How to Get into the Receptive Mode

podcast Aug 27, 2022

I used to think the receptive mode was something I had to effort my way into or try hard to get into. I have a completely new way of viewing it now which I'm excited to break down for you in this episode.

This episode was inspired by an Abraham Hicks quote “When you think of something with no resistance, it comes immediately”. I immediately (no pun intended) thought of an experience I had yesterday where I thought of something I wanted with no resistance and it appeared in my reality literally less than a second later. I was in the receptive mode.


In this episode, we're chatting about:

✧ My current understanding of what the receptive mode is
✧ Why certain things feel harder to manifest than others
✧ Resistance isn't a sign to push harder, it's an invitation to let go more
✧ Why you don't have to change all of your "limiting beliefs" to manifest what you desire
✧ How to get into the receptive mode effortlessly


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Full Episode Transcript:

Hello, and welcome to the magnetical U podcast. I'm your host Madison cert, I am a mindset energy coach here to help you feel your freakin best and manifest a life full of magic miracles and abundance. I know that whatever led you here did not happen by coincidence. So I am so excited and grateful to have you here. So let's let the magic begin. Hi, and welcome back to geomagnetically. You podcast, I have a real good episode for you today. So I was just listening to the abraham hicks podcast and it inspired me to share this episode. So what they said. So this episode is going to be about getting into the receptive mode. And I think so often there's a misunderstanding that getting into the receptive mode means you need to do something or think something or, like conjure up this receptive mode, using your mind like it's this mental process where you need to like effort your way into the receptive mode, think hard your way into the receptive mode, try your way into the receptive mode. And what I found is that it's so much more about dropping rather than trying to conjure up more actions or more thoughts or more feelings. It's more about dropping the counter actions, counter thoughts and counter feelings because the receptive mode is our natural state. And so what happens is you can imagine we are like a magnet, and we'll say this magnet is naturally magnetic do the things it is magnetic to, but what happens throughout our lives is that we pick up these identities and stories and beliefs and conditioning, and emotions that never got processed fully through. And so all of that kind of like piles onto our magnet. So the way I that my inner voice is showed me in a visual is has showed me a visual has shown me visually Oh, my goodness, where are my words, the way my inner voice is showed me visually is that it's like we are this magnet and then through these, you know the conditioning and the masks that we put on of who we think we are and who are the we're supposed to be. And these the emotions that are kind of like deep and stuck and never really got process through kind of pile on to the magnet as like barnacles, you can imagine there's like a magnet if it's in the ocean, because I don't know where else with barnacles be with the ocean. And the magnet is naturally magnetic, it is inherently magnetic, it is the receptive mode, it cannot be the receptive mode, it just has barnacles on it. So getting in the receptive mode is not about how can I add on more because really, essentially what we're doing when we're doing that is all we're doing is just adding on more stories and more thoughts and more beliefs and more identities and more barnacles that I don't love the word block, but block us from the true essence of who we are. And so this is why so on the Abraham episode, they said, when you think of something with no resistance, it comes immediately. And it's like that is the essence of the receptive mode. That is the essence of the deeper part of you it's the resistance is just the conditioning in the mind. It's the unprocessed, emotional reactions of the mind. But without all of that underneath all of that it's like the sun underneath the clouds, the sun is always there just there might be some, some clouds that like pass by. And so when I heard that today, it just reminded me of something that happened at the grocery store yesterday. So when you think of something with no resistance, it comes immediately. So what how I see the receptive mode is that it's really just the absence of resistance. It's not the perfect, getting to the perfect vibration, it's not something to mentally get right. It's not something to mentally control yourself into. It's really just the absence of resistance. And so where we don't have resistance, like as you probably know where the areas if you think about the areas of your life where you don't have resistance, you don't have a lot of like emotional reactivity. You don't have a lot of like attachment or stress or worry like think about those areas, they just flow easily. And they flow naturally in the areas where we have the most resistance and attachment and stress and worried those things seem to flow less easy. It's like the things were easy about come easy, and the things were hard about come hard or they don't Come. And it just feels hard. And so it's not that it's hard to harder or less hard to do this or that or manifest this or that. It's just in a certain area of life, we may not have the barnacles and another area of life, we may have the barnacles. So to make this a little bit more tangible, it's like maybe with food, you are like a super intuitive eater. It's like you don't even think, yeah, this cue versus your mind is not even involved in food, you just follow what you want and follow what you intuitively feel guided to you don't think about it, you don't worry about it. It's just easy. It's natural. That would be like you're in your natural, intuitive, non