Freeing Yourself From Expectations and Playing With the Magic of the Universe - With Alea Lovely

podcast Nov 02, 2020

I had sooo many “holy shit my mind is blown” moments in this week’s episode with Alea Lovely. Alea helps people discover and move past their blocks through empathetic energy healing, mediumship, channeling, writing and mentorship. She has such a beautiful, UNIQUE perspective on spirituality and self-growth and our conversation went SO deep...seriously it expanded my mind to places it’s never been before. This episode is going to rock your mind & world (in the best way possible). 

In this episode, you'll learn:

✧  What it was like for Alea to connect with spiritual entities as a young child
✧  How patriarchy has colonized religion and robbed us of our feminine ability to use our intuition to interpret what spirit is saying
✧  How to let go of resistance and allow yourself to be guided by the universe
✧  Why we don’t actually know what will make us happiest
✧   How to let go of expectations and instead PLAY with the magic of the universe 
✧   What it means to be an empath and how to tell if you are one
✧   How to protect your energy if you are an empath
✧   Why being authentic attracts the exact opportunities you need to grow


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Alea Lovely helps people discover and move past their blocks through empathetic energy healing, mediumship, channeling, writing and mentorship.


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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the magnetically used podcast. My name is Madison cernik. And I'm a master mindset coach and food freedom expert. You're in the right place. If you want to manifest a life that means you jump out of bed excited I have every morning, reprogram your mind for success and happiness, feel your best and become magnetic to everything you desire. For me, killing my relationship with food was my gateway into mindset, spiritual and personal development. And now I am obsessed. And I realized the same thing became true for so many of the women. I've coached through my course the subtle art of food freedom, and doing the inner work around food became about so much more than food for all of us. So that's what this podcast is really about that expansion, expanding that inner work to all areas of our life so that we can become the most magnetic confident versions of ourselves and achieve our biggest dreams. If you're like me, and you're obsessed with personal development, then you are going to love this podcast. So let's freakin do this. Welcome back to the magnetical UI podcast. I have la lovely here who I am so excited to interview I've been listening to her podcast for a few months. And she is just a magical human being and has so much wisdom to share and just channels some beautiful, beautiful messages and teachings and she ultimately helps people discover and move past their blocks through empathetic energy healing, mediumship channeling writing and mentorship. And I know you guys are going to love her. And I'm so excited to have here. So welcome to the show. So happy to have you.

Thank you. I'm really excited to be here. I feel honored that you've been listening to my show. Thank you

I love it. I love podcasts. I am like always on the hunt for ones that resume in yours definitely does. So thank you, man to be. But anyway, so I want to give you a chance to tell us more about your journey and your story and kind of like how what led you on this path to where you are today.

Thank you. That is a incredibly loaded question. Of course. For most people, it was like a nice my whole like 38 minutes. Um, yeah, so I grew up highly religious family. Super Christian, we like to say soup, Chris, in the Senate. And, um, and and from an early age was able to connect and or communicate with spiritual entities of some sort. So very sensitive child, my father also has this gift. But it's not like does not like to talk about it under really use it, my grandmother as well. So it's kind of like something that's been, you know, passed through the family. But growing up, there wasn't a lot of space for me to be that person. So growing up very religious, a lot of the things that I was seeing did not align with what our beliefs told us existed, and what couldn't exist. And so if I was seeing these people who had passed away, who were kind of trying to get a hold of me in some kind of way, then, you know, it didn't align with the fact that they should be in heaven or hell, so it must have been the devil or something. And it made very scary it made connecting to my intuition, very scary. So at some point, maybe around the age of 10, I shut it down, shut down my ability to see because I was able to see people here and things and you know, like stuff moving in the house or whatever. And so I'm never really paid much attention to it until my grandfather died when I was 16. And when he died, he came to me in a dream that my father also had. And we have the same dream where my grandfather was contacting this both. And in my dream and goosebumps. My dream, my grandfather said, you know, go and tell your father that I said that. Yachty said, Hi, because my dad used to call him Yachty, not daddy. And tell him Yachty said, Hi, and just, you know, don't forget when you wake up or whatever. And so when I got up, I was like, it was weird. And I went to see my dad, and I was like, Hey, Dad, like I had a dream about Grandpa, and he leapt out of bed. And he was like, What did he say? And before I could say it, he said daddy said hi. And I was like, yeah, and he was like, That is crazy. Leah, he said to me, I'm going to tell your oldest because she's the most open to tell you that I said hi. So you will know that it wasn't a dream and then actually came to visit you.

