Playing in the Quantum Field - With Philip Attar

podcast Sep 27, 2021

This week’s guest, Philip Attar, is a Mindset and Embodiment Coach. His practice is centered around his somatic Heart Breath™ energy method, a way to uncover deeper energetic traumas within your body and empower greater embodiment of your unique algorithm.


He's a former Design Creative Director, having worked with some of the top fashion luxury brands and agencies in the world (Condé Nast, Vogue, Baron & Baron, Coach, Apple, Swarovski among others). But after many years in the industry, he was unfulfilled and in a terrible state of 'dis-ease'. 


In this episode, you'll hear more about how he healed his body and was able to fully live out his dream and purpose with power. This episode is DEEP - get ready to have your mind and energy expanded on another level!!


In this episode, you'll learn:

✧ How misalignment is the gateway to purpose

✧ How to ground into the present moment so that any construct outside of you is irrelevant (Phil leads us through this practice in real time)

✧ How to embody your true self outside of the conditioning of the collective

✧ The misconceptions about "healing" that are keeping you stuck

✧ How to detach from your triggers so they no longer "control" how you respond

✧ Compassionately understanding both "sides" of the polarities in the world right now

✧ How your thoughts and vibration can change the programming and expression of your DNA

✧ How emotional regulation creates healing and natural harmony in the body


Guest Bio:

Philip Attar is a Mindset and Embodiment Coach. His practice is centered around his somatic Heart Breath™ energy method, a way to uncover deeper energetic traumas within your body and empower greater embodiment of your unique algorithm. His methods have transformed his own life from 'dis-ease into ease', holistically overcoming his own Graves' autoimmune disease that left him with permanently crossed-eyes in 2010. Now committed to helping other coaches and healers lead humanity into shifting out of the patriarchal paradigms that no longer serve us.


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Full Episode Transcript:

Hello and welcome to the magnetical you podcast. I'm your host Madison cert I am a mindset energy coach here to help you feel your freaking best and manifest a life full of magic miracles and abundance. I know that whatever led you here did not happen by coincidence. So I am so excited and grateful to have you here. So let's let the magic begin. I and welcome back to the magnetical you podcast. I have Phil ATAR. Am I saying that right? Yes, Phil today. I found him through my coach Jen and just resonated so deeply with his truth bombs and wisdom and energy and presence and had to have him on the show. So he's a mindset and embodiment coach and his practice is centered around his somatic heart breath energy method, a way to uncover deeper energetic traumas within your body and empower greater embodiment of your unique algorithm. His methods have transformed his own life from dis ease, into ease, holistically overcoming his own graves autoimmune disease that left him with permanently crossed eyes in 2010. Now committed to helping other coaches and healers lead humanity into shifting out of the patriarchal paradigms that no longer serve us. So welcome, Phil. I'm so happy to have it sounds so serious. Now I'm gonna write a new one. I like to play that said, let's just play but let's just play Yeah, nothing sent to us anyways, is it 


I appreciate you having me and Jen, Jen is like my bestie. Shout out to Jen. Jen, we love her so much. I love her so much. So thank you. 


You're welcome. Thank you for being here. So tell us a little bit about your journey and your story. And what kind of led you to doing what you're doing today. 


It's funny how However, many times I've been asked that question. I'm like, Whoa, yeah. I mean, we all have our own journey. Right? You know, mine was I used to work in fashion. Long story. Long story short about that one, worked that industry for about 17 years, which is where I met Jen and I was an art director and creative director and designer in that industry. And you know, in the beginning, I loved it, it was everything I wanted it to be I grew up in Toronto, Canada and Vancouver, Canada as well. And just, you know, I was wanting to move to New York City and then when I had the opportunity, the Canadian company I worked for move me to New York City in like 2004 Wow, actually, it's been a while. Yeah, New York City was a different spot then for sure. Totally different vibe, moved to New York City then and built that successful creative director career that I always wanted. I started working with companies like Vogue and Conde Nast and Interview magazine and swarowski and all these fashion brands and coach and whatnot and you know through all that work I just kind of after years in it I didn't really become bitter Actually, I was still you know, grateful. But I really felt I wasn't living my purpose and I got a disease long story short, but like it really the stress built up and if anyone knows about that fashion advertising branding industry you can you're grinding all the time doesn't matter how much of an executive you are I was getting paid a really fat check. I loved it, but it was it kind of demolished me to the point where I got graves disease and became cross-eyed in 2010 and 11. And then that catapulted me into this path of healing now that's in a nutshell we can talk about the healing maybe later another time but yeah, that's in a nutshell how I got here and now I've cultivated that connection in myself for and I'm still always learning and an open and it's been divine with a capital D that connection to life force and I discovered who I truly am And in that moment now I'm just sharing it that's it that's all 


I love okay well ended there all right. Guys, have a great day. No, 


I like for my coffee. 


Yes Do your thing you know what's really interesting is I've had so many people on the podcast and my experiences while we're there was a misalignment with life purpose that seem to be the catalyst for disease in the body coming to life and then it's like that then leading on leading into Be it being like the driver towards the purpose like have you noticed that that theme where it's like, there it seems to be like a I don't know like a very typical pattern where it's like we're not living in alignment with our purpose, but instead of just going like okay, let's just go live and live with our purpose. It's like, like break down and oftentimes they can experience with health that then is the catalyst for To finally like, look at things and and heal and like shift in that direction of our purpose. So have you noticed that? And yeah, I've just curious what your thoughts are on that. 


