How to Stop Second Guessing Which Actions to Take

podcast May 10, 2021

Am I taking enough action? Are these the right actions? How do I know if it’s working? I have 6,000 ideas... how do I know which action is right? What should I be doing next?

If this sounds like you, this is going to really help.

The reason you probably don't feel confident in your actions is because you aren't trusting yourself and listening to your intuition. When your actions come from your intuition, you can't help but feel excited and confident about them - they just feel easy and natural and you KNOW it's what you're meant to be doing.

I'm sharing with you exactly how I tap into my intuition to know which inspired actions to take so I don't have to spin in circles constantly about what to do or not do anymore. This is about shifting from doing what you "should" do to doing what you feel intuitively guided to do with ease and flow.


In this episode, you'll learn:

✧  How my intuition saved Trevor and I from a fire the night we got engaged
✧  What inspired actions feels like
✧  How to decide which actions to take the easy, intuitive way
✧  6 ways to access your intuition and be guided to your next inspired action


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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the magnetically used podcast. My name is Madison certagen. I'm a master mindset coach and food freedom expert, you're in the right place. If you want to manifest a life It means you jump out of bed excited if every morning, reprogram your mind for success and happiness, feeling your best and become magnetic to everything that you desire. For me healing my relationship with food was my gateway into mindset, spiritual and personal development. And now I am obsessed. And I realized the same thing became true for so many of the women. I've coached through my course the subtle art of food freedom, and doing the inner work around food became about so much more than food for all of us. So that's what this podcast is really about that expansion, expanding that inner work to all areas of our life so that we can become the most magnetic confident versions of ourselves and achieve our biggest dreams. If you're like me, and you're obsessed with personal development, then you are going to love this podcast. So let's freakin do this. So, okay, so today I'm going to be talking about how to stop second guessing which actions to take. So I don't know about you, but I used to be the kind of person who had it second guys listen to overtly everything. Should I do this? Should I do that? Even with like food? Should I should eat that? I don't know what I'm supposed to do? Am I taking enough actions? Am I taking the right actions? Is this gonna work? How do I know these actions are going to be leading me to what I want? Right? Like this constant second guessing, this constant questioning and I want to talk to you guys about how I really just like have released that I don't have all that back and forth about what should I do? What should I not do anymore, it's I feel like I've developed this trust with myself, I listen to my intuition. And that's really how I run my life. And my business is just by listening to these inspired actions. So I want to tell a couple of stories. And, again, for those of you who were already on before, due to technical difficulties, I'm restarting. So you're gonna hear these stories again, thank you for being patient with me. Anywho. So the other day, Trevor, and I were at the beach, and we were on a walk and we get to the beach. And we start walking a couple of minutes in. And usually when we walk on the beach, we pick like, oh, there's our landmark, right? Like once we see this like yellow building, or whatever it is, we know that's where we need to turn back to get off the beach and go back to our car. Well, we forgot to do that. So a couple minutes in I was like, trying to like figure out a landmarks so that on the way back, we could be looking for it. Well, we get caught up in conversation, we walk like 30 minutes, that way, we turn around, and neither of us have been paying attention at all to where we're at where we're going. When we need to turn all of a sudden, I'm not kidding. Something in my brain tells me turned out and I immediately go to Trevor, it's time to turn now. And we turn I'm not kidding you. After an hour long walk of the entire hour, my intuition decides to tell me at this second, we were at the exact turn to go off to vitro we need it to be Trevor was I like goosebumps telling this Trevor was like holy shit. I was like, Oh, my gosh, look at my intuition. Like, yes. So this is why I'm sharing all of this, because I want you guys to be able to really connect with your intuition like on that level. And this is something I'm obviously still working on still practicing, we can always grow this we can always shrink than our intuition to guide us to our inspired actions, right. Like that's really the whole purpose of this live is being able to listen to your intuition to guide you to those inspired or what I like to call intuitive action. So that was the first story. And then the other story I wanted to tell just to kind of like, I don't know, give an example of what this can feel like and look like in real life. Trevor and I went on a trip to Arizona, Utah, and we got engaged on that trip and we went on a hike and the Grand Canyon got engaged in the Grand Canyon. It was so beautiful. And afterwards, Trevor had planned this like surprise stay at this glamping place and it was these like