Oh my gosh, so that was crazy to me. And it scared me a lot because I was like, ah, like I don't want to play with this energy because the Devil You Know, and until then I got a little bit older and I moved out of Kansas City where I'm from and moved to London to be with my then my now ex wife, my ex husband, then boyfriend. And we moved there and just had this like massive awakening at this point, like just kind of like really kind of binding all of my foundational truths. And coming to a place where I didn't know myself anymore. I didn't understand what it meant to be a person who was not a Christian. And what did it mean to be someone who was not, you know, essentially, like, my whole worldview just completely flipped upside down. And so that was a pretty rough tumultuous a few years where I just didn't understand myself, the relationship I was in was pretty toxic. And it was just difficult for me to do and have behaviors where I chose myself. So through the process of my now ex marriage, there was loads and loads of lows and things that happened as catalysts were my ex husband was what I would consider a narcissist. Obviously, that takes lots of psychological evaluation or whatever, but had a lot of the typical traits and a lot of mental and emotional abuse that I underwent. And at some point, had to get to a place where I was like, I need to choose myself, I need to understand and figure out what it is what direction I'm trying to go. And so when we made this big move to New York, there was a time and place where I started meeting people that were a lot like me, and people that were like, and it was like, Oh, it's Yeah, if you're different, it's fine. You know, like, in fact, it was better if you were different, the more different the better. And I started to find my people. And I started to find like that, okay, when I go out into the city, I felt more alive than I did when I was at home with my partner, and then recognizing what the word empath meant. And I read like ran over some article and it was like, you might be an empath if, because I thought at this point, I was having debilitating anxiety. I was having a lot of breakdowns, a lot of depression. And I was like, I just don't understand why I freak out when I go to the grocery store. Why is it so difficult for me to be on the train? Like, you know, why do I have this this difficulty with crowded places? I'm a social person, what does this you know, mean? And so coming across that was like, like a second massive awakening where it was like, Oh, I'm sensitive. Oh, yeah, I forgot. I used to see ghosts. When I was a kid. Like, it just all kind of started rushing back towards me. So upon my realization of that, and we started to really hone in and take back myself, the relationship that we we had fostered had completely disintegrated. And I left, I said, Okay, I'm done. I don't want to be in this anymore. This is not this is not good for me. And, yeah, and kind of move forward in that. And so then, like the universe does gave me these people who were mentors who opened kind of the gate to this way of thinking and redeveloping my worldview and not just my worldview, like myself view and rebuilding from there. So New York completely changed the game for me while I was there, and then I started meeting people who were other people were psychics and other people were mediums and other people who were into like, weird shit. And it was just so cool to be able to be actually get to be myself. And in that all of my gifts came rushing back, except my ability to see as far as like, I still see things here and there, but not to the clarity. I used to see them and still have dream prophecy still have like lots of other stuff. But anyway, had that process and then ended up having all these kind of essentially, what rug pool moments where like, you make all these plans, you're going to do this thing or whatever. And the rug kept getting pulled from underneath me, where the universe was really trying hard to direct me into a different direction. And I was so resistant to it. I was like, No, I'm this photographer, I'm going to be a Vogue person, I'm going to bla bla bla. And universe is like, Nah, like, you're not going to be a photographer anymore. And you're not going to go live in Paris or any other place that you think you're going to live, you're gonna come back to Kansas City. And I'm like, Fuck, no, like, that's where I'm from. That's where all of my trauma is. That's where people told me I couldn't be this. This is where I learned about racism. This is like, No, I don't want to go back to this place where I've experienced all this stuff. And it forced me to come back to my roots where I still had so much pain. And in that process of unveiling all the pain I tried to leave again COVID hit and I had to come back again. So I was in Bali for a couple months. And then I was getting ready to do this world tour and like travel the world and universe was like nah, again, we are God tells you to do this stuff. So anyway, through that process, I'm at the love of my life. I have like all this, you know, this new path and direction that's really taken hold since last year, as a as a part of the universe being like, here we go. We just want to you keep asking for this thing. We keep trying to go this way. We're just going to put you over here. And so yeah, so that's kind of what led me to today and being you know, this podcast hosts where I started the podcast. Spiritual shit, hoping to find a space to make what I what everyone else thought was weird, normal. Like if there could be a mainstream place where we could talk about all this stuff, and people would at least look at it and be able to make their own decision about it without guffawing. First, there's so much stigma around spiritual things. I was like, I just want to create my community. And if it helps for people, I'm good. I had no idea was going to have the response that it did, but apparently University. So as kind of like drawing in my community and my people and getting weirdly like, I'm not someone who like wants to be famous. But like having this kind of platform to be able to speak to people and help people, delineating the purpose that I knew I heard of a NASA vision three years ago, where they were like, you're going to use your voice. This is how you're going to help other people heal. This is how you're going to awaken people. And I was like, I don't understand what that even means. Now, you said earlier, you like podcasts? I don't. I don't listen to podcasts. I don't listen to my own podcast. Like, I'm not someone who will sit and listen to talking for a long time just because it's a lot of like energy for me. And so I was like, What do I know like about starting a podcast? Like I don't know anything. So I didn't even start listening to podcasts. When I started one. I was just like, Alright, let's see where this goes. And and here we are.

So cool. I love that. And I this story about the dream with your grandpa is so so interesting. And I actually had a friend Come on the podcast recently who had she had like a near death experience and her like grandma came into her dream and it was really, really cool. So I think that's so fascinating. Speaking of dreams, so not not that this has come up. I'm like, Okay, I have to ask you. So I had this dream. The other night, I was like sleep fast asleep. And I like see this like woman and there's no clarity in my mind's now what she looks like, but she's like, standing at the corner of my bed, like covering of my bed while I'm sleeping. And like, it felt so real. And I was saying like, is that you? Is that you? Like I knew who it was?

Mm hmm. And then I woke up? Well, I don't I thought that I was awake the whole time. Because I genuinely thought there was like, I seen a ghost. And I like started running around, I turn on all the lights I like look at my closet. I'm like this was felt so real. So do you have any like thoughts on like that because I know you talk about dream interpretation. So I thought of Yeah.