Oh, yeah, I mean, that's the core of my work helping people shift into. I've shifted perspectives of it though. What I've come to understand in the like 1000s of client sessions I've now had over the years, is that I mean, as you're calling out that purpose, or that trauma, the quote unquote misalignment informs the purpose, it is the gateway to it. And then the gateway to purpose let's now spin that is just being present and who you are period. And if you're now going to dissect if we can dive into that, like present in who you are now and even for any listeners, like let's just take a breath and listen to that for a second. So we're not just cognitively hearing the words just even like take a quick I'm doing it now to see if I'm present in who I am. I'm already gonna let's go deep right now Screw it, let's just do like, everyone's like Phil, you just can't frickin help it. Like just present who you are. Who are you? I am here now in Vancouver, Canada, talking to you, Madison after you DM me? And we're like, Yeah, let's do it. Let's talk and we got Jenin commonly Sure, let's do it. And it's like I am here as a product of everything before me. So question was I miss a line there? Do you feel me? Or was I just not aware of the algorithm of how this all works? alignment it's kind of like was I miss aligned in a moment. Then I was aligned. I was aligned. Being a creative director, I grew up wanting to be in fashion because of insecurities I can get into the conditioning of that. I grew up wanting to find my identity because I was an Iraqi, Filipino Muslim, Roman Catholic and and Portuguese or European neighborhood. And I was like, Who am I? Everyone seems so defined. Everyone's family feels so defined in minds like chaos, single mother, father, schizophrenic, and I'm like, oh, whatever. And I'm seeking identity. So then I seek identity, I go into fashion, because it's a perfect way to mask your identity. And I'm like, Oh, I can master this. You do this. You're popular. You do this, you make money. Well, that's easy. And then that happened popular, make money, moved to New York City, blah, blah, blah. Everything I wanted from my insecurities. So it informed me. It created me was I misaligned? I'm getting meta here. I'm questioning even how I've taught it in the past. Do you feel me? It's like, 


yeah, it's such a good question. It's like, are we ever actually out of alignment? Or was it all? Or was it all alignment? And this, we were just telling stories about like, and labels and mental preferences of like, Well, that was good. And that was in alignment. But that was bad. And that was out of alignment? And it's like, what exactly is something my inner voice recently told me that came to me is like, there is no like an alignment out of alignment. It's like a river is a river. It just flows. Sometimes there's rapids, sometimes it's still when there's rapids. It doesn't mean it's broken. When it's not moving. It doesn't mean it's broken. It's just, it's a river. It's always flowing. It's doing what it needs to do. It's moving in the ways it needs to move, like the river that formed the Grand Canyon, like wasn't worrying about whether it was in alignment or not, it just was and it was always in that flow. And it's like, Can we trust that like, we are that same lifeforce energy that's like causing the river to flow in the ways it's meant to flow. It's like what if we were flowing the ways we were meant to flow all along, and we're building a Grand Canyon. 


So good. That was, that was wicked brilliant. Exactly. I was just in the Grand Canyon a few months, a month and a bit ago is awesome, best spot ever. But that's it. I mean, it. We were like you were who you were, you experienced the conditioning, the repeated patterns, the quote, unquote, traumas, the tensions, the depression, the anxieties, I did the same, we all do the same. We all go through the ebb through the flow. The difference is we're just not conscious, where we're at times confused, of how it works, we question it, we suffer, because we're not aware of what I've just keep calling. It's, well, I'm not calling him but what we're calling now and I'm calling it like the algorithm like I have another Instagram account called the algorithm of God, because I just want to call out the code. There's no coaching on that account. It's like, no, here's a code of how this works. It's a program like it really is like, you have conditioned responses that respond based on how you grew up Madison to your parents, what your mother said to you how you reacted back, and that builds up as tension and ease in the cells. It manifests you. So I could not be from brand identity insecure child to identity, brand identity fashion. What do I do now? I help people with their identities and purpose. What's the difference? One involves image. One now involves just imagination. You know, it's the same, it's like, you look at it, and I'm like, I am who I am the difference. Now I can feel how this works to a degree, right? That's it, it's beautiful. And when you do that, you're so much more at peace. You're just like, in this space. I guess the ultimate point of this program, if when you dive into this, what people have called enlightenment, which is just seeing clearly like to see how it works, not necessarily to be above anyone, but just to see, I am what I am in a moment. And I'm not suffering even when I'm in pain. Beautiful. 


Do you think do you think it is it really is? Do you think most of the suffering comes from trying to be somewhere we're not like we're, it's like, I'm right here right now. But like mentally, there's a story that I should be like, there. And it's that like, illusion between like, I'm here and what I think I'm supposed to be or what I think I want is there. So like, I can't allow myself in order to be happy to be fulfilled, to feel successful until that gap is closed. And it's like the gap was an illusion the whole time. And I think it's like going back into the now into the present. That's what like dissolves that illusory gap. And then you realize it was never a thing to begin with. 


so beautifully said, done. And the podcast now like that's it looks so beautiful. That's it. I don't even need to add anything to that. That's beautiful. It's the gap is, you know what the gap is? The gap is space time. That's Yes, the gap is space three dimensions of space where you have, you know, up down left, right depth height with where you have. And what is that that is light, light manifest like light manifesting in vibrational form. And the space is created with the fourth dimension of time movement within the field. So if I'm moving from here to here in my head, that's time here's before, and there's after. This is faster. Now time is right. And let's get into how this has to do with what you're talking about. It's an illusion, because it's perception of movement. It is we can we can measure time to a degree based on variation, you know, movement around the sun, but your perception of an hour in the morning could be different. We got on this podcast at 1103 or I got on zoom with you here on the PST time, at least 1103 I was a bit late, had a bit of a frantic morning, some stuff to do. And then all of a sudden, I'm like, it's 11 o'clock clock already. That felt like one hour when I woke up at 7am. It felt like an hour. And that perception right condenses time now suffering, let's get back to what you're saying happens when we are not present and where we are in space time. And we're now literally using the magic of our brain or human consciousness to then leap in time travel into another point in space and be like, I'm not there. That looks like it looks so much better. That places like when I have that money when I have that partner, when I have that baby, when I have that house, when I have that job when I'm in living my purpose. When I'm sharing my gifts with power, when I'm there, I'll be better. And that distance is literally friction in space time. It's like a dissonance and then that lives in the body then we're like anxious and we feel like shit and then we suffer when we condense that literally energetically mentally and you're just in your body when we say presence what are we talking about what now we're talking about in your where it is now live. Your body actually lives in it now it only lives now. Your body doesn't live in the future your body is always now so when we talk about even my title is embodiment coach and I know you too can coach and we talk about embodiment lately. We're What are we doing with words we're embodying the body, you collapse time you are present, you no longer suffer. And it all has to do with this dimension. So if you think of even the construct of it space time the dimension of its suffering distance being here now you're like, well snap, you can't escape that can you? That's just the way it is. What else is there to do? And then when you figure it out, you're like, cool, make my coffee. Go for you know, do whatever I need to do. 


