How to Communicate With Angels to Heal and Transform Your Life - With Isabelle von Fallois

podcast Nov 15, 2021

I loved this episode SO much and I know you will too. Isabelle von Fallois was diagnosed with a life-threatening form of leukemia and in the same week she got the diagnosis she also lost her house, her partner, her scholarship and nearly her life as the doctors gave her only 3 days After fighting for life and death for 4 years she had a profound encounter with Archangel Raphael that changed her life forever and helped her to heal. In this episode, you’ll hear how it all unfolded, what she’s learned about angels since then and how you can connect with them as 3 weeks more to live.

After fighting for life and death for 4 years she had a profound encounter with Archangel Raphael that changed her life forever and helped her to heal. In this episode, you’ll hear how it all unfolded, what she’s learned about angels since then and how you can connect with them as well.


In this episode, you'll learn:

✧ How a profound encounter with Archangel Raphael saved Isabelle’s life after battling leukemia for 4 years
✧  How to begin connecting with and communicating with angels
✧  How to ask your guardian angels for guidance
✧  The 4 different ways you can receive guidance from angels 
✧  How to know if it’s an angel speaking to you or if it’s just your ego
✧  The angel you should connect with to heal and to help you choose what to eat
✧  The angel you should connect with to remove negative thoughts and see beauty in the darkest moments
✧  Praying to allow vs praying to get
✧  PLUS Isabelle leads us through a powerful angel meditation at the end!


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Full Episode Transcript:

Hello and welcome to the magnetically you podcast. I'm your host, Madison cirrhotic. I'm a mindset energy coach, here to help you feel your freaking best and manifest a life full of magic miracles and abundance. I know that whatever led you here, it did not happen by coincidence. So I am so excited and grateful to have you here. So let's let the magic begin. Hi, and welcome back to the magnetically UI podcast. I have Isabel Vaughn follow on. Am I saying that right? I think I got it. Yes, you got it. I have Isabel here today. And she was diagnosed with a life threatening form of leukemia. And in the same week that she got the diagnosis she lost her house her partner her scholarship, and nearly her life as the doctors gave her only three days to three more weeks to live and after fighting for life or death for four years, she had a profound encounter with Archangel Raphael that changed her life forever and helped her heal. In the meantime, she wrote several best selling books like the power of your angels, which were translated into different languages recorded more than 50 meditations and was featured in lots of magazines. She's the founder of Angel life coaching including ISIS, Angel healing, Magdalen healing and sacred women sessions. So I found Isabel on Natalia Benson's podcast if you guys want to go like really, to get all of Isabel and listen to that podcast episode as well and just fell in love with her story, her energy and her wisdom and magic is so unique and so special, and I really connected with it. So here we are. Welcome, Isabel. Thank you for being here. Thank you so much. And Massey, medicine for having me, you know, I get a lot lots of invitations. But I don't say all this. Yes. So it really fed so heartwarming to receive your invitation. And all my guides said Yes, do it. So I'm happy to give you that makes me feel so special. Thank you. Yeah, it really Yeah, it felt so genuinely aligned. So I'm excited. So can you tell us more about your story and your journey? And what led you to Angel coaching? Yeah, yeah, to be honest, if someone had told me like, 20 years ago, I would write books about angels and goddesses and so on, I would have said, No way, because I was so sure that my mission on this earth would be to be a pianist and play concerts all over, and I had the best teachers. And so it looked everything very bright there on that horizon. And I was just right in front of getting a contract. Scholarship in California, that everything was, like really amazing. And then boom, all of a sudden, I mean, I felt already kind of strange, health wise. And I had been to examinations but no one had found anything. So everyone said, Oh, you just have a little bit of inflammation or kind of these things. But I felt something was very wrong. But no one found anything. So okay. And it was just, I had the scholarship in California, and I wanted to stay there for one more year, to really go deep into my piano studies and then do the the album, you know, the CD, launch and do everything like in a good way. But I went home for my 30th birthday, because I was in a very interesting not so easy relationship. So at least I wanted to be home. And a few days after that birthday, I was jogging. And I fainted during jogging, and I found myself underneath the cross of Jesus Christ, and I didn't you jog there, which was crazy. So it was kind of a huge sign for me. I looked up. And I knew two things I knew I was severely deadly ill and Jesus Christ is watching over me. So kind of still, in that situation. I felt safe, but I had no mobile phone with me. And I was like more than one kilometer from my home. So I needed hours to come back. And my my back van partner was not really someone thinking so much of me. So he even didn't realize that I was gone so long. And to make a long story short, the doctor's first didn't find anything. But then I found a guy who had been at school with me, who became the assistant doctor of someone and I trusted him more because I thought he will look deeper and the telephone rang. And he didn't even start talking and I just knew it as leukemia. I just knew it. I just knew my whole body knew and he said You know, I think it is, but you have to go through further investigations. And the strange thing was they, even with the blood examinations, they didn't find it only was a bone marrow function. Because I had such a rare form of leukemia, which normally never appears in Europe, never you appears in the United States only in South America. So very crazy. So they didn't find it, the nominee that the white blood cells go up into the 1000s. And mine disappeared. So they only found it through the bone marrow function. And it was midnight, and the doctor knocked at the door and just told me three days to three weeks to live, and he talked at me like 45 minutes telling me how I will die. Can you imagine that? Oh, my gosh, no. This was just devastating. Because before I had already lost my partner, my scholarship my house in the same week, this was the last one, seven days, yes, three days to three weeks. Wow. And then he was like standing in front of students telling how you can die. You know, it was really, it was crazy. The only positive thing in that moment was that I had already visions since since I was a little child since I was seven years old, when I had my first near death experience in this lifetime. So I saw, if I started and that night was chemotherapy, I would die. And so I left the hospital signing, if I die is my responsibility. Because I knew in that devastated situation was my mind completely blown away with all what had happened within seven days. I mean, you can imagine, I think that there's nothing left anymore after this. And I knew if I wanted to have the slightest idea to survive, I had to get my mind back on track. And I had to forgive my ex partner for living me in that situation, because there is the same, what you might know. If you don't forgive it is like you're swallowing poison and wanting the other person dying from it. It's not clear, some say it's from Gandhi. But it's not clear whether this quote is from Gandhi, doesn't matter. But I knew about this one. And I knew if I want to survive, I had to forgive my partner for leaving me in a situation like that. So what did I do at home? Two weeks, long, every single day in bed, a doctor came to check my blood to see whether I still was alive. And the only thing I was working on medicine was on forgiving. Two weeks later, I was done. I was