How My Manifestation "Method" Has Evolved

Are you ready to go beyond efforting your way to your manifestations? I'm sharing how my manifestation method has evolved to become so much lighter, easier and more effective and how you can find more ease and flow in your manifestation journey going beyond the mind.

 How many manifestation methods have you tried? How many of them have felt like “work”? How many of them have left you disappointed with the results? How many left you feeling like you’re a “bad” manifestor? 

How many hours have you spent journaling, visualizing and affirming your new beliefs and “higher self”, yet still don’t quite believe it?

If this hasn’t fully worked for you, nothing is wrong with you. It’s just difficult to create transformational shifts in your life when you rely solely on your mind.

The mind is limited to what it has seen, heard or felt in the past.

Which means any attempt to create new possibilities from just the mind is quite limited.

 You can do things the “hard” way and mentally try to convince yourself to believe in new possibilities (most manifestation teachings frown upon physical effort yet the very thing they teach is to replace it with mental effort).

Or by going beyond the mind, you connect to the infinite intelligence. It is within you. It is you (underneath the minds stories and emotions). 

High school and early post-college: physical efforting

I had no idea what manifestation was in high school. I thought hard work was the answer to anything you wanted in life. 

I worked really really really hard to get good grades, do good at sports, etc. I studied like a mad woman for my ACTs and took them 5 times just so I could get into the honors program at The University of Florida. I also spent hours and hours and hours applying for nearly 100 scholarships (this is not an exaggeration).m 

It worked to an extent (I did get into the honors program and got a huge scholarship) but it was exhausting. And when it didn’t work (like when I didn’t get selected to be an ambassador for the honors program), I felt like something was wrong with me or that I just had to push myself that much harder.

In college and right after, I stuck to pretty much the same status quo. Work as long and hard as possible to get the best grades, best job and best “achievements”.

A couple years after college, I started a food blog and did food photography and recipe development. I remember shooting ONE recipe for like 8 hours, trying to get the perfect shot.

Again, it all worked to an extent but I was exhausted, severely anxious and unhappy, all in an attempt to be and do what I thought I was “supposed to”.

Post-college early 20s: physical and mental efforting

In my early 20s, I discovered intuitive eating (I healed my eating disorder and completely transformed my relationship with food) which then led me deeper into the personal development world.

I added mental efforting to all of the physical efforting. I was trying really hard to change my beliefs and emotions to manifest what I wanted.

I would journal for hours trying to beat my brain into submission with all of the new “empowering” beliefs I wanted to adopt. I listened to podcasts all day long. I wrote down who my future self was and what I wanted to manifest over and over.

This too worked to an extent, but I didn’t realize at the time, the mental efforting was just as draining as the physical efforting.

Mid-20s: less physical efforting but still mental efforting a lot

By this time, my business had evolved from food blogging to mindset coaching and I’d dropped a lot of the pushing/forcing with action but I was still mentally trying really really hard to manifest. 

And it didn’t really work that much better or feel that much better.

Late 20s to Now: not “efforting” but instead allowing and flowing with my intuition

In the last couple years, my “manifestation method” has become method-less ;) What I mean is that I’m no longer “trying” to manifest really hard through attempting to control and force my actions, thoughts and emotions.

I’ve dropped efforting and forcing all together (for the most part) and just follow my intuition and open to what unfolds from that place rather than over-attaching to specific outcomes.

And when any resistance or stuck emotions arise, instead of reacting to them or repressing them (which just perpetuates the same old circumstances), I actually feel and release them. 

I’ve found that this is the most natural way to raise your vibration without physical or mental effort. It happens naturally as you learn how to do this (this is because magnetism and alignment are you natural states underneath the mind’s stories and stuck emotions). And the more you do, the less you feel weighed down by emotions and the more connected to your intuition you become, which opens the door to so many more possibilities far beyond what you could predict or control.

I’ve learned that you can do things the “hard” way and mentally try to convince yourself to believe in new possibilities (most manifestation teachings frown upon physical effort yet the very thing they teach is to replace it with mental effort) or you can drop all of this (go beyond the mind) and connect to the infinite source of wisdom within you.

We can do what we think we have to do and try to get where we think it will get us. Or we can do what actually feels joyful and aligned now and see where it takes us.

Most people do what they think they’re supposed to do because they fear if they loosen their grip on trying to control their life and outcomes, that everything will go to shit. 

But I’ve found the opposite to be true. 

The more I let go of trying to do what I’m supposed to do to get where I think I want to get, the more life surprises me with more and better than I could even imagine AND I feel so much more at peace, happy and grounded.

I’m more at peace, happier and feel more free than ever before and it truly just keeps getting better. 

All of the ways of being I was trying so hard to be and all of the beliefs I tried so hard to believe before, I'm just being and believing naturally now, without having to force/push/effort.

It just took me a while to realize that the answers, peace and freedom were within me all along. The external manifestations are now just icing on the cake; I no longer rely on them for happiness. This is the ultimate freedom.

What’s next?

Right now my manifestation method (if we can even call it a method) is putting alignment first, following my intuition and releasing any stuck emotions as they arise.

This has changed everything for me. It’s helped me let go of old pain, navigate daily life in a more joyful flowing way, manifest magical experiences and opportunities and live with a deep sense of inner peace and freedom.

I’m excited to see what’s next. I have no idea, but my guess is that there will be more releasing, more elevating and more magical surprises.

Where are you in your manifestation journey? Could you relate to any of my phases? What can you takeaway to create more freedom and peace in your path? Maybe even more relevant, what can you let go of?

Are you ready for the life-changing magic and inner peace that unfolds when you trust your intuition?

Join me for an inner voice session or package to learn how to access your own inner wisdom and deepest sense of freedom and inner peace. If your intuition feels called to this, I'm excited to work with you!


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