Yeah, yeah, exactly. Do you have any practices for like what are your practices that you use with yourself and your clients to like ground into that presence into that now moment, or the Now moment I should say, 


you know, it's really only one practice, it's, and we can do it right now I can offer it to everyone here. It's the same thing I've been doing for like, well, even since I was in disease in 2011 2010 Because the same thing I discovered, well, I can't say I discovered this is humans godlike force. It's not some. I like to think of it as magic, but it's not, but it's your, your breathing deeply somatically connecting to your body to the point where you feel more than you've ever felt in your life. And the feeling is, can grow infinitely into the macro into the micro into the quantum. That's it. If I had to sum it up, you're embodying your body somatically and energetically, that's it, when you can actually breathe into the body, and we can do it quickly right now. Like what I do now is even like, my feet were kind of tense, like I was like, I don't know how to describe this, my feet were perched, like I was on my toes. And they'll put them on the rug and four or five seconds into the nose and out. What that does, breathing into the nose and out, it lowers the brainwaves lowers your heart rate. Not too much oxygen, but just enough, you get to regulate time, you're literally able to slow time with a slower breath. So four or five seconds in through the nose. Now depending if someone smokes. I used to be a smoker for 1718. I don't know how many years 1518 years or something I was younger, I could not. Now, just plant your feet. If anyone's sitting down I assume just firmly on the ground and just feel your feet planted firmly on the ground. Just release attention your ankles, your calves, your knees, your thighs. 


release the tension. Find that deep breath. Please attention your waist, your stomach, your chest, your ribcage. 


We take our time with this. If anyone's waiting for what's next, there's nothing next, just keep going. That's the point. long, slow, deep breaths in and out through the nose release attention now. From your waist, your stomach, your chest, your rib cage your shoulders. The more micro and area you pick in your body, the more tension you release in your cells. If anyone's looking at my screen right now, like this is your cell like my hand clenched in a fist. When you when you accumulate tensions of thoughts of stress of emotions yourself, that's literally what's happening friction. When you start to do this and you breathe and you release tension in your muscles, you're just opening up to the energy that's already inside of you. Even the energy around the nucleus of your atoms, there's like 99.999% energy space around the nucleus. That's like a pea in the center of a baseball field. That's how much space is around you. And that space is the same space in outer space. It's all this dark matter dark energy rather not even matter energy. Its life force breathing and what are we doing opening up to breathe more of it in. Because we're usually so focused on the thing on the person on the place on the mic on the screen on the car. We're focused on the vibrational matter, not the empty space that's full of potent vibrational energy as well. long, slow, deep breath. I release the tension in my knees, my elbows, my fingertips. I'll ask you now anyone here listening even to medicine, open your eyes. I don't even know we go here, but I guess it's inevitable. 


I needed it to beautiful. Open your eyes. And now I prefer to let's keep our eyes open. 


When you do this, you can actually do this now throughout your day. That's the key. In my practice, we actually don't wait for my calls. My group calls my private sessions. I don't ask my client to wait for a time. I don't ask them to wait for anything in between. I don't ask them to wait for the headphones where they can listen to my mp3 tracks. We do this when you're typing your emails. I mean with everything going on in the world, everyone should be listening to this right now. I hope share this with as many people to just enjoy Let's continue 30 more seconds not even least attention your ears, your cheeks, your eyes, your nose, your lips eyes open. The more you do this, this is it. This is all there is. The more you breathe in your body, any construct outside of you, is he relevant? Any story outside of your inside of us irrelevant. I am Here I am not in the past. She absolutely I can imagine a future I can think of a memory from the past. But its way form does not grab hold of me. It's like you almost dissolved the tether to the past in the future, even if you can gaze into them. And when you do this, you embody your body. You do this more potently every day, multiple times every day, in any now moment. In weeks, two months, you will literally embody a new body you'll embody a new vibrational state and then you are your quote unquote. As you called out in the beginning, so poignant Lee, you're your true self, outside of the conditioning of the trauma from the collective. You dissolve the vibration that you've been carrying of all those codes, because now you are just hear and then everything changes, go take more action or do more work or make more money go help more people go find a line with who you are. So you're like, Oh, this is just me I don't have to align with anything. I'm just expressing 


my gosh, so good. I loved that I like when we first started I was like seeing this like almost like it was like opening like a president box and just like opening all these like different like pieces and layers. And then I like felt very like my body felt like empty, but not in a bad way, just like infinite space. And then it started feeling like a dissociation of like, or not even dissociation but like almost like less of a separation to no separation between, like, where my like arm is and where the space around me starts, if that makes sense. Next level, really, really light. And now Yeah, like what came through kind of as you were like speaking about that was just like, it's one thing to be like nothing matters, but the present moment. But to feel that yes, at the same time is a different experience. And I think that's what I was really feeling I was having the thought literally nothing matters. But right now and having that feeling so strong, like so strong, but also like really light and open at the same time. It's almost like my eyes wanting to be like teary eyed just like, Oh my gosh, like, it's like I can let go of everything else. But right now and it just like when you can allow yourself to really feel that and be in that it just feels so incredible. And I think like that's really the place where then like you said, it's like you take the action to do the things it's like that's the potent presence where potent actions like naturally, like well up from, if that makes sense. Like is that what would you say about action and how that kind of like fits into into all of this and everything that you do. 


