Knowing When It’s Aligned to Wait vs Take Action

podcast Sep 28, 2022

Am I waiting for the opportunity to flow or am I procrastinating due to my ego?

What do you do when you have doubts or feel unsure about what’s next?

Forcing it doesn’t feel right but how do you keep patience/trust in the right thing happening at the right time?

These are some of the questions I'm answering in this episode! Getting better at the dance between when it's aligned to wait and when it's aligned to take action has been life-changing for me - I'm able to be still when my intuition is calling for stillness and act when it's calling me into action which has opened me up to so much more presence, alignment and magical manifestations (I'm sharing a few JUICY stories of how things unfolded in this episode).


In this episode, we're chatting about:

✧ How to know when it's aligned to wait (or "do nothing") vs when it's aligned to take action
✧ The 2 things it could mean if you aren't sure what your intuition is guiding you to
✧ What to do when you have doubt or feel unsure about what's next
✧ How to trust that the right things are happening at the right times
✧ What it means if you followed your intuition and it didn't lead to what you wanted or expected
2 juicy examples from my own life when I felt called to wait ("do nothing") and the magical experiences that ended up unfolding


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Full Episode Transcript:

I have something that I want to share with you today that I am so excited to bring here. Because if you've been thinking about working with me, if you've been thinking about doing an inner voice session, if you're feeling called to this work, if you're feeling called to go deeper into your truth, and you know that you need to come back to trusting you and trusting yourself and trusting your intuition, and allow that to guide you and lead you in your life, I want to share this testimonial with you from an inner voice session that I did recently. These sessions are so deep and so profound, and have so deeply transformed my life, this practice of what we do in the inner voice sessions of really clearing out any stuck energy and emotions that are ready to be let go of, and connecting in and receiving guidance and wisdom and answers from your inner voice. And the way you feel after a session is so light and so good. And then as like a comprehensive, I don't know, unfolding of really tapping into like clearing your energy and tapping into your intuition. It's like those two things really allow you to not only experience so much more joy and so much more peace. But life really begins to unfold in such a magical way, like far beyond what the mind could ever predict or control because we all have this inner guidance within us. And it's the path that's meant for us. It's the past that feels joyful. It's the path that lights us up, and it is the path that will lead us to a more magical unfolding of life than we truly could have ever imagined. So this work is deeply transformed my life and of so many clients that I have worked with. So with that being said, Here is the testimonial. If you want to book a session, go to Madison voice

my inner voice session with Madison was an absolutely divine and beautiful experience. I was a bit nervous at first and my mind was telling me that I wouldn't be able to fully drop in and hear my inner voice during the session. That however, was not the case at all. Madison guided and supported me with such warmth and kindness. She helped me move through the anxiety that was present in the beginning. In order to really tap into and clearly hear my intuition. Madison held a deeply safe and loving space that allowed me to connect with my soul, which will greatly support me in making certain major life decisions and moving forward in my life. This was such a beautiful experience and gift to myself, I highly recommend exploring this type of session to anyone who feels called to it, and to anyone who like me can very easily confused their mind for their intuition. So I'm very grateful for Madison's guidance and support.

Hello, and welcome to the magnetical U podcast. I'm your host Madison cert I am a mindset energy coach here to help you feel your freakin best and manifest a life full of magic miracles and abundance. I know that whatever led you here did not happen by coincidence. So I am so excited and grateful to have you here. So let's let the magic begin. Hi, and welcome back to the magnetically you podcast I am recording today. From a magical place like one of the most beautiful places I've ever stayed. It's like full on. It's in Florida but it's like fall on to loom vibes. Like I feel like when I'm in this room I'm like transported back to to loom which is one of my favorite places, ever. So I am like just so excited in the way that this unfolded of me ending up here and the podcast is actually a big part of what I'm going to be sharing today is like the juicy unfolding of how I manifested this like magical experiences incredible day and to get to come back also for free this place next week. So I'm really excited. So the episode today is about knowing when it's aligned to wait or what your mind might call do nothing versus when it's aligned to take action. So something that I've been saying for years, and that I'm always reminding my mind of and even like some of my friends know they're like that's your like my claim to fame line will say is that I say you'll know when you know when you know, which means if you don't know you don't need to know yet and your intuition will tell you or if you don't There also could be a like energetic or emotional kind of like blockage in the body like somewhere that's feeling heavy or there's like anxiety, or tension or heaviness. Like just some sort of energy or emotion like attached to it that is like blocking where your mind is blocking you from the answer out of fear. So you'll know when you know when you know.

