Letting It Be Easy: How I Effortlessly Manifested My New Car

A friend recently told me about how hard her first year of motherhood was. Not because it had to be that hard, but because she was “so willing to suffer instead of giving herself the easy way”. I’m sure we’ve all had similar experiences where we made life harder than necessary because we didn’t give ourselves permission to choose ease.

We’ve bought into beliefs like:

  • If it’s easy, it’s too good to be true.
  • Suffering makes you deserving.
  • Suffering is what creates success.

But what happens when we put these beliefs to the test? In my own life and working with clients all over the world, I’ve found that life doesn’t fall apart, it only becomes smoother, easier and more joyful.

This blog is a reminder to lean into and allow more ease into your life.


How I manifested a car I love basically instantly and effortlessly

It had been 3 years since I had a car. My husband and I technically shared one but he took it to work most days. I usually walked or uber’d anywhere I needed to go. Not having a car for those 3 years was perfect for that phase of our life.

But since recently finding out I’m pregnant, we decided we wanted to get another car. 

We both thought about what kind of car we should get and simultaneously came to the conclusion that a Ford Edge would be great. Every time we get a rental car, we try to get a Ford Edge. We always love them and they’re soooo comfortable.

That was the first part of letting it be easy. We allowed ourselves to trust what we already knew we wanted and were both aligned with. We didn’t waste energy researching and making sure it was the “right” one. We trusted that it was because we both felt clear and aligned with it.

Trevor found what seemed like the perfect one on cars.com. The only downside was that we were going to have to go to Connecticut to pick it up. I guess you could say there were two downsides actually; the car salesman was a complete jerk when I kindly asked to negotiate the price.

It still seemed like a great option but neither of us felt called to act on it yet so we waited. And sure enough, a day later, Trever found the same car on cars.com for $1,000 less, with less miles on it AND it included free delivery, literally to our door.

I was ready to buy it. Trevor agreed but was like “wait, should we do more research?”. And I said “No, this car is perfect and aligned for us both. It gets to be this easy. Why would we create extra work and struggle for ourselves instead of literally just receiving this perfect, easy manifestation?”. He agreed and we got the car.

After we signed all the papers, he goes “I’m SO glad we let it be that easy”. YES, ME TOO!


The 2 reasons I believe we manifested the car so quickly and easily

1. We chose to let it be easy.

We trusted our intuition and followed the path that felt most aligned. This path, of course, unfolded easily and we LET it be that easy. We intentionally chose to not do additional research or make it more complicated than it needed to be.

2. We didn’t have any resistance or attachment. 

We were at peace with or without a car and there was no stress, forcing or pressure involved in the process. I’ve observed this so many times in my life…when I have no attachment and no resistance, my intentions manifested nearly instantly and effortlessly. 

If you do have resistance/attachment to something you want, it doesn’t mean you can’t have it. But in the meantime, it can only serve you to release the resistance/attachment as it arises.


3 tips for letting things be easy

  1. Ask yourself “what would this look like if it were easy?” and see where your intuition guides you.
  2. If something you desire does come easy and it feels really aligned, can you let it be easy? Can you let go of anything your mind is saying you “should” do that would make it more complicated than it needs to be?
  3. If you don’t force and push your way to a manifestation, the only way for it to come is easily. Play with letting life flow as a gift to you, not as something you have to force or control. What if you don’t have to “make” things easier, what if you just have to let go of the ways you’re making them “harder”?

Is there anything in your life right now where you feel like you’ve been making it harder than it needs to be? What would it look like to allow and choose more ease? 


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