That's it, it's like so a lot of times the misconception and it's all an arc again, it's happening the way it happens, like spirituality quote unquote religion and modern spirituality, new age that we're even shifting out of the quote unquote, new age now it's like something new is forming a new understanding a deeper understanding. And then just again, it's evolving. There'll be another understanding after us like it'll keep evolving. I even let go of that. Like, this is our understanding. Now, when you can feel the rhythm that even in earlier, let's say the last several 100 years, 5060 years of spirituality in this, this, this knowing the language of it. It's had to really in reaction to an overly aggressive patriarchal society that is built up over 1000s of years, quite frankly, where we've awkward, it's pretty obvious we've we're hitting it, we've hit the tipping point, we're not hitting it, we're in it. We're like, Okay, this is it. I don't even have to call that out anymore. It's like Hello, yeah. When you can feel the rhythm of that. You can see how meditation spirituality in the past was used to recede in a good way to nurture and heal. The challenge people face in this this energy of healing of the healing arts where I'd say the last 50 years, if not for a long time, but I'm just calling out modern New Age theories. that it keeps people stuck still that they still need healing and then you see people not striving to achieve more not still kind of stuck financially how many spiritual practitioners Do we know me in the past I'll put my hand up thank God not not anymore I've gotten out of that but it's like no you know that you know are in debt or are taking care of their bodies or aren't they're still yeah they have beautiful peaceful hearts but they're still not in this dimension taking care of what needs to be taken care of. And there we call that bypassing right you know, spiritually bypassing and it's it's still again with love it's a necessary place humanity needed to be in now with an embodiment and what practitioners like us are talking about now like within my practice somatic embodiment, like viscerally what you called out you have to feel it you have to feel and you have to feel it that's all I do thought in the mind right it's not a thought it actually it's not thoughts it's the Kennet you are vibrational feeling that ignites the thought the thought is secondary, the feeling the vibration is first, when you embody your body with more hyper presence and potency and you are in close proximity, like you are really inside of it. You will feel when you're bypassing you will feel like oh no, that's like I'm not working more in paying my bills because there's a subconscious cap around me because I don't want to go back into disease from all those years working in advertising where I made half a million dollars and now if I work more as a spiritual practitioner, I'll go back into disease and I'll move to Connecticut and I'll have a violent life and I'll have a violent marriage and I'll go into like $80,000 in debt because of all the medical bills I went to and my eyes were crossed and my eyes are bulging I'm like God that's what I'm thinking in my head. Meanwhile that's what my brains thinking in my body this was me like seven years ago. In my body my body's like, Oh no, Phil you're safe man. You're cool. It's done. And the more I embodied that then the extra efforting that I perceived as too much before now it's effortless efforting I'm just I'm just in flow do I work more to make more money? Of course I do. But it's not more of anything I'm just yesterday I was up till 11pm doing some stuff and I was so wired I'm like I need to play half an hour video games to get down from the shed so I pulled up my Nintendo Switch and I'm like I'm playing this really calm spiritual game called Ori it's beautiful by the way and I'm like just until it calmed down for Yeah, it's Does that make sense? I mean yes, 


it does and it that's perfect that you brought that up because I actually wrote down something from one of your Instagram posts that really stood out to me and it was you've been playing small because you still feel you need more healing and less doing you subconsciously fear diving back into dis ease again and you're not selling your services with power and that just jumped out at me so much because I think a lot in the coaching industry like so many of us like I know myself included I've experienced like really deep trauma around like overdoing and overly masculine like strategies and formulas and you must do these 10 steps to make a million dollars you need to do all these things and these a million steps and you have to work a million hours and so through that we burn out we do go into dis ease and we're like little like fuck that and then we oh it's almost like we then shy away from action because it's like he action is bad action is scary action leads to burnout and and there's like that part of the process where it's like letting go of that and then we almost go into this void or at least I did and then I was able to like act from a place of flow and alignment where it's like a completely different experience but there is that like program of like it's like is this action in alignment or not? Is this gonna take me back into disease and it's like that like comes up? Yeah and our journey so anyways I'm curious like what your thoughts are on that I know you kind of just like talked a bunch about that but is there anything else that like comes up as I like read that back to you? 


Well when you talk about the trigger the triggers a big thing with it the reaction right it's like that's the subconscious conditioning you know that's the kind of the one thing I grabbed from everything you said Well, everything you said was potent but the one thing that's sticking out is the triggered responses or trigger let's call it what that feels like it but who's pulling the trigger is being pulled this he told fuckin sorry it's I swear I don't know who is explicit on your podcast. Everyone's like okay, this is explicit now. Phil, thank you. I'm like, the trigger is being pulled by tension that was already pre programmed into you that was already there. And it is automatically pally. Because it is it Automatically reacting to conditioned programming to the way you were doing it in survival. And now it no longer serves you, you did it subconsciously as a child young adulthood because it protected you from a deeper feeling or wound. Now when you grow older those conditions are no longer there the person the Mother, the Father, the sibling, the condition that the experience is gone. But the trigger the algorithm of it, it's a program it's it's formulated in your DNA is still there. So that that creates these conditioned responses. The work now is then to release the tension of that conditioning. 


So he has the like, weight on you that like drives you into like, 


exactly, the trigger no longer pulls you now you can still be triggered. Like right now in my life. My personal experience and I talked about this with my clients all the time, especially my masterminds with more hire like coaches that are like at a certain quote unquote level where we're like, okay, we're amazing, we're great money is great business great in lightening bottom quote is great, whatever we perceive in themselves, but we're still triggered, but we're detached. I'm like, I did a joke, real about this last week, but it's like I'm watching a movie on eating popcorn when I'm triggered. I'm like, like I can be triggered I could be like raw and then like one millisecond Philip jumps out of his body He's like, Aw, snap look at Phil Phil's chill trigger all that's earlier childhood trauma from his father leaving when he was six, I'll look at that. How beautiful. And I'm literally floating above my body. And I'm like, on then there's that masculine wound from not having masculine leadership his whole life, and then confused about himself and confused about just again, just just just life in general and like, not sure of his own identity, and then what does he do within that? And look how he's reacting to that person because of that wound and I'm like, Okay, let's get back into the body, boom. And then immediately within, that all happens, and like, whatever Quantum Time I leap back into my body, and I'm like, Okay, that was a trigger. Let's make some lunch. Whatever, you're just detached from it, and that it's a beautiful thing to witness. It's up to like, when you're in it, you're like, Oh, snap human. The human meat sack is like really a ball of just conditioned truck traumatic responses. It's where it's like even the Bible saying we're born in sin. Yeah, we're born in misstep. I mean, I can get mad about this, too. It's like we're born in missteps in ancient Aramaic just meaning uncentered misstep whatnot. Because the vibrational particles that are already vibrating from the voice of God, the Word the vibration of the universe is already separate from the void because it's vibrating within the void is the atomic structures that vibrate are now already separate by merely their movement within the void. That separation from God life force, that is we're born into sin and then we're born with that vibration of oscillation which creates choice. I'm probably getting too much attention here. But yeah, 


