How to Trust Divine Timing

podcast Aug 11, 2020

Ever felt super annoyed by this whole “divine timing” thing? Ever thought “why can’t I have what I want NOW? It must not be working. I must be doing it wrong. It must not be meant for me. I’m not good enough to have it.” If this sounds familiar, listen to this episode!


I’m breaking down how to shift your mindset around divine timing so you can get into alignment with what you want, trust that it’s already yours and receive with ease.


In this episode, you'll learn:

✧ How to get good at selling
✧ Why divine timing is always happening FOR you
✧ What it actually means if you feel super impatient in the process of manifesting your desires
✧ Why the universe never says no and what it actually means if you’re desire hasn’t manifested yet
✧ How to let go of the plan of how things are “supposed” to go
✧ Why the unknown is where the magic happens
✧ Why you get to set the standards of how divine timing works for you
✧ How to trust that what you desire is “already done”
✧ 3 ways to speed up divine timing



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Full Episode Transcript:

Hi it's Madison. Welcome back to the magnetical your podcast. I'm really excited to have you here. It's Friday as I'm recording this, it's really sunny outside and I'm feeling all the good vibes especially because I just like revamped my morning routine and it feels so good and I'm really excited about it. But yeah, I'll tell you about it because why not feeling inspired to tell you so free now and I my morning routine changes often because I don't like to do the same thing every day. If I do the exact same thing every day, I start to feel like I'm in a box. So I really have to be guided and led by like, what feels good for me in that like season of my life or even like a particular day. The biggest thing for me is that like, I know that it's not helpful for me to get on social media or my emails for at least like the first hour of waking up like that is a non negotiable for me. And so anything else in my morning routine like it's just designed to make me feel good, right? If it feels like a chore and a hassle, then I'm not going to fucking do it. But the main thing is I'm not getting on social media and checking emails, and I go through waves where I'm really, really, really committed to this and then waves where I'm like, I'm like, Well, let me just, like, get on my computer really quick. And then I like go down the rabbit hole of emails. And then like, I'm kind of like, you know, frantic all day, because the first thing I did during the day was like, check emails and like, look at things that feel like they have to be done, which like there's nothing that actually has to be done. It's all self creative, we get to do what we want and we get to choose our life. So anyways, what I'm experimenting with right now because I think everything in life is always an experiment, especially my morning. routine and rituals. It's something that's like, always changing and evolving to fit like my current needs. But anyway, so right now it's, I'm drinking my macho while journaling and I also put on these like affirmations in the like background, just quietly, kind of like feeling adding them to my subconscious mind because our subconscious minds are really primed in the mornings and in the evenings because we're kind of like closer to that data brainwave state that we get into during like meditation and coming out of sleep or you know falling asleep so I'm recording I actually just recorded them I recorded myself, I wrote this like very long list of affirmations for myself and just like encouraging like statements and stuff, basically like talking myself up like about us, and affirmations that basically mean I get to have it all it gets to be fun and easy. A lot of things like that. And so I recorded myself saying and I'm going to listen to it every morning which I'm really, really pumped about because I've had affirmations like that from Natalia Benson. She has one in her money course which I really, really enjoyed, and I really like the affirmations but I wanted to create my own like that. are just like super, super personalized to me. So stay tuned for more on that. And then the last thing, the last like journal prompts I'm doing is like, Is there anything else I need to release and whatever comes up I do some tapping on it's if you don't know what tapping is, it's called EFT Emotional Freedom Technique. Basically you like tap on different energy meridian points on your body and it essentially like rewires your brain. I don't really know all of the science behind it. But there is a lot of science in study if you want to look into that. There, it's used in a lot of like therapy and things like that, I'm going to actually start teaching it more and in the next course I create, there's definitely going to be some tapping. So get excited. It's it's really, really, really powerful. And in like five minutes, you can like let go of a lot like move a lot of energy through you and out of you and release stuff. So that's how I'm starting my day and then some sort of like walk or movement or exercise. And then I'm making it optional to if I want to do it Meditation or hypnosis right then or maybe like later in the day I've found that if I tell myself like I have to meditate every morning then like it just like feels like a thing I have to like check off the box so yeah that's what my current morning rituals look like I would love to hear what yours are like what's your morning routine like what's your nighttime routine? Like send me send me a message and then let me know if you guys would want to hear more about this be I would love to hear yours is messaged me at magnetically you, I would love to hear from you. Okay, I was like, why did I go through all of this? The reason I went through all of this was because one of the journaling prompts that I'm going to start doing in the mornings is I ask herself universe angels guides. Is there anything I need to know today? Are there any inspired actions I should take? And what popped up was record a podcast on divine timing. So I was like,