yurts which are basically like big, nice tents made out of Canvas. And so it was really cool. There was like string lights, the whole vibe. They had a restaurant on site, there was fireplaces outside we were like drinking wine watching the sunset string lights everywhere, like the whole vibe. So great. Trevor did a great job. picking those plays out. So all as well. We have a great night celebrating our engagement together and then we go back to our room to go to sleep. And there's a fireplace. It's made out of the same material as like a cast iron like pot. And it's I don't know it's kind of big. It's big enough to Got a few pieces of wood. I don't know how else to describe it. And we light a fire. And we're like, Okay cool time to go to bed because it was supposed to be usually at that place at that time of year. It's like in the 60s or something at night like you don't need a source of heat, but it was supposed to be 30 degrees this night. It's really I need the fire on I'm not going to freeze my ass off especially the night we got engaged. So we light a fire whatever we lay down to go to sleep, Trevor's like Peace out, go into bed. And I'm like, Huh, something in me is telling me don't go to sleep yet. Like there was just little whispers just like, don't go to sleep, get medicine. I'm like, okay, so I was just laying there reading my book for a while, like, just something in me was just very casually, like, don't go to sleep. I'm like, okay, all of a sudden, the room goes pitch black. So I'm like, Fuck, the fire has gone out like, this is a problem because it's gonna be so cold. So I called the front office, they told us to call them if we have any issues with the fire. They're like, we'll send someone right over mouse comes over guess his name is actually mouse. He comes in gets a fire going. It's raging, wonderful fire. And he's like, you're gonna be warm all night. We're like, Okay, awesome. And then the chimney, I guess you could call it there's like a silver aluminum like pipe leading from the fire to the external to the outside of the earth prefer, like the smoke to go out of and all of a sudden that pipe turns like bright, bright, bright, bright, bright orange, like neon orange. And I'm like, mouse Is that normal? And he goes, Oh, yeah, it's just a really good fire, like, no problem. I'm like, Okay. 30 seconds later, the yurts on fire. And it starts like spreading, we're like, oh my gosh. So we like start gathering up all our shit. Take it outside. We're like coughing there's like smoke everywhere the fire seems to be spreading malice is like getting the fire extinguisher like going crazy. He's like calling the office like, send it back up to room 84. And they're like, there's a fire extinguisher. And he's like, I know, but send back up. We're like, Oh, fuck, like, we're like, oh my god. If mouse's panicking, he was the expert. Now we're panicking. Not really, it was it was fine. Anyways, the fire goes out, we go to a different hotel. But the moral of the story is that I listened to that little voice, that little inspired action that said, don't go to sleep yet. So this is a lot of times what it can feel like it can feel like, like something that just like pops into your head. That doesn't really make sense. But you, you know, you're supposed to do it. And you're like, I don't know why I'm supposed to do this. But I know I'm supposed to do it. Like, I don't know why I'm supposed to not go to sleep in this year. But I just know, even if it doesn't make logical sense. A lot of times inspired action is like the thing that feels fun, the thing that feels that like lights you up that gets you excited, that often will lead you to your next inspired action is following the fun. I think abraham hicks said one time, like you will know your path by the fun of it, right. So follow the fun, that can be a really good way to tap into this. And a lot of times, it feels just like the most natural next step in the world. Like you just all of a sudden are like, kind of like have this knowing of what you're supposed to do. And when that happens, what I like to do is really trust in act fast. Not that you're gonna like run out of inspiration or anything like that. It's just, you know, it really helps you build trust with that voice within you. And then the other way that I like to describe how it feels is that it feels like instead of feeling like you're like pushing yourself, like trying to make yourself do something it feels like a gentle pull. Like something is gently pulling me this way. Rather than like I am like hoisting myself and pushing myself and like pushing a boulder up a hill kind of feeling. So that makes sense. So how do we tap more into this, these intuitive nudges, these inner voice messages, this intuition, these inspired actions, right? Because the whole point of this live is to tap more into our intuition. So it will guide us to the inspired actions we're about to take. Because our intuition, our subconscious, our higher self, whatever you want to call it, like we have everything with me, we need within us It always knows what to do. And oftentimes we just, it's our mind, our conscious mind, telling like burying that voice or self sabotaging or convincing us that we need to do take 6000 actions when really none of all that bullshit was required in the first place. So, how to tap more into this inner voices intuition so that you're guided to your inspired actions. One always amusing thing I always love to do is to meditate. This just gives Your brain, your body, your energy space. And when you create