I love it. And I it's so interesting, you say that the oscillation creates choice, because in my last inner voice session with Jen, I like immediately like saw this image of like, it was like these two like dis like, just like sliding back and forth almost like it felt kind of like energetically like a tug of war. And I think like the awareness that came through the eyes, like, like, hold me old reality, new mean new reality, and it's like the oscillation and the target, it's like that it's in that oscillation we we can choose we can have, we can see with awareness, right, we can become the observer. And then we can choose and create a new a new pattern and a new way and new programming for ourselves. 


Yes, that's it. And then the oscillation still continues. We just have the keys to reprogram the programming. Like I look at enlightenment, as you now have the keys to reprogram your programming, but the programming is still there. That's how you were, we were blind to it. And it was running on auto programming from collective conditioning that created you beautiful, you're awake, you're like aw, snap, and then we get in that spiritual ego, we're like, I'm awake. You're not I'm better than you. I mean, we all go through that shit, right? And then when you get out of that, you're like, Oh, I just have keys. Now I could change something a behavior if I wanted to. I could change my hologram. I could, I could choose my own adventure to a degree, I could not suffer and now live a life that I want and then feeling power to do so beautiful. But that's it. nothing's really changed. It's interesting. My perception of everything changes. But nothing changes. But everything changes. It's kind of weird. 


Literally everything's yeah paradox, right? Like, it's like there's like you can want more and be happy where you are. And it's just like the you could go on and on with, like the things like that where it's just like, everything is a paradox. And I found that it's like the more I'm like willing and able to, like, not get attached to either side of the paradox and just say like, Okay, cool. Like, there's both sides into almost like, hold both, like, nothing is real and everything surreal. It's like holding both is like, yeah, I think it's like a present and then like, going back into your body and remembering that like, Oh, it's like all these, like, seemingly opposing things like can exist at the same time. 


Yeah, it's, I think that goes back to the oscillation. So things are moving and oscillating within the void. This is what actually gave us free will and choice. Right? You moving and oscillating within the void? gives you the polarity of left, right, up, down, hot, cold, Democrat, Republican. I mean, it's like, it's just oscillation. And the polarity we're feeling in the field now is now the fact that energy has been accumulated on roughly it's nuanced. It's over simplifying here, two sides, where you very clearly see separation. And what is that calling out? It's calling out that we're still living in polarity. Yes, and we're not actually living in the interconnectedness of that if anyone's looking at the video, my finger rotating around the sun, we're only thinking that there's only two degrees of movement instead of realizing that there's 360 it's infinite, when we can now fill in the nuanced feelings of how we feel about the pandemic, how we feel about I did a post on you know, what's going on with the pandemic and women's rights and then the people on both sides posting some argue you know, I don't get too many or too many arguments, which is nice. I think people on my feet are quite somewhat nourishing to each other somewhat. We're all still human, we have our triggers. God knows I've had mine on other people's posts on other people's feeds, I've been there. But when we fill in the new onced energies within our body, that's when we'll feel more union in society. And this is an opportunity to feel that because now we're literally only feeling the duality, I mean, literally 


closed off all the other vibrations and we've only allowed ourselves to go into one it's like, that's not like the fullness and wholeness of who we are in our experience. So exactly we allow ourselves like you said to like, fill in all the different nuances of the of the like vibrations and energies and not just the one it's like, that's when we're whole and that's when like, the world is more whole would you say? 


It's, there's a question I have that I it's not for me to answer. I just question it intimately for myself. It's an open query. There's a lot of talk about taking sides. Which side are you on? Are you on this side? Are you on that side? Which side of women's abortion Are you on with everything going on in Texas? Are you on this side? Are you pro life or pro choice, which side of the pandemic aren't pro Vax or anti Vax? And, you know, I was even talking to my Canadian family I'm from Canada originally about, there's a lot of the media here in Canada. It's interesting how they call everyone who doesn't take the vaccine, anti Vax. And I'm like, that's so polarizing, because I just been very transparent. I didn't take the vaccine. I have my reasons I can get into that later. I also teach my clients I've had hundreds of clients heal physical disease, and I've healed disease, I literally help people with their immune system. So I do feel I have I actually have data, blood tests, the whole shebang, and sort of my clients. So I'm, I'm a practitioner with data and proof and so are all my colleagues. So for people like us, we have tangible evidence that we feel safe and protected. Yeah, like we've healings we've experienced so we can feel safe within ourselves. Yeah, exactly. And there's a polarity right you feel to get back to the polarity, the duality and the tension of it right. On the flip side, I can compassionately understand someone who is for the vaccine, and I'm pro Vax, too. I'm like Pro, whatever you want, whenever you feel safe, and I'm not anti throw your choice. But they don't feel protected in their body enough to trust it. So I'm not gonna I'm not judging that I'm like, beautiful. So take the job, make it if you feel more protected with that offering, then I think you should take I told my mother, take it. Do you know what I mean? I my family, most of them, 90% of them took it but they don't feel our security and we don't feel there's Yeah, so the problem I find is when the media and when we as as it's not even the media but consciousness what's happening is the polarity of separation. They label we label them, they label us anti Vax. I'm like, I'm not anti Vax. I'm just proud that I trust my body and I have proof Why do I need you to force me to put something in my body that here's the interesting thing about that just to digress on it, because I think this is important. It still has to do with the energy and clarity but we do live in this life. I'm all for us. Both sides don't trust the experiment of the other. That's what's happening. I don't trust the experiment of a vaccine that has not been proven with side effects yet and with some data, let's just call it out that's still kind of hidden because it is run by a big huge corporation flat out so regardless if it works, which right now it's looking like it's even like working not working. They might do a booster they have to keep testing it beautiful. They'll test it they'll refine it, maybe it'll work better great. Either way. I don't trust that experiment because it is so fine. My choice. Everyone that's more for the vaccine that doesn't understand natural immunity. They don't trust natural immunity because they've never done it. Yeah, they I for 10 years have been literally since graves disease have worked. I have even been partners in another company to where we have a holistic arithmetic fasting protocol that I've been doing twice a year for nine years like I just cleanse my gut last week I'm on day 10 of my fast the first eight days I didn't have food for eight days. I'm literally on day 10 I just started eating yesterday and it's like so I cleanse the parasites and God I cleanse it every year. What am I doing? regulating my immune system empowering my body consciously my family they don't would love they don't see that so they don't feel it. I'm like great I can't force you have offered them the protocol for free they don't take it I'm like okay, beautiful. Then go take the job. But don't i don't want to judge you don't judge me and government Don't force me to do something when you don't understand my way Yeah, so that's that's the big thing I feel strongly I have to say that now that we're off Instagram I'm gonna say absolutely it's like yes like at least three on the podcast to say what we want to say at least tried to say this stuff on social media and it's been really hard sorry I think I'm screaming in this house. 