okay, like it just like that was literally the first time came to my mind, I wrote it down. I'm like, Alright, like, I'm going to do it. I'm going to trust the guidance. So that brings me to today's episode, which is all about how to trust divine timing. So this is like, this is for you, especially if you like, you know, are really getting into manifestation or maybe you're not even into it. But there's things that you want in your life things that you're manifesting in your life, things you've been, like waiting and waiting, waiting and hoping for. And they just don't seem to have come to fruition and you're like, what the heck is this divine timing thing? Like I'm tired of waiting, like, Why does it have to take so long? Like, where the fuck is the thing I've been manifesting, like, come on, like I've done all the things. I've been working on this so long, like, where is it right? And so if you've ever experienced that this episode is really going to help you. So the first thing I want to talk about is that divine timing is happening for you. And it's what I call like the manifestation lag. And that's basically the The time between, like when you've set the intention for something and when it like manifests into your reality and that lag, that space where you're like, Where is it? Like Come on, that space is actually happening for you. Because if things manifested instantly if your thoughts manifested instantly of your feelings manifested in sleep, it would be terrible like you would think, a negative thought like you would think like something about like getting sick, and then two seconds later, you are like, not even two. So two seconds later, instantly, you would be sick, like, thank goodness, things don't happen like that, like this. The lag, divine timing this manifestation like this space, gives us the room we need to recalibrate our thoughts and recalibrate our energy to focusing on what we want, and shifting our attention away from what we don't Okay, so it's happening for you. And a lot of times too, I think It's really important that we look at why are we in such a rush? What and what are we running away from? And what are we rushing to because many times impatience with divine timing, rushing towards something needing to get there indicates this like underlying belief that like your life right now and what you have now isn't good enough. And so much of the time we think, like, when I get this or when I get that, when I'm this successful, when I achieve this, when I have this when I whatever, then it will be good enough, then I'll be happy, right? But if it never works like that, okay, so what if everything right now is good enough? What if everything is unfolding perfectly as it should? And what if it's not actually all of a sudden just going to get better? They're like, what if right now is perfect? And what if all of the thoughts and the feelings that you think you're going to have when you get quotes There are available to you here and now. Okay, so instead of rushing to get away from where you're at running away, it's like, Okay, well, how can you? How can now be good enough? How can you think the thoughts and feel the feelings now that you think you'd feel when you get there, whether it's like, you know, finding your soulmate makings hitting six figures in your