resistant state. Maybe there's another area of life like relationships where you're always, you know, stressing and worrying, and when is this going to happen? And are you all the like thoughts and emotions and worries, and stress and notice how that area doesn't flow as easily. And it doesn't mean it's good or bad or right or wrong? It just means there's more freedom available for you in that area. I love the way the words that those words just came to me that feels. I feel like that was definitely my inner voice speaking because my mind can't even remember what I just said. But it felt profound. So there you go. Anyways, so I'm at the store yesterday, and I'm just walking through the aisles. And I'm very lightly thinking dark chocolate cups, dark chocolate cups, because I wanted to get dark chocolate cups. This one's from Trader Joe's, the dark chocolate peanut butter cups, they're so good. So I'm thinking as I'm walking through the aisles and just lightly intending to make sure I get to the dark chocolate racy cups. I'm not getting you as I'm just lately thinking that and kinda like dark chocolate cups dark chocolate, I turned the corner, and there's a whole shelf of them somewhere in the store where they they're, they're always in the exact same place in the store, where I saw them yesterday, right after I was thinking those about the dark chocolate cups with absolutely no resistance, or attachments. Immediately. There are the dark chocolate cups. They've never been on that shelf before. They've never been on that aisle before I was three hours away from where they normally are. And I just like laughed. And it's just like, of course, of course, because I am not powerful of a creator. I am not really the magnet and of like, of course, because I was there was no pressure there was no like, oh my god, I have to get these dark chocolate cups. And if I don't, then it's going to be a disaster. And will I find them? And will they be there and oh my God, when can I have that Moses like, I'm getting the dark chocolate cups. And there's nothing else to it. And then there they were instantly appearing right where I was. And another time I really wanted to get some new sunglasses and I went to this neighborhood that I love to go to where they have some great shopping and I just like loosely was holding that desire or intention. Like I would love to find sunglasses today. But there was no attachment there was no I need to have it. There was no oh my god if I don't find it today, I'm never gonna have them. There's no There's none of that. It was just like I'd love I'd love to find sunglasses today like it the underlying vibration. This is this is exactly it is I'm good either way, I'm good. Either way. Without it. It's non attachment, it's non resistance. So I was very non resistant about the sunglasses because I don't have a lot of conditioning or emotions that tell me I can't have sunglasses or tell me I'm not worthy of sunglasses, right? I didn't I don't have any of that conditioning or emotions in the area of sunglasses. So I was able to be naturally very non resistant about it and open. So I had that light intention of I'd love to find sunglasses today. And of course, I I'm trying to remember because this was a few months ago, but when I thought of recording this podcast episode, that story came to mind so I was driving down the road. And before I could even get out of like before I even had gotten out of the car. Oh wait, I think I remembered what it was. So I was I was going to a coffee shop to work and I thought and I thought oh maybe I'll go shopping after I work and then something told me no go shopping first. And then my mind with its conditioning was like no you should work first and And then you're allowed to go shopping and out of the fun, right? Like you should work before you have the fun. This was like a year ago, some, like try to remember the story. Also, it's 333 as I'm recording this, so anyways, I noticed that my intuition was saying no more shopping first, like, you don't need to go work. So I was like, Okay, then I'll, I'll do that. So I'm driving to look for a parking spot before I even could park the car, I drove by this place, and I saw these sunglasses in the window that looked amazing. Like, wow, those are perfect. I go into the place. They're the perfect sunglasses at the perfect price. I literally had kind of like thought to myself in the car, like, Yeah, I'd love for them to be like, you know, like, no more than $100. There were $99, of course. And I bought the sunglasses. And it was this amazing store. I also found these amazing black velvet flare jeans that are like a whole vibe. I started talking to the store owner, we like really hit it off. She asked, started asking about my business. I told her about the podcast, she actually listened. And I've since gone back to the store. And she was like, hey, Madison, I was like, Wait, like, how do you know me? She was like, I listened to your podcast, I love it. So it's just like, not only did I perfectly fall into my sunglasses easily and quickly and immediately, as a natural result of the nonresistance. It also so many other beautiful manifestations flowed, like manifesting these amazing black velvet jeans and manifesting meeting this person who I had an amazing conversation with and who went on to listen to my podcast and be like, deeply helped by it like, Wow, so cool. So anyways, those are just a couple examples from my life of, you know what, like, when I think about times where I had a desire were like desire, a, like desire, a light preference, and not an attachment attachment is like I need this, I cannot be okay without it, you're, you're happy, you're making your happiness contingent on it. Whereas things where you've not made your happiness contingent on, they come more easily, right. So when we have so much resistance, about a particular desire or something that we would like to unfold, it does not mean that we need to push harder or try harder. This is actually a reaction to the resistance, which perpetuates you in that cycle of resistance. And it's not showing up resistance, it's not showing up resistance, and it's not showing up, push harder, more resistance not showing up, push harder, more resistance not showing up. Can you relate? Or can you relate? So it doesn't, when you have a lot of resistance, about wanting something, when you have a lot of attachment, when you feel like your happiness or well being is contingent upon certain thing manifesting, it does not mean you need to try harder to make that thing happen. It means you need to let go more to drop the resistance. And that's really what the receptive mode is, it's not trying harder and efforting harder. Now, when you connect in with your intuition, it might lead you to something that will look like effort. But it's when when a quote effort is inspired when it's an intuitive impulse, it doesn't feel like effort, it actually feels like the most natural, most fun, most exciting thing you there's nothing else you'd rather be doing. So it's not necessarily about, you know, the right thing to do or not the right thing to do, or you can't offer it just it won't feel like effort when it's coming from your intuition. So anyways, the receptive mode is the opt ins absence of resistance. So when we're thinking about how to get in the receptive mode, it's really well how do we drop resistance because receptive mode is our natural state. So there's a couple things so basically, what happens when there's resistance is there's a thought feeling loop, there's like, a thought that says, like, if I don't manifest that thing, like something must be wrong with me because other people have manifested it. And then in your body, you feel a lot of shame, and then you feel a lot of shame. And then you think, oh my god, I'm never going to be able to do it. And then you feel like, right, there's like that thought feeling loop where the thought and the feeling are so interconnected. And the feeling in the body is what makes the thought feel real and believable. If there was no emotional reaction to the thought in the body. It would have no pull on you would have no weight on you. It'd be like, yeah, like if someone said, you know, like, if your hair was brown, and they said Your hair is blue, you'd be like, Are you feeling okay? Now like, it's not like you have no emotional like reaction to that because you just like, have no emotional like attachment to it. So So the receptive mode is about noticing when these emotional reactions arise. And the tendency is to react to the emotion. So the emotion is shame. And the story is I'm not doing enough, and I need to do more. And then you go run into more frantic, scrambling action, or whatever you know, your reaction is. So instead of reacting, we want to release the emotional reaction and neutralize the vibration. So this can happen through presence. This can happen through inner voice sessions, which we'll talk a little bit more about in a minute, it's gonna happen through meditation, it's really not something that's done in the mind, it's done through awareness, becoming aware of the emotion, feeling it, allowing it, and then it naturally releases, it's like boiling water bubbling to the surface, it'll bubble up when it's ready, like life will show you where you have unprocessed emotions that are ready to be released, and it will bubble up to the surface. And if we allow it to bubble up, then it will bubble up to the surface and it will evaporate. Or if we resist it, it's like holding a cork underwater, the cork will try to bob up. But we'll keep pushing it down, pushing it down, pushing it down. If we just let go of the cork, it will bob up to the surface so the bubbles will naturally come up and evaporate if we've allow. So that's the first part is releasing the emotional reaction. And this is amazing, because we don't have to change our thoughts. And how fucking freeing is that? Because I don't know, it's like how many limiting beliefs do we have 1000s. Like everything, every belief is a limiting belief. Because it puts a limit on infinity it has concreteness therefore it is not infinite. So trying to substitute one thought with another thought, or one belief with another belief, not only is it very laborious, and tedious, and this very slow way of shifting your energy and raising your vibration and getting into the receptive mode. It also just is not, it's not very effective. And it's really, it's not even necessary. Because when you release the attached emotion, the thought no longer has a grip on you. And then you're actually free to respond from your intuition. Because when you're in that non resistance state, you're inherently in touch with source your intuition universe, and from there, things just flow so much more easily. So it's releasing the emotional reaction neutralizing the vibration quieting your mind, which often comes as a result of neutralizing the vibration, the thoughts quiet down, right? Or the thoughts quiet down. And then the emotion like it's it can be like a loop with thoughts and feelings or the thoughts may quiet and then the emotional reaction, you're quiet as well. And from there, your vibration rises naturally, you naturally elevate into the receptive mode, the barnacles begin to fall away releasing the emotional reaction is just releasing the barnacles will say, and then you follow the impulses from there. So some ways to do this. And you know, it's like okay, well, yeah, how do we release the emotional reaction? How do we neutralize the vibration? How do we quiet the mind? How do we allow the vibration to raise naturally so that we can from there follow the impulses that arise from our intuition from source from universe. Meditation is a beautiful way to do this. So meditation really helps you quiet the mind. And the mind is really the only thing in the way. The mind and these you know, stuck energy and emotions are really the only thing in the way of, of what we desire. So