Now I'm not a dream interpreter. However, I do know I've had 1000 dreams like that. Like, I've definitely had people standing over my bed. I've had them where I knew for sure I was not asleep. Like there was no like, the time where I went to bed or anything like that. Your recognition of them in some kind of way either represents a part of you that you're not like opening up to yourself, like a part of your subconscious that you're not recognizing, or actually someone who's trying to visit you. Someone who's probably close by I know I've had an experience. So many of those were people standing over my bed. And I've in fact asked them not to do that. Because it's scary. Like, don't worry, when I'm sleeping. I'm not even asked my ancestors to protect my household I started to put sell and I and my window seals to keep negative energy out like just to raise the vibration in cases anything scary. So I do know that it's coming from a higher vibrational plane, not necessarily what I would call earthbound spirits. You can also there's so many factors like where's your what's the house you live in? What are the items, what you brought into your house? Like? Did you cleanse them first, like there can be loads and loads of energy interference. We have an episode where we talk about spaces and haunted houses and the kind of idea that someone doesn't have to die in your house in order to visit you at some point because that's kind of a common misconception. So it's possible that it was a dream and it's a part of you that you're recognizing it's possible that it was an ancestor that you are familiar with and you were recognizing at the time, but couldn't come to record question record recollection, recollection there we go into this this life because what happens to when we dream, we go into the astral plane. And that is where we remove that veil. It's kind of like, you know, dying alive, essentially. Like we are able to transcend that veil that keeps us from remembering a lot of that stuff. This is why when we have these visceral dreams of the stuff that happens, it's like, Why can I remember that thing? When I was in it? I was so yeah, but I can't remember once we cross the path and the barrier. So this is why during full moons, like people have more of these like visceral dreams that they can remember. It's why during the time of Halloween, there's so much of this like hulu's you know kind of stuff because the veil is thinner. It's also why 3am seems to be the time when a lot of that visitation happens because they're saying that veils with the astral realm is thinner than.

Wow, okay, that is so fascinating. I'm so glad I asked. Okay, so Bring it back to your story. So I know you mentioned how like you kind of were questioning like, how do I go about nothing in Christian? And when that's kind of like the identity that I grew up with? Would you? Would you identify with a particular religion now? And like? Do would you want to speak more about like, what what it means to you the difference between religion and spirituality? I love this question.

So first, I want to say that there is, I don't want anybody who has a particular religion, first of all the things that I'm saying, You can't have your religion, there's something wrong with your religion, or whatever. But I will say that in our current society, and the way that patriarchy has kind of went around the world and colonized religion, essentially for for more of the masculine energy, it's robbed us kind of deeply of our feminine, where we draw intuition, and where we draw in a lot of our own ability to kind of interpret what Spirit is saying. So we lean to other people to tell us what our spirituality is. And so for me, religion is I saw a meme that said, legend is like a fishbowl inside of the ocean. And religion is one perspective and one lens of what spirituality is, and you're more than entitled to hold that lens. But spirituality gives you access to so much more without having such a definitive barrier against what else could be beneficial for you. And so for us, so good, there was such a process in kind of ripping away some of the walls and barriers that kept me from being able to glean in my own understanding of the way that the universe works. Now, granite, I believe in reincarnation, and loads of world religions believe in reincarnation. And in my Christian faith, it didn't, it didn't like that was not something that was okay to believe in. And I recently had a discussion with my mom, and I hope you don't catch fire with this. Because I know this can be quite quite controversial. But the conversation is all welcome here. Okay, good.

The conversation I had with my mom was that I was trying to, and this was recent. So I had I hadn't been a Christian for like 10 years. But she was trying to tell me that she wanted her and my dad wanted to buy a new house. And so she took my dad in the house to see like, because someone had killed themselves on the house. So to see where, where it happened, what happened or whatever, because my dad can Intuit those things. So he figured it out, found out they called the realtor found out that was true, verified everything. And I got miffed, because I was like, that is not fair. I get the side I every time I talk about energy, if I do energy cards, if I talk to my grandma, if I tell my mom, I talk to my grandma, you know, like I always kind of get the like, that's the you know, taboo. I was like, but it was okay for you when you needed to buy a house like, okay, not. So we got a discussion, because then she tried to tell me, no, but you're trying to access things through tarot cards, and this and that. This is not how you can access God. And I was like, if God is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent. All these things, and God can be accessed through any direction or any way. You're just limiting. Like, you're saying, This is the only way that he can do it. But if he quote unquote, he, she. Yeah, right.

I love that. You said that?

Why can't he reach me? She reached me this way, you know? And so then we got into this kind of like debacle, because I was like, you know, Mom, like, you're really scared of all these other attributes, but I'm not. So is it possible that the highest power in the universe gave me these gifts and didn't give you these gifts? Because you're scared of them? Or maybe he did give you those gifts, but you don't want to use them? Like, who are you to tell me that I'm, I'm not I'm not connecting right? or whatever, because it's not through your lens. So then we got into it about Bible what the Bible says or whatever. And I know quite a bit about the Bible, because I read the Bible three times. And I went to Bible school. And I've been a devout Christian for, you know, good 25 years of my life. So we went into that, and she was like, what I said to her was, I said, Okay, first of all, is there possibility, a possibility, just one possibility that there is a single typo in the Bible? Very simple question. And she said, No, there's not. And I said, Tell me why? Because first of all, it's been translated like a billion times and like, I'm sure, even with my ex husband, he was from Poland, he would ask me sometimes and say, is there a word for this? And I'm like, and we kind of go back and forth and say, like the there would be something very significant lost in translation, translation between one word and higher context.

