Have You Tried Not Trying? Part 2

podcast May 28, 2022


This is part 2 to last week’s episode so if you haven’t listened to that one, go do that first :)

In this episode, I’m sharing the juicy story of how things continued unfolding in the most magical ways after recording the episode last week and really allowing myself to let go of efforting and “trying”.


In this episode, we're chatting about:

✧ The magical manifestations that unfolded as I continued to lean into “not trying”
✧ How I manifested the ideal clothes I was shopping for without even trying
✧ How I manifested an incredible speaking opportunity without even trying
✧ How to shift from feeling like you’re on an easter egg hunt but not finding any eggs to feeling like you’re just living your best life and keep stumbling upon the eggs you desire
✧ What it means and what to do if you are having trouble releasing resistance in a particular area of your life


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Full Episode Transcript:

Hello and welcome to the magnetical U podcast. I'm your host Madison cert I am a mindset energy coach here to help you feel your freakin best and manifest a life full of magic miracles and abundance. I know that whatever led you here did not happen by coincidence. So I am so excited and grateful to have you here. So let's let the magic begin. Hi, and welcome back to the magnetically you up Podcast. I'm pumped to share this episode with you it's going to be probably a shorter one like last week, because the point is very clear. It's simple, very, very powerful. And so this is actually part two to last week's episode. Have you tried not trying? This one is obviously part two, as you saw in the title, so if you haven't listened to last week's episode, go listen to that, because that really sets the stage for this episode. And this episode really is just a continuation of that episode. Because after I recorded that episode, I continued leaning more into that concept of letting go of trying. And things just unfolded in the most like juicy magical, like miraculous ways for several days. And it's kind of still continuing and I as I continue to gain more awareness over where I am gripping and forcing and pushing, and then I let go. And then things unfold. And then I notice where I'm gripping and forcing him pushing and clinging. And then I like oh, and things slow. So I feel like I'm now writing a Dr. Seuss with all my writing. But that's also the flow. I've probably so anyways, I want to share with you what continued unfolding because the story is just really fun and really juicy and really brings this concept home and I'm sharing how this unfolded for me because I want you to one see that it's safe to let go. It's safe to drop the pushing and forcing and like efforting and like, Oh, if it's feeling like Oh, sometimes efforting feels like ease, right? So it's not about efforting is good or bad or right or wrong or forcing is good or bad or right or wrong. It's just what is the most supportive for you in this moment. And if there's an area of your life where you've been just like pushing, pushing, pushing, pushing and pushing, and you can't seem to figure it out or find the answers or make it quote work, then have you tried not trying? So I talked more about in last week's episode. So definitely stop here. Go listen to that one. If you haven't already. If you did, I'm so excited to take you on this little journey with me. So after I recorded that podcast, and got to the coffee shop, I ordered a coffee. And it was the most magical delicious cappuccino ever. And I asked him for extra hot and usually when I asked for extra hot, they still give me just hot and I'm like no, I want a piping fucking hot coffee. I didn't tell them that. I sold them extra hot. And it was piping fucking hot. Just how I like it. So that was a fun little manifestation that I was not planning on sharing in this episode. But here we are. So I got my coffee. And I asked them I'm like, do those tables outside have Wi Fi because they were looking very appealing in the sunshine. And they said that only the first one reaches the Wi Fi. So it's like, okay, well, I will get the first table. So take my stuff outside of my coffee. And lo and behold, the only table open is the first one that connects to the Wi Fi. So I'm like yes, even better. And I just sit down. And I was already in the flow of like letting go of trying. Right. I had been trying to force the podcast to happen. And then I let go. And then it flowed. I was trying to make I gotta get this email done for bi weekly email this week. And I really owe so much resistance, couldn't bring myself to do it. I don't have any ideas. I don't know what to say. What do I What should I say? Oh, I should do it because I need to do it today. But I don't know I just said right. I was just going in fucking circles with my own resistance. And I was like, I'm just going to sit down. I'm so happy. I've got my coffee up in the sunshine. I've got my computer like this is a whole vibe for writing an email. So I was like very like excited. And I still had no fucking idea what I was going to write but I'm like, let's just see what happens if I go in here and do this email without trying at all and I just see what my hands start typing. And, of course, the email flowed like I was just having so much fun writing the email and like I didn't know what I was writing. I was just writing it as I went and it just flowed so beautifully and it's having so much fun with the sun like beaming on my face and sitting at this perfect table. And I had just like something that felt like it was going to be such like an uphill battle right

getting myself to do the podcast getting myself to get this email done all of a sudden, once I let go of needing them to get done, pushing them to get done, trying so hard to make them get done, make myself out of the motivation making myself out the ideas. As soon as I let that all go, it just like flowed so easily. So what felt like it was going to be such a huge ordeal then became like, literally in 30 minutes I have done both with so much ease and joy and fun and hosting. Wow, that was easy. So fun. So then I was like, had plenty of time before I was leading this meditation for this company, I was doing an event for to go shopping. So I was like, I'm gonna go shopping around here. I've definitely been wanting some new clothes. I feel like I've just like evolved so much that my style is like changing so much and pretty minimal with my clothes. Like I really like to just have like, I like to only have things I love. Like if I don't love it. I do not want it clogging up space and energy and my home. So anyways, I've really minimized my clothing, but like, okay, like a few more things. So I'm gonna go shopping, shopping and shopping. And I was like my meditations in two hours. I gotta hurry this up. And I was like, fell back into the trying mode. Like, where are my clothes? I've got to find them. And then I, by the end of the shopping, I was like, I hadn't found any clothes I liked I had a headache. And like that was not fun, like, no. And I felt like what I felt like I had gone on an Easter egg hunt for hours without finding any eggs. So I was like, oh my god that was like it. It wasn't a fun kind of Easter egg hunt. It was like a stressful. So anyways, I thought to myself, Okay, I don't want to go on an Easter egg hunt. I want to go like on a walk. And I just happened to stumble upon an egg. Like, I want my clothes to find me that is what I desire. I was just thinking that's how I wanted it to be and I noticed the trying the forcing the trying to make the clothes happen, make the clothes be found by me on my timeline. And I let that go. So a couple hours later, I went on a walk. So that was in another neighborhood. I went on a walk in our neighborhood. And I felt called to go in anthropology even though I'd already been to an anthropology 20 minutes way. Something told me to go in there and like, okay, so I tried on this romper that the other store had, but they didn't have my size. And it was way too big. So it was like, okay, whatever it didn't fit. Like I'm gonna go back to my walk. And I walk out of the door of the dressing room. And this girl is wearing the cutest fucking outfit ever. And she asked me she's like, Oh, does this look good? Do you like this? I'm like, Yeah, looks fucking good shit. Like, I'm obsessed. Where did you get that? And she was like, I found this that was like a score and a crop top like on the two opposite ends of the storm one on the secondary one on the bottom, like totally opposite ends. So obviously, well, not obviously because she saw them but like I had been in this like, finding mode was shopping. So I wasn't like I think I was like missing over things that I would have liked. Because I was like, trying to get there rather than like looking at what was right in front of me with the shopping. So I walk out the door. She's wearing this perfect outfit. I'm like, oh, there's there are my clothes that have came to me. There there is my egg that I wanted to go on a walk, stumble upon an egg. And not only was it one egg, it was two eggs together that matched and went perfectly together into a whole outfit. So it's like Fuck yeah. So I grabbed the store fitting room person went and got me the outfit. And I went to go check out it was great. And while I was checking out, they're having technical issues with the computer. So it's taking a while and I'm like, whatever. No problem like I'm floating around, like living my best life like Ottawa shopping, like doing my thing. And I'm just looking around while she's trying to figure out the computer and I see some jeans that look really cute. And I see some jewelry that looks really cute. And I'm like, wait, I don't think I've done here. So I told her I'm like, I'm like if it helps you like is it? Like I might go actually look at those jeans and try them on while would that help you so you can like there was a long line was forming behind me. I was like why don't you check these people out and then we'll come back to figuring out my thing because I had a gift card and she was having trouble getting the gift card activated. She was like Oh, that's great. Thanks. It was like when when perfect scenario definitely meant to have the technical issues on the computer so that I could look around and see oh, there's some other things I like so I grabbed the jeans and I was like well what else have I missed in here?

that I like. So then I looked all around found like 15 things that I really liked to try on. So I went back to The dressing room, tried on all those things found lots of things I loved, loved, loved, loved, and just so comfortable, very my style like just fucking fantastic finds. And I found this jewelry that looked exactly like the jewelry I had pinned like a week earlier on my Pinterest mood board, or brand board, you should I should say, by the way, I'm rebranding. And it's almost done. The website may take a few more weeks, I'm so excited. Oh my god, it's so amazing. Anyways, so I found jewelry that looked exactly like what I had put on my brand board on Pinterest. And I was like, This is great. So then I go back to the checkout, my gift card works. And I check out and I've found all of my clothes, right without having to go on it like stressful hunt. It's like, I just went on a walk. And then they came to me. So that was just like, of course, of course, of course, of course another area where I continued putting this into practice, right. So I had recorded the episode. And this is something like the I've been, you know, living by for a couple years now just like you're letting go letting go letting go. And I keep continue going into deeper layers of allowing deeper layers of letting go deeper layers of living in the unknown now, because that truly is where infinite possibilities lie. Instead of constructing reality into one way things have to be when we can hold a light touch and an open hand. We it just opens up so many more doors. And we can have so much more fun along the journey. And so many more opportunities, common ways that we never could have even expected and the and the expected ways. So yeah. So anyways, I had actually, earlier this year had a few months period where I had kind of lost sight of my inner voice lost sight of this and really was in like a pushing mode. And that was a huge turning point. I think it was a couple episodes ago. What did I call it? Hold on? I'm gonna look because it's a great, it'll be a great one to listen to after this episode, if you haven't already listened to it. Okay, let's see, oh, Episode 124. It's called What to do when you feel disconnected from your intuition. So I got disconnected from this earlier this year, and I am back more connected than ever. And it happened. I mean, I just saw the whole journey of how that unfolded in that episode. And you know, what you can do and how I really reconnected and like, it just happened so perfectly. Like it was as if I was meant to be disconnected. So I could come back, like a million times more connected. So that's a great episode, if you want to go check that one out. So anyways, the last few days as I recorded this episode, it kind of like brought me even deeper into this, allowing and letting go of the like pushing and trying. And it was just like, manifestation after manifestation, juicy thing after juice, you think like Google like whoa, what's gonna happen next, in a very like, open, excitable way of like, let's see what happens. Let's see what unfolds. So yesterday morning, the day after all of this had happened. I got this amazing opportunity. So I had been looking for, and putting myself out there for corporate speaking and meditation events. And also non corporate to I don't know why I said corporate stuff, the ones some of the ones I've done have been in corporate. So I'd been you know, sending some messages on LinkedIn, you know, putting some feelers out there, right. And it was fun, right? It was flowing until it wasn't flowing. And then it became like a trying thing. And then I was like, Okay, I think I want to like, lean back on this for a little bit. Because it's not feeling like the fun thing anymore. And just see what happens. So, yesterday morning, a day after I had recorded, you know, the first part of this podcast, and really been just like tapping into it. I had this company reach out saying hey, we have a mental health awareness event today in like three hours. And the person who was supposed to lead it had to cancel for an emergency. Are you able Are you available? I was like, yes. What is your budget

and their budget it was an amazing we'll just say it was an amazing manifestation for me to lead an event and get paid so so so so well, for something that I absolutely fucking love doing. So then I had two hours to like shower, get ready, prepare my outline, because it was going to be like a speech slash workshop, and then a meditation that I was leading. And so I had to put something together and get ready. Oh, are in two hours. And I was supposed to within that two hours lead a one hour private meditation session. So I was like, All right, time wraps all around me. So I show up for the meditation session that I'm supposed to lead. And she didn't show up. And it was like, of course, she didn't show up because this is what exactly what needed to happen so that I could have the space to really prepare for this event. So I had full two hours, which is plenty of time, it probably would have been really tight had I had to do that meditation sessions, or just like, of course, it unfolded in that way of like, I could have never predicted that yesterday, I was going to wake up to like, Hey, do you want to get paid a lot of money to lead an event in three hours, and they like literally paid me like an hour later. And it's just like this. This is the kind of like juicy unfolding miraculous potential embedded potential like doors, opening, flowing, having fun doing it being in your joy and things just like unfolding in ways better than you could have predicted or controlled, or dried and strangled the world, the universe so hard for. So I am excited to see like continues unfolding. I was just thinking like one of the podcasts just because every episode, I just share the unfolding. I'm not gonna do that, don't worry. But I'm like the unfolding. It's just gonna keep going and going and going. So like, I'm like, what if something happens tomorrow, really exciting that I need to share, but I don't need to share it. So I'm going to continue allowing the unfolding, I'll share what I want to share. But for now, I just wanted to Yeah, share this episode to really bring home last week's episode for you. Because it's such a simple concept. But in practice, it's so miraculous and so juicy, and so fun and so magnetic. And I wanted to just share my like real life experience, experiences with it to give you that example, and inspiration and motivation to really try this for yourself. So like I said in the last episode, I would encourage you to give this like a one week trial, you can call it your one week drop trying, experiment. And think of an area in your life where you've been pushing or forcing or trying so so hard to figure it out. And nothing seems to be like unfolding how you want and you feel like you're on this Easter egg hunt, and you're hunting, hunting and hunting. And it's getting very annoying and tiring. And you're not finding anything.

So where in your life have you been feeling like that? And what might happen if you let go of hunting, and instead lived your life and came upon the eggs as you went along? stayed open to them. Were like, oh, let's just see what happens. To what what if you let go of the trying and played with let's just see what happens. So I'm really excited for you to try this. Like I said in the last episode, if you try this, which I highly recommend you do, please let me know what unfolds for you send me a message on Instagram at Madison dot Arnhold AR n h LT, I would love to hear how you apply this in your own life. And if you're having trouble releasing resistance releasing the trying and your life relationship career business or like a particular area, there's probably some old like stuck energy and emotion. So that would be a really, really good time to do an inner voice session. Because in those sessions, we release that old stuck energy that's ready to go, which releases that feeling of like being like, weighed down bogged down by something which can free you up to making the letting go making the allowing easier. And then it also opens the channel to your inner voice, which is also what we'll do in this session. So we will be having a direct conversation with your inner voice, also known as intuition to really like release those. I don't know if I love the word blocks, but release those like blocks. It's like the sun is always there. But sometimes the clouds are in front of it. So it's like we're just going to allow the clouds that are ready to pass to pass. And then we will see the sun, your inner voice intuition shining and have direct access to it to receive that guidance that is most aligned for you because all of us are unique consciousness in human form. And we're not meant to live someone else's steps or paths or live like literally we all have our own unique ever unfolding path. And the more we can release the old stuck energy that's keeping us in old patterns and old conditioning and really connect with our own intuition and our own guidance system. It's like the path becomes so miraculous and so juicy and so fun and things just like that. The synchronicities and the manifestations and the magic and That began to unfold is truly unbelievable to the mind. But the enterprise is like so if you want to book one of those sessions or package, you can go to Madison arnhold.com/inner voice and if you enjoyed this episode, slash, if you enjoy this podcast, it would mean so So, so so much to me if you would be willing to take the time to leave a review. So I have a goal to reach 100 reviews by the end of the year, and I'm at 38. So I need your help. I would really love to Yeah, reach my goal and, and the reason I want to reach that goal is because the more reviews I have, the more it supports me and reaching more people and obviously, selfishly like I would love to hear your feedback like that really keeps me going and gives me so much joy to do this podcast and to continue showing up and sharing. So if this episode of this podcast has meant anything to you, or positively impacted you in any way I would so appreciate if you would take the time to leave me a review on iTunes. So that is all for this week. I hope you have an incredible rest of the week. Definitely let me know if you try this, although we've already established that it's not trying. So I'm excited to hear from you and I hope you have a magical rest of the week. Thank you so much for listening to the magnetically you podcast. If this episode served you I ask that you share it with someone who could make a difference for or share it on social media and tag me at magnetically you. Make sure to hit subscribe so you don't miss any of the magic. And it would mean the world to me if you would leave a review on iTunes. Thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart for being here. And I will see you in the next episode.

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