And it's either because you don't need to know yet. Or there's, like I said that energy or motion to release. And that's okay, too. Because guess what, then you can release it. And then you'll know when you know when you know. And so if you don't know yet, it's not a problem. Like I think we are so attached to like meeting I need to know I need to know what's gonna happen. I need to know what's coming. I need to like play in my life and know unknown and like, our minds hate the unknown. It hates not knowing what's going to happen next. And really everything is the unknown, we never actually really know what's going to unfold. So we try to predict it and control and get that makes us have some sort of like sense of like, okay, I think everything's okay, when ultimately, it's life is really an unfolding of the unknown. Also, there's like, a wild dog outside of my window. Hopefully, they're like at the place next door. Oh, there's a butterfly in the window to another beautiful sign. I've seen so many signs today, which I'm going to share more about. Apologies for the background noise, but hopefully you cannot hear the dogs like I can't think they're quiet now. So anyways, yeah. So you'll know when you know when you know, not knowing is not a problem. Not knowing what's coming is not a problem, not knowing what to do next is not a problem, not knowing if you should wait or take action, like none of it is a problem. And you'll know when you know when you know. And so I'm wanting to record this episode, right, I've recording this episode, because I want to help you know how to follow your intuition. And know when it's aligned to take action and versus when it's more aligned to like wheat. And do quote, nothing, as my mind would call it. So like I said, if you don't know there's, like, it's just not time, like you just don't need to know yet your intuition is always operating in the now. So it will give you what you need in the now if it hasn't come in the now then you don't need it yet. Or there's a emotion or energy, kind of like blocking you from hearing the knowing or receiving the ping. And it's not necessary. Blocking isn't necessarily the right word, but it's just the illusion in our mind of it being blocked. And we can release that. And the more we really saw, the more we're able to hear and have that clarity. So is it you know, you might like have had the experience in your life? Or maybe or you have something coming up now where you are? Like, am I like waiting for the opportunity to flow? Am I waiting for it to be in alignment? Am I waiting for the ping from my intuition? Or am I procrastinating due to my ego? Like is this procrastination? Or is this alignment like not really sure what's going on here. And so one thing to be aware of is that the mind likes to judge any waiting for any doing nothing as procrastination, but not all waiting or doing nothing is procrastination. And sometimes waiting and not taking action is the most aligned thing you could do. And sometimes it's the least aligned thing you could do. So it really matter it really depends on what is the aligned thing now in this moment now and what is my intuition telling me is aligned for me now. So it's really all about asking your inner voice listening for those answers. Feeling for those pings are those knowings that maybe don't come as words but comments like this intuitive knowing inside the body. And so if you can't if you're struggling to hear clarity on a subject, it means there's either nothing you need to know now or nothing you need to do now or like I've been saying there's an energy or emotion to release so what I mean by there's an energy or emotion to release is like let's say you like kind of want to quit your job you kind of think your intuition is like leading you to quit your job you really want to quit your job because you like hate it but your mind is like really fucking scared and anxious and like what if I never have money again? And what if I want to go back and they don't let me come back and like what if I'm bored or what if i What if it doesn't work out you know, the mind will have all those things that may be a subject that is hard for you to hear your inner voice on because it's so clouded by all of those mind fears, which are it fears in stories which are connected to the emotion in the end energy in the body. So when you release the connected emotion and energy in the body, the story no longer has a grip on you. You could say like the idea of quitting your job without all went once you've released those connected emotions and energies, like, it could be something that you actually just feel very neutral about. And so, in that case, if you are wondering like, Am I like, is it aligned for me to weigh it? Or is it aligned for me to take action? And you're not really sure, and you can't hear your inner voice and you like, like that example, previously, you know, there's like some sort of like resistance right around the subject or around hearing the answer, then you'd want to continue releasing that resistance or those triggers, or the heavy feelings that may or may not be like directly trigger like, you might just feel like a heaviness in your chest. Or maybe your boss said something really mean at work that triggered this like reaction. And you so as those things will come up, you'd want to continue releasing those. And as you do more and more more clarity, will likely unfold. And usually even just after releasing like one, I don't know, setting is not the right word. But let's say you have this like heaviness in your chest, if you go into that specific one, and release that one, even just releasing the one like you're oftentimes so much better able to hear your intuition, because there's so much less just like fear or stories or reaction blocking you from hearing the answers. So the other possibility, if you're not able to, like know, is it? Is this aligned? Is it not? Am I procrastinating? Or am I just waiting for alignment, like what's really going on here. It also could just be that there's nothing you need to know. And the mind just really wants to know, because they wants to predict and control everything. So they can pretend that it has control, right? So if there isn't really any heavy emotions, or triggers or resistance around the thing, you're wondering, like, should I act or should I not, and nothing, there's no inspired actions coming through, you don't really know what to do, then it might just be that your intuition is just guiding you to do nothing. And you can ask or you can like feel and do like I feel in my body that like, I'm like being nudged to not take any action on this. Or you might literally hear directly from your inner voice, if you ask like, there's nothing you need to do. And it's about learning in the MOT like learning how to get the mind on board with that and have the mind actually trust that. Which then could be another an energy or emotion to release. Because the mind having that resistance around doing nothing and not and the unknown, like that could be an energy or emotion in itself to release. And then again, you release that. And then there's more freedom and more lightness and more clarity on the other side, every single time. So if you're not sure, like, what do I do next? Like, I don't know, like, Should I do this? Or should I do that? Like, should I quit the job? Or should I not? Should I have, like a certain amount of income in place before I quit? Or should I just pull the trigger? Now and that's just one example that I'm using, maybe you're feeling like, you really don't know what to do and like forcing a decision doesn't feel right. But also like, the idea of just like waiting and having patience at the right things gonna come at the right time. And you'll know when you know when you know, having the patience and trust that you will know when you know and you know, like, how, how do you do that. So the more you practice, waiting, when you know that forcing anything like doesn't feel intuitively right, or your inner voice told you do nothing, or there's nothing you feel called to do or there's that doesn't feel forced, the more you'll receive evidence that it's okay to wait. It's okay to do nothing. It's okay to be in the in the unknown, and not know what's next and not know what to do next. We don't always need to know,

