How To Flow & Align When Other People Are Involved


If you've ever felt like flowing and staying in alignment is tricker when other people are involved, I'm excited to share a few personal experiences and tips on how we can navigate flow and alignment when others are involved with more ease, clarity & sovereignty.

In this episode, we dive into:

  • What happened when I chose to people please instead of following my own alignment/intuition in a recent scenario in my life
  • How I released the energetic drain I felt after this experience and what I learned from it
  • A recent experience where I DID follow my alignment instead of trying to please the others involved and what happened
  • Why going against our own alignment to please others doesn't actually serve anyone
  • How to recognize the signs of misalignment sooner
  • Being willing to let other people have their upset, reactions or opinions about your alignment and choices
  • How the dynamics of feminine and masculine energy play into flowing and aligning with my husband

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