fine with forgiving. And there had been a lot. It's a long story. But I won't go deep into that. Just, you know, we all had kind of interesting relationships. But after two weeks, I was really in peace with that guy. And this was the moment when only sitting half a minute I was fainting. So I knew I had to go back. And I came back and the doctors are want you're still alive. But is it? Yes. And now my mind is strong. Now I can fight. Wow. And now maybe someone will ask, Oh, is this possible to forgive? is in two days having deaf in front of you? And I tell you Yes, it is possible because I had angelic help. And the proof was that the first thing I did when after several months, I was allowed to leave the hospital for two weeks between chemotherapies was meeting that ex partner. And that is I looked into his eyes. And it was like there had never been a story between us. I was completely free. Oh my gosh. And so So you went home, did your forgiveness and then went back for chemotherapy? Exactly. Because I absolutely know after that two weeks when I was finding fainting was sitting one minute, one minute, you know, we had first to go in the ICU of another hospital, which was closer to my home, because I was not able to be transported to the huge hospital. So I was really danger to die on that day. But my mind was free. So So you were ready to you felt strong enough to handle the intensity of the key. Exactly. Wow. Because back then I didn't have the tools I have today. So I had to do of course chemotherapy because I had no other rate. I knew I would die but I knew my mind is now strong. If I can forgive in a situation like that I'm strong like hell, you know, in a good way. So I knew I can make it. And so I went back. And then it was a long story to bring the angels in. The first night in hospital, I really tried to keep everyone in my room to keep my parents, the doctors, the nurses, because I was really afraid to be alone in a sterile room because I couldn't see anyone, like normally everyone had masks. Everyone had something on their head, everything had lost, I just saw the eyes of people, no one was allowed to touch me because I was so dangerously ill that one touch could have killed me. So it was quite hard. And I was really afraid of that moment, when the door would close, and I would be alone in this room. But Madison in that moment, I started praying. And it didn't last one minute, I think it was faster. It was really amazing. Ever never forget that. Because I felt like angel wings. And I knew I'm completely safe. Whatever will happen, I'm safe, but I will die or not. I am safe. So that's the most amazing feeling. And I had lost this context through my relationship. You know, I had always believed in angels and higher beings, I and I had seen them when when I was a child. But I had lost that through teenage age, because I just couldn't deal with it. It was just too much what I knew about people what I saw, it was too much at a certain point, I just had closed it down, you know? Wow. Oh my gosh, I'm just like taking it all in. I'm shocked by your story. So when you left, like one habited you know, like forgiveness is what I need here. And what was how did you come to that place of forgiveness. This is a very another very tough story. To be honest. When I was 19 years old, one of the closest people of my life was assassinated, my aunt. And this was a terrible story, to be honest. And the point was, she was in the States when it happened. I was here. And I was in the in the conservatory of music. I was studying to become a pianist. And I was sitting at the piano practicing in that moment when it happened. And in that moment, it felt like someone was putting the hands around my neck. I didn't get any air anymore. And my voice was gone. And I knew something terrible had happened. And then a friend came in who wanted to take me out for dinner that evening. And I just couldn't talk, my voice was gone. And I just wrote I will go with you for dinner. But something terrible must have happened because this is just crazy. The next day I heard my aunt, on that time exactly, bomb gone. And I don't want to go very, very deep. Because I don't want to take people into a negative story. I want to go to the positive but just for you to know. It was not just gone with that we got we try to investigate my father went to the States and meet got, like, threats Everyday everyday. As long he was gone. I got telephone calls anonymous telling me you're the next one to be killed and was really tough. I could write a whole book only about that. Wow. And I could be the most fearful person on the planet. I'm not as you know. So at a certain point, it lasted quite one year the whole terror. But then we stopped because we said the bond bring her back anyway. So let's stop it. Let's stop it. And I realized, you know, this unforgiveness is killing me. I have to forgive the murders, whoever it is, like, you just got to a point where that like, I can't go on not forgiving. That's I just felt, you know, I felt it had a higher reason, you know, because my arm was very spiritual. And when I was a little child, like a 10 years old, she showed me the lines of her hands. And she showed me she told me, you know, you see I won't become much more than 50 years old. Because my lifeline is ending there and like it looks I won't die a natural death. So kind of I was prepared. Wow. And then something very special happened. I went very deep into debt forgiveness. And I became free. And to make the whole circuit you know, because of the story with my hand. I was 11 years later able to forgive. Wow. Now in a situation where I would have died without forgiving. And now my dear, it's even more crazy. 24 years after the death. I think it was 24 years. Yeah, 24 years after the best of my arm. I then to the south of France, into the cave of Mary Magdalene. And I was in that cave, and it's a long story. But at a certain point, I could really see her. Like, I can see you with my physical eyes, not with the third eye. And then also Jesus Christ was there. And then my aunt was appearing next to them. And you know what she's told me that, you know, you're on decided before she was born, that she will go through that story. So you learn forgiveness, to teach it to 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of people all over the world. And you need to know she was born in 1937. Wow. So already before she was born, it was clear what my mission would be. Isn't that amazing?

Wow, I have goosebumps. And so

only because she took on this tough destiny, I was able to survive leukemia. Wow. And this brings me to a very, very high point of view about life, you know, nothing like the angels say is like it seems to be, everything is much bigger. And when you look from this very, very high point and a half guided people through, I have guided 1000s of people through past life regressions, hundreds of people's through soul regressions, and hundreds of people through future regression. So if you have done this, you see much more than just a single lifetime. And so everything makes sense. Everything. Wow, okay, so you healed from the Leukemia through the forgiveness process. And through the connecting with the angels, right? You said the angels, the angel came in with the wings and you felt so safe, then, did that kind of lead you on the path of exploring and deepening your connection with angels? Okay, exactly. Because, you know, even if there was this angel helping me through chemotherapy and everything, it was still a very, very long journey, because I didn't get healed, you know, the chemotherapy destroyed my organs. And I had like four years fever. And I was at a point, I didn't want to see any doctor anymore. I didn't see any either anymore. And I was at a point that I said, Okay, I need, I need God, the engineer, whoever, because now no human being is able to help me out of this situation. And this was my birthday. I remember like, today was my birthday. I said, Okay, I don't go to any human being anymore. I just stay at home, I pray and meditate. And if it's meant to be I will find a way, but not through human beings. And this was the moment what you have said before, like, after two months of deep, deep, deep prayer, deep meditation. I had my eyes closed in the meditation, and I felt like never before the whole air pressure changing in the room. And so I opened my eyes because I felt something was happening here. And there was this huge Angel I could see again was my physical eyes up to the ceiling, telling me finally you can see me finally you can hear me. I am Archangel Raphael, the angel of healing. Well, now you now you can become here. And only six months later, I was healed. And I opened my studio helping people you know. So this was really like the boom moment. Wow, oh, my gosh, your story is so powerful. I have like, there's so much running through my mind. I have so many questions. But I think what I want to start with is, you know, for people who like haven't had those like huge, profound encounters with angels, like how can we start connecting and communicating with them? And do we go to a specific do we seek out or speak to a specific Angel? Or do we just put our hands up and be like the angel that I need come to me now? Why don't we do a lot of possibilities? One possibility, of course, is like really first starting to connect with your guardian angels, you know, because behind you are two guardian angels. One who has a more female energy and one who has a more male energy which are with you from the beginning of your lifetimes. They are not new in this lifetime, if you believe in other lifetimes, but if you just believe in this lifetime, you have them since you're so it depends on Believe and I don't want to persuade anyone, but you have these two incredible beings. And they are with you. And so what you could do if you want, now you just close your eyes, and just turn your head a little bit to your left side and just feel the energy up there, does it feel more female? Does it feel more masculine. And so you can find out which guardian angel is on which side today, it can change, it's not everyday the same. But you will get a feeling and then you turn to the other side of the right side. And you just say, what do you feel there, this is my feminine, this is your masculine. And you have to know that the masculine angel is there to help you to stay totally true on your life's path. So this angel might give you a push in certain moments of your life. So you, you come back on the journey, or you stay true to your journey. And the more female angel is the angel who is there to comfort you to carry you in the really tough moments of your life. And you know, these moments and you have been through these moments I know. So you felt this angel, even if you maybe have not known that it was miss you, you know. And then you start when you get to feel the energy of one side, you start talking and it start asking, and you start telling what's going on in your life. And where you need help is because they are only allowed to help you when you ask. Because they really accept the free will of human beings. So they only help if you ask. And then at a certain point, you start naming your let me know your name, or your names. And I had a very funny story with the client some some many years ago because I have no, no, I don't do one on one sessions anymore. But what's very funny, so he received that one of his car he names his name would be Peter. And he saw that that's just a normal human name. This is impossible. I said, you can ask for signs, you know what happened. So he went out. And he was this bicycle, and he turned around the corner and the car would be in front of him driving head, baby Peter on board. Then he drove further. There was a big big cinema announcement about a movie with Peter and then came into his office. And the only cut which was not 30 was was the name Peter on it. That he called me, of course. And he called me as it is, I mean, it's this inside, as I said, the three signs. What do you need more? I mean, this is obvious, right? So you visited receive signs. Sometimes you don't know the name in one day, not even in two weeks. But in divine time, everything will reveal. And so you can start with them. And you can start talking to them. Whatever is on your mind, whatever is bothering you, whatever you're happy about. And then of course is the angel Archangel Michael. I mean the mightiest powerful angel, like the highest guardian of all of us. And if you don't know which Angel you need, because there are so many a result, you just say Archangel Michael, which my husband calls the CEO of the angels, say, Send me the angel I need now for my situation, please. You know, but the end is love if we get to know them. Like they say you call your friends by name right? Because you know them. So if you want to be really become friends with us, get to know our names and learn more about us. Okay, wow, this is this is so good. So when I look to the left, I definitely felt more grounded masculine energy. And I felt like a hand on my shoulder a very like reassuring like, I've got you. And then on the right was more like a twirling like floating energy. That makes sense. And when I turned right, I actually saw this like huge, bright light and felt this just light really light energy. So yeah, that was really, really cool. And I actually have a story about Archangel Michael. So I had never, like heard like, thought much about angels. I don't even know if I really believed in them and had they just never been a part of my like life or conversation or anything like that. And I went to this business conference about three years ago, and there were like 600 people there. And well before I get there, I'm on the airplane reading this book. I read Gabi Bernstein's book. I forget which one it was, but I think it was super attractor, where she talks about the archangels and I'm like, that's cool. I'm like that sounds. It's also out there, but like, I'm open to like, I'm open to all the woowoo stuff. Like, let me just open to this and see. So I read about Archangel Michael and a few of the other ones. And I'm like, that's cool. Okay. And you know, she said something in the book, like, just ask them to come in and be like in your space. And I was like, Okay, that's cool. So I go to the conference, there's like, 600 people, and I was like, getting really overwhelmed by how many people there were. I'm an introvert. I'm like, oh, so I texted my coach at the time. And I was like, Hey, I'm feeling really anxious. Like, do you have any tips for me because I really want to enjoy this conference and receive what I can receive from it. And she said, we've, we had never, ever talked about angels before. And she said, Ask Archangel Michael to come in and protect you. And I had just read it in the book and on the plane, just played with the idea of like, oh, Archangel Michael, like, come in, and be with me, like, just kind of like, oh, let's just see what this is all about. Like, I don't actually know if I believe this. And then when my coach texts me that, and we had never talked about Michael or angels or anything, and she just said it as if I would know. It was like, instantly, just like shock and like, overcome with this, like, calm, grounded energy, and like tears in my eyes. It was, yeah, an insane, insane experience. And I mean, what you just told us just really a divine synchronicity, I mean, hello, in the plane, and then this, this is just how it happens. These are the signs that it is true, you know, and you just have always to look for synchronicities. So that is exactly an example where you can really find how they are working with you. This is so amazing. Thank you for sharing. Thank you. So So it's about asking the questions. And then it sounds like it's looking being open to seeing the signs. And is it also like a listening like, is it listening to see what you hear? Like, what does it feel like when you receive a message from them? It's very, very different because we have at least four channels with which we can receive messages most of human beings are clear sentient, they feel the angels the feel the answers, then there's a part of people who are clairvoyant who really see, then a part of human beings are clear audience who hear the messages. That's me. I mean, a lot because of being a pianist. In my first profession. I'm really trained to listen, so. And of course, there's the clear knowing the clear, Cognis conditions, I think you say in English, and this is very difficult to know, because, you know, things out of the blue, but I don't know whether they are true. So this is sometimes the hardest channel to be sure. But the point is, you have to find out. What is my first channel? I mean, is it that I feel things, you know, if you go into a group of people, like you said, as an introvert, you feel a lot. So your first I don't need to know more, I just when I look into your field, I know it's just clear sentience is the very first of your channels. And then but what I also see is that the second one is Claire y&z of you. So you really should go through the feeling into the seeing. Okay. And then a very, very important thing is you always can find out when you go into memories of the past, please beautiful memories, go back into beautiful memories, maybe the last beautiful vacation you had or whatsoever or something happening in nature. And when you go back what is the most important thing you realize when you go back and this also has something to do about your channels? Do you feel the feeling? Do you see do you smell what is coming back to you when you go back to beautiful memories this also assign which channels are more important or less important. And I wouldn't go to train the others first I would go to really work with the channels which are already natural for you. And then it's very, very important to know when it is really a sign and when it is your ego speaking. And a lot of people still don't know the difference and think when the ego is speaking that's guidance. But the question is whenever you receive a sign medicine, you have to go within and you have to ask yourself, Am I in peace right now in my EMI and a high frequency right now? If you are you can be sure it's assign? If not, it's very mostly sure that it is your ego talking. Yeah, yeah, I totally resonate with that because whenever it's you know, my mind's my ego It feels very like frantic, urgent, scattered. But when it's, you know, my intuition or receiving downloading a message, it feels very, like a calm, like knowing and I resonate with the knowing channel as well just like that feeling of like, like, I'm like poof, like, it just popped into my like, I can't even say mind, it's not my mind. It's just into my like, awareness. Almost it's, yeah, so interesting. You have all the four channels, you just have to have to really go deeper. And you will have also more of the Claire audience, because I received immediately that you get a lot of messages through music and texts. So this is also kind of clairaudience, you know, a starting clairaudience. And all of a sudden, you're you start listening to the I know, it sounds weird, but to the voices of the ancients. My gosh, I love it. No, nothing. Nothing's too weird. No, you know, because in former days, you would say if you hear voices, you have to go to one. Yeah, that's so interesting, I'm sure that plays into why a lot of people have a hard time hearing because it's been conditioned out of us. And you're crazy a few years. Yeah, exactly. And there's, there can be a very thin line between someone really listening to the right voices, or someone really being like, schizophrenic I had to do with schizophrenic people. So it's very different from the outside, it might look very similar, but it is not. You know, I have been living with a schizophrenic person. So I know, really the difference how it shows there and how it shows with me, you know, are the people who really get very, very clear messages hearing. Yeah. So good. So let's talk about I don't even know how to ask the question, because I want to say like, who are some of your favorite angels? But favorite isn't the word I'm looking for? who are who are some of the ones you really want to talk about today? Are that you have a really powerful connection. Yeah, I mean, for sure, Archangel Michael. But I think he is very, very well known. So we don't need to go much deeper in in here. But the other angel, of course, is Archangel Raphael, because a lot of people have health issues. It doesn't matter on what level you know, it can have to do really, this physical disorders can be emotional, it can have to do with whatever, you know, whatever. Rafa is really the angel you should have in your life every single day, because he's also great for you to choose the right food, the right things to eat. Because what he says is very, very interesting. He says, There is not one diet, which is right for everyone. And your body is different every single day. So you should not automatically eat the same every single day. But you should. Yes, you love it, right. Oh my god, I love it. Because I used to be an intuitive eating Coach. And this speaks so much to me. It's just I think it's like a moment to moment. Exactly. What's right moment to moment, it literally might be what's right for you. Now, literally, it's gonna be different in an hour, exact minutes. Exactly. And so he always tells me and also my students, because I teach a lot. And he always says, you know, before you eat, or before you think about cooking, if you do that, tune in with me, is my emerald green light. Just asked me to surround you with my emerald green light, and then go into your heart and into your body, you really be present, not just up there just here in your body and ask me what is good for me now. Oh my gosh. And so really Urraca is incredible for that. But he's also incredible, if you have really some kind of health issues, to really go and meditate with him and to go deeper because you want to find the underlying cause not just treating the thing, you know, because underneath every illness, there's something else. Yeah, other themes beneath. And sometimes you know, people go from Bondoc to another to another, and they never get here. Because it's about something which is in the soul, or something which happened in the past, or something which is not forgiving. There. What I have found with Raphael and all the 1000s of people I've worked with, if people don't heal, there are two main reasons. One is unforgiveness. And the second is past lives. Yeah, yeah, I think it's always like there's always an emotional energetic, of course, route going on with every physical symptom or ailment, that's at least at least my belief, of course, and until it's ratified close to you, you find it easier, you know, because so you can find yourself and then can look for the right people to help you. Because maybe you need other people to help you then just Doctor Hmm. Gosh, so beautiful. So Archangel Raphael, especially in these very interesting times we are living in right now. You should have and have him at our side every single day to do the right decisions to make the right decisions. So, of course, I love him because he saved my life. I mean, he's just one of course of my favorites. But to be honest, like I said, Before I tell about every angel or about every Liping. It's one of my favorites, because I love them. So much. So but another angel I really want to really bring into the place is Archangel Jophiel. Because Archangel Jophiel is the angel who helps to beautify our thoughts. And the most people are not on the positive thought form side, you know, a lot of people are much more negative than positive. And sometimes I make the show, I would love to have recording machine for my thoughts, just to know. Yeah, and then you would see where am I? Am I