especially ahead of time, because the only thing that exists is now. So do we really need to know like, what we're going to, like, do next week or do we need to know what we're gonna do now, the mind may argue we need both. And the same thing goes for you know, as waiting as it does for taking aligned action. So the more you wait, when when you know your intuition is guiding you to wait the more you receive evidence that it's okay to wait. And the more you act when it feels aligned to act and you feel like you've gotten like green like go from your intuition. It just feels clear. It feels like there's not resistance attached to it. It feels like I know Oh, this is what I'm supposed to do. And there's like, it is this is it, then the more evidence you'll receive of things aligning and flowing. So it's it really comes from practice, and then releasing the energy and emotions. And you know, like I was saying those, like, the triggers or resistance that come up as they come up that are keeping you from trusting or keeping you from receiving the guidance. So I read in my book today, the the book I'm reading is called a new earth, I think by Eckhart Tolle. And he says in the book, which like, describes how, like, trusting the thing, the right things are happening at the right time. So he says, life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness? How do you know this is the experience you need? Because this is the experience you're having at this moment. So it's like, can we let it unfold? Can we trust that it's right? Can we trust that it's correct? Can we trust that we are where we're meant to be. And if there was something we were meant to be doing, we would know. And we would do it, if it were something we were meant to be doing, we'd be doing it. Can we trust that if something needed to be done by me, it would be done by me when it's done by me when it's meant to be done by me. And so I wanted to share with you two stories from my own life. So you have some just like real life examples of navigating this like knowing when it's aligned to wait, and kind of like do nothing versus like when it's aligned to take action. So the first story is so made plans to come to Florida for my friend's baby shower, about like a month or two ago. And my family lives in Florida. So it was like in the same town where my family lives. So I was just going to stay with my family and see them and meet my new niece, which I did. And that was just incredible.