Oh no, you're fine I yeah, I totally resonate with that and it's like I need a sound booth I'm like screaming apparently 


Yeah, it's it's so interesting. It's like can we I'm with you on like can we can we release the judgment can we have compassion and understanding for everyone's choices? And can we allow for everyone's choices? I think that's so huge like that's something that's been coming up for me a lot in the last few weeks is like fear of a choice being taken from me or fear of you know, my fiance having to be forced to do this thing to keep his job like that feels so I'm like my mind wants to like this is fucking absurd like this is not okay. And I wants to have a big reaction to it right? Like it's I get so triggered and then I have to like just like almost a gift, bring myself back into the now like, okay, it's it's all again, now it's all like, unfolding as it's meant to, and like, this is actually like an activation for, for all of us to, to heal. And it's like, it's like, bringing to the surface, almost like, what needs to be like, released and like sorted out, if that makes sense. 


It totally does. And it's all fear. And we can't even I can't judge that we can't judge that either. Like these corporations, honestly, here's how I really think about it. People call them evil. This is my perspective. And this is my perspective, from my perspective of understanding the codes of consciousness and how people's subconscious conditioning programs through even belief. I can't even I mean, that's another podcast window holding on that. It's there everyone else in this world, the majority of society is legitimately scared because they don't know what we know. Yeah, they don't. This is why we call it truth. We're here to empower people that your immune system is far stronger than you think. You have been led to believe that you are weak. You've been led to believe that you can't you can in train a new frequency into your DNA, which has been proven with epigenetics. It's already been proven with epigenetics that your DNA we can go there's so many things to talk about today. 


But it's like I'm I'm ready for all your your DNA I want to explain this for some people that don't know about this, what's happening and how we can heal our immune systems. Again, it's this is not subjective. This is proven, but like anything in life, it's to be mastered. It's nothing is 100%. Everyone knows people that know me know that even though I've had an autoimmune disease, I've healed it. My endocrinologist in New York were flabbergasted that I didn't take out my thyroid, that I didn't take the hormone pills. They were flabbergasted that my eyes receded. And I'm not permanently cross eyed anymore. My eyes were bulging seven millimeters out of my eye socket, and they're like, how did you do it? I'm like, I eat vegetables. And I meditated for years. And they couldn't even made me a case study, they couldn't believe it. And I'm like, what happens is the DNA, the cells that are informed by even the energy around the nucleus, the core of the DNA was they thought everything was in the center where the DNA and the RNA and everything is isn't all the data is there in the 50s and 40s, when they start to study DNA in the 60s, and what I like and then like the construct of it, even the Human Design Project, and how the like, looking into all the codes of the DNA, they threw out the energy part. They literally like oh, there's nothing there. Let's throw that out. Let's look at the DNA RNA. It is like and then they discovered just like 2030 years ago, that ha snap, that energy informed how the DNA is pro grows so good. So they were looking at the like point 00000 or one they were looking at, like that is and then but the energy around it that they threw out, they literally did that they they're like, Okay, well, there's nothing there. Like duh, there's no Oh, like, it doesn't exist. It's empty space. It's just empty space. Right? They threw that energy out. And in that, what happens is, there are several factors and Dr. Bruce Lipton writes a lot about this. And Stanford has done studies and it's like, it is affected by many other factors in life, your environment, your diet, chemistry, of course, but it's also affected by your thoughts. Your thoughts change the shape of it, which changes how the DNA is programmed, when we understand that, and then people like us for 10 years have cultivated and I teach the somatic connection of harmony in the body that re harmonizes that piece of energy, which then allows the DNA to do what it does bet best that optimizes my mentor, Dr. Linda Orlando Lancaster, this is what she teaches. It's like it harmonizes the cells and harmonizes the body and the body's in optimal state, and it works at its best IE to heal you. It's not magic, it's not whoo there's no crystals, there's no cauldron it that is it. And when you cultivate that connection, that's what's healing and when people like us are trying to tell that to society when they haven't discovered it Yeah, of course they're running around in fear saying 


Philip you're spreading the virus you weren't when you don't have a vaccine Yeah. So I i understand they're they're expressing their trauma and so am I you feel it it's like it's just the polarity of it yeah and yeah it's there's so much to talk about here it's crazy oh my gosh Yeah, I know there there's so much so yeah, it's it's so interesting about like healing because I had you know, many experiences of healing many things internally and one that really stands out is I had chronic back pain for over two years like I was in severe pain every single day just like fuck am I gonna have to live with this? for the rest of my life? Is this is this how my body feels everyday like forever? Is this ever gonna go away? It's been two years like it's not it's not looking good, right? And I ended up reading this book called The great pain deception. Have you read it? What's the book? 


