Trusting the universe and your intuition (& manifesting our dream honeymoon)

podcast Feb 05, 2022

I have a JUICY manifestation story this week! THIS is what happens when you trust your intuition and open yourself up to the INFINITE, MAGICAL possibilities!!


In this episode, I dive into:

✧Recognizing and shifting out of old patterns and behaviors 
✧Handing your desires over to the universe and your intuition  
✧How to stay open to it working out perfectly even when it seems totally unrealistic  
✧The juicy story of how I manifested our dream honeymoon  
✧The 3 energetic/mindset KEYS I use (and teach my clients) to manifest outcomes way better than your mind can even dream of   


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Full Episode Transcript:

Hello, and welcome to the magnetical you podcast. I'm your host Madison's or Diag, I'm a mindset energy coach, here to help you feel your freaking best and manifest a life full of magic miracles and abundance. I know that whatever led you here did not happen by coincidence. So I am so excited and grateful to have you here. So let's let the magic begin. Hi, and welcome back to the magnetically you podcast, I am so excited to share this juicy, juicy, juicy manifestation story with you of how I manifested like, literally the perfect honeymoon situation. And with like, so much ease. It was like I asked the universe to deliver. And then of course, the universe delivered something even better than I could have, like, predicted or like, came up weather dreamed up in my mind. So about a week ago, I started feeling like, oh my gosh, like we need to plan our honeymoon. I'm recording this. At the end of January, by the way. So about a week ago. I was like, We are weddings in two months. Like we don't have a honeymoon booked. And the whole time I was kind of just like, oh, like, we'll get to it, it'll fall into place. And to be honest, I was actually kind of in I just realized that that was kind of in limbo energy around booking the honeymoon, actually, because it was almost like I was like waiting for something with COVID to change really wanted to go to Bali and like the COVID restrictions were really intense. There's like we're not going there. And there were some places we wanted to go. So I was like, it just felt like an uphill battle to play on the honeymoon. And like take into account all these like restrictions and do all that research and was just like annoying. So I was avoiding it. Which is funny because I just realized that I was in limbo energy around that if you don't know a limbo energy is it's basically like, waiting on something outside of you to change before leading yourself. And it's actually a huge piece of the work I do with my clients because it's like when you lead the universe response, like always, every time. But anyways, that's that's a side note. So I started like feeling like oh shit, like, and I wasn't really worried about it. It's like, Oh, it'll be it'll like, it'll unfold when it unfolds. And I was like, oh shit, like our weddings in two months, we do not have a honeymoon bug, it's like, probably would be a good idea to book something. And then I started getting like, feeling more like stressed and more pressure, like, oh my god, what if all the places went out, like cut a book, and now gotta hurry up. Gotta find the right place. So I started like, scouring the internet. And I like me and Trevor sit down on a Saturday with me. And like research literally all day. It was like, we like tried to make it fun. It was kind of fun. But it was also like, just like, by the end of it, I had like a severe headache. I'm like, we did not make any progress. And we were just like searching and searching and searching the internet for like, what we should do. And it was like, so overwhelming. And like, there's so many places we could go so many choices. And I was getting like overwhelmed because I just have like such good taste obviously kept like coming upon places that were $50,000 a night and I'm like, Well, yeah, no, not quite there yet. Yeah, it felt like an uphill battle. And I noticed some like old patterns coming up old patterns of like wanting to force and push it, push and like make it happen. And you know patterns of like perfectionism of like, it needing to be perfect. So nothing was good enough. There's like a million zillion infinite, like, places we could have gotten, it would have been like, so amazing, right. But like I had to say, I was putting this pressure on myself for it to be perfect. So I noticed all those old patterns coming up, I noticed how awful I felt after falling into those old patterns. So I was like, Okay, this is not the vibe like this is not this is not how it has to be like it does not have to be this hard this painful, this much of a struggle like and I'm not available for these old patterns anymore, like, moving on. So I started thinking I'm like, You know what I would really, really love a recommendation from a friend. Because that would cut down a lot of the research for me, I would be able to really trust it. Like if a friend who I trust has been there and they said it was amazing, then like that just like makes it so much easier. So I was thinking I would love a recommendation from a friend. And I would love a travel agent to like, book and research and do all this shit for me. And it's so funny because I met a travel agent on our plane ride home from to loom and I was like, oh my god, this is perfect. And then when I went to find her phone number a few weeks ago, in my phone that I thought I had saved like couldn't find it. So that was like interesting. But again, it's like when you're manifesting something it's like part like along process like things can happen where it looks like it's not happening. And then you can make it mean it's not happening, right? Like I could have been like, oh, the travel agents phone number went away, like that was our one shot at the honeymoon. And now we're not going to find it. And it's not working. It's, I'm not manifesting it. And it was just like, Oh, whatever. Like, I'm so open to it unfolding how it's meant to unfold. Right. So anyways, I wanted a recommendation from a friend and I wanted to travel agent and I wanted a bathtub because I love my best. And I wanted views, like beautiful views of the ocean. And so I knew I wanted those things. And I was like, I that's what that's the ideal. The ideal outcome is that a friend recommended to me I have a travel agent, like boom, boom, boom, it just all falls into place, we get everything we want. And it doesn't require all this like force and hustle. And I'm like, that would be fucking awesome. So I said to myself, and it's funny, because this is something that like, these are like, thoughts I've had in my head, like so many times preceding like big manifestation. So it's obviously like, cool how it worked out. So I said to myself, inner voice universe, this is what I want. And I'm handing it over to you now like I'm handing it over to you and I just energetically like felt in my body, like, I'm giving this over to you. I'm letting go of control. I'm no longer worrying. I'm no longer stressing, I'm letting go of the resistance and letting go the force and letting go of the push, like, I'm handing over to you in a voice to you universe. Show me what you got. I don't know how else to say but like, I handed it over. Like this is no longer mine to control or figure out anymore, like I've done, what I know to do, and what I feel called to do. And I'm letting go, I'm open and ready to be guided and open and ready to work out better than I ever could have expected. And it is done. So I was really open and I was like you know, I'm open. I'm open to it unfolding perfectly even though I have no idea how even though that seems totally unrealistic, like what is it travel agent is going to fall out of the sky and a recommendation from a friend She's going to fall out of the sky, right? Like it just seemed like, okay, like that's, you know, dreamy thinking and the ocean views and the dots and like all the things we wanted, you know. So I was still open. And so it literally fell into place so perfectly yesterday, which was a few days after I decided to hand it energetically hand it over to my inner voice to the universe. So I handed it over a few days later, I had this ping to reach out to one of my friends from college asking her about her honeymoon. And I could have sworn she went to St. Lucia, which wasn't really somewhere we were like looking into. And so I hadn't asked her about it. But I was like, You know what something's telling me to reach out to her and ask her about her honeymoon. So I reached out. And she said they went to Cabo. And that's funny because we fucking love to Lumo is literally one of our favorite vacations, if not one of our favorite places and trips like ever was just so unbelievably magical. Like we just absolutely love like the ocean and Mexico, the the vibe, the culture, the food, like, oh my gosh, just all of it. And so obviously, you know, Cabos totally on the other side of Mexico, but it still looked like Cabo was like, definitely on our list of like places that we had been looking into and that we were interested in going. And so she told me about this resort, she say that and she was like, this is literally the nicest place I've ever stayed like, far and beyond in my entire life, like this service is unbelievable. Like, they pack you a cooler to the beach with fresh juice every day. They bring you fruit to your room every day. There's a butler every day 24/7 There's free, like gourmet breakfast and smoothies every morning and I'm like, Oh, hell yeah, I'm gonna get my smoothie bags. And it just seems like so incredible. So I'm like, Oh, my God, like, here's my recommendation. Fuck yeah. So I called the hotel. And I started talking to this woman about it. When she was like, let me get some more information. And then, you know, I'll get back to you. And so she calls me back with more information. Guess what time she calls me. 1111. I'm like, of course, she calls me and I'm like, I asked her because from the email she had sent me it seems like she didn't really work for the hotel. And I'm like, do you work? For the hotel? Are you like a contracted travel agent with the hotel? Like, how does that work? And she was like, Yeah, I'm, like contracted with the hotel. Like, I'm a full service planner. So like, I'll help you book your accommodations for the resort. And then I'll literally book everything else for you. I'm like, Ah, obviously, of course, of course you are. Of course. You literally just delivered yourself. Like literally the university delivered me the recommendation delivered me the travel agent I asked for. And we got this amazing room. It's just so magical ocean fry has the bathtub. There's an infinity pool. It is just like the whole I have and it's like right on the beach. And there's like, all the things like above and beyond. And she was like, because you're booking with me like I can sweeten the deal for you like, I'm gonna throw in an extra $300 credit for the hotel so you guys can like get a massage, or you know, use that on food and drinks. And then I'm also going to throw in luxury private airport transfer for you guys, which she said was like worth $300 Not wanting to manifest all this unfolding perfectly. Then on top of that, we manifested basically $600 worth of like extra amenities and things that we would have, like needed to pay for. Anyways, so I was just like, Oh, my God, this letter could not have worked out perfect. So we're like, super, super excited. I'm feeling really good about the wedding coming up. It's like it was, it was like, it's far away. It's far away. It's far away, because our engagement was like a year and a half. And then it was like, Oh, why will our weddings in two months. But I'm really excited. I think it's gonna be really fun. Everything is like, falling into place so beautifully. And yeah, it's like, of course, of course, it works out perfectly. Of course, it worked out way better than I expected. Of course, I asked and the universe delivered that and more just like it always, it always works out when we are willing to let go of our old patterns, follow our intuition and be open to possibility it's like that's it. If I had to like sum up at least my manifestation process works and I think there's like different energies for you know, everyone, and especially with everyone's different like conditioning, but it's like, this is just like no surprise, like, of course I manifested this is like this is like the same like basically like energy and process that I've implemented manifesting clients in my business and more money in my business and work with my business and quitting my corporate job. It's just Yeah, it's like, it's no surprise. So yeah, it's like when you are willing to follow your intuition and be open to possibility. Even when it makes no sense, even when it looks like it's not working. Even when bla bla bla bla bla, like, it just always works out you literally manifest magic and so much better than your mind could have ever predicted. Which brings me to my next point, like this is exactly what I help my clients do. Like when you follow your intuition and you're open to possibility and you release the old patterns and emotional and energetic coding keeping you stuck, right? Like the the emotion was, oh my gosh, like what if we what if we don't get a honeymoon? What if we run out like, got a book that even now like frantic, urgent and then I reacted with an old self sabotaging pattern by frantically like trying to figure it out, enforce it, and push it, make it happen? And then I allowed myself to say, Okay, I feel that feeling in my body, stop reacting to it, choose to follow my intuition and open to possibility. It's like, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, literally worked out perfectly. And, you know, this is really like, the main focus of my coaching is, is following your intuition. Because it's like, the path that not only gets to feel really, really good for you, but the path that literally works like fucking magic, every time and yeah, it's just so fun. And like, I feel like I've like really, like stepped into this like, embodiment of this on a deeper level, where it's just like, This is my life now, where it's like, of course, this happens, like I this is how everything in my life like manifests. And obviously, it's not all perfect. So like everything work manifests perfectly 24/7 But it's just like more and more and more things work out better than I ever could have expected and they always work out and it's like, the more you embody this, the more and more magic you create, the more and more miracles and abundance and opportunities you receive. And yeah, it's just really, really fun. So if that speaks to you, and you're interested in working with me, I do have private coaching spots open right now and I would absolutely freaking love to work with you. If it aligns for us both so we can figure out if it aligns for us both by hopping on a free concert call which you can book using the link in the show notes or you can reach out to me on Instagram at Madison aren't help but I hope you love this episode I hope is fun. I love like hearing juicy manifestation stories. I love sharing them and I think it just like such a good reminder to like follow your intuition and trust even when it seems like it's not working out. Because it is it always is it's always leading you to what you want, or something better or it's a spiritual assignment like literally every time so that is all if you enjoyed this episode I would love if you screenshot it and tag me on instagram and shared it that would mean the world to me. And it would especially mean the world to me if you would take a moment to leave a review on iTunes. That's how I reach more people and spread the magic even more on this podcast and it's just you know, great to hear like how how it's impacted. You and how it's serving you. And yeah, I would I would love to know. So thank you so much and I will see you on the next episode. Thank you so much for listening to the magnetically your podcast. If this episode serve do I ask that you share it with someone who could make a difference for or share it on social media and tag me at magnetically you? Make sure to hit subscribe so you don't miss any of the magic. And it would mean the world to me if you would leave a review on iTunes. Thank you so, so much from the bottom of my heart for being here. And I will see you in the next episode.

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