And I talked to my family and they were actually going to be out of town the weekend that I was coming for this baby shower. So I was like, Oh, that kind of like stinks like I'm coming there, but they're not even gonna be there. But it was totally fine. I'm gonna like I'm staying next week to spend more time with them when they get back. So I was just gonna stay at their house by myself and I kept feeling this like thing that I want that maybe it's aligned to me to go stay in St. Augustine. So my family lives like an hour from St. Augustine. And the shower. The baby shower is in St. Augustine. So I was like, Maybe I should go stay in St. Augustine have myself a little like solo getaway and then don't have to drive an hour to the shower. I'll be like right there. And I can like walk around the town and go to dinner and like have myself a nice little like solo getaway. It's also funny, because a few weeks before that the seed had been planted for a solo getaway. And if that seed hadn't been planted, and I hadn't listened to that this podcast, which I'm going to mention in a second, I probably wouldn't have like, felt the like, I don't know, just like Spark and like, Yeah, this is a good idea to like, go somewhere by myself. So I had listened to organic Olivia's podcast, she did a podcast on this like solo trip, she did like a three week one mine is only one night, but hey, gotta start somewhere. She went to London for like a week or several weeks, something like that. And she just talked about, like, the lesson she learned and how it was like such an incredible experience for her traveling alone without her partner. And I was like, wow, that's like really, really cool that she did that. And then this opportunity presented itself for me to have my own little version of that. So I kept kind of like looking online over the last like month or so like different places I could stay and like nothing was really feeling right. So I kind of sat on it where I like, felt I kind of felt like oh yeah, it feels aligned to go stay there. But also nothing is really unfolding. And I'm not really feeling the clear. Like Greenlight like go book a place take the action, like it was I wasn't like called to pull the trigger. And so I think a past version of me probably would have thought, oh, okay, not meant to go not gonna go. Or, like, what I would just would have like, struggled and forced my way into, like finding a place and like books, something that I didn't even feel great about and like, just like, made it happen. It's like, I don't do that anymore. So I just kind of let it go. I was like, Well, if I if I meant to go, I'm gonna go and my I told my parents like, oh, yeah, I don't know if I'm gonna stay at your place. Or if I'm gonna be in St. Augustine and they were like, okay, and like it's the day before and they're like, oh, like what are you doing? I'm like, I don't know why I might spontaneously last minute and up in St. Augustine or I might be staying at your house like not really sure. And so literally the day before I felt like called To look up places and St. Augustine to stay again. And I ended up finding the cutest place that did not come up in any of my other search results. And I called to, like, see what was available. And the owner said that the last room available was her absolute, like favorite room, the most beautiful, like baby room. I was like, Great, let's do it. And we ended up like hitting it off our energy. It was just like so aligned. So we just started chatting. And she ended up giving me like $100 off a night for my say, this weekend. And she also like was like, oh, yeah, if you like doing photo shoots, like I love to, like get great pictures of like people staying in the cool rooms. And I was like, Oh, well, I have an online business. Like I'm always looking for great photos in content. Like That sounds amazing. A free photo shoot, like, okay, that's fun. And I love beautiful aesthetics. And I love the vibe in here. It looks like to them. And I love beautiful pictures. And I just like this. So in alignment. She's like, Do you live here? And I was like, No, but I'm here like, occasionally visiting my family. And I told her I was here next week, too. And she was like, Oh, well, you can come back. Like next week for free. She's like, bring your sister bring your mom. Like you guys can stay for free. And whatever room you want, you can come stay for free anytime. And I'll give you as long as you're like, you know, do some like photos with me and leave a review. I was like, Okay, well, that's a no brainer, because that's a gift to me to do this photo shoot. So I was like, hell yeah, thanks. And we were just like vibing. And she, it was just such an incredible like, synchronizing of energy capital say that. And the last thing I asked her, I was like, What's your name? And she goes Josie, so I did a meditation years ago, where it was basically a meditation to kind of like, uncover your spirit guides. And my spirit guide was a butterfly named Josie. And I've never met anyone named Josie since then until this like woman on the phone. And as soon as she told me her name was Josie, like, my whole body was covered and goosebumps. And I was like, okay, like, all signs are clearly pointing towards like, this is so in alignment for me to go to this place. So obviously I booked it when I was very excited about it. I got the deal. And I get to come back for free basically whenever and get a photo shoot out of it. So I was just like Hell yeah, like, what a beautiful unfolding of things. And I was like, wow, like, I'm so glad I waited. I'm so glad I waited. I'm so glad I trusted not knowing what I was going to do. I'm so glad I let myself sit in well, I don't know, am I going Am I not I don't know. It doesn't matter. I don't need to know. And then I knew when I knew when I knew

