The Truth About Manifestation: It's Not Just About Raising Your Vibration

Have you ever tried manifesting your desires but felt like nothing was happening, no matter how hard you tried to think positively and raise your vibration? If so, you're not alone. Many people misunderstand the concept of manifestation, thinking it's all about reaching and maintaining a high frequency. In reality, manifestation is less about achieving "good vibes" and more about clearing the emotional "blockages" within.

Misconception: Raising Your Vibration is Everything

One common misconception about manifestation is that it revolves solely around raising your vibration. When we approach manifestation in this way, it becomes yet another way we repress our emotions, thereby "trapping" them within our bodies. These suppressed emotions not only keep us stuck manifesting situations that match this "lower" frequency but also trigger a chain reaction of suffering.

And there’s no amount of trying to think or feel positive that will dissolve this energy. Think of it like hiding a mess in your closet. You may put on a facade of positivity, but those "negative" emotions are still lurking beneath your awareness.

This is why so many people feel like they're failing at manifesting despite their best efforts. They're thinking positive thoughts, reciting affirmations, and believing in their desires, but nothing seems to be happening.

Manifesting Is Less About Making Yourself Feel Good And More About Removing The "Blocks" To Your Natural State Of Feeling Good 

It's not about creating the appearance of a clean room; it's about actually cleaning up the "mess" (trapped emotions). Imagine a sunny day—it's not about making the sun brighter; it's about clearing the clouds that "block" it. Similarly, when you've been holding a cork underwater, it naturally rises to the surface once you stop "holding it down."

Your vibration works the same way. 

Embrace Your Emotions

The key to successful manifestation (manifesting in alignment with your inner being) is not to continuously try to raise your vibration but rather to allow your vibration to naturally return to its state of alignment and clarity.

How do you do this? By not pushing down your "negative" emotions but instead allowing yourself to feel and release them.

But If I Just Sit In My Emotions, Won't That Perpetuate Them?

No. THIS is what actually keeps emotions stuck and perpetuates a cycle of negative feelings and outcomes. Again, it's like hiding a mess in the closet.

What have you observed in your own life when you avoid negative emotions and just try to "stay positive" or only allow "good vibes"? Does it make them go away? Or do they just pop back up later? And do you keep manifesting situations that bring those familiar feelings to the surface?

It's one thing to to sit in the story about your emotions. THAT does perpetuate them and build momentum in that direction. But actually feeling the emotion directly (versus telling the story about the emotion), allows it to be transmuted back into free flowing energy.

And when your energy is flowing freely, your natural intelligence (intuition) will guide you to the highest and best outcomes for you.

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