Are You Over-Spiritualizing? Maybe It's Time To Live A Little ;)

Are you caught in the web of over-spiritualization, where every action is a checklist for growth, but happiness remains elusive?

In this blog, we’re exploring the paradoxical truth that when you stop obsessively analyzing and trying to fix yourself, true spiritual development effortlessly unfolds. I also share my personal experience of transitioning from a rigid self-improvement focus to a more fluid, graceful, natural approach, where life itself becomes the ultimate guide for growth. 

Keep reading for a refreshing perspective on embracing opportunities, releasing expectations, and allowing transformation to unfold naturally.

Understanding Over-Spiritualization

Ever found yourself doing all the "right" spiritual things—journaling, burning sage, reading spiritual books—but still feeling stuck? That's the trap of over-spiritualization, where the focus on acting and thinking spiritually becomes a hindrance to genuine growth.

4 Ways Over-Spiritualizing Can Manifest

 1. Emotional pretending

In the pursuit of maintaining a positive facade and constantly looking on the bright side, we often find ourselves emotionally pretending. The pressure to exude positivity can lead to the dangerous habit of faking detachment, pretending everything is fine even when it's not. The key to breaking free from this trap lies in the liberating power of honesty. 

True freedom emerges when we embrace our current emotional state, acknowledging that it doesn't signify being stuck but rather serves as a pathway to move forward. Instead of running from emotions, they should be felt through to uncover the wisdom and freedom on the other side. I learned this firsthand when I delved into manifestation, mistakenly believing that I had to maintain a perpetual "high vibe," only to realize I was suppressing my true feelings and hindering my own progress.

 2. A lot of mental concepts but little wisdom

Overloading spiritual content without embodying its essence or verifying its truth for oneself can lead to a surplus of mental concepts but a scarcity of true wisdom. The danger lies in regurgitating spiritual wisdom without it being authentically received from within. 

Consuming spiritual teachings should be a means of personal exploration and verification, not a mindless repetition of phrases like "all is well" or "everything happens for a reason." True spiritual growth comes from an internal understanding rather than parroting external concepts.

 3. Overthinking and overanalyzing 

The tendency to overthink and overanalyze can obstruct genuine spiritual growth. The obsession with finding meaning in every situation, particularly negative experiences, often results in a forced search for lessons that may not be immediately apparent. 

Authentic wisdom unfolds organically; it cannot be rushed or artificially imposed. By allowing life's experiences to naturally reveal their lessons, we open ourselves up to a more authentic and transformative spiritual journey.

 4. Acting as a “spiritual” character vs being natural 

Creating a mental image of what it means to be spiritual can lead to the detrimental act of playing a role rather than authentically growing. When we confine ourselves to preconceived notions of spirituality—such as being constantly high-vibe, practicing specific rituals, or adhering to rigid behavioral expectations—we limit our freedom and hinder genuine transformation. 

True spirituality is found in embracing our natural selves, free from the constraints of societal expectations and self-imposed spiritual characterizations.

Break Free From Over-Spiritualizing 

 1. Self-awareness

Acknowledge and witness the spiritual character you may be playing without judgment. 

 2. Loosen up on the spiritual work & live a little

Shift your focus from strict spiritual practices to activities that genuinely align with your joy and intuition.

Do you need to back off consuming spiritual content?

Do you need to loosen up on your spiritual practices? Or drop them all together for now?

Do you need to have fun just for the hell of it? Do something that actually brings you joy?

Maybe it’s getting ice cream, watching trashy TV, or going to a comedy show…let yourself do something just for the sake of fun.

 3. Stop forcing spiritual growth and let life show you what’s ready

Instead of forcing spiritual growth, allow life to reveal what's ready for transformation in the present moment. If there’s something to be released or let go of, you’ll become aware of it now. And if there’s an action to be taken, you’ll become aware of it now. 

Otherwise, keep living and letting life show you what’s next ;)

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