when heavy emotions come up. Just when they feel too uncomfortable, too big, or too stuck, let these reminders support you in moving through them and coming back to the center.

1. There’s no emotion or circumstance that can’t be seen through to come back to the peace and freedom within. 

No matter how much your mind says “this one’s stuck forever” or “there’s absolutely no way I could feel different until my circumstance is different”, it’s an illusion. 

Inner wholeness and peace can’t be found outside of you. You have to go within in order to see through the illusion. When you do, it completely loses its grip on you and you return to your natural state of inner peace. It’s always there, just like the sun. There’s just sometimes clouds (emotions) that give the illusion that it’s not. But no cloud ever blocks the sun forever ;) 

So how do you see through the clouds (heavy emotions) to come back to your natural state of inner peace? 

You become aware of them and experience them fully until they dissolve. But this isn’t something that happens in the mind. Trying to think your way through emotions is like trying to drive a boat on land. A boat needs to be in the water to drive just like your awareness needs to be in the body (not the mind) in order for emotions to move. If you want support learning how to do this, you can book an inner voice session

2. Nothing is wrong with you and you aren’t wrong for feeling how you do.

Of course you feel this way, because you do. If you were meant to or able to feel different in this moment, you would. 

Nothing is wrong with you and you're not being punished. Life is just showing you where more freedom and wisdom is available to you. And it will keep giving you opportunities to release anything blocking your inherent peace and freedom until you do ;)

3. Releasing IS aligned action. 

There’s nothing more useful you can do than give yourself the space to go inward and be with what’s arising. 

Notice how the mind will want to try to make everything okay and solve your inner problems through outward action. The feelings are WITHIN you; not outside. The only way through is within. See what happens when you don’t react to or repress the feelings (as much as the mind wants to) but just watch the feeling. What you then do from this place of inner alignment will always be more helpful/effective. 

4. No emotion lasts forever. Just like the tide never stays out forever.

Be patient and gentle with yourself. YOU aren’t stuck. There’s just a feeling within you that feels stuck. Stay with the feeling and know it’s temporary and that there’s going to be more lightness, wisdom and freedom on the other side.

5. Relieve the mind of the job of coming up with solutions to all of your inner problems.

“As you grow spiritually, you will realize that your attempts to protect yourself from your problems actually create more problems. If you attempt to arrange people, places, and things so they don’t disturb you, it will begin to feel like life is against you. You’ll feel that life is a struggle and that every day is heavy because you have to control and fight with every-thing.” - Michael Singer

Instead of fighting the mind, watch it without getting involved. My inner voice always says “you don’t have to jump when the mind says jump”. In other words, you don’t have to react to or obey every thought. 

Watch the drama and keep relaxing with it as best you can without reacting to it or trying to stop it. Just be aware of it. There’s nothing to do but be aware. Trying really hard to make emotions go away or make yourself feel better doesn’t work. Allowing and finding freedom even WITH the feelings is the only way. 

6. Freedom isn’t in getting rid of all negative emotions. It’s in being able to feel them and not need them to be different or make them a problem.

Watch how much the mind will try to convince you that if you could just control your reality perfectly enough and get it right, you could avoid pain all together. This only creates more suffering.

Freedom is all-inclusive. It’s not in never feeling a negative emotion or having a negative circumstance ever again. It’s in experiencing it and not needing it to be anything other than what it is.

The Answers & Freedom You Seek Are Within

We each have a deeper part of us filled with wisdom & personal guidance that allows us to access an entirely new realm of peace, freedom and possibility.

Inner Voice Sessions are here to help you access this incredibly wise part of you to receive answers/guidance and release any stuck emotions that may be blocking your clarity and peace.

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