And so that was where the breakdown for me started to happen, because I was like, this is this was written in Greek this was written in Aramaic. This was written in Hebrew, and it's been translated into English and which English is missing like this English is very simple language, it's missing a lot of synchronicities of things. So for instance, in the Anunnaki, where they talk about the fallen, the fallen angels or whatever, even the Bible where they talk about like Lucifer was a fallen angel. But that word fallen could also be reinterpreted as the one who came down. So someone who incarnated in earth rather than someone who fell from heaven. Does that make sense? So in that very specific delineation and language connotation, completely change, like the animal homology of the entire context is completely changed. So I asked her is there, do you think that there's possible there's one type? Well, she said, No, God would not allow for there to be misinterpretation of his word, in order for us to make sure that everybody had an opportunity to access Christianity. And I said, Well, there's a problem there, because the Bible is not accessible to certain other religions. And those other religions of those people are going to hell, which we already know that she's, there's this whole like, idea build, they'll get to know the world, but they have the chance to share. So if you're born in another country, or you just so well, like, what kind of God is that, that the Americans or Western people got it but like, everybody else didn't get it? Like, if your God let it be available to everyone, right? And then I said, and this, to me, was the most potent point for myself. I said, if we don't live multiple lives, if we don't come back, you're over and over and over ticket and I say, You're right. But if reincarnation does not exist, then at most, we get maybe 80 to 90 years on this earth to grasp an entire concept. That is hinges our eternity, our entire eternity on. So if we don't get a chance to go, Oh, I messed up that first life. Let me try it again. Whatever, you don't have an opportunity to do that, then where are we before we come here? Okay. Where are we spending time before we come here? We're in the ether with God, right? And if we've spent aeons with him before he created our soul or winning creator, so who knows, energy cannot be created or destroyed even according to even to the Bible. So if we're hanging out with him for eons, and then he's like, Alright, go to Earth, then that would mean that like, Okay, this broken system of like, my son had to come down and die for you guys, in order for people to be able to be saved, you would have an opportunity to just stop sending souls here. Like, why continue to create more souls for a broken system? why not create a whole new world where you can have this this caveat, you know, like that, you'd have to do that. That doesn't make sense to me that, in fact, that seems tyrannical? That seems insane. That seems like, okay, you want to keep bringing people here to worship you in the event that they can catch a concept or not? And then they're damned to hell? Yeah, like, you don't want to worship a God like that, that for me that that breaks me to think that that would be that. And if that was the case, then it would be the most gracious thing to do is to abort a baby. It would be most gracious thing to do to kill a child before they were at the age of, I call it like, age of acknowledgment or something where it's like, the child is not accountable for being saved before certain age or something like that. Which I was like, that's stupid to like, also, what about the aliens? Do they get to get saved? Like, do they go to heaven? Or hell, like did the same? Because Because people you know, Jesus died for the earth like did that does that apply to other planetary extraterrestrial anyway? The whole thing, sorry. Like, just beyond me, I said, it doesn't make any sense. It can't make sense if we don't at least get another chance to figure it out. And like this idea behind karma and whether or not you do good or not, or whatever, that resonates with me a little bit more, but not quite. And so with this fight that we had, essentially end up becoming a fight. I don't want to fight but, um, it I didn't want to take that away from her. Because that was something that for her, that was her whole thing her love life with Jesus, you know, and I was like, if this is what Jesus was teaching, this is not something I want to be a part of. It doesn't make sense. It doesn't make logical sense to me, and also doesn't make loving sense to me. And my mom was like, Well, Jesus, or God is also a jealous God. And I'm like, then he's not God. Because if he's perfect, and all the ways in which we view God, then he is probably just an alien. Who is playing this game with earth as a giant experiment.

Yes, so Gosh.

Anyway, sorry, that long tangent just to say that for me, there, there are aspects in which I believe humans have gotten parts of it right. You know, I do believe Jesus was a real person into archetype of some sort. But I do think that humans are flawed in the sense like we history repeats itself. You can look at Atlantis, you look at Rome, you can look at now, like empires in which men and women, but mostly men get together and decide what they want for the futures of other people in order to retain power. And when I learned about the Council of Nicea, where the Roman Catholic Church got together and decided which books would go in the Bible and which wouldn't, and then they burn the rest of it. was like, What is the point? What is in the burn books? The books and I was like, if you can take stuff out, then you can put stuff in. And that was the end of my Christianity.

Oh my gosh, wow. Okay, everything you just said, like blew my mind but also resonates with me so much because I never resonated with religion ever. I always was questioning everything kind of like you have like, Well, why does that have to be that way? Like, it's why is it separating us into this good versus bad. It's like, I feel like that's just such a human tendency to bucket things and good versus bad. And it's like, there is no such thing as good or bad. Except for our interpretation of good or bad which we've created. And to think that our, this, you know, being that we idolize is also like bucketing people into those good bad categories. I'm like, that doesn't see me divine. Good.