making your body look a certain way, like, what are the thoughts and the feelings you think you're going to have when you get there and how can you cultivate those within yourself now because it's self created, and those thoughts and feelings are available to us. Now, our circumstances do not create our thoughts and feelings as much as we think they do. And as much as it feels like it does sometimes. We create that internally, okay. So I also want you to remember too, that the universe's never say no, it's never saying Oh, you don't deserve this. You don't get to have this. Like, if you have a desire and your heart It was placed there for a reason because you're meant to have it and you get to have it. Okay? So the universe never says no, it only says yes. Not yet and not yet not yet could mean on. Maybe there's some lessons you need to learn that are going to make it better when you do receive the thing. Um, so it says it says yes, not yet, or something better. The universe is always operating from our highest good, and there is no scenario ever, where you don't get what's for your highest good and when you live from that belief that everything is always happening from my highest good. It can. It really puts you into this energy of trust and surrender. And it's that energy of trust and surrender that allows you to receive and allows you to find evidence of what's good in your life. And when you find evidence of What's good in your life, you attract more of that good stuff because that's where you're focusing your attention is okay. I want to give you some examples in my life of how the universe is really just always working in your favor. It's always doing you a favor, whether you get what you want, you don't get where you want, it's always doing you a favor. So, here are a few of the examples in my life that have happened. So in 2007, I tore my ACL and I had surgery to reconstruct my knee there was like, really, really bad complications. And I had a basically the pain was so bad after my surgery that I was like, something is wrong. Like when I would stand up to go to the bathroom. It felt like 6000 knives were like stabbing into my knee. And I'm like, I've never had surgery before. But something about this just like, isn't right. So even though the doctor told me not to, I trusted my intuition. Like unraveling the literally over an inch thick of like bandages I just started like unraveling them and I very quickly I got to like basically sorry if this is gross but there's blood like soaking through like over an inch of bandages and I was like that does not seem right so anyways I went to the doctor long story short there was an open wound my stitches had I don't know if you guys know this about surgery but sometimes they do dissolvable stitches so they just dissolve on their own while mine dissolved in their own divine timing which is very very quickly and left a giant like open like literally an open cut. I'm on my leg and it was open for like a year I to like wrap it up every single day. And like bandages and an ace Rob I couldn't go like swimming. It was like a whole thing. And I was in a wheelchair for four months in June. You're Hi. I had to ride a wheelchair all around school and my mom and I, we bought it was around Christmas time. So we bought we bought Christmas wreaths and put them on my wheelchair wheels. It was like I was like, riding around with cool spinners. So yeah, good, good times.

But anyways, like the pain after my surgery, I remember thinking like, even if someone paid me a million dollars to do this again, I would never ever, ever do it again. And so anyways, that was a very long story. But here's the thing. Now I have an extremely high tolerance for pain and discomfort which has allowed me to achieve goals and ever thought possible, which has allowed me to be in the discomfort of having my own business which can be so scary and so uncomfortable at times, but like, I've been through a lot of pain and a lot of discomfort. And now I'm able to lean into that and choose and others of my life because I know it's going to make me grow and I know it's going to make me better. And I also have to Time like, in junior high, I did cheerleading. And because I tore my ACL, I stopped doing that. And I got into like different sports in high school and like other things and like, who knows, like what my life would be like now if I had continued cheerleading all through high school, maybe I would have gotten us to become like a cheerleader a professional football games, like who knows like, and that's not really the life that I want. Like, I'm feel like I'm living the exact life I was meant to. And like, that was a part of it. But at the time, I was like, why is this happening to me? Like, this is the worst thing ever. And like, when I look back, I'm like, that totally happened for me. So that's one thing. In 2015, I was interviewing for actuary jobs. This is like a long story. But yes, I studied accounting and actuarial science in college. If you don't know what actuarial sciences you don't need to know. It's terrible. I don't know how anyone ever likes it. But I was good at math. The guidance counselor told me to do it. So I was like, Okay, sure. It's all new. They make a lot of money like, Alright, whatever. You know, I was doing the thing I was supposed to do you get a good you go to college and you get a good degree and then you get a good corporate job and then you live the best life the fucking life. At least I think it is. Because it just, there's just so many rules like why do we have to live by those rules? Anyways, I'm going off on tangents. So I was interviewing for actuary jobs after college. And I got denied from one that I really, really wanted. So I had a job offer in Tampa. But I really, really, really wanted a job in Atlanta because I had met Trevor the summer before my senior year and we like really hit it off and I wanted to go live where he was like, I'm not ashamed about that. I was like, This is great for me. I've got to go be with my person in Atlanta, and so I. Anyways, one of the jobs that I applied for in Atlanta I got denied from and it was one that I really wanted, I felt really hopeful about and later, I was devastated at the time. I was like, why is this happening to me again, and then later I found out that my who the guy who would have been my boss had I been hired was sexually harassing his employees. And I found that out later, and I'm like, wow, the universe did me a favor by not allowing me to get that job. In 2016, these years don't matter. So I don't know I'm saying the years. But whatever. I do, as in 16, I failed my fourth actuary exam. There's like all these exams you have to take. They take years and years, you have to study forever, they're really difficult. Anyways, I failed the fourth one. Um, and I had studied like eight months for it. And, you know, very soon after that, I was I again, I was, oh my god I studied eight months ago. Are you hitting me like, why is this happening? And then very soon after, like I like, it made me realize that like being an actuary was so not the path for me and I'm so glad I failed that exam because had I not failed it. I would have been one exam away from like getting becoming like a certified actuary. And I, I feel like I would have felt like too pulled to do it, but I was like, Oh, you know what, at this point, fuck it like I'm done. I told my boss, I was done taking exams and I never looked back. And like giving up on those exams, despite, you know, so many people being like, oh, boy, you're so close. Keep going. Like, I was like, No, like, I know, this isn't right for me. And it opened up the path for me to building my own business because I let go of the actuarial world. I stopped taking those exams, I stopped studying and it finally opened up the space for me to step into my calling and start my own business. So I'm so grateful I failed that exam that I studied for eight months for