that space, that's when you're open to receive to receive the messages to receive the guidance. So, meditate, create space, slow down, rest, I like to think of rest as letting myself receive my brilliance because it's in the slowing down, oftentimes, that the answers and the guidance come. Because I used to, I used to be addicted to productivity with tied up with all this perfectionism tendencies. And I felt like I couldn't rest I felt guilty resting as soon as I would lay down to write. So I would have like a racing heart like resting and relaxing, literally, like gave me anxiety. And now I've really learned how to rest without anxiety or guilt. And a part of how I did that was reframing rest, to mean rest equals loving myself receive my brilliant. So if you have a hard time, like resting and relaxing, decide that resting means that you're giving yourself a chance to receive your own brilliance, connect with your intuition, make space energetically to receive a third way that I'm going to be sharing 123456, I wrote down six ways to share with you guys, okay, another way is to do inner voice sessions with an inner voice facilitator. So this is something that I started doing in December with my coach, she does inner voice sessions. And basically, it's kind of like a long meditation breathwork, where you're really getting out of your head and into your body and really connecting with your intuition, asking it questions, asking it for answers. And it's like, really, really powerful. And so, in that first session in December, my inner voice told me that I was going to be leaving my corporate job in February, and moving in February, and I was like, okay, like, we knew we wanted to leave Dallas eventually, but nothing was like, actually in motion to move. And with my corporate job, same thing I knew I wanted to leave eventually, but I was not expecting it to be within two months from December. And then lo and behold, as things unfolded in my business started, like really growing, I was really working on building the belief in myself, following my inspired actions, one of those inspired actions came to be quitting my corporate job. So my last day was February 5, and it's honestly just been so wonderful. And always since I didn't, obviously, there's been anxiety and doubt and all of those things, too. But that's okay, that's done stuff can come, it's not going to stop me. So. So yeah, it's been really cool. And I forgot to say to you, we're moving. So we found out in February, we're moving, we're moving this month, we're gonna go travel for a while. And then we're moving to DC for Trevor's job. And it's literally so wild. How in December, my intuition, so vividly told me, you're quitting your job, and you're moving, in fact, both in February, and I was like, my brain was like, bullshit. But it became true, right? Because I, I follow those nudges, I made the space to listen to my intuition. And I actually signed up yesterday to get certified as an inner voice facilitator, because it's been so like, impactful for me. And I've noticed since then, more intuition has been just like coming through so clearly, and like full sentences. And it's really, really cool. So anyways, I'm getting certified, because I love it. And I want to like go deeper into it for myself, and obviously, like, give this like amazing gift to my clients. So if that's something you want to do, I'm going to be going through that certification this month. So any of my clients who sign up like starting now and forward will be getting those inner voice sessions with me. So get excited about that. So if you've been wanting to work with me, now's a great time, such a good time, trust your intuition on it, right, you can use these tips that I'm giving you to know if it's the right next step for you. Or maybe there's another step or another person or another program or whatever it is right. trust your intuition, and you will not be led astray. Okay? Third thing, practice trusting, the more you act on and listen to these nudges and inspired actions. It's like, Oh, my God, this is actually crazy. It's like an upward spiral. And now that I'm saying this, everything is coming together. I did that meditation earlier today. And at the end of at the end of the meditation, I kept seeing this like upward spiral and feeling my body like upward spiral. It was very weird. I'm like, why am I seeing this symbol of an upward spiral, and now it's all making sense. I think it was meant to connect back to this moment, too. So I could describe it in that way of practicing your intuition literally leads you to that like upward spiral of like tapping more into it receiving more guidance, receiving more inspired messages and really becoming more and more and more magnetic to what Whatever it is that you want. And that actually makes me think of another point too is our subconscious mind really communicates in symbols and metaphors. So it's not surprising that I saw a spiral. And now I've been able to get intuitively give meaning to that spiral I saw, it's really, really cool. Another thing you can do for thing is to journal, you can meditate before breathe a little bit before Close your eyes, hold on to your heart, like kind of like set the intention to connect in with your intuition, turn your mind off, connect in your body and your intuition. And then ask yourself intuition higher self, is there anything I need to know today? Is there anything I need to do today, you can just sit down and journal on that and just write see whatever comes up, let the pen let the pen take over and just see, see what comes up through that. fifth thing is getting into your body. So allowing yourself to get out of your head and into your body. That's where the answers are, when we're all up in our head are that we have way too much. At least I do too many thoughts too much shit going on, to really hear those messages. So it's when we can get out of our head and into our body. It's like we are opening the doors to receive those messages. So there's so many ways you can do this exercise going on a walk, getting up and having yourself a dance party, I was doing that, a few minutes before this and having a great time. You can do all kinds of rituals like meditation, hypnosis, tapping, those are a lot of the tools that I use with my clients to really help them get out of their head and activate this this embodiment this knowing within. So there's so many ways you can do that. Last thing, this is a fun one, and it's going to tie back to the symbols and metaphors thing. So what you can do is look at or grab an object in your environment, look at it and ask yourself, if my intuition were trying to communicate through this object, what would it be trying to say? So I'm gonna grab this pen. I'm gonna give you a little example. So this is gonna sound weird. Just go with it. Weird is why is weird. If you're listening to this, you're probably weird like me, if you're not weird, I'm not sure if you're in the right place or not. Any him? So grab an object and ask yourself if my intuition were trying to speak to me through this object, what would it be telling me and just see what comes through? For me what I remember receiving right now intuitively is like, be yourself, Shine your light, let yourself be seen. That's the message that comes through for me, okay, so it's really, really cool. You can literally take anything in your house because our subconscious minds and our intuition really likes to communicate in symbols and things like that. So when you give it a symbol, then it will like almost give you a meaning to it in return. Does that make sense? It kind of helps. It helps to have something to work with. Give us a little a little bit of guidance and a little bit of inspiration. So I want to encourage you to commit today to doing one of these things to tap into your next inspired action. So meditate, an inner voice session. Practice, trusting, right so if you've already had an inspired action or intuitive thing, come up today, act on it, practice listening to it, journal, asking yourself intuition. What do I need to know today? What do I need to do today? Do something to get out of your head and into your body or grab a random object and as if my intuition were trying to communicate through this, what would it be trying to say? So that's all I have for you. Today, for those of you who have been wanting to work with me one on one, I still have some spots open and I would love, love, love to work with you. I would love to help you. Connect deeper to your intuition deeper to your purpose deeper to your mission deeper into your desires because I want you to know that you not only get to want what you want, but you get to have it and I would love to help you create it in a way that feels aligned intuitive flow, weave fun in alignment with who you truly are rather than in a way that feels like pushing force and hustle and you have to sacrifice and struggle and all of this it's not to say there is no struggle at all, but it doesn't have to be the way I want to help you find your intuitive path your intuitive process your magical how the how that gets to work so good for you that you can like hardly even believe it like this is what happens when you really connect with this inner voice and intuition really start listening to these inspired actions. It can work better than anything on the internet, any of this any strategy, whatever especially if you have like a business. This will lead you to your how that's made for you like someone else's how insteps and eights. Step system to make a million dollars or whatever it is like, that's theirs. That's their path. That's their how that's not your how. And that doesn't mean that you can't learn from people or like learn strategies and things like that. But it's like, everything you need is within you. And I want to help you connect with that and tap into that. So, if your intuition that little voice inside of you, is telling you to act on this telling you to message me telling you to book a console, then I would invite you to trust that go for it. I'm here for you when you're ready, you know where to find me DM me, you can use the link in my bio to book a consult. And I hope you have a magical wonderful, Happy Friday. When you take your action today one of these six things I gave you to help you connect with your intuition. I want to hear how it goes I want to hear what comes up for you. So feel free to DM me and let me know what comes up anyways. I love you guys. I'm so grateful for you listening today. If this resonated with you, it would mean the world to me if you'd hit subscribe and then leave a review on iTunes and everybody is invited to the after party which takes place every day on Instagram I medically you so come hang out with us there. And if you're really fired up about mindset, spiritual and personal development, head to magnetically your comm to check out all the fun stuff I have going on there like my coaching, and my courses, free workshops, all the good stuff and I will see you on the next episode.

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