Yeah, it doesn't feel good. It doesn't feel accepting, it doesn't feel loving. And it's like, if the person we're idolizing isn't accepting of all people, then that just doesn't resonate with me. So I mean, if you created or sheeple that, you know, it's like, Okay, if you're the Creator, create people that you like, don't create, like, I mean, the whole this whole aspect of freewill is like, it's kind of bullshit. Because I mean, yes, free will, should exist. But the idea that this in the Christian, I can only speak to that that tradition, because I've studied it the most. But in that tradition, if free will is actually a thing, then telling someone that they're going to go to hell, or believe in this thing is not free will. It's caught believe this, or you have consequence. That's not freewill. That's like, do you want to go to jail? Or will you just we go and follow and go to this church, like, I'm gonna go church. So like, it doesn't really present a true choice. And without true choice, there is no free will. So it's bullshit.

Amen to that. Oh, my gosh, I love that so much. Thank you so much for openly sharing all of that, because I think a lot of people are unwilling to share such like, yeah, just different thoughts on topics like that. So I so appreciate that. Okay, so I know that you mentioned in your story, you had all those big rug pull moments, which I'm gonna start taking that phrase, I love it. And like, basically, the universe was kind of like, nudging you in this direction, and you're resisting. So like, in those moments, where, you know, we kind of know, the nudge, keeps coming, keeps coming, we keep resisting and pushing, and we kind of feel like we're like out this war with ourselves with the universe, like, how do we, instead of like pushing against kind of, like, get in flow with and like, let go of that resistance? Does that make sense?

Yeah, it's a wonderful question. Um, so to give some background on what she's talking about the rug pull moment, I had decided that I was going to move to Paris, when I was living in New York at some point, and I was like, I'm gonna move to Paris, I'm gonna do this. Eight months of preparation. My lease was almost up. And my landlords were saying, like, you got to sign another lease or not, or you got to go. And I was like, I don't have my visa yet. I just need to make sure I got approved for my visa before I can let go of my apartment. And they were like, no, like, you have to decide now. So I call the visa office, and they're like, Oh, don't worry, you'll get it, you have all your requirements, you're like you'll be so I let go of my apartment and faith. And when maybe three days later, after I sold everything, I got rid of everything and moved out. I got the visa back. And it said I didn't get it. And so I was not only now homeless, but I had nowhere to go. And I already had a plane ticket booked for some work that I was going to do in Paris while I was there. So I went ahead and went, but it was so sad because I was like, I'm not gonna live here. This was supposed to be the trip that I was supposed to move here, whatever, which meant that I had to move back to Kansas City, because like, this is where family was I crashed with some friends for a while. And it broke my heart because I was like, I'll never move back to Kansas City, you know, had a lot of like, anxious because this is where I experienced the most racism. This is where I experienced the most rejection. This is where experiencing the most, you know, people judging my spirituality and in other things, and also that, that connection with family about that, you know, and how that was I'm close with my most of my family, but there was just a lot of areas in which I didn't feel like I could be mean. And so I'm sitting there, and I was talking to my guide, I have a guide that I call Karen, before that Karen stuff started ever was art coloring of that, but, um, she she's a spirit guide. And so she asked me and she was like, you know, if you could move to Paris, and you didn't get you know, the man or a child or you know, whatever, in the next four years, would you still thought it was a good decision? And I was like, that's weird, because I hadn't thought of any of that like that at all. I was moving to Paris for my career and it was gonna be fun and I'm gonna learn French and you know, whatever. But I confronted that and I was like, she says, Why did you really want to move there? And I was like, because I want to learn this and this all the stuff I just told you. And she was like, Don't fuck with me, tell me the truth. And I said, I think it would be easier for me to find love. And I didn't even know that I wasn't aware of that. I didn't know that that was hiding the subconscious that I was running somewhere else to find love. Because here in this country, I'm a size 12 I'm a black woman, like I was having such a hard time on the apps, like men always using me or treating me like I was not not a priority. And I would see my beautiful thin white friends getting taken to concerts, and you know, bought breakfast, and I was getting like, Hey, can we fucking get your nuber you know, just like stuff like that. And I was like this, this, this dichotomy of this treatment just feels so rough, you know. But when I was in France, it was felt so different people were super romantic, or whatever, they big guys in a different way. It's the same shit. But like, anyway, I knew that impression that like, okay, that's where I need to be where people will appreciate me and where I will be loved. Anyway, so Karen got with me about that. And I ended up moving back in with some of my friends for a few months until I can get my own apartment. And like, my, I'd was like, this is your year to rest. You know, you're in New York for two years, busted it, you got divorced, you had all this stuff happen, you had years and years of trauma, like this is your year depressed. And I was so mad because I was like, I had this thing I want and I was gonna do it. And universe was like, Nah, like, we want you to rest, we need you to rest because we have a completely different direction for you to head like you wanted you wanted this, you know, and it's so funny, because sometimes the things that we want, are not what we expect. It's kind of weird. Like sometimes, when random wife says beautiful quote, I'll butcher it. But basically, it's like, you don't know what will make you happy. Because to experience highly higher level of happiness, like you hadn't experienced it before. So you're always only creating an ideal of the past of what you thought would make you happy before. So if you really want to be happy, you've got to be present. And you've got to be without expectation, because the universe will bring you something new, that you won't be able to map out, you won't be able to really plan out, you'll think that you're trying to achieve this thing, universe will be like a pivot. And you'll think that that's, you know, like them taking the rug from underneath you, it'll hurt because you already had this trajectory of the direction you were going. But when you're in this place of surrender, the malleable pneus of the like, the guiding is a whole lot easier. I'll tell you that. So I took this year for us. And then I got back into my masculine. I'm like, What am I gonna do next? And they were like, We told you bitch to rest. So haha.