again, trying to mind our way through it, and effort our way into different beliefs or getting rid of the limiting beliefs just stirs up more effort and more resistance and your inner voice knows the path of least resistance. So it's actually not about getting the mind more involved. It's about getting the mind less involved. So when we naturally in meditation, quiet our mind that naturally dissolves the resistance. And then your frequency rises and from there clarity arises and ideas flow and inspiration flows and there's this natural flow of life. Also, inner voice sessions are really really, really helpful for this. So basically what we do in the inner voice sessions is we're are speaking directly to your intuition. In. So instead of hearing what your mind's gonna say about all the things it's most worried about, which will just be more worrying and more fear, and more anxiety, and more not good enough, and that is not at all the conditioning, you actually get the chance to speak with your intuition about what it has to say on the subject and your intuition, your inner voice is always connected to the receptive mode, that is the receptive mode part of you. And so it's allowing the mind to come into sync with that inner voice part of you. And so that's what we're doing in the inner voice sessions is connecting with your inner voice connecting with your intuition. So you can receive those answers from that receptive mode part of you. And almost always there are, I have had some sessions where nothing comes up, but almost always in their sessions like emotion, the emotions will come up to those emotional reactions that I was talking about earlier. So old emotions, Old Energy, it might feel like a heaviness in your chest, it might feel like a tightness in your shoulders, it might feel like a pit in your stomach, and we go into those and release them. And it is so incredible, because it's a, it's really done through awareness and allowing rather than through force and trying to make something happen or make yourself get something and so it's in the in these inner voice sessions, the bubbles that are ready to evaporate naturally rise to the surface, and then we allow them to evaporate. And so in the barnacle analogy, it's the barnacles begin to fall away. And we are then just more connected to the our inherent receptive mode, we're more connected to our intuition, we're more connected to our inner voice. So meditation and inner voice sessions, both of these experiences really support you and quieting your mind releasing resistance, allowing your frequency to rise naturally. And from there, yeah, deeper connection to your intuition unfolds, deeper connection to clarity, a deeper connection to the path of least resistance. So the third way that I want to talk about, you know how to get in the receptive mode is to focus on or do something where there is not resistance. So if we go, try to go too hard against the resistance, if we fight the resistance, or we resist, just persist. So if you're fighting and pushing, and it's like just only getting more and more and more resistant, then ask yourself, like What could be easier and more fun right now and shift your focus, go do something else, go do something that feels light, or go into the resistance and actually feel it and release it? Which is, you know, what's something that yeah, like I said, we do in the inner voice sessions. So the good news is that there's only more freedom and more experiences and more magical surprises available to you, the more you allow resistance to fall away. So you don't have to get rid of all your limiting beliefs, you actually don't even really have to change any, quote, limiting beliefs, it's like that actually happens as a natural evolution of releasing the energy and emotions connected to them, quieting the limiting beliefs so that you're no longer obeying them or defined by them, or that they're the end all, be all, they're just like quieter, meaning you're no longer as dragged down by them, and then you are free. So your inner voice, those path of least resistance, the receptive mode, is just the absence of resistance. And like I said, In the beginning, just to bring it full circle, it's not about trying to make yourself get into the receptive mode. It's how can I release what's in my way of the receptive mode? How can I release the resistance that is making it seem like there's something in the way of my reception. So I hope this episode resonates with you. And if you are feeling inspired to meditate after this, you can join ritual queen, it's a meditation platform, and there's an app that goes with it too with over 40 meditations. I use it multiple times a week. I am obsessed, and yeah, it's amazing. It's a free two week trial so you can try it for free at ritual And if you want to book an inner voice session, you can go to Madison AR halt AR n h o l voice I believe. And from there you can book a session or a package of sessions. So if your intuition is feeling called to either of those experiences, I would love to have you and I'm so excited for you to dive in. And until the next episode, I hope that you have an amazing I was gonna say rest of the week, but now that I'm on a more flowing podcast releasing cadence, I don't know how long it will be self. Enjoy. Whatever the time is, until the next episode, have a magical rest of your day. How about we'll leave it there. Thank you so much for listening, and I'll see you on the next episode. Thank you so much for listening to the magnetically your podcast. If this episode served you I ask that you share it with someone who could make a difference for or share it on social media and tag me at magnetically you. Make sure to hit subscribe so you don't miss any of the magic. And it would mean the world to me if you would leave a review on iTunes. Thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart for being here. And I will see you in the next episode.

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