How To Surrender And Go With The Flow

Today, I want to share a simple, yet profound, practice in how to surrender with you that has been incredibly life-changing for me in going even deeper with trusting my intuition and the unknown that follows.

A few months ago, I was talking with a friend about New Year's plans. We decided that we wanted to do a trip together.

When we started going into more detail planning it, it just wasn't flowing. We weren't on the same page with where we wanted to go and it was just starting to feel forced and heavy.

My intuition nudged me to offer that they come visit us instead of traveling somewhere together. Our friends loved the idea and it flowed SO easily.

The amazing part of this story is that a few days ago, I realized why it wasn't flowing and I'm SO glad I didn't force it.

Because of the flight cancellations, we wouldn't have been able to go on the trip anyways (we would have flown Southwest most likely because we have the companion pass) and would have lost probably thousands of dollars we would have spent on an Airbnb. 

When something isn't flowing and is starting to feel heavy and forced, sometimes the best thing we can do is surrender and let go.

The only reason we think we need to force is because we don’t trust life to unfold without our control. Our mind's fear that if we let go of control, everything will go to shit. But when we practice trusting the unknown, we realize that it always works out, often better than our mind could have predicted or controlled. AND we get to feel a lot more at peace and joyful in the process.

How To Surrender And Let Go Of Control

My intuition recently gave me a VERY easy, effective way to practice surrendering in an inner voice session:

My intuition said "When it feels like you're trying to squeeze yourself through a doggie door or bang down a dead-bolted door, pause, slow down and flow with what feels like an open door".

Trying to plan a trip felt like a doggie door. Inviting them to our apartment felt like a wide open, inviting, easy, joyful door.

I've been practicing this a lot the last few months and it's created so much more ease, trust, flow and magical experiences.

Every time I recognize when I'm trying to "doggie-door" my way through and shift towards what feels like an open door, I feel so much better and things unfold in ways better than my mind could have predicted.

Here's an easy, effective way to practice surrender:

  • Notice when something you’re doing or a decision starts to feel like squeezing through a doggie door or banging down a door that has 10 dead-bolts (awareness is KEY because it gives you the opportunity and freedom to choose intentionally rather than react unconsciously)
  • Pause and slow down as best you can (it can help to take 3 conscious breaths)
  • Ask yourself: What feels like an open door right now?
  • Flow with what feels like an open door and stay open to what unfolds

If you don't know what feels like an open door, see if you can wait and settle into the unknown for a little bit. Back off the "doggie-door" and sit with the discomfort of not knowing what will flow and see what happens. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by how beautifully life unfolds for us when we aren't fighting or controlling it.

Our mind's like to think that we have to contort ourselves to fit down a certain path or squeeze ourselves in the "right" path. But what if that isn't necessary? What if that's not the only way? What if there's an easier, lighter path? What if it's safe to take it? 

The mind prefers what it thinks is the "known" on the other side of the doggie door verses the "unknown" of what's on the other side of the open door.

But the unknown is where the magic happens. It's safe to let go of and lean into where life feels open.

This is where infinite possibilities lie and where your greatest experience of peace, joy and fulfillment is found.

If you want to use your intuition and energy to create more ease, flow, joy and freedom in your life, I'd love to support you. I have spots open for new 1:1 coaching clients right now. If you're intuition feels like it's a fit, you can learn more and book a free alignment call here.


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