We're October I was getting it. And I was like, I want to go somewhere. I want to do something. And instead of moving to one country, I said, Why don't I move to like, eight, you know, and do this, like, remote gear. That's what it was came across my thing. And I was like, Okay, I'm gonna do this remote your thing now or whatever. So I decided I was going to Bali because Bali was not on the register. But I wanted to go to Bali, went to Bali for two months, and then went to France for a job in the COVID hit had come back. So remote year got cancelled. And I was back in the city. And I was like, This is the repeat of last year except with a pandemic, that's 2020 and go to hell. Like I was so mad because I was like, I've experienced this now two or three times. And so I said, All right, all right. You know what? You win hands up white flag. I'm done. Like deciding what I think I'm done kidding myself and thinking I know what's best for my life. I said, Okay, hands up. And when I did that, in the previous years, that was always met with an attitude of defeat, always. It was always like, fine universe, you're just trying to punish me and I never get what I want. And instead, this time it was I was just so tired, and so beat down. And I knew it wasn't personal, because everybody was experiencing all this, you know, stuff around COVID. And I was like, Okay, what will you have for me? What do you have for me? What do you want from me? and beautifully. A couple months later, I met my soulmate, like this person who like is like, I mean, literally, our birthdays are a day apart. We're just energy match. Like, we're very similar and like, he's not perfect. I'm not perfect, but like we're perfect together. And the situation Kansas City in Kansas City, where I kept saying, I will never meet anybody here, you know, like, never be loved and appreciated.

Exactly. And it's kind of funny, because you've kind of like your pile in your face. Like all the things you said couldn't happen and the universe is like here, hold my beer. You know? It's like Shut up, sit down. Let me do my work. Okay, you know, and I was just getting in the way and so I've so many other things have happened since then. My trip to Bali. When I came back. I was pissed because I was like, I literally just moved out. Have this apartment building and I'm in now, two months prior, and then had to come back, go get a lease move everything that I just moved out back in. And I was like, this is just, you know, like, just so butthurt about having to do that same thing all over again. And, um, you know, now we're looking for a house, you know. So it's just like, it's so crazy how quickly things change. But these rug pull moments, you know, are, I believe, essentially the universe saying, like, Hey, you asked for something, we're trying to give you that thing. It just doesn't look how you think it's going to look, the direction may be different than what you anticipated. Mind you, the universe knows a lot more than you do. So when you let go of those expectations, you're in for an easier ride. Like I just said, Okay, here, I'm gonna plug in the GPS universe, you take the wheel, I'm gonna fall asleep in the passenger seat, like, let us know what's going on. When we get there. You know, obviously, action is needed. But when in that way, you're not resisting and pulling the wheel in all these different directions and causing these car accidents and these detours and getting lost and you know, whatever, you just surrender to what's happening, and let it be what it is. But it's so difficult for us to let go of control because that will require a level of vulnerability that is really hard to come by, when we're trying to protect ourselves from what we don't want.

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And like, you're busy over there obsessed with x. And like, here, I am, like, ready to take you to three levels higher of happiness, or whatever it is. So I love that. And the way Yeah, the way that your words came out, just like it really hit and spoke to me. So thank you for that. And speaking of the expectations, like how, how do you go about like letting those go and getting into that surrender and, and even the feminine energy of surrender, and flow and letting yourself be be guided to the next steps?

Well, first, you know, I feel like most of my surrender recently is come from the universe's hitting me like, you know, get all the way. Um, recently I've kind of stepped into, like, you know, whatever supposed to be will be. And what's meant for me won't miss me. I say that all the time. what's meant for me won't miss thing. And so, in this process, for instance, we're looking for a house and today, I prayed. And I said there's this one house that we're kind of really like but we're we're you know, kind of teetering or whatever. And like maybe there'll be a bidding war or whatever. And instead of getting attached to what I think I want, or what I think is available, because that's another thing we have to talk about lack and scarcity. Because a lot of times the reason why we're holding on to something is because we don't think we will get anything better. So we were like This is the expectation I have to be with this guy, even though he's not the best guy for you, you don't think anything else will come through. So you're holding on to something that's not that great for you. And I prayed today and I said, Okay, if this is not the house, we're meant to have let someone buy it today, let someone else have a contract on it, let something fall through, like make it very clear to me that this is not the place. And I won't be attached to what I think I want. Because what I think I want could actually wouldn't what I want what the universe knows I want, there could be something so much better, but I just can't see it yet. And I've abandoned you know what I said earlier, that idea, I think I can am I kidding myself if I think I know what's best for my life. But more than that, like, universe has eyes that that I don't have. And sometimes I think that the universe holds something in front of us that looks close, but not quite to see if we are willing to trust that it will provide what it is that we exactly need. And so I've done that before I've settled for the decoy. And, you know, it's it's a lot of suffering. And it's like, oh, this is not quite it, and you try to force it make it work. And it's like, I'm just tired of doing that. So my getting into B has been as a result of me been just tired of having to fight and fight anymore. I don't want to so if it's not for me, I'm not gonna get attached to it. So, you know, just to give you an example, with houses, like I'm not a huge example, but for me right now is like, okay, like, what's supposed to be ours will be ours. And when it's supposed to be ours, it will be hours, when I get into fear of like, okay, but I want to have it by this time, time is a big one, right? your city and time we operate within this time, not realizing that space and time are almost the same thing. Like they kind of operate within each other. And it's like the way we can manifest and like how we can operate and bend those things to our advantage or disadvantage. We just have to let go of the way that we think everything is in this linear construction. x equals y. No, it doesn't. Yeah.