more than 50% positive or where am I and so Jophiel is really the angel to help us to change our thoughts in one second. Because she told me in hospital she was the one was the rings and hospital, which I didn't know in that moment. You know, when I was she was one this knee every single day, every single night, speaking with me affirmations, and being on the positive side, no matter whether I would be dying or not. She was the one who carried me through. She's incredible powerful on that, that side and, and she is the one to help us to see beauty even in the darkest moments. She's the one to help us to see things for which we can be grateful even in the most tough moments of our lives. So this angel is so important for all of us. And so what's what's something we can ask her in the moment you feel you're going downwards, the downward spiral, just say, okay, August chills, please surround me right now with your maganda colored light of love. And just breeze that light in, you will feel a difference immediately. Because just do it, you will feel it. She's there, I can see her. And then Madison, look around the room wherever you are. And name three things in your room that are beautiful. And you will be immediately in the not back in the now and back on the positive side. It works like that. I feel that that's so good. And I think sometimes we forget that we can shift that quickly. Like it really can happen that fast. And we don't have to go all the way down the spiral. Like as soon as we have awareness over we do have the ability to shift that. And I have I have really an incredible story about Sofia, which I would love to share. Because I know you have a lot of people in your audience also which work on having a positive mindset, which is which is also a speciality of yours, as I see. Right? If I see Dr. Phil Yeah, so that's what I see in your field. So there was this woman who wanted a session with me and I was like booked in advance for months, but I felt I needed to take this woman and she came to me for one session and told me she has panic because her daughter was already born ill she was now around 12 or 13 years old and you have no clue what illnesses she all had and how many chemo therapies and and she said every morning when she combs her hair, she counts the single hair in the brush which a daughter has lost again. So there was panic pure and of course I gave her a session on lots of levels, but her only homework was In the moment, panic would come back to name three to call in Archangel Jophiel breeze in her life, and then name three beautiful things. She did it like 20 times a day at the beginning. After one month, she asked me, she called me again. She said, I'm so much better. I just did it every day. I don't know how many times but I'm so much better. My mindset is, and she has been this healers in Brazil, she has been all over the world. Then she asked me Do you have one session for my daughter, I said, of course, bring her. And I didn't so called Angel Trump's coaching with the daughter and I had no idea about the life of the daughter. Besides she was all the time ill. But I got exactly the animals she loves. So I made a trance coaching with the right animals just out of intuition out of guidance of the angels, and programmed her to heal. Three months later, the mother was in a workshop of mine Angel workshop communication with angels. And we had an evening break. And afterwards the session got on and she she told us I may tell you something. May I tell the whole class something? Do you know what happened today my daughter was running a marathon and she got hurt. And she's helped me all because of you. Oh my gosh. And the real miracle was that the mother changed because the fear of the mother let the daughter here you know wow. So the the like container she was like holding for the daughter wasn't for healing. She was so afraid to lose the bottle. So this very, very little. So simple exercise was chosen to change the whole frequency of the mother. And then I did one single healing session on the daughter and she had been with I don't know how many doctors and in all over the world they flew everywhere because they had the money to do so you know. But it was this one session with the mother this one session with the daughter which killed everything. And now the mother is helping people who are in the hospital and going to die so she gives back to people because she's happy you know? Wow. That is so incredible. Oh my gosh, I love that story. Thank you so much for sharing so please trophy and have trophies in your life. And you always see the half food last and not the empty glass or you see the full glass because never ever is a glass. Empty because there's air I see it always full, you know, because there's an every experience of our life lies a lesson. And if you can look even from a different angle lies the gift. Yes. The toughest lessons lie the highest gifts. Yes. Oh my gosh, that is so beautifully said. So okay, can you tell us about I don't know how to say American Marine Joel's Mary and Joseph. I wanted to share about that today. And I'm excited because I have no idea what this market you know, I'll still in that, let's say healing journey because the chemotherapy had really destroyed my organs. So I was really like, I could only eat like a baby because I couldn't digest anything because everything was like destroyed. And so this was this moment when just Rafa had come into my life, the encounter, you know, remember? And then he told me, you know, if you want to hear, you have to go to France. And you have to go to nice in France, because there's a place which is called even on the map, Bade his ownership which means beach of the angels, and you have to go there, and the miracle will happen. Bad medicine, I had no money at all because the whole healing story had cost us so much money that we just we didn't know how to afford a flight there was no money. And but I trusted him Rafa said this there will be a bit that I got a telephone call from a nearly 80 year old friend. And she said, I don't know why, but I have the feeling I have to call you and I have 1000 euros too much in my account, which I don't need and I had the feeling you need them. And so I couldn't imagine that but she wanted me to have the money. So with that money, my back then fiance and I traveled to know my husband. But back then fiance we traveled to nice, and I always have loved the fairy tale. A little mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen. Maybe you know it The Little Mermaid. For me. This was never a fairy tale. I always felt it was true. So I was quite sure there were angels in the ocean so I'd one day I went into the ocean at that place which is really called beach of the angels and as it hello hello angels of the ocean mer angels hello and then I heard this voice Hello hello hello finally are your greeting us and I willing to be healed if you talk about us afterwards course and you have to imagine I saw six of them six with the most beautiful faces the most beautiful women I have ever seen with fish tails and different colors from metallic blue to turquoise to green, Ember agree it was amazing and this huge, huge angelic range. And they told me their names one is Sarah Fira. One one name is Danny, other one Claudine, Pauline gleniffer. And Joyce Lynn. And I had the feeling that came from different spaces like Don instead of here from Greece, choice and from Ireland, greater fair from England and collodion Pauline, of course, France. So they told me, you can find us everywhere Oceanus, we don't depend on the place. But we will now start to liberate you from all the toxins of the chemotherapy in your body. Wow. And they asked me to lie down into the ocean on my back, like this famous figure of Leonardo da Vinci. So they had space to go between my legs, between my arms between our body, and I could literally see how they pulled out, gray matter, grade, dust, dirty energy out of all my organs. And as I told you, I could only eat like a baby, I couldn't eat normal food anymore for quite a long time. And after one week, they told me now, your stomach, your liver and your gallbladder are detoxify, they're fine now. And you can eat for the very first time you can eat a little bit normal food. And I said, No, I don't doubt. Yes, you do. And truly, it was the first time in four years, I had dinner and not just something like a baby, or just rice, more like vegetables, and I could eat it. And I had no stomach ache afterwards. The next day, I went to the doctor, and he said, I have no clue what you have done. But your liver, your gallbladder and your stomach are fine. I have no clue what you did. Of course, I couldn't tell him I was working.

