Uncovering The Wisdom When You Ignore Your Intuition

intuition Jan 14, 2024

In this blog, I open up about personal experiences when my intuition took a backseat. From getting hair extensions only to remove them two days later to broader life decisions, discover the signs of ignoring your inner voice. 

Also, uncover the wisdom gained through hindsight and learn how to find peace and clarity after going against your intuition.


The hair extension saga: decisions and regrets

I’d been wanting extensions for a few months but hadn’t found the right person at the right price. Until one day, my mom called saying she found someone who could do them for an amazing price. It felt like an incredible manifestation so I reached out about scheduling with her to get them done right away.

As the appointment got closer, I started having doubts and feeling like I wasn’t sure if I wanted them anymore. So I canceled the appointment.

A few days later, more doubt surfaced: “maybe I should get them. I did manifest this great deal. What if I miss out on something that could have been amazing?”.

I let my anxious, uncertain mind convince me to reschedule the appointment. The night before, I felt even more anxious and uncertain. I wanted to cancel and the idea of not getting them felt like relief. But again, I let the mind convince me to get them anyway.

After getting them done, I still didn’t feel good about it. I didn’t love them and they ended up costing hundreds more than I was quoted/communicated.

I quickly started feeling like I wanted to get them taken out. I felt like “I knew it. I knew my intuition was saying no and I should have listened”. My mind was like “Are you kidding? You just got them in and now you already want to take them out? That’s insane!”.

I knew I needed to release the emotions and energy coming up so I did. But my mind still wanted more clarity on why this happened and what to do…so I opened up the notes on my phone and started asking my inner voice questions.

Here’s the conversation between my mind and inner voice (these are actual screenshots from in the moment):

I felt so relieved and free after releasing all of the uncertainty/regret and getting clarity from my inner voice. I felt at peace with having gotten them and I felt free to make the most aligned choice moving forward, and so once I was emotionally clear, I decided I did want to have them removed.

Yes, it would have been nice if I just listened to my intuition and didn’t get them in the first place ;) But once I did, I’m soooo glad I chose to transmute the experience into greater freedom and wisdom rather than hold onto regret or force myself to keep them just because I already had them.

Next time something similar comes up, it will be so much easier to listen to and trust the intuitive signs and nudges. These are some of the main ones I’ve recognized for myself…


Signs you’re ignoring your intuition with a specific decision

  • The experience or decision is usually followed by a feeling of: “I knew it!! I knew my intuition was telling me to X and I didn’t listen.”
  • You feel heightened, emotions (whether positive, such as manic over-excitement, or negative, such as anxious uncertainty) driving the decision
  • It just doesn’t feel right; something feels off but you keep justifying it to yourself
  • You feel uncertain when making the decision
  • A little voice says “do” or “don’t” and you notice it but quickly push it away with thoughts like “nah it’s fine”


Recognizing patterns of ignoring your intuition in various life aspects

We can also find ourselves in a pattern of ignoring our intuition, not just here and there, but overall in our life. These are some of the signs I’ve recognized that we’ve been ignoring our intuition in many aspects of life for some time.

  • Feeling like you’re pushing uphill
  • Physical pain/sickness/anxiety
  • Something feels off but you keep over-justifying it to yourself
  • You put others guidance above your own and seek answers from others before checking in with yourself
  • You feel disconnected, uninspired, unmotivated 
  • You feel like an imposter or like you’re living someone else’s life
  • You get in your head and second guess everything
  • You keep finding yourself in similar unwanted situations over and over (the universe is just giving you more opportunities to learn the “lesson”)


How to transmute the aftermath of ignoring your intuition into more freedom and wisdom

If you ignore your intuition, it’s OKAY. It doesn’t mean you’re bad at following your intuition, that you “fucked it all up” or that you’re stuck in a shitty situation/feeling. Every situation and experience can be transmuted into a gift, the gift of greater clarity and freedom.

Once you realize you’ve ignored your intuition, the first step to transmute the experience is to notice any guilt, shame, feeling like you did it wrong, regret, etc. Locate these feelings in the body and allow/feel them until they dissolve


Questions to ask your inner voice for clarity after not listening to it

Once you’re feeling more emotionally neutral, clear and at peace, ask your inner voice questions for clarity. Here are some questions you can use and of course, feel free to ask any other questions on your mind. I suggest you keep asking questions until your mind runs out of them; it’s amazing how much clarity can come by asking more follow up questions.

Ask the question and then direct your awareness into the body, below the neck, wherever it feels calm, peaceful or where you’ve heard your inner voice before. For many of my clients, this is around their heart or gut space. You can say the answers that come out loud or write them down in a journal or on your notes app. You might also get images or a “knowing” and you can ask your inner voice more questions about what it means.

  • Inner voice, what’s your perspective on this situation?
  • Inner voice, what do you want me to know about this decision and outcome?
  • Inner voice, should I feel guilty, regret, embarrassed, etc about the decision I made? Why?
  • Inner voice, what would you have done if it were up to you? Why?
  • Inner voice, is it wrong/bad that I made this decision? Why/why not?
  • Inner voice, what will help me find peace about this now?
  • Inner voice, if it was up to you, what would you do now? Why?
  • Inner voice, what else do you want me to know right now?


Want support releasing and getting clarity from your intuition?

If you’d like support with this process and to experience the incredible lightness, freedom and clarity on the other side, you can book an inner voice session here.


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