How I Flow Through A Typical Day

alignment intuition podcast Jul 23, 2023

As you learn to live more in tune with your intuition and the flow of life, you may find yourself wondering: What does a day in an aligned life look like? I wanted to share my experience flowing through a typical day to help answer this question! Remember, this is what my highest alignment and flow looks like. Your day in an aligned life might look completely different, and that's okay.

On a usual day, I wake up to a morning cup of coffee or matcha. My drink choice changes depending on my intuition, and for a few years coffee was not part of my morning flow. It’s important to remember that alignment and flow isn’t about developing habits, it’s about developing presence to follow the flow of the present moment towards what is most aligning.

Once I finish my morning drink, I flow through the next few hours doing things like meditating, reading, working, or any other activity that feels best in the moment. I also love going on a walk or to an exercise class. The next steps in my day truly depend on what my intuition guides me towards each day.

I forced myself to have a step by step morning routine for years, feeling like because other people found success with a morning routine, then I should too. But as I continued to give my life over to my intuition and highest alignment, I felt called to let it go. If you do feel called to develop a morning routine, try to leave space for alignment and flexibility so you can open yourself to flow.

The rest of my day fluctuates depending on the seasons of my life. Right now, with developing the But First, Exhale app and focusing on my business, my days have flowed towards a busier, more work-oriented schedule. However, in months past, I’ve had days filled with nothing- no meetings, no plans, nothing scheduled, just a commitment to listening to my intuition and the flow of life in the present.

If you struggle to allow flow to take you through your day, start small! Start by asking your intuition what is best for you in the moment, and go do it. Block out small spaces of time and allow your intuition to choose what to fill it with.

Curious what this looks like in a real day?

Let’s look at yesterday. I woke up, made my coffee and flowed into doing the dishes. I added in intentional breath and grounding as I did this, creating a ritual to bring me deeper into presence as I started my day.

Then, as I drank my coffee, I worked on putting the finishing touches on 7 Days of Alignment. I had planned to work on this later in the month, but flow inspired me to work on it now! I also spent some time looking into hotels in Italy for my September trip, but ultimately let it go because nothing felt quite right. Sometimes, the most aligned thing you can do is wait and see what happens, instead of trying to force it at the wrong moment.

Next, I went to an exercise class and on a walk, listening to the Gabby Bernstein podcast along the way. While listening, I heard an ad for a hair growth product, and felt like I needed to buy it now. But after a few moments of scrolling in the scorching sun, I let it go and decided to try again at home.

Once I got home and tried to pick a product, I found myself feeling really stressed. I took a step back and realized that I had a product in my cabinet that I hadn’t even tried, and yet here I was trying to jump into the next one. At that moment, I felt my inner voice calling me to drop the situation, so I did.

Afterwards, I went about making stir fry for lunch, and while I did, I could hear Trevor, my husband, on speakerphone the entire time, which my mind was not happy about. I watched as my mind created a story about how Trevor’s phone call contributed to my lack of productivity and stress that day, when in fact it was really my own misalignment.

Remember, alignment is working with what is flowing to you at each moment… not wishing something was happening and trying to force life to look like the image you have in your mind. 

Through that experience, I was able to realize the most aligning thing I could do was release the expectations my mind had for the day. I ended up going to a coffee shop and ordering matcha, instead of doing the podcasts I had hoped to do originally. When I finally stopped fighting my day, I felt so grounded and peaceful. All because I let go of my expectations and let life flow me where I needed to be. That flow also allowed me to decide on the final launch date for But First Exhale, which I had been stuck on for weeks, because when you’re aligned, clarity flows!

Afterward, I went to Trader Joes and grabbed things to make pizza, then took a bath. In the bath I started a new show, then read Journey of Souls before heading to bed!

Remember, this is just a snapshot of my own daily experience. Your highest alignment may look completely different- but it can help us to see others leaning into flow to encourage us to follow our own!

The biggest takeaway from this post? When we’re fighting against the current of life, that’s when life feels difficult and hard. But when we can lean into wherever that ‘now’ current is taking us, ease, flow, and peace result!

If you want to learn more about what a day of alignment and flow looks like for me, check out the latest podcast episode!

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