Okay, But What Does Inner Knowing FEEL Like? Intuition 101

Our inner knowing is one of the most powerful tools available to us. But it can be difficult to detect when it’s coming up, especially when it’s clouded by the mind’s emotions and stories. In many conversations with clients, it’s clear that understanding when our inner knowing is at work—and what it feels like to experience it—can bring up a lot of doubt in the mind.

But what is inner knowing? And what does it feel like to experience it? That’s what we’re chatting about today—so you can move forward with a greater sense of self-trust and confidence in your intuition.

What Is Inner Knowing?

Inner knowing is an incredible intelligence we all have within us that allows us to access an entirely new realm of peace, freedom and possibility. It’s the pings and nudges that pull you in a certain direction, the sudden sparks of clarity that just “come over you”, knowing what you know without knowing how you know it, gut feelings, intuition, etc. We’ve all felt it and witnessed the power of it at some point in our lives.

As we dive deeper into what inner knowing feels like—and how to trust when we experience it—remember that this list of signs is not exhaustive. And in truth, it might not feel the same for everyone. As always, use your own discernment and intuition. You know what supports you best and what will resonate with you most.


Why Our Inner Knowing Is Important

The purpose of this blog is to help support your ability to recognize when those instances of inner knowing arise. By increasing our awareness of our inner knowing, we can begin to trust these pulls of intuition better. When we strengthen our self-trust, the result leads to far greater outcomes and possibilities than the mind could have ever predicted.

What’s more, we also become less attached to the outcome. Instead, we see the final result as simply the icing on the cake. The process becomes so much more joyful when we allow our inner guidance system to lead us, rather than our emotional reactions or mental conditioning.


What Inner Knowing Feels Like

Inner knowing can be difficult to detect because it’s beyond the mind’s logical understanding. It’s clear, but intangible, making it challenging to know when we’re experiencing it. Rather than being mentally derived or figured out, inner knowing comes to us, arising out of awareness. It’s not where we perceive our thinking mind to be. It can feel like a clear flash of insight that washes over you, or paradoxically, a knowing without knowing how you know.

You may not know why you’re supposed to do it—why you’re supposed to make that choice—but you do.

Remember: this is not an exhaustive list, and I always encourage my clients to trust what feels right and most aligned for them. The beautiful truth about our inner knowing is that the experience of leaning into it will be different for everyone.

Grounded and clear. Our inner knowing sparks a sense of emotional neutrality. The opposite of this feels like high or low emotional spiking, which serves as a clouding over of the clarity that’s underneath. Your clearest knowing will always be found below the layers of heightened feelings or compulsions that may be distracting you from your intuition.

An open door. When we connect with our inner knowing, it can feel like an open door. When our inner knowing is present, it can feel like opportunities and insights unfold before us without having to effort them. There’s a flow, a magic, and a spark that takes place, solidifying this alignment. 

A green light. Similar to the open door analogy, our inner knowing can feel like a green light giving us permission to move forward with a decision. There’s nothing premeditated leading you to take the next step—you simply take it. It feels natural, and seamless, like a “green light” saying yes, go.

A nudge, ping, or pull. Our inner knowing may start out quiet, coming to us as a nudge, ping, or pull. It can be strangely physical—almost like goosebumps or a gut feeling. Sometimes, it doesn’t even make any logical sense. You might not know why you have a certain feeling, but you can’t ignore it. It feels present and happens in the now—like a magnet pulling you toward or away from something.


What Happens If You Ignore Your Inner Knowing

Perhaps you don’t trust or have chosen to ignore your inner knowing. When that happens, and we don’t listen to our inner knowing the first time, it may continue to get stronger or louder. The signs might multiply until we realize that we can’t keep ignoring it.

A Time When I Was Guided By My Inner Knowing

I’ll share a story to illustrate these feelings of intuition. Over the course of a few months, I had been experiencing the desire to create a travel blog. The ping was building and nudging, and the whisper inside of me was becoming louder.

My mind wanted to come up with the catchiest name under the sun. I asked myself the following:

  • What words resonated with me?
  • What words or phrases evoked a sense of travel, adventure, or wonder?
  • What words would help others understand my intention?

Turns out, I wasn’t getting anywhere. In fact, I was trying so hard to figure out the name that I gave myself a headache. So I made the decision to let it go. I asked my inner voice to guide me, and it told me to wait. 

A few days later, I was in front of the mirror creating an Instagram story. I started typing a caption: Going to a coffee shop. Time to flow and wander. Boom—the ping came immediately. The clear, sudden flash of knowing arose: Flow and Wander was my answer. I went to the coffee shop and built the entire brand in four hours. Everything fell into place and flowed so miraculously, seamlessly, and almost simultaneously. 


The Takeaway

Oftentimes, when we’re listening to our inner knowing, this is how it takes place. Rapidly and almost without any intentional effort on our part. When we let our inner knowing take the lead, we submit to the power of our intuition. We grow a sense of inner alignment and unconditional peace from within.

If you’d like more support on this journey, inner voice sessions are here to support you.


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