The great pain deception? Oh no, I haven't haven't heard it. Oh my gosh, I think you would love it. I will literally like tell everyone everyone in the world to read it but I read that book in my back pain went away, like for good just gone. And it's like the whole the book like long story short is is basically about like energy and like emotion stored in the body that then manifests as like physical disease and it's like when you heal and like neutralize and harmonize. Like you said there was like old emotions, they're able to like, process out and then the body's able to return to harmony. And it's it's really, it's so cool because it's like, however long it took me to read that book, which was an hour long, I read really fast. It's like it was just gone and it's not I didn't do anything different. That's it. It was just a different awareness in my body and being in experience and observation with the pain and not attached I, in my identity to the pain is that makes sense. 


That's your attention wasn't on the tension to reinforce the tension. Yeah, that's it. It's so beautiful. That's it. And that's the work that we teach. Now like all the work I teach, that's it somatic embodiment, that releases disease, physical disease, autoimmune disease, like client scale cancer. I've had women with in vitro processes that didn't work, or now we will have babies with like, 48 sessions with me, and all of a sudden they're like pregnant and, and it's like them, and their husbands are so happy. They're like, Oh, my God, How'd this happen? Even one of my dear friends called me yesterday, having a challenge with our second baby, we're going to do sessions for weeks now, starting this week, she's like, one of my dear friends, I'm like, having problem having a baby. Let's get on. Let's do it. Let's just do it. And it's happened before with so many of my clients. And it's happened tomorrow with 1000s 10s of 1000s millions of people all over the world throughout time. But modern science is still like confused. And and well, now I could say that there's doctors now we're grabbing it right? And sorry, yeah, you're standing. But we're still on this bridge of like, Oh, is that possible? Is that possible? When we've been taught, especially with allopathic medicine, which is 150 years old, by the way, modern medicine is 150 years old. And it is based on the the idea that everything is kind of there's something happening to you. And they need to take something out, something's happening with your liver, you need to take it out. There's something happening with your heart. And to add something to it. It has never been about emotional regulation, which has to do with hormones and what that's to do with your DNA in cells. That is the problem. And that's why we're fighting against so much this modern medical system, because while it does work, of course it does modern sciences have beautiful uncovering all the time. But even modern medicine, most doctors have like what this is already been proven two to three hours of nutritional counsel in their entire doctorate degree. Like what is that, and it's not even only about the food. Now we know it's about what you and I are talking about. It's like, I know what this podcast I'm probably preaching to the choir, but it's like, we know it has to do with our thoughts then form it and all we're doing is trying to release the trauma from the body. So even when you read a book, in however many hours or whatever that is, you're like, snap, I'm healed. And what happened, you you got your body into a state of ease. Or you're no longer in a state of dis ease. And if reading that book allows you to do that, or someone doing a Reiki session allows them to do that. Or for people like me, I teach my clients to do it themselves. That's it. That's all we're doing is getting your body into a state of hyper ease, where you begin to heal disease. And it's actually very simple. It's not that complicated. Our society is just immensely confused. 


Yeah, it's like, it makes sense, you know, to the conscious mind of like, oh, like, Can we like trust that? Like, I don't know, like, Will that work? Am I gonna die? Am I know like, is this gonna work? And, of course, like, it the unknown is scary, and I think but it's like if we it's like that's also where like infinite possibility lies, infinite possibility doesn't lie in the known because in the known is just the known. And it's all based on our experiences and past conditioning. And it's like from that all we can create create is to recreate what's been created. But if we want to create like, new, it's like that. That's where the infinite possibilities lies in that unknown in that and it's, 


it's hard for people to understand infinite. Someone even commented on on one of my feed this today or yesterday, and it's when we talk about infinity most people don't even comprehend. Sometimes I like to even just talk about it like it's a toxic relationship, would you? We're in a toxic relationship with ourselves and humanity. That's like what's happening? We don't trust ourselves. So we have I mean that quite literally, we're in a toxic relationship with ourself. We are so disconnected from our own power. We don't even believe it's possible. People go on my feet and they're someone called me or charlatan this week. I'm like, whatever, fine. Okay, I find that like, I can I used to be so triggered by those comments. I'll be honest with you, because I'm like, I'm literally working masks here trying to help people. And then someone calls me a charlatan. And now I'm like, Oh, that's beautiful. That's their projection and perception of the world because they actually do perceive that. And I'm like, How sad. It's not their fault that they perceive people like us as charlatans, because they're like, how could that even be possible? That's bullshit. They call it bullshit. And I'm like, I get it. I get it. You think it's bullshit. cuz your society told you that it's bullshit. So of course you think it's bullshit, you think me talking about healing naturally is bullshit, you know, and we're in a toxic relationship where we don't we can't trust ourselves because we've never we in these generations, we've never seen it or felt it. So just like a toxic relationship, do you think you're going to trust your partner if they've never shown you what trust truly feels like? Yes, no. So of course, we're fighting each other. Of course, we're more divisive than ever. Of course, there's this side versus this side, because we don't trust each other. We don't trust Big Pharma. Big Pharma doesn't trust us because they're people too. I honor that the CEOs and the people coming up with this vaccine and marketing it, they're some of them. I'm sure I'm gonna just say this with compassion. truly believe this is the only way. Yeah, yeah. 100%. There must be people there that aren't necessarily evil. Right? By the way, the word evil just comes from devil, which comes from D evolution, it just means that's it. It's just is it that they're evil? Or is it that their conditioning created that belief, and they're like, they're working their ass off night and day being like, let's come up with the round to the vaccine, round three, because it's kind of not working. It's working variants. And they're working the roster like this the only way and people like Phil and Madison, they're spreading it, no way just got to stop them mandates. Like, as of yesterday in Vancouver, Canada, they now have passports here. So I just got here to visit my dad that I put in a senior home over the phone to COVID. And now I can't even go anywhere. And I'm like, okay, we'll see what happens. But I get it. And what is there to do? Like, we fight the fight, they fight their fight, until we all burn. I mean, it's, I ask people a question, though, a question for you, too, for anyone listening? Or this is I didn't finish this question. I'm sorry, I digress a lot. Everyone wants to be on one side. And people say being in the middle is a bad thing. I know, you hear this a lot like, well, you have beliefs or beliefs, or 


you're just bypassing and you're bypass, you're a bypass, sir. And I just an honest question, cuz I'm questioning this myself, I don't have an answer. I'm like, I'm questioning myself, if everyone was in the middle, then there'd be no more fighting. I mean, then you wouldn't have a site, you just understand that we are all in the middle. Yeah, and I think kind of like, 