the day before when I which was a great time to know. And I really didn't need to know before. And so it's just I love this story. Because it's such a beautiful example of like, sometimes waiting is the aligned thing to do. And so often we think waiting is bad waiting. It's procrastination waiting is the wrong thing. And it's not always wrong. It's not always right, there is no right or wrong, there is just what's aligning. Now, you're gonna feel really fucking good. I have a gift for you. It's a free meditation to activate your intuition. It is literally so good. You're going to feel like a new person after and basically I designed it to do like a really like comprehensive total, like clearing of your energy like Leadsom should go and to open you up to receive guidance and clarity and answers from your intuition. So it's a little bit of a taste of what we do in inner voice sessions. But it's something you can do on your own. And it's free. So if this call us to you go check out and download that meditation for free at Madison Arnhold that's AR n h o l So then the magic continues. So I'm on my way here today. And you're probably going to be listening to this like a couple weeks after I like had this trip. So I'm like I was almost like wait, why should I wait to record because there's gonna be like, probably more magic to share but I was like, No, it feels right to record now. So anyways, so I'm on my way here this morning, which I got an literally check in four hours early, which was like amazing. They like texted me and they're like, Hey, come on over like your rooms like ready like super early like those like great and so I like make my way here. I'm like listening to music, having a great time and I just Like randomly started thinking about Shambala. And it's a book that I've read that I absolutely loved and just felt so deeply connected with and it's a whole, and doctrine sounds way too stressful, but it's a whole like, I don't know, spiritual community will say it's a whole spiritual community founded on these like beautiful principles of like meditation and knowing the basic goodness within yourself and, you know, showing up in life as like, I think they call it like a sacred warrior. Anyways, it's the whole system we'll call it is beautiful. So I was randomly thinking about Shambala on the way here and they have meditation centers. I've think I've passed one before and I've like looked them up online it just kind of like never flowed to like go to one. And I was thinking, like, out of the blue like I've seen probably one ever like snot like Shambala is like everywhere, like it's I had never heard of it until Natalia events and recommended the book to me. So anyways, I'm on the way just thinking randomly thinking about Shambala. And I was like, just thinking like, if I like theoretically, if I happen to pass a Shambala Meditation Center, like should I stop? Or should I just go on to St. Augustine knows that I was like, oh, yeah, I would definitely stop and see what happens like for sure. And then I just let that go and was listening to my music. So when I get to St. Augustine I check in the place is literally stunning. It's a whole vibe. I'm thriving and so fucking happy. And I go to a coffee shop, have amazing coffee work a little bit. And then I go to this place to get lunch that I love. And I pick up the menu and the first thing I see I'm literally not shitting you is a cocktail called Shambala. And it you know, it was funny the description was like it'll take away your worries and bring you closer to enlightenment, which was obviously a joke because alcohol doesn't do that more. Maybe it does, who's to say

