Messages from My Intuition: Aligned Action, Feelings as Signposts & Being Yourself

podcast Oct 29, 2022

I have been doing "walks with my intuition" and the wisdom and guidance that has been coming through has given me so much peace, clarity and alignment. Today, I'm sharing some of the most helpful, profound (but simple), wise guidance I received from these "conversations" with my intuition ;) This was such a fun episode for me to record and I hope what I'm sharing it resonates for you as deeply as it did for me (I have a feeling it will!).


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Full Episode Transcript:

Hello, and welcome to the magnetical U podcast. I'm your host Madison cert, I am a mindset energy coach here to help you feel your freakin best and manifest a life full of magic miracles and abundance. I know that whatever led you here did not happen by coincidence. So I am so excited and grateful to have you here. So let's let the magic begin. Hello, and welcome back to the show. I'm really excited to be recording this episode. If you've been a longtime listener, you probably know that I've been flowing a lot more with the podcasts. And if you're new welcome. I'm so happy to have you here. For the longest time I did. Episodes like every Sunday, every Tuesday and every Sunday or whatever it was once a week pretty much very consistently, I barely ever missed. And over the last few months, my intuition has guided me into pretty much like letting go of all like timelines and deadlines around anything in my business and just flowing when things flow. And when there's the like intuitive Greenlight, which is actually what I'm going to talk about a lot today, which is kind of full circle, because I didn't really plan the introduction this way. But anyways, I'm very excited to be here. Because I've been wanting I've had these, I've had ideas of some episodes I've wanted to record. But I didn't feel the greenlight yet. And I feel like past versions of me, which is like, push on and go forward and just like do it anyways, because my mind really wanted to do it. But if I don't have the intuitive green light yet, I just know for myself, it's just, like more effective to wait for the green light, even if my mind doesn't really like so I'm getting more used to waiting for the green light. And my mind is getting more on board with it. And so anyways, my mind was like, wanting to run the red light, right? Like the podcasts, just watch the episodes, I had the ideas and my mind wanted to record them. But they just like, weren't really flowing. I never felt the like, clear knowing of like, okay, like, now's the time, let's go gonna record it just like didn't happen. And I allowed that to be okay, even though my mind was like, let's record something. Let's record something. Let's record something. And my intuition is like, wait, wait, wait. So as basically I got waited, but the green light has come from my intuition. So it's kind of funny, because I, my mind had been wanting, has been wanting to record this episode about things I'm afraid to tell you, which is not what this episode is. I'm going to record that one when that one flows. But my mind really was been wanting to record that one. And like several other ideas. And then as I sat down today, all those other ideas, were just not the one. And I'm recording something entirely different that I'm actually really excited to share with you. And it's what's flowing in this moment for my intuition. And from my alignment, I just did the relax and receive deep meditation, it's like almost 30 minutes. So it's a long one inside. Virtual queen and I just could feel like so much resistance to just kind of like being still but I knew that meditation was going to serve me even though my mind was like, I want to record a podcast today. I want to do this today. I wanted to say I wonder this let's do this do it do to do to do it. And it just like I could just feel that it was gonna require like some potions and force to like, do those things. And it's like, I know it's gonna serve me more to meditate and then see what flows from there. So I did this meditation I'm feeling resistant, resistant, resistant, resistant the whole time. Feeling like I'd rather be recording the podcasts and like, getting shit done. Getting subjects on what is getting shit done is meditating marketing shits on I don't know, then doing the meditation, but my mind forgets I've meditated hundreds of times, my mind still forgets that every time I meditate. I always am surprised by how fucking good I feel afterwards. So anyways, finally, by the end of the meditation, I've like really, really let go and I actually received some a beautiful message in the meditation, which I'm going to share in this episode. But it just, I just felt so good afterwards, and then it was like the most natural, easy flowing thing in the world to make a coffee, pull out my podcast mic and sit down and record and adjust, like, so easy and so smooth. And so that brings me to today's episode. Let's get into it. So something I've been doing over the lot the last few weeks something that's been really aligning is voice memos thing with my inner voice. So I've done this a lot before where I turn on a voice memo recording on my phone and my mind ask questions to my Enter voice kind of like I would do for a client and an inner voice session. I do it with myself. And I asked myself like, what do I need to know today? Or if you know, something triggering has come up with