I think truthfully, all of our like, you know, you'd call it inner voice, inner compass, source, truth thought, like, inner knowing, like, all is in the middle. And it's just like our minds that like deviate from that like, inner source of truth. And it's like, that's where we get disconnected from our self trust is because we're like, constantly like sourcing everything about life, and what we do and what we think and what we stay from, like outside of us, because that's what we're conditioned to believe to do. And it's like, we literally all have, like the most powerful like source of guidance and wisdom and truth within us. And of course, we don't trust that if we haven't even given ourselves to see what happens when we when we listen to that truth, within and sometimes the noise outside is so loud, that it's it can be like so hard to hear it. 


It's the pendulum just keep swinging, the more I think the one thing most this is this is this is seeing our energy work we're very familiar with with this energy of polarity, because it's all physics, we can feel the reality of a push in a pole, we can feel the tension of their side versus their side. And if I keep feeding my side, energy, that I'm literally pulling back on a pendulum, and if they keep if you're, if anyone's looking at the video, if I'm moving one hand away from the other hand, and both sides are really pulling away even more and holding on to their energy holding on to their ego of identity to a side to begin with, then we're actually giving that field of energy, more energy, you're actually manifesting more separation, because you're literally pulling away from each other even more sane. My side, my side, my side, your side, your side, your side. And this is like look at my hands. It's like an elastic. Yeah, you're literally creating more friction. In my world, in our world, what I truly feel is truth. And again, this is also conditioning so we can rap on about that, too. Is that I'm not I'm not actually a lot of people misconceived that as bypassing is not choosing the side. I'm like, No, I see your side on the left. I see the conditioning that created. I also see your side on the right. I also see the conditioning that created it. So I embody all sides. Yeah, it's like you're not in it. You're observing it. 


I'm observing it. So I'm not to me. I'm not bypassing I'm actually more aware of it than you are. And I'm not fighting with anyone. Why? Because I'm more aware of it than you are. So I ask anyone, and I'm asking an honest question, I'd love to have a conversation with someone who feels the opposite. I ask everyone, if you really it's not about being on a side. It's about compassionately and empathetically understanding the conditioning that creates someone to even have a side, then I can give them a hug, then I could shake their hand, then I can appreciate the trauma that informed that for them, I can appreciate the trauma that informed it for me, and then we're all not in the middle. Not on the left, not on the right. We're all literally together. 


Yeah. And then we don't have Yeah, it's like taking a I'm gonna plug in my charger. It's like taking a step back from the conditioning for a moment or for good. And then that's like, where the the space to hear your truth comes. 


In it's, it's a beautiful place to be. And a lot of people think that middle ground is diluted. And that's where I think it's hard for people to imagine I'm like, I'm not in the middle. Yeah, I'm wearing all of it. I'm on your side. And I'm on their side. Yeah, like even on this trip from New York City to Vancouver, and Texas and New Mexico and Arizona. I've rented houses from like republicans with guns and on one side, I've met people in camping areas and trailers that have like Trump signs on it. And we're just having a drink. And we're like talking about our perspectives. And I've been to people in like Portland, which are on like, of, I'd say, known far left, and they're like, talking with them about their stuff. And I'm just like, this is beautiful. Why can't we just do this? Yeah, I mean, just yeah, just just chill and relate to each other. 


But yeah, let's be something all of my client, pretty much all of my clients and our inner voice sessions, their inner voices all say like, all as well, like, there is no like, sides when we're in our, in our inner voice and our intuition and our truth in our source. And it's like, it's, it's, it's like, it's all okay, it's all what it is, it is what it is. 


And then you no longer force anything on anyone. If the CEOs of these companies actually felt that truth. And the government, they would no longer force anything on anyone. They would realize that there's far more possibility. If we all go into this together, not only one person's way, not my way, either. I don't. Here's the bottom line. I can't force anyone to do it naturally the way I do it, because they haven't developed the experience. So if I told my mother to do this, could I could I tell her don't take the vaccine? Honestly, no, she hasn't cultivated this takes work. Yeah, and I'm still at risk. That doesn't mean I'm not at risk, it means that I feel I'm less at risk just like you. Because, you know, so when we truly understand that, I wouldn't force this on anyone. It takes training, you need to take my course for years, then we can train. It's like, you know, we need to work on so much conditioning and diet for a long time. So that's the point. But so beautiful. It's been so beautiful. About this with you. You're welcome. I need to do another one. I do need to leave I apologize. But yeah, that's okay. 


We can Yeah, we can wrap it up. And thank you so much for being here. And yeah, I'll let you go do your thing. Thank you. 


Sweet. It's been awesome. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. Madison 


Whoa, we'll definitely speak again soon. 


Yeah. 100% Okay, awesome. Thank you so much for listening to this episode. If you loved it, please screenshot it and share it on Instagram so that other people can receive the magic from this episode as well you can tag me and magnetically you and fill up fill up a guitar on Instagram PHILIPA tt R and since we had to wrap up so quickly I also wanted to let you guys know where you can find Phil work with him. Check him out hang out with them all the things so he's on Instagram I fill up with tar and his website is Philip Atari calm again it's PHILIP att so go follow him go check it out. And stay tuned because Phil is going to be coming back for a part two. So if you love this episode and get excited, because there is more to come but thank you so much for listening. I'm so grateful to have you here and I hope something fucking magical happens in your world today. Thank you so much for listening to the magnetically your podcast. If this episode served you I ask that you share it with someone who could make a difference for or share it on social media and tag me at magnetically you. Make sure to hit subscribe so you don't miss any of the magic and it would mean the world to me if you would leave a review on iTunes. Thank you so, so much from the bottom of my heart for being here and I will see you in the next episode. 

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