anything can happen, but it was just so I was like, Oh my God, it was just such a clear sign of like I am so aligned and so in the right place like there's literally nowhere else I meant to be like what are the fucking odds of the drank at this random Florida restaurant? That is like not necessarily this like spiritual place, like has a drink called Shambala, which is something like you you may know like you or you may know it or you may have like not heard of it, like most people, it's like wild. So anyways, I was like, That's fucking nuts like, this is so aligned. And yeah, I just had an incredible lunch. And it was, it was crazy how the menu said it brings you closer to enlightenment, which is something I've been like reading a lot of books about like Eckhart Tolle is someone who had the experience of enlightenment and shared a lot about it and his books. And so I've been like feeling really aligned to his journey. And you know, a few other things like that, and, and mentors and that kind of thing. And that brings me to the next like magical unfolding. So after lunch, after I had walked around, I'm having a great day, everything is like flowing like just far better than my mind could have predicted or controlled. And that's always how it goes. When you're living in alignment with your intuition. It's incredible. And the more you release those, you know, energies and emotions I was talking about. It's also the lighter and more free you feel. And the easier it is to follow your intuition, the easier it is to flow, the easier it is to for things to unfold better than your mind can predict or control and the easier it is to let go of that control and trust and witness the magic that unfolds when you do. So I. The next thing is I go in this bookstore, and it sees used books. I don't even read physical books anymore. I have a Kindle, but I just felt like I was supposed to go in this bookstore. And I walk in front and center like the most like writing your face book you could see is literally the book I'm reading right now. This Eckhart Tolle book called, that I mentioned before called a new earth, like I was literally reading sitting by the water, reading that book. And then I walked into this bookstore and it's sitting right there. And then I look up and the book above it is the secret. And it's just like whoa, like this is again you like can't make this shit up. So that's yeah, that's the first story and it's just it's really incredible like how things can unfold when you when you trust your intuition, even if it's counter to what the mind would normally think it should do like the mind. Most minds are like, ooh, like waiting is bad waiting is procrastination waiting and not knowing feels terrible. But when you can learn to trust and allow even that to be okay, it's like things like really beautiful experiences can unfold from that. And that doesn't mean that it always unfolds this perfectly, because it really did unfold so perfectly today. And it doesn't always unfold in line with what the mind thinks it should be. But that doesn't mean it was wrong, or that you shouldn't have followed it or that it wasn't your intuition. It just means that was the experience, you're meant to have your evolution. So that was the first story I wanted to share. And then the other ones, it is like totally different story. But honestly kind of like similar theme of like, it's okay to wait. And when you when you actually feel intuitively guided to wait, and you allow yourself to lean into that unknown and trust that like, damn, real magic happens. So the last few months, and it has kind of like started like shifting, we'll see though how it like ebbs and flows. But the last couple of months, I've just been in so much stillness, like my intuition has just been calling me to really do very little and be very still and meditate of fact on and just like, literally, like my mind would call do nothing, but like not actually do nothing. And I allowed it. My mind sometimes felt like what like it felt like it was like throwing a fit or like, it just looks like what the fuck is happening. Like, Why is there nothing I'm like really called to do and like, like, I'm bored. And it was like, my mind totally, like, had some resistance come up, and I released those as they came up, which was incredible, because I've been experiencing just so much just like peace and alignment. And even when I'm rocked off of my peace, like I just am able to come back so much faster than I ever have before. And it really is incredible. And I think it's like a testament to actually like trusting even when it's like scary or uncomfortable and to my mind, like trusting what my intuition is really calling me to. So anyways, there's been a lot of stillness. And in that stillness, I could feel like I'm like something is about to be like, birth through like it felt like this like birthing process, but like not a human like create creative, like birthing of something. And I kept feeling like, like my intuition kept saying like something is coming. And like I was getting the intuitive knowing that it's kind of like a baby like a baby will be born like aside from like, premature babies. But like, you can't make a baby come out three months, it gets not time, it's not the Alliance, time for the baby to be born. The line time for the baby to be born is like I don't know, somewhere around like the nine months or whatever it is. And so that's what my intuition was kind of telling me about this, like, creative thing that was going to come through is that like, it's still cooking in the oven. It's still cooking in the belly. Like it's not ready to be birth like Yeah, but it's like, it's, it's growing and there's nothing you need to do. I was like, okay, like, kinda Hey, this doing