Releasing Shame & Finding Peace In the Unknown (Client Session With Helen Giles)

alignment Jun 04, 2023

Today, I’m sharing a client session with Helen Giles from one of the But First, Alignment coaching calls where we dove into releasing shame, creativity, money and following your joy. 

If your mind has ever felt like something is wrong with you for not being “farther along” or having it all figured out, this episode will probably feel like a totally new sense of relief, freedom and peace.

I’m excited for you to feel the difference in her voice, energy and perspective from the beginning to the end of the session - it’s incredible! 


In this episode, we dive into:

  • Realizing that rebelling against rules isn’t actually freedom
  • Making now decisions vs forever decisions
  • When the mind sucks the joy out of something by turning it into “work”/obligation
  • Permission to rest for the sake of rest 
  • Can you really have money AND joy?
  • Is consistent creativity needed in order to succeed?
  • Feeling at peace not knowing what’s next
  • Releasing shame and feeling like "something must be wrong with me"


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