Another funny one is, this year, Trevor and I were in Hawaii literally right before all of the COVID stuff, which I'm so grateful when we got to go on a magical vacation, right before all of that, but we were in Hawaii and we were on our way to the airport to go from Maui to coai. And we stopped at a beach on our way to the airport, because we thought, Oh, we have like, you know, 20 or 30 extra minutes. Let's just go like sit on the beach. And, like, all of a sudden, like, it's the wind starts blowing sands like into our eyeballs. Like all over us. It's like a painful Sandstorm. And then there's like thorns all over the beach. So our feet are like, covered in thorns. And we're like, what is happening? And we were annoyed. We were like, oh, like we really wanted some beach time before we like, had to go like to the airport. And we got to the airport and the line was so long. I've never seen that many people in an airport in my entire life. And what if it wasn't for For that thorny beach, we would have missed our flight. So it's like, we are like, Oh, why is this happening all the thorns in the sand and then it's like, surprise, thank you universe for like making us go to the airport on time. So we didn't miss our flight. So we got to go to Hawaii on time, which was like our favorite place ever. So I could go on and on and on. If you haven't already notice with all these examples that but the point is that when we don't get what we want, the universe is doing us a favor, something better is always on its way to keep trusting that and I would encourage you to take some time journaling about some stories and examples like that you have like this that have worked out for you and really start building that evidence for yourself that it always works out. It's always guiding you to something better. It's always happening in your favor. Okay, also, too, we all have this idea of this some we'll have like a plan. Well, maybe not all of us. Maybe it's just the type of controlling people like me. But a lot of times we have a plan of how things are supposed to go. But when we do that, we get like obsessed with this one plan and the one way things are supposed to be and it's like we're strangling the universe and like cutting ourselves off from the infinite other amazing things that could go right the other amazing opportunities because we're so obsessed with this, like, one narrow minded view of how things should be. And there's like 6000 other amazing things that could happen, but we're like blocking them off because we're so obsessed with this one. expectation and thing and so if you're someone like me, who has a hard time letting go of control, and yeah, there's just this idea of how things are supposed to be how they should be. Go to my website right now go to magnetically you calm slash free meditation and download my five day meditation challenges. so so good, but especially day two is all about letting go of control and it's really really really, really good. Like I've had so many amazing, amazing things. Magical Well, I can't talk I've had so many amazing magical things happen after doing that meditation on one of I think the last time I did it immediately after I like got on my email and I had like 1500 dollars coming in from a sale in my business just because I let go of control. And so when we let go of control, like we just opened up so much space for magic. So anyways, highly recommend going and doing those five days meditations. It's amazing. It's so so powerful. My friend, my friend, Jen, who has her own business, she's actually been on the podcast, she did it and she's like, I know that she's done like tons of other meditations. And so when she joined, I was like, Oh, you know, that's really nice. My friend is joining like, that's great. And I wasn't, you know, expecting anything much of it. And she like, messaged me and was like, Oh my gosh, like I've been trying to figure out what's different with me. Today and why I feel so calm. And then I remember that I did your meditation this morning and she was like, I actually feel grounded and feel like a massive massive difference like I can't wait for the rest of the days and hearing that knowing she's the kind of person who's already done like so much personal development so much other meditations and it like created that for her was just like really really powerful. So these are really good meditations. I got so much good feedback from them. So many amazing manifestations came from these meditations, so many big breakthroughs and inspired action. So anyways, long story short, go do the meditations. Trust me you're gonna feel really really really really good. I'm so against Magnolia, calm slash free meditation. Okay, anyways, moving on to letting go of the plan, letting go of how things are supposed to be. And it's really that space of uncertainty where we want so desperately to control it.