nothing. But also like dance was able to find so much peace and then like nothing miss and boredom and like actually, like released my mind, like fear and resistance of that, which was like a huge thing to be able to, like, let go of release. And it's brought me into so much more presence. But anyway, so I'm like, I knew something was kind of coming. And then it kind of like started like coming in slowly, like more clarity, just sort of kind of like trickling in. And I started like feeling the nudge a couple of months ago, to start a travel website with all of my, like travel recommendations. And the the Wild Thing is, it's like, wow, this like isn't just something that was intuitively building for months. Like I think this was intuitively building, like literally for years, like my intuition was guiding me to this because probably for the last like, I don't know, like six to eight years, I've been keeping lists and my phone of all the places traveling, I've traveled which is a lot of places or that I've traveled like on my own or with friends. And I like write down all of my favorite like restaurants and like that kind of thing. And I just love to keeping those lists for myself in case I go back or in case my family goes or in case my friends go which my friends did and I would they would be like Where should I go and that'd be like, Wait, I've got a list and I would send them my whole very descriptive wonderful list of where they should go and then they would go and then they would text me and be like, Oh my god, your recommendations are always on point. I'd be like yes, and it would bring me so much joy and I loved my list. I love keeping them I love making them. I love sharing them with friends. And that was the alignment and the joy just to keep them for myself and for friends for years. I never hadn't intended on doing anything with them. And so if you a couple of months ago, I start feeling the knowledge to start a travel website. And I was like, in a voice like, what is the name? When should I do it? What is it like, tell me more like I want to know now let's do it. Now let's go down with my intuition was very clear on like, the name will come. You don't need to go find it. You don't need to force it. You don't need to brainstorm your way to it. You don't need to just like force it something just because you want to start it now. Like, wait, it will come. So I waited. And I was like, where's my name? And like, we went to Europe, which was like, definitely started building even more inspiration for the travel website. And there's like construction going on outside. I really hope it's not too loud. But if it is just bear with me. I think it will be done soon. But hopefully the mic has got us covered. So what was I saying? Oh, yeah, so my intuition said Wait, and I was like, okay, even though my mind really likes to like just do it, you know, but sometimes that's not the most aligned thing. So yeah, we had the Europe trip coming up that was like building a lot more inspiration. I was like starting to feel like okay, like I'm definitely gonna start at this travel website. This is definitely aligned. I think it's definitely gonna happen. I think it's definitely time like, I think I was really getting close to feeling like ready to kind of like pull the trigger and like move it forward. But again, the Nate the name hadn't come to me yet and I was like, okay, like my inner voice is like leave it alone like it will come to you. So I'm like Okay, so we're in Europe and I'm like looking around every corner like maybe there's like a coffee shop name that inspires me enough like literally my eyes are peeled for the inspiration for the name didn't come on the trip didn't come from any of the looking but that was okay. We had such an incredible trip which actually you'll be able to see more about and like yeah, hear more about on my new travel website flow and w a n d er if you want to go check it out by the time you listen to this right as of right now I only have one post finished for my los Milos Greece which is one of the best places ever but we'll see how many I get on before you are listening to this and go on the website and check it out but there's yeah lots more to come because I have literally so many lists to turn into travel guides which I'm really really excited about and like the way I just yeah not like I've to toot my own horn for a minute my recommendations are good like they are quality like sometimes the shit you find on the internet telling you like where to go and what to do when you travel like some of its shit like no offense to those other websites. But like Yeah, so it's like really quality recommendations like really beautiful like pictures. And like there's going to be so much inspiration for like different places to travel to and the like main like recommendations I shares like we're always drinking like seeking out the best coffee so they're usually be coffee, nature or hiking like beaches, whatever like nature is in the place. Really good food, good cocktails and like beautiful aesthetics and like vibe so if you're into that you will probably love flow and wander. So anyways we get back from Europe. And I was just randomly making an Instagram story and it was like we're back from Europe like going to a coffee shop. Like first stop is a coffee shop then I'm just going to flow and wander and I as soon as I wrote that I was like that is the name flow and wander like love it. And it was so clear like It's like you'll know when you know when you know like I literally knew when I knew when I knew not a second before not a second after and it was so clear there was no question it was this is it. I check if the domain is available it is I check if the Instagram handle is available, it is like