Yeah, they'd be like, All right, we're gonna put you in the word for crazy people.

And I had more, I had one more week and they worked on other organs. And after that, I went home. And they told me now you're, you're ready to really start doing several energetic modalities to learn them to open your practice in a few months, four months later, you have to open a studio to work with people. Now you are fine. Just two weeks with the mayor angels, but they are not just for house. They are not just for a house, therefore much more. They're also incredible for manifesting, like also on the new moon, which is today you know. And so, together with the MER angels, my now husband and I manifested our dream apartment, we were sitting at the ocean. And it was time because ours was too small. And we needed just more space. And so we they told us write down what you want. Just make it very clear what you want. So we wrote everything down. Also that we have two offices one for my husband, one for me, just the same size. So this is like it was really funny. And then we went home and we felt it was not the time to look yet. And then one evening my husband said so now I feel it's the right moment. And he looked into the internet found I think like three or five. And he gave me the the apartments as at this is the one next day we got the date to see it and we are still living here. It's just our dream apartment. We are just the ones who got it. And it's known that Munich to get an apartment is not easy at all.

Wow. Now it's your husband and two angels as well.

Yeah, yeah, absolutely. I mean, he was not before we met. Okay, but you know, he saw my five surviving and that nothing helped. But in the moment the angels came hid in. He had, he had a normal job by them. And I called him at his office and told him today I did my first channeling and he didn't even know what was Shannon. But then he saw from the day, og ns, Rafa came in all into our lives every single day, I got better. And before nothing had really helped, you know, so he knew this was true. And today, he has written even more books about God, and I don't know that me, so. Very cool. So does he have his own business? Or do you guys kind of work together, it's like, mine is a little bit bigger. So He supports me on the business side, because he comes from the business, okay, but he didn't do it at the beginning. So I built the whole thing like six figure by myself without going like this with the angels. But at a certain point, I realized I have the wrong people in my field. They just took advantage of me. So I had to, I had to bring someone in who I trusted completely, who would overlook the others. And so I could be the creative part and write like this in there. But he also has his own own business, which is called divine consulting. I love that title. He also works with people and and and has written I mean, I have written thicker books, but he has read more books. Wow, I love it. That's so amazing. Oh, my gosh, so good. I thought it was really the story, you know, because he saw it. He wish he really saw the difference from the moment. The angels were in my life like this on speed dial. So that's why he is the one saying Archangel Michael's a CEO. Just ask the CEO if you need help. I love that. Wow. So good. Something else I wanted to ask you. So I heard you mentioned on Natalya his podcast that it's really important that there's not just meditation, but meditation and prayer. Why is that? And then how? I don't even know if this is a question like Barber, like, how do you go about praying? Because for me, like, I never grew up with religion. And I think I had almost like a negative view of like praying like, oh, that's like a weird, like, yeah, so I associated it with the more like, the kind of religion where it's very, like forced and guilting and shaming. And so I kind of like stayed away from that. So I'm like, super into meditation. And I would say, maybe done a little prayer, but it's not something I've ever really open to. So I'm curious to hear like, where where do we get started? You know, you don't need to use a prayer which is written, you just can say your own words to whomever you want to, you know, so how I like to call it as like a hotline. Number If praying is like a hotline and meditating is receiving the answers, you know, so the one is being active and maybe asking for something, praying for something which you really want to have helpers. And then you sit in meditation, and you start receiving the answers. And for me, it's like, I think, I don't know whether I told it in Italian podcast, but I grew up in a family on one side, my father was whisked into yoga from age 13, on in a time where no one did yoga. So we have like Krishna Modi, and yoga, and on the other side was Jesus Christ. So this was very funny, because it was very open minded. It was not about this strict guilty thing of church also, but it was very, very open. And, and so my father was very into prayer also, but in this way, like, he knew already back then, that there were a lot of scientific proofs. That prayer would really change people's lives or people's health. And the most powerful experience I had by myself was when when I had leukemia, and I was in hospital for nine months, which is a long time nine months in hospital. And most people can't stand a week in hospitals or nine months. Yeah, and I have really people pray for me all over the world. Ali from Brazil to the states to South Africa to I don't know England, I it was like I had the feeling like 24 hours seven there were prayers for me and someone was in sending a candle lightning a candle for me. I'm praying, and I'm absolutely sure that is also helped that I'm still here. And at a certain point, I told my mother because I had the feeling people would send me to different energies, which was not helpful, which also didn't help the fever, it always got up and up and up and up. And I had the feeling people thought they can send me their energies. But if the energy is not high enough, not pure enough, it doesn't help. So I asked them or asked my mother to tell all these people to please pray for my highest good whatever this meant to be. What was the choice of my soul for this incarnation? What did I want to learn through leukemia, and not what they wanted, that I would survive on whatsoever. So whatever you are praying for, I would always add for the highest good of all concerned, because then you never go into manipulation, which is so easy when we wish for something, you know, or some people want a special partner and they want to manipulate the partner into their lives through prayer. But this is not a good idea. Because as I told you, there's always a bigger picture. And we should be open for knowing that they, like beings know better than us. So whatever you ask for, always say, also, thank you, because Thank you, Grassi. Mercy is more powerful than please. And say for the highest good of all concerned, and then you can never you mistake. I love that. And it sounds like it's less about praying to get something and more about praying to allow what's in the highest good. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. And you know, so I never pray for someone to survive. I always pray that whatever happens is for the highest good of that person, if the person is ill, I send all the beings but I never send my own energy because I don't have the highest picture about all the lifetime about all which is concerned. So I always pray and people ask me for prayers very, very often. So just today, I had one, two people rich one had a very tough thing to get new teeth, and the other words and had a severe operation. So of course, I'm always praying, but I'm never praying with my energy. And I'm always sending the angels of the beings like Mary Magdalene, Jesus Christ, Archangel Raphael, because I know, they know what these people need. I don't know. I just know a little bit. You know? That's so powerful. I love that. Thank you for sharing that. So if you have time and you're willing to I would love if you can lead us through a little meditation or prayer that you feel called to today? Yeah, I have no clue. We wait Who is coming? Let's just do it. You know, okay, I did. Okay. So, look up through your third eye was open eyes, just be present in the here and now. Next to your third eye. And reason deeply. And while exhaling close your eyes in slow motion, and give your brain the command to go automatically into a deep, relaxed and very mindful stay. And we do this with this command to help you to get into that state is one single breast easier and easier. And now feel the powerful presence of two beautiful mighty Archangels. One is Archangel Michael, who is well known and the other one is Archangel hanya, the