Oh my gosh, that's been coming up for me so much and huge. It's huge. Especially with manifestation. Like, we think things are the straightforward kind of like, okay, not the equation. Yes, there's a very masculine way to look at it. Yeah. But when you're in your feminine, it's like, I don't need to abide by these rules of like, what everyone? Okay, just giving the house example, like, the market, okay. Like, oh, the market is really tight. And you know, like, you got to put an offer down really quick or whatever. And it's like, No, I don't like what's meant for me will be mine. So like, when the right house, it'll come to me, I don't need to worry about like, like, what you think the market is doing right now. Like, I know, the power of the universe, like, I don't need to abide by your linear construction and your rules of your, you know, your material things, I can manifest this. And with that belief, I've been able to let go of so many things that weren't for me, and manifest what was perfect for them. And it's, it's just been kind of an interesting process that, like, there's just so many shifts that happen when you start playing with the magnetic pneus of the universe, and that playing with that magic would rather play with the magic, then try to look at something and say, Okay, this x equals why here's the box here. This is what I see in front of me, this is what's real. And it's like, no, I play with, beyond what I can see, the universe does things that I cannot explain. I see ghosts and shit, you know what I mean? So it's like, why can't I have what I want? Like, yeah, if that's what's meant for me, you know, and sometimes we want things that are not good for us. And there needs to be a distinguishing because sometimes people think manifesting, man, whatever you want, but sometimes the things you want are good for you. Sometimes the things you want are out of place of lack, some things that you want are a distraction towards your actual purpose. And the universe trend, do you favor by saying, like, that's not good for you fighting for those things that are not good for you? Who knows, I could have gotten to Paris. And it could have been a really bad situation for me. And I don't know that that like I do understand that like as a result of that, quote, unquote, rug pool, I was saved in some kind of way. Like this, this new path would not have been even close to my path if I had been there.

Oh, this is so great. I love that you brought up the kind of like the x equals y thing and it's like, I forget the exact number, but it's like our, you know, we can only perceive like point 000 1% of the bits of information coming into our reality at any point in time. And it's like, well, that in and of itself helps me surrender because I'm like, Well, shit, I can't see anything anyways, I might as well just like, not even worry about it. Like, there's so much going on beyond our perception that like, isn't in our conscious control. So it's like we might as well just like let it go and play and feel good. And like it's everything's gonna be okay. The universe is always doing us a favor and That's a belief that I've adopted that's really helped me like I used to get so worked up when, you know, a potential client would reach out, and then they would change their mind or they would disappear. And I'd be like, Oh my god, like, why did they not sign up? and and you know, now it's just like, no, like, the universe is doing me a favor. It's making space for the people who are more aligned. Like maybe that person was a total mismatch for my energy. Like, you know, let me ask you something we don't know. Go ahead. Have you ever fought for one of those clients before? And then regretted it? Yes, yeah. I, I had a terrible experience one time where, yeah, this this woman who in my heart, I knew really was not a match for my coaching. But I thought, you know, it's like, through so much conditioning and Society of how things are supposed to be and it's like, you have to overcome their objections, like, Fuck that shit. Like, if they want to work with you, they'll work with you. Yeah, but anyway, so this was like, probably like, last year when I was really in the like, got a push and overcome all their objections and all this stuff. And this woman signed up for coaching. And five minutes after she paid, she emailed me and was like, Oh, my gosh, like I after, right after I did this, I started crying. Like, I just don't think I can do this. Like she was so stressed about the investment she had just made. And clearly, it was not an alignment for either of us. And I was like, wow, like, I'm so sorry. Like, of course, we you can have a refund. I'm like, so sorry, if you felt pressured any way? And it's like, of course, of course, that was tough. And because it's like, you make the you push, when the universe was either you favor, the universe is doing you a favor. And it's like that could have been someone who maybe cried after every coaching call, like that wouldn't be fun. Or maybe not. Or maybe they just weren't in alignment for my coaching, or I wasn't in alignment for them. And like, we have to let that be okay. Because it can like, yeah, the universe is doing us a favor and bringing us the opportunities and experiences that are meant for us. And it's like, yeah, it could be anything maybe like, you know, it's like, it's like, at that point in his life, I was so focused on like, I need clients. It's like, what if it's something entirely different that the universe has in store for me? So? Yeah, I love that you asked that question.

