5 Reminders I'm Living By For More Alignment, Peace & Joy

alignment podcast Mar 24, 2024

Since teaching another round of But First, Alignment and applying the teachings again in my own life in a deeper way, I've experienced the most incredible shift in energy and a huge cascade of manifestations and joy.

These teachings shifted everything for me in the year leading up to teaching the first round last year. 

But I wasn't sure what to expect going through it all again myself...would it just confirm what I  was already living out or was there room to expand into even more alignment, peace and joy?

There was, of course, so much more room to expand, beyond what my mind thought or could imagine.

I wanted to share 5 of the most impactful reminders I'm living by and re-integrating at the next level in my own life right now:

1. Alignment first

This means following what feels aligned in each moment as best I can versus doing what I "should" do or what my mind thinks will get it the outcome it wants.

2. Stop, drop & release

Whenever I notice a heavy feeling or reaction within me, I do my best to "stop, drop & release" - to sit with the feeling until it neutralizes completely. Then, flowing from there.

3. Being still is enough

When the body or mind need rest, stillness or release, the most useful thing I can do for myself is to be still. There's nothing more I need to be doing; it's enough to just be.

If I feel unsettled, or like I can't be still, I'm practicing being still until I'm okay and at peace being still. Then my actions from there can arise from a deeper place, rather than from a reaction in the mind.

4. Allow

As best I can, I'm letting nature/life/the universe show me the path and how it will happen rather than forcing it to occur.

5. Intending for and choosing the highest and best outcomes

Rather than getting "hooked" on specific outcomes the mind wants, I'm staying open to whatever is in the highest alignment, even if it's not how the mind thought it would look. Time and time again, I find that what unfolds is far greater than what the mind could have predicted or controlled.

I'm also willing to "wait" for the 10/10 alignment versus settle for something that's like 7/10 just because the mind wants to "guarantee" an outcome now. I've been practicing this a lot with buying furniture for our new house.

Since intentionally applying these BFA teachings and practices again, I feel like a new person. More peace. More joy. More acceptance and allowing of what is. More ease. SO much lighter. I'm so much more present in each moment - I can relax when it's time to relax, work when it's time to work, without the weight of feeling like I "should" be doing something else or wishing things were different. 

I've manifested $10k out of the blue as a gift (my mind almost couldn't believe this one, especially because the night before I'd made a list of furniture I wanted for our house that added up to $10k), a doula for my birth, our apartment leased (so we don't have to pay lots of money to get out of our lease to move into our new house), we got into a neighborhood pool (some of the wait lists were 2-3 years!) and new clients.

I've flowed into so many new "alignments" like a new candle, kombucha flavor, clothes, podcasts, home decor, lip gloss, etc. I'll be sharing in the "what I'm loving" section in upcoming emails. If you want to subscribe to my weekly newsletter, you can sign up here.

And the signs and synchronicities are getting stronger. On my walk, after a big release the other day, I walked by a car license plate that literally said "EVOLVING". At Trader Joe's yesterday, the cashier gave me a reusable bag for free and her name was Joy. When I looked down at my phone to use apple pay, the podcast I'd paused was at 1:11:11.

It's truly been such a joy, and a delightful surprise how much and how fast I've expanded and life has matched that expansion.

If this resonates, I would love to invite you to work with me 1:1.

Whether you're feeling really misaligned and are ready for a total reset and realignment or already feel pretty aligned but want to expand even higher, this coaching package is here to help you bridge that gap between where you are now and your 10/10 aligned life.

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