You know, that's that space where it feels like the what you want should have already manifested. And it hasn't. It's that space where the magic happens, because it's really in that space where you're given an opportunity to keep believing, and to keep holding the faith. And that's what creates magic and creates miracles. And also to like, we're the ones who are setting the standards of how divine timing works for us of how manifestation works for us. So we get what we expect and what we believe. So, if you believe good things take a lot of time, then that's what you get. If you believe good things flow to you constantly, then that's what you get, like you get what you expect and what you believe. And so what if you just played around with changing what you expect? What if you set new standards and set new expectations for your life for how things work for how fast things can come to you like what if massive change and transformation and abundance can happen in an instant What if You can shift your energy from lack and desperation to abundance and overflow and happiness in an instant. Like, it is a choice we get to make. And we we get what we expect, and what we believe, and what the, essentially the vibration that we're carrying. And I forgot what I was going to say. Whatever moving on. So anyways, we set the standards for how divine timing works for you. So how do you want it to work for you? What would it looked like? If it could look any way? What are the standards you want to set for yourself? Like you get to create the rules in your life? There are no, there are no rules. There is nothing that's, you know, hard and fast, true and false. It's like we're the creators of our reality. We're the creators of how things work or don't work in our life. And if we're so focused on how things don't work, then we get more of how things don't work. But if we focus on On how things are working, how things get to be easy how things always get to work out for us, then that's what we get. And that's what we create. Okay, so the last thing I want to talk about is how we can speed up divine timing. And this isn't to control our lives if you're coming from this place of control go through the meditation that I've talked about. But it's really about getting into this energy of it's already done, versus being in that energy of like, clingy and desperate and controlling. And so that it is done energy is believing it's already done, like how can you think the thoughts and feel the feelings that you would be having, if you already had this manifestation if it was already done if you already achieved it? And can you live from that place of it is already done? How would you show up? How would you think how would you act if you knew it was already done if you knew it was already on its way to you? The second thing is to honor where you're at and what you have. Now, like I was saying before, the thoughts and feelings that we think we're going to have when we get quote, there are available to us now. And we get to choose that. So honor where you're at, you're exactly where you're meant to be. Everything is unfolding perfectly. Everything in your life up until now has been perfect for you. And everything coming in the future is perfect for us. So we might as well enjoy the now. And then the last thing you can do is to ask God angels higher self like I am willing to see this differently. I am willing to open myself to the infinite possibilities all around me. Allow me to believe show me what I need to see. guide me to my next step. Okay, so this really, one you're asking for help. And what I like to believe is that, you know, when I asked for guidance, I'm always given my next inspired action and when you adopt that belief, when you ask for guidance, you are giving In your next inspired action because you set the rules and standards for your life and for how things work for you. So, ask for guidance, ask for that next step. And when you do this when you're asking your higher self universe angels guides, whatever it is that you believe in, that is the energy of surrender and the energy of surrender expands this space for Magic infinite possibilities and for you to receive what you desire. So that's it

for divine timing. If you liked this episode, I would absolutely love if you would screenshot it, share it on Instagram tag me up. I know Bill you and let me know what your thoughts on divine timing are now after listening to this, and also to it would mean the world to me if you would literally take two minutes to go Leave me a review. on iTunes hit the stars write a quick review letting me know how this show has impacted If you it would mean the world to me. And it really, if you're the kind of person who likes to help others, this is a really, really, really easy way that you can do that and create a ripple effect. Because if this episode helped you, then by leaving a review, you're allowing this message to reach other people who can help and it would mean the world to me if you'd be willing to do that. So, yeah, that's all for today. I love you. Thank you for listening. Have an amazing, amazing, beautiful and magical week.

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