Yeah, there's interesting, I had a client one time who, and this is when I'm still doing photography, but when I used to do video, and I sold this on them on this huge package, where I think it was like, eight grand or something where they paid, you know, for video photo, or whatever, actually, in reality was actually pretty cheap for what it is that they were paying for. But at the time, I was like, Yes, like, we can buy a new car, finally, blah, blah. Anyway, I worked more for that money than I charged them for. Because like, they were so out of alignment with what it was bringing forward and we sold them as package. And I had hesitation because I was like, I feel like they're gonna be super picky. And it's going to be this, it's going to be that or whatever. But we needed needed the money. And like, and I let that make my decision and push that and I regretted it, I end up having to work with him for a year after that, fixing stuff and going back and forth, or, you know, whatever, it was horrible. I mean, my first marriage, my only marriage, but like, you know, pushing that like, you know, pursuing someone over and over and over and to the point where it was just like, you know, I need to have this, this is what I want. I did all the work. And then I've been I was in this relationship that was so terrible for me. And also a lesson like, that was something that grew me very quickly and got me to a place where this university wanted this. So we're just going to give you this as a lesson, not to punish you, but to grow you out of what it is that you were you were so committed to before. And, you know, I don't think the universe punishes us. I think that there's like things that we fight for sometimes that we're just like, okay, and even when hardship comes up, like the catalysts that come into our life that are for our own expansion, we sign up, I believe, we sign up for things before we get here. You know, abusive relationships, parents like being born in a war torn country, like all those things. In my philosophy, as it stands, you know, you take it this or leave it, but I believe that we come in with certain karma and certain growth that we've desired. And when I say karma, I don't mean punishment, because people most likely interpret that is that you were born in a war torn country because you did something bad and why not at all? I do believe that there are things that we signed up for to say this is Oh, this will expand me. Like our growth opportunities. I see karma in that way too many ways of how it's like these are the areas of your life that and through healing them, you will experience the most like exponential growth. Right.

Cool. I love that. Okay, so let's see what else I wanted to get into too. Let's talk about being an empath because I know you mentioned that before what what does being an empath mean to you? How can we find out if we are one too?


Okay, so being an empath, I think, first, as a definition, my personal definition is someone who is clairsentience. So someone who's able to feel the emotions and feelings and even sometimes pain of other people physical pain. My feeling of being an empath was first, like, at first, it seemed like a curse, because it was just like, I feel super sensitive. And I felt like this was always kind of like, a problem to other people, I would know things that I couldn't explain why I knew them why someone was upset, where they were upset, where they are, their ailments might have been, where they were carrying their pain. And I would, you know, kind of lean, lean into that and found that people were very spiky about that response, like, you know, like, what do you what do you do and asking me questions about this kind of stuff, or whatever. It's also what made people very close to me, making people feel like they were closer to me than I actually was close to them. Because I would ask them questions that would make them feel so understood and so loved and, you know, open up a part of themselves that they were, you know, maybe not feeling as comfortable with being vulnerable to other people with strangers will come up to me out of the blue, like, I used to do this kind of test when I lived in New York, when I was really playing with my empathic pneus. And I was like, like a moth to flame, like, people would just come to me and sit down and start talking to me about stuff. And they're just a community story. There was a one time I was sitting at a bar by myself, kind of playing with this idea or whatever, like I just asked, Who needs to be healed? Is there anybody that I need to talk to? Is my presence going to help anyone here today? And so I sat there, and there's this guy who comes up, sits next to me starts, you know, brushing off saying this thing, or this thing or that thing. And then this other guy that comes up and says, Who is his friend or something? And you can just tell like, I mean, and I say this, from my own empathic understanding, but you could just tell this guy was dripping with pain, like, with like, he was this boisterous? Oh, yeah. Like, I'll buy drinks for you, and all this and that, and whatever. And I'm, like, I can see right through all your stuff, you have a terrible relationship with your father, you've been abused really badly. And he, like I got the sense that he was in some kind of war incident or something like that. He had an accident, that wasn't what tipped me off, there was just something else that was like, ooh, you you've you've experienced actual very, say actual trauma. I don't mean like actual travel. But like things that seemed horrifying to those of us who've never had to grow up in a country where you have bombs going through your house or anything like that. So I was watching him kind of voiced around and be the hot guy who this that and the other and him talking, you know, off the cuff. And he wouldn't, at some point wouldn't stop talking. Like, just would just talk and talk and talk and talk with no awareness around him. And I just, I'm going to stop you. And he was like, you know, kind of like, excuse me. And I said, I understand that you've been really hurt badly by your father. And I understand that you've had some some some crazy things that have happened to your life in war and, and other you know, whatever. You've got some post traumatic stress disorder, you know, stuff. Like I didn't say that, but like, kind of like close to that. And I said, and I can see that you're hurting, you're trying to compensate right now. You want everybody to see how great you are. And you and like, and this is not something by just a caveat, I don't go out and read people like this usually. But he was being so obnoxious, and so rude, and so loud, or whatever. I was like, let me just stop you here. Okay.


And I just kind of gave him this like, outline of what had been going on in his life. And his, his buddy, who was next to him was like, Whoa, do she's like one of those like clairvoyant people or whatever, let's go. And he run, run. He was he was like, how do you know that? Like, how you can't know that? He was like, Yes, my father was super abusive. And when I was 10, we had a, I don't know what they're called, like a grenade thrown through our window, and you know, blah, blah, blah. And my dad protected himself over protecting me. And like, just started to kind of list out some of the things that I was saying, and and I was like, you don't, you don't have to live in this pain anymore. Like, you don't have to be this way. You don't have to show up and try to show people who you are in this kind of way to compensate for what how much you're hurting inside. And I mean, he was like, Can you help me? And I was like, No, I can't. But I like I think that like, you should definitely seek therapy if you haven't already been seeking therapy, whatever. Anyway, this sounds really arrogant, like, but like, there was this moment of this empathic pneus at the very beginning, we're still discovering this parts of my gifts. Maybe that wasn't the best thing for him, you know. But in this moment, I was able, I felt so clearly what he was struggling with. And when I spoke to it, he had a very visceral reaction of like, Oh my gosh, she sees me someone sees me. And now that I'm a little bit more mature, I wouