Aligned Action Or Magic

alignment podcast Dec 09, 2023

I’m so excited to share this blog with you! I reveal an intention/practice that’s dramatically improved my life over the past few years. We explore the essence of aligned action or magic and the beauty of allowing life to unfold organically. 

I dive into a few real-life examples of how this has played out for me and how you can implement it in your own life to create more flow and aligned manifestations.


Why you don’t have to act on every thought

The pull to act in accordance with the mind’s thoughts can be so strong and so compelling. This is because there are emotions stored in the body that give these thoughts a “grip” on us.

Here’s an example of how it can play out:

  • You have a thought “I should do something productive”.
  • The thought feels believable because there’s an emotion connected in the body that gives it “weight”. For many people, it’s a feeling of unworthiness.
  • From here, most people either react to it or repress it.
  • Reacting could look like forcing yourself to take a “mind-made” action in an attempt to “feel productive”.
  • Repressing could look like busying yourself with something else like bingeing on Netflix.

Either way, there’s no true resolution or freedom. When we react, we strengthen the pattern and the energy comes back again and again. When we repress, the energy gets “stuck” in the body and if repressed long enough, can turn into physical pain or illness.

Something my intuition once said to me that really stuck was “you don’t have to jump when the mind says jump”.

Our greatest freedom is developing the awareness to know that these thoughts and feelings are not our “master” but rather signposts to go within, release and return to an inner sense of wholeness and peace.

From here, we can allow something deeper than personal conditioning (our intuition, natural intelligence or spiritual nature: the part of you that knows the aligned action in any given moment) to guide our actions.

This is where rapid, deep and lasting transformation occurs. And this is where aligned action or magic can come into play.


What does “aligned action or magic” mean?

When we aren’t living in complete identification with our thoughts, our actions and outcomes can arise from ease, flow and trust, rather than pushing, forcing and controlling.

We’re no longer taking action to fill a “hole” within us, because we feel whole from within, so our actions can come from a deeper part of us, our intuition or natural inner wisdom.

This is aligned action. It’s flowy, effective and joyful. It’s clear, calm and grounded. It’s aligned.

Flow is what we realize in the absence of force and pushing. When we aren’t draining our energy by forcing and pushing, life can surprise and delight us with magical manifestations, either through our aligned actions or without any “effort” at all, as magic.

So “aligned action or magic” is ultimately just an intention that you’re going to take the aligned actions that arise and allow and trust what unfolds from there. It means you’re going to see what happens when you don’t force, push and control life but rather “wait” for the aligned actions to arise or “wait” for the magic to arise. And in the meantime, you’re not actually waiting for anything, you’re going about your life, doing what feels joyful. 


Life can be full of delightful surprises if we allow it to be

If we’re forcing, pushing and controlling our way through life, no matter what outcome unfolds, it comes as an expense to us, not as a gift.

The thing the mind thinks is going to feel like a gift when it gets it, never does, because you let it cost you your alignment and without alignment, it’s just a fleeting high.

What if we don’t have to expense ourselves in order to receive and manifest magic? And more importantly, to be happy?

What if we don’t have to force, push and control?

What if we don’t have to do those things the mind is saying “this is the only way, you have to or else it won’t happen”?

What if we simply get to take the actions that feel aligned and trust what unfolds from there?

This is how life feels in flow and how life becomes wonderful. 

Beautiful manifestations get to come through aligned action or magic; no forcing, pushing or living at the expense of your well-being or alignment is necessary. 

Most people live like they're on an easter egg hunt, racing around trying to find more eggs. But what if we don’t have to exhaust ourselves with seeking and pushing to “make things happen”, in order for life to flow and be wonderful?

Instead of hunting for easter eggs, what if instead you allowed yourself to be led by what feels joyful in each now? And what if along that path, life surprised you with plenty of easter eggs?


How to apply the “aligned action or magic” intention in your life

Experiment with setting the intention for “aligned action or magic”. With that, also comes the intention, that you’re not going to force, push or sacrifice your well-being or alignment.
If no aligned actions or magic seem to be arising now, just keep going about your life, doing what feels joyful now.

Stay open to see what happens while releasing any attachment or resistance that comes up. If the mind tries to pull you into fear or force based action, can you ride out the urge to react and feel it until it dissolves and then wait to act until a deeper part of you guides you into aligned action? And maybe, in the meantime, some magic will arise as well :)


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