it Bada bing bada boom literally all came within a split second, of course. So that that day I went to the coffee shop as I already been planning on doing and bought the domain, built the website, created the branding, chose the colors made the logo started creating the first like Milos blog post and all of that within a couple hours like I literally like built it and started it and did all the branding and the name and everything within a couple hours and it was so effortless and so Have fun and it just like, it was almost like I wasn't, it felt like I wasn't even doing it, it just like happened like through me. And so, again, I share that as another example of like, some times it's aligned to weight. And obviously, sometimes it's aligned to take action. But I think it's more helpful to share the times, like stories of when it was aligned for me to wait, just because I think that's like, what most minds have a harder time doing. Like once, like, once you've got the act like once you with, you know, the aligned action, like, oftentimes you're gonna feel like compelled to like, go forward into it, you know. So sometimes it can be a little bit more difficult for most people to wait rather than to like, take aligned action. So I hope this supports you like in just thinking about where, like, gives you some peace in your life where maybe you don't know what's next, or you don't know what to do next? And what if that actually is like literally happening perfectly for you? And is going to unfold into something far greater than you could imagine? Or what if you do know that you are aligned with like you? Do you feel that like, I know, this is what I'm meant to do, you feel that green light from your intuition, and you're like ready to go through it. So I hope this inspires you to, like, tune into like, when it's aligned for you to wait or do nothing. And when it's aligned for you to take action, and there's no right or wrong, it's all about tuning into your intuition for your now experience. So if you enjoy this episode, I would love if you would share it on social media and tag me at Madison dot Arnhold. And if you are interested in an inner voice session, you can book one at Madison voice these are the sessions where we release those energetic and emotional blockages. And then also you'll be connecting in with your intuition to receive answers to receive guidance. So it is like a perfect type of session for you. If you've got some like heavy shit you want to let go of, or some like resistance or like you've been getting, like triggered into the same pattern or reaction like we can release that. Or if there's something that you've been wanting clarity or guidance on, you don't really know what your intuition is telling you. Yeah, like you can receive a lot of clarity and guidance from your intuition. And those sessions and you just literally feel so much lighter and amazing after the sessions and just overall deepen your connection with your intuition. So if that calls to you, I would be so excited to do a session with you. I hope you have an amazing rest of the day. And follow your intuition and see where it leads you and I will see you on the next episode. Thank you so much for listening to the magnetical your podcast. If this episode served you I ask that you share it with someone who could make a difference for or share it on social media and tag me at magnetically you. Make sure to hit subscribe so you don't miss any of the magic. And it would mean the world to me if you would leave a review on iTunes. Thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart for being here. And I will see you in the next episode.

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