female counterpart of the archangels to Archangel Micah and Archangel Michael asks, you know, to breathe in and out deeply with a soft house and to really let go, because he will now cut the chords, the chords which are not of love and light, which attached you to certain situations, persons and places. And also he is also cutting through the attachments of others towards you, which cost you energy. So just breathe in deeply three times to let go when Archangel Michael's doing his powerful work. and see becoming a lighter and lighter, being more in your own energy and not surrounded by so many other human energies. And our HANYAN is unfolding you with are powerful and yet so soft and smooth and tender silver ly connected to the lunar side within you. And breeze that light in, no matter whether you feel more female or more male, everyone has both sides within. And then Archangel Michael is surrounding you with this powerful golden light, the solar light. So your feminine and masculine sides get balanced through the silver and golden lights of Haniel and mica, breathe it in deeply and feel your energy changing and becoming more and more balanced. While at the same time. Also, the two hemispheres of your brain get synchronized by the silver and golden lie. And now fear, fear fear that I mentioned changing, changing, changing and the two Archangels take you by your hands. And you travel through time and space, space and time. Time and space and your reach this incredible beach of the angels, the beta zones in France and you can listen to the ocean lesson was beautiful sound. And all of a sudden, six of the most beautiful beings you have ever seen chump out of the water. And these are the six marriage of gleniffer Joy Iceland's that are FIRA Dannic, Lodine, and Pauline. And they ask you to come closer and if you feel like can even dive into the ocean, just to feel that energy closer and closer. But if you don't feel like going into the water, it is fine to and now the work was a very special sky blue light energy show to detox your aura your auric field from all the energies which don't serve you anymore. This wonderful pale blue lie is very soft, yet very cleansing and you can see your our changing and becoming wider and brighter and lighter. And then the mayor angels build like a circle or a half circle if you're not in the ocean around you. And they asked you to go deeply into your heart which is your true heart wish in this moment the Wish Your Heart and Soul truly want to experience in your life what is it and if you know just give it to the spute equals six beam and they will take your fish and connected the tides of the ocean, the moon and everything which is connected to the moon the tides of the ocean and the stars and then the divine time Yogesh will be there Even better than you can imagine, if you surrender, and let go for the highest good of all. And if you wish, so ask them a question before it is time to leave. And you might receive the answer now, or a bit later. As for angels, there doesn't exist a linear time. Just be present. And listen, this your inner and outer channels and then say, math see from the bottom of your heart, and goodbye. And it is time to leave again, because my colon hanya. And you can feel or maybe even see that I mentioned changing again, and you travel, bear, bear, bear back into the here and start stretching to really come back into your body and are present within your life again, breathe and EP three times. And then you feel ready. Open your eyes again. Namaste. Oh my gosh. Wow, that was amazing. Thank you. So all I'm curious to hear you know what everyone listening experience. So feel free to tag us and share on Instagram or reach out to us and let us know, I would love to hear and I'm sure you would, too. What kind of like, flowed for me was when you mentioned the feminine angel before you said anything about silver or the moon, I like saw this like silver like blanket wrapping me. And then like, almost like shooting upwards to the moon, which was really crazy. And then you literally said Silver. And I was like, Whoa, that was crazy. And then the part where you had them, you know, take our hands and moving through time and space. What I immediately started seeing was a beach for you mentioned the beach, which was so crazy. And what I kind of experienced was that, while they were moving me through time and space, they were like taking me to experiences in my life that needed forgiveness. And were helping me like go to all those points in time and space that needed forgiveness and give, like do the forgiveness. And then I've tried to think like what kind of like came through on the beach that what I heard when I was like swimming in the water was like, open your hands. And it kind of felt to me like, like, let go of the grip just like open allow receive. So yeah, that was really beautiful. Thank you so much. I was going on a wild ride. You know, it was it was very, very short. And the reason why you saw it before I said it is the following. Because I don't tell a story. I don't tell them meditation, whatever I say is what they show me. So it's there. And I say and what I see and what they tell me. So it's nothing I make up you know, so that's the reason why you could see it before I was saying because it was there. Wow. Oh my gosh. That was beautiful. And so you see you are clairvoyant, because otherwise you couldn't have seen it. You know this is the sign No. Yeah. Oh, wow. Very cool. I'm excited to see I feel like yeah, there's more that's going to unfold today from from that. So I'll have to keep you posted on what happens. But wow, thank you so much. This has been so incredible before I have you share how everyone can get your books and work with you and find you. Is there anything else on your heart or from the angels that you want to share today that we didn't cover? Yes, I want to share something they tell me I shall do it's Jophiel who says it? And she says always remember how beautiful you are. And never doubt yourself ever. Thank you You so much because the weakness of most human beings are their doubts. And if we truly remember who we are that we come from a spark from heaven, that in reality, we are angelic beings in the human body, who are we to doubt our worth? We are worth so much more than we can think of. And when we truly remember that every single day that we don't need to prove anything to any body to be someone, then we can truly do what we are meant to do. Wow, thank you so much. That was amazing. So where can everyone find you work with you get your books, all the good things? Good things. So the books xs because I think you have probably international listeners, the books exist, some of them in five languages. So French, Italian, English, Spanish, German, of course, everything is in German, not everything in English. And you can find me on Instagram itself on follower or Isabel from follower on Facebook, where I have a huge following because I'm quite old. Nobody thinks that but I'm more than 50 years old already. So quite some experience on this planet. And so yeah, but you can find me on Facebook and Instagram or on my website, www dot Isabel fun And I don't do so many English events right now, but I always do them. So if you follow me, you get to know also go on my newsletter list because I have it in three languages. So if you are on the English list, you will hear about the English events if you're in the German one you get above the German man. So it makes sense because we have three lists like English, Italian and German Newsletter Lists. So if you want to get to know, and I do these kinds of evenings with long meditations, not just so short, also in English, just done one last week. So you can find me and at the moment I don't do one on one sessions, but sometimes I do so in case you feel like

maybe the stars will align. Never know you never know. Yeah. Thank you so much. This has been amazing. I so appreciate you being here.

Thank you so much for reaching out. And I love being with you and in your energy. And I wish you all the best lots and lots and lots of miracles. And congratulations for your 100th episode on your beautiful podcast. This is you have to celebrate that. Yes, yes. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for listening to the magnetically your podcast. If this episodes are of do I ask that you share it with someone who could make a difference for or share it on social media and tag me at magnetically you make sure to hit subscribe so you don't miss any of the magic. And it would mean the world to me if you would leave a review on iTunes. Thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart for being here. And I will see you in the next episode.

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