Trevor, what do I need to know about that triggering situation? With Trevor? inner voice? What do you think about that? What would you do about that? Like, just whatever questions are on my mind, I would ask them, and then I would listen for my inner voices answer. And what I've started doing recently, is instead of asking questions, which sometimes I still do, if it kind of like flows in, but instead what I started doing, I just go in open ended, I turn on the voice memo, I go, you could say, into the receptive mode to listen to my inner voice. And if you don't know how to do this, I would definitely recommend booking an inner voice session, if it calls to you, you'll learn how to listen inside yourself for your own intuition and to also release what Eckhart Tolle calls the pain body, which I'm not even going to go into it right now. Because I'm i, that is also one of the other episodes I want to record is a deep dive on, like what that really is, so that every time I talk about on the podcast, we don't have to go, you know, down the rabbit hole, I'm going to explain it in detail very clearly, one time because it has become just a core of my life. And my alignment, the two cores of my life and my alignment are releasing the pain body, which is basically I'll put it short, the remnants of energy that were left behind from emotions that were never fully fully felt or processed. And it can, like, when we're not aware, it can pull us into unconscious like thoughts and reactions and actions, which then perpetuate the same energies in the same frequencies in the same circumstances that keep that energy alive. And then it keeps our reality the same, and then we feel the same. And then that added up to that. But we can release that. And we can let it go. And as we do, it opens up just so much more like peace and freedom and clarity and alignment. And you just get lighter and lighter and lighter and lighter and lighter and more free and more free and more free and more able to act from your intuition, rather than from these like unconscious emotions and reactions that are old energies, like stored from the past. So an episode is going to be coming on that soon. But anyways, those have become the two kind of like, I don't know, just core core things of my life is releasing the pain body and following my intuition. And it is that simple. And it took so much unlearning of all the books and things and oh my god, the amount of money I spent on coaches selling me on these shiny objects. If you follow this formula, you will get this and the million dollars. And I'm not saying we can't have any of that. It's just I don't know, if we need to follow someone else's formula. It's also not the most fulfilling, and it's like all the answers we need are within it. So anyways, I am going way off on a tangent here. Let's bring it let's break it back. So I want to share with you two. So I've been doing this thing where I go on walks, or sometimes in my apartment, and I just hit record and I listen inside myself to hear my intuition. And I just see what it has to say, open ended like no questions asked, I just let it like come through. And the wisdom that has come through has been some of it like some of it in the moment, my mind just like smile so big and laugh so big, because it knows it like couldn't have come up with it itself. And it makes my mind like, I don't know, just excited to know, like, wow, I couldn't have come up with that myself. But it's so wise, and it makes me feel so peaceful. And when I do follow and trust this wise and peaceful guidance that I have within myself, things unfold far better than my mind could predict or control. And it's really just for me this practice of getting my mind on board with trusting and trusting and trusting and trusting that more and more and more, I'm releasing the feelings with me that keep me from trusting that because as I continue to live more from that intuitive place, it's just, I feel so much better and just have so many more meaningful and fulfilling experiences and opportunities and magical surprises. So this is what I've been doing, talking to my intuition. And I want to share with you a few of the messages that have come through that just felt so wise and so profound and so helpful to me, and how I'm practicing applying each of these messages from my intuition and maybe how you can think about how these might apply for you. And just to be clear, I'm not saying oh my intuition said this. So this is like relevant wisdom and guidance for you to oftentimes times the guidance from the inner voice from intuition is universal. Because it is this like source energy, guidance, the intelligence of life that we are all connected to. So there's a lot of like universality in each person's intuition like something like a so many clients I've worked with so many of their inner voices say things like all as well. And actually, one thing that's coming up that so many of my clients and our voices said, especially in the air area of business and career was to just share, just share, like, don't try to, like make it this or this, just like just share, just share what you've got to share. So there is a bit of universal, I don't even know if that's word universal goodness, in the wisdom that comes through, but I also like want you to know that you have your own intuition and wisdom and answers and guidance within you. So take what intuitively resonates, and ditch the rest. But these messages were like just so so useful for me. So I'm really excited to share them with you, because I think they'll be really, really helpful for you as well. So the first and this one has been coming up so much. And the more I practice it, the more I realize that there is so much like just alignment and power in this. So my inner voice has been saying things like, you can let go, let it go, like let go of trying to make something happen or do something or figure out what to do next. So you can let that go and go slow, until you feel the green light. So I started talking about this. In the beginning, when I was doing the meditation today, I was my mind wanted the green light to be there about recording the podcast, they wanted to do it. It was mentally it was like, I want to record a podcast. My interest likes to come up with all kinds of shit it would like to be doing. But it didn't feel intuitively like go time yet. And so during the meditation, I was like feeling that like dissonance where I was like I'm meditating, but my mind is telling me I should be recording this podcast, and I shouldn't even be meditating, I should just get up and like, no, do the thing. And then, and then anyways, I just fall obviously followed my intuition stayed with the meditation, and then this beautiful message came through of like, let it go and go slow until you feel the green light, like that's okay. Wow, we don't have to always do everything our mind tells us to do right? When it tells us to do it, when it thinks it's the right time to do it, there's so much more than the mind can perceive going on in this world. And so when when when the mind says go, we don't have to go like we have this deeper source of intelligence within a second guidance. And that doesn't mean the mind is bad and wrong and can't guide us. It just means what if we see what happens when we wait, we wait for that intuitive, green light. And so some other kind of like wait, as this has come through, like my intuition has told me this, like 1000 different ways because it's come up so many times in something I'm like, really, really integrating right now is like when in doubt, there's nothing to do when in doubt, Pause. When in doubt, slow down. If you don't know what to do, there's nothing to do, you'll know when you know when you know. And my inner voice is said you're free to choose, there was one decision that I still haven't made because my inner voice keeps saying Wait, you don't have to decide you don't have to decide until you feel free and clear about it. And until then there's nothing to do. So my inner voice said you're free to choose and clarity, lightness and alignment. And until there's that there's nothing to do, you'll know what to do when to do it. There's nothing to force and nothing to do before then you don't have to jump when the mind says jump, jump when it feels fun. And it's like, ah, we are so conditioned with what action is supposed to be the right thing is supposed to get us the outcome that the mind thinks they wants which archetype to study for the thing that is most actually fulfilling and meaningful in our lives. But the mind is so conditioned to think this is the right way. This is what I have to do. I've got to like, you know, go for it and make it happen and push it and do it. And it's like, what if we don't have to live that way? Like what if we get to act when it feels fun? And what if what if that gets to us, allows us to create even more and better outcomes than we would have when we were just doing what the mind thought I had to do when I thought I had to do it. What if we just did what's fun when it's fun? And I think for so like even for my mind. That's scary because it's like you can't just do what's fun, like, everything will fall apart. Nothing will happen. Nothing will get done that didn't do that. And it's like my intuition is so clear that like, no it does. It does get to be this way and when you prioritize that fun and that feeling good and that alignment, it's like From there, you've, you just naturally flow into really powerful, effective actions that require a lot less action and a lot less effort. And then it all becomes fun. And it all becomes flowy. And it all becomes a lot more smooth. And it does get to be that way. And so that that's the first big message is this kind of like red light, green light thing. And it actually came up in this class, I was teaching the other day about releasing the pain body as it arises. Like as an entrepreneur, when it comes up in business. And one of the girls I was coaching in the class, she was had this marketing project that she felt very intuitively aligned with, I don't know, putting into motion, or I don't know, she had this marketing project she wanted to do, we'll leave it at that. And she said that she knew it was in alignment to do it. But like, every time she like, sat down at her computer to like, go forward with it. She just felt like so much resistance. And she was like, oh, like I intuitively know, I want to do this project, but like, it's just not flowing. And I'm feeling so much resistance, like what the fuck? And so basically what came through her intuition was essentially the same messages that were coming through mine is that like the mind is thinking that we should always be in Greenlight mode, we should always be like taking action, ready to act and doing the things and making the happen. Go, go, go, go, go, go, go go. And I think the more we do, the more we're going to achieve, the more we're gonna get, the more we're going to be loved. The more we're going to accomplish, the more we're gonna be happy, the more gonna be successful, successful than that. But what if we don't have to push it when it's not, like smoothly, like flowing? And so it's kind of like the mind always wanted to be like green light green light, green light, green light, go, go, go, go go. And both of us our inner voices were like, kind of like showing us like, red like a resistance is kind of like a red light like showing you like, okay, instead of pushing through this action, what if I instead feel this resistance and release this and then flow with what happens after that, instead of stuffing it down? So anyways, something that like came up in that session was like the mind wants to green light green light green light, green light, green light, but like what if it's okay? If it's red light, red light, red light, red light, red light, red light, red light, green light, red light, red light, red, light, green, green, green, green, green, green, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red pepper. Like, what if that's okay, yeah. What if we don't always have to be doing what the mind thinks we need to be doing? 24/7 We don't it's just the mind telling a story that it thinks is should be doing something it should be doing this, it should be doing that. What if we could let it go and trust that what needs to be done will be done by me when it needs to be done by me. And until then, it's not a problem. But if it's not a problem. So that's the first big message. And the cool thing was after that session, she after she got that guidance from her intuition and realized like, Oh, like this resistance coming up doesn't have to be something I like, pedal to the metal through like the image my intuition gives me it's like, it was like this, like when you when your intuition is it's it's clear it's it's there's not resistance dense, or there could be a resistance. But in that case, you would really release the resistance first. And then it's easier to push down on the gas pedal. So imagine it like the image my intuition gave me is like you're trying to you have some like something you want to do somewhere you want to go and you press down on the gas pedal when the green light is when you just press down on the gas pedal and it presses down the lights green, you just go naturally. There's no big force or you didn't have to like slam the gas pedal wasn't like stuck, right? A red light is when the gas pedal feels stuck if there's like a rock under neath it, and it's like, oh, like I want to go but it's just not going the mind is telling me to go but it's not like it's not going out the fog. And then we get more resistance and more frustrated and more like have this stuck feeling and it's like, what if we stop trying to make a green light when it's a red light and instead, go release the rock that's underneath the gas pedal. And releasing the rock underneath the gas pedal is releasing the resistance that's coming up. It's releasing the pain body, it's releasing these old unprocessed emotions that are lingering in the body that come up in our awareness as a gift to allow us to release them and then to give us more freedom and clarity and lightness on the other side. And so she said after the session that she just just felt so good because like she You've busic basically back in sync with her inner being her intuition, her inner voice. And she said she felt like we like moved mountains. And that is so often the feeling I have of just like, one release during an inner voice session or one message from your inner voice can literally like, move mountains and like shift everything. And she realized for her that it wasn't a problem or wrong or bad for the resistance to be part of the process. Like she didn't have to, like make it go away and feel perfectly ready to go perfectly take action like 24/7 Like, it was okay for there to be like red lights. And it's none of it's a problem. So that is the first method. The second one is that feelings are signposts. And this one actually like really ties into the last one, because it's kind of like the red light green light thing. So my inner voice was saying, like green, like when you feel joy when you feel light, when you feel ease, when you feel clear, when you feel this like almost like weightless, feeling this, this absence of resistance. That's your that's your signpost, saying, Hey, this is a green light go this way, proceed. This is an alignment. This is meaningful for you right now, this is fulfilling for you, right now, this is aligned for you in this moment. And when there's those feelings like heavy suck, overwhelm, urgency, those are like red lights. And it doesn't mean you're bad, you have to get rid of these feelings and vividness. It doesn't mean any of that it just means Oh, like something with me is wanting to be released something with me is wanting my attention. It's like a, it's a stop sign. It's a red light. It's a red flashing sign saying, hey, there's something in here that never got faulted, fully felt or processed. And if you come in here, and you feel it and you release it, then you will be free of it and you'll be so much more clear and so much more light. And everything that follows after this will be so much easier. And it will only get better, it will only get lighter and it will only get more clear and only more magical surprises will unfold. And most of us are not. We're so conditioned to constantly try to like force a green light that we're not willing to like slow down and pause and go inside when we feel those red lights. And so that's what my inner voice was saying is like the feelings are like signposts. And we can use that as our guidance system like Abraham Hicks says it's Abraham 101 my inner voice literally said, I was listening back to some of the recordings to pull what I wanted to pull for this episode, my inner voice had stopped running the red lights, it's safe to stay at the red light and wait for the green light. Like oh, and I actually talk a lot more about this, when to weight versus when to take action in the last episode. So I would if this is resonating the red light green light situation I've now I feel like I've like beat the dead horse with go back to that last episode. If it's resonating, and I talk more about like how to know when is it aligned to wait, when is it aligned to take action. The third message from my intuition is kind of another one that has to do with when to weigh versus when to take action is man or boy said like Don't, don't take an action. When you feel thirsty. And by thirsty. It was like thirsty for an outcome thirsty for validation, thirsty for approval, thirsty for to fill a lack within thirsty to fill a something you perceive wrong about yourself. Like when this feeling of like thirsty, gotta get something, gotta make something happen, gotta have something happened. And if I don't, I'm bad, and I'm wrong. And I cannot be fulfilled or happy or whatever, right? That's like the thirsty feeling. So don't take the action when you feel thirsty. Do it when it feels fun. So when my inner voice said, when you feel that thirsty, feeling like I've got to do something, to get something, I've got to do something so I can feel how I want to feel I've got to achieve something so I can feel how I want to feel, I gotta go do this, I can get validation so I can finally feel good about myself. When you feel thirsty, go inside, first to quench your thirst, and then flow from there. So my inner voice was saying it's like if you tried to go water, if you're thirsty as fuck, and you go water your plant, you're still going to be thirsty, you can water the plant all day, but it will not quench your thirst. And that's what we do. We try to go outside into the world and change our circumstances and change everything on the outside in order to quench our thirst and the only way to quench that thirst is within you and when we go and change and try to change and change or change the circumstance first, even if the circumstances change that thirsty feeling is like still there and we just reinforce that, that that feeling and that mentality and that energy and that attachment. And so what if when we feel that thirsty feeling, we quench, we go inside to quench our thirst, which means you go inside and what what do I need to release in order to feel how I want to feel right. And that's like the process that we do in the inner voice sessions of releasing anything that's arising that's basically blocking your alignment or feeling good or intuition. And so it's going in and releasing that or, or finding within what the mind so desperately seeks outside of itself, first, and then your actions can actually flow from alignment and intuition and are going to be so much more effective than actions that are coming from thirsty or a need to fill, validation or approval, or are just a reactionary, habitual pattern from a painful emotion. And then this is so like, so freeing, because when you go inside first, for what the mind wants to find outside, you realize, oh, it was all always within me all along, I'm free, there's nothing I need on the outside, and then you're not thirsty anymore. And then you're free to just move from joy from intuition from alignment. And I can say from practicing this and continuing to embody this on a deeper level, it's just like, things unfold with a lot more ease and alignment. And like, I don't know, just magical experiences unfold a lot more from this place. Okay, I have 33 more. And the first it's funny, because actually, no, I have two more, the first four are all basically kind of like the same thing. But their dip my different ways, my inner voice has given me these messages, which again, has been so helpful, it's so helpful for my mind to receive the message and like four different ways and for you know, different incredible, like meta metaphors, basically. So the fourth message that my intuition has given me that has been really, really helpful recently is that it's safe to put alignment first. And from there, everything else flows. So this is literally the same thing that I just said, like quench the thirst within first, and then flow from there. And my other voice said, like, you don't have to be in alignment. Like we don't have to make this like another thing we ever, or push, or force or beat ourselves up about, or try to make happen really hard. Like we don't have to. It's not a requirement, like you can still, like, create things and do things not in alignment, like we've all done it, I think there's just like a certain extent to what we can create from that place. And it also like doesn't really feel that great because we're constantly like waiting and waiting and waiting for this thing on the outside to give us a feeling that we want on the inside and then never fucking does, or we get it and then it lasts five minutes. And we're like, oh, fuck, we better go get the next thing. So we can get high again for five minutes. And it's like, inside alignment, actually is a lot more stable. And isn't just like a five minute like, window. It's like a deeper peace and a deeper joy. And so my inner voice said, you don't have to get into alignment like you don't have to. But the difference is like trying to ski go skiing like on the snow or even like waterskiing barefoot versus putting your skis on before you go. Like you guys taught like you can go skiing barefoot, like it's fine. But like it, it will be a lot smoother and a lot easier if you put some skis on. And so that's the my inner voice said about like, it's safe to put alignment first, like you wouldn't go skiing without putting your skis on first. And that doesn't mean you can't do anything before you're in alignment. Like we don't need to make it that rigid. And that black and white. It just means like, what if we allow it to be a natural thing we kind of like go easy about like, oh, like, let's put my skis on first and see what happens. From there it is when my inner voice said that when I was just like, ah like that is just I love the way inner voices like share like the best metaphors because they just land on such a deeper level in the mind. And then the minds can obviously like, come into more alignment with it. And then we have more alignment in our life and less dissonance like alignment is being in alignment with our inner being with our intuition with our inner voice. And it's in that alignment where we have that absence of resistance and we have that like flow and that natural, peaceful, joyful, fun, magical, like unfolding of life and we're getting to enjoy each moment. So much more. Last, but not least, so Todd So I've been wanting to record that episode about things I'm afraid to tell you. I heard just lively had a podcast of the years ago about things I'm afraid to tell you. And I recently listened to it for the first time. And by the way, she is the founder of this, the inner voice session work that I do. She's the person I learned it from and got certified from and I believe she is going to be like running another round of the certification in January 2023. And so if you're interested in becoming certified in that, I'm sure you could just reach out to her team and see if there's like a waitlist or something you could get on. And I would be so grateful if you would let her know that I referred you because I was an affiliate in the past, to be honest, I don't know if I still am. But either way, let her know I sent you if that calls to you. But okay, what where was I? I haven't just like Chatty Cathy today. But hopefully this is helpful because all these messages again, have just been like so. So deeply impactful for me to like, really just deepen and integrate these practices in my life and create just so much more of a steady peace and alignment. When I get rocked out of it, I can come back so much faster. Okay, last message getting to the point. Oh, I remember what I was saying. So just slightly did this podcast episode years ago about things I'm afraid to tell you. And she just was vulnerable and shared things she was afraid to tell you. And all of these people on the internet did the same thing. And it's what kind of became this like movement of people sharing things I'm afraid to tell you. And I was inspired to make my own episode of that, which I've like started writing down some ideas for and it will probably flow soon, we're gonna see what happens. I'm waiting for the green light. And I've been thinking about recording that episode and excited to record that episode. Actually not excited to record it more. So like feeling kind of like squeamish about it. Like, ooh, like, Am I really gonna say these things out loud. So anyways, and that's the episode that my mind has kind of been like, okay, like, let's record it, let's do it. When are we going to do it? Like, maybe today's the day you tried to make it happen today? Let's do today. And I'm like, okay, no better by now to not jump in the mindset jump and to follow my alignment and my intuition and see where that leads. And like trust that. I don't know that flow in that process. And so during my meditation this morning, I was feeling like I was meditating, but my mind was still kind of like hooked on like, okay, like, once you get this meditation, we need to get feeling good in this meditation so that you can get the pot so that you can like do the podcast, we need to get it, we need to get it right. And we need to get the alignment, right, and we need to make it happen in this meditation. And then we need to go make the podcast happen. And I was just kind of like letting that be in the meditation, just trying my best to come back to the breath. And I just kept kind of like letting go and letting go and letting go. And something that came through my intuition during the meditation was like, in that episode that I'm going to record and in this episode, and in all episodes, and in everything I do, and in everything in the business, and even my life in general, like not even just the business, my inner voice said you don't need to inflate anything. And you don't need to hide anything. Like just be. And that felt so good to me. And so freeing, because I do think past versions of me definitely tried to, like, this is what the ego does, like it wants to inflate itself to make it look better, or, like feel better about itself or wants to like hide things again, to make itself seem better, right to then get the validation and to get the approval or to avoid rejection or to avoid, you know, whatever. And so, my inner voice said, like, you don't need to inflate anything, or hide anything, like just be and it's like, Ah, what a breath of fresh air. Like I don't need to act like this or that are farther along than I am or that I have it all figured out or that I'm perfect or that I don't make mistakes or that this or that or this or that this and I can just fucking show up as I am where I am with who I am with what I am with what I feel called to say and like I don't have to like, dim that or hide anything or like try to like pump any thing up. It's like oh like what a freeing but a freeing thing. And so that's definitely been something else I've really been integrating as well and so as you as we like recap this episode, I think the two like big themes just to summarize were like, start planning like, if it feels good for you, like start playing around with like when You kind of feel like you're like, when you don't really have the green light from your intuition. But your mind is telling you, you should be doing something like what happens when you are willing to sit with that discomfort and feel into that and kind of pause and slow down and wait for the green light? And how does that work out for you? How does that unfold for you? And I'd love to hear if you kind of, like, try that out and like it, I'd love to hear how it flows. Because for me, it has just been so powerful. And so freeing, and my actions are so much more effective and potent and fulfilling and meaningful. And it's been a really beautiful experience. So that's the first thing. And then the second thing is the, I mean, all the first four messages all kind of like tied back to the red light green light thing. So yeah, it's check in with is, do I is this like, clear, clean intuition? Is this coming from clear, clean intuition? Or is this coming from something else, like seeking approval or avoiding a feeling within me? Or a reaction from a feeling within me? Or is this like clean, clear, green light? Intuition. And then the obviously, the second message that I just shared is that you don't need to inflate or hide just be so what if you didn't have to, like, I don't know, like, at work or in your relationship? Oh, this is that's a good one. Like, a lot of times, like people when they get into a new role, there's something so many people, it's so normalized to do in the beginning of a relationship you like, show only are the most like perfect, fabulous self and you like inflate all the best. All the parts of us that your mind thinks are the best parts of you, and hide all this, all the other things and you're like trying to like put on this like this like mask and these costumes and this like performance of who you think you're supposed to be in order to get love and approval from the other person. It's like, where is there anywhere in your life where you might be doing that, like in relationship in business and your career? And like, what if it was? What if you didn't have to do that? Ah, doesn't that sound freeing? It sounds so great for me. And I feel like this episode felt so good and so fun for me to record because I wasn't trying to inflate or hide or make something happen or for something before it was ready or say what I thought I was supposed to say or say the right thing or not go on my tangents that I felt like going on or trying to be like perfect and whatever and make you think I'm perfect and it's successful. And that it is it is just like, here I am Take it or leave it and it feels good. So I hope you enjoyed this episode. And it would mean so much to me if it if it resonates or if you kind of like make any shifts in your life or implement this or practices and it you experience I don't know just any any shifts or receive any powerful like messages from your own intuition around this I would love to hear so feel free to message me on Instagram at Madison dot Arnhold AR n h o l t and I will see you on the next episode we'll see it when it flows to do the things I'm afraid to tell you episode I'm kind of feeling it like it's kind of like sometimes with my intuition. It's like you put a like bread in the oven to bake. And like as it gets closer to being fully baked, like you know, like you can look in the oven and see like oh, it's almost ready, it's about to pop it's about to be ready to come out of the oven. The things I'm afraid to tell you episode it kind of feels like it's almost ready to come out of the oven. I almost have the green light on it but until then I'm not going to rush it I'm not going to make it happen I'm not going to force it I'm going to allow myself to like flow with what's aligning in this Now moment and trust that that's going to lead me in a path and an unfolding that is more fulfilling and then my mind is gonna predict or control because it all it only says So anyways, that is all I hope you enjoyed this episode. Thank you so much for being here and listening and I will see you on the next episode. Thank you so much for listening to the magnetically you podcast. If this episode serve do I ask that you share it with someone who could make a difference for or share it on social media and tag me at magnetically you make sure to hit subscribe so you don't miss any of the magic. And it would mean the world to me if you would leave a review on iTunes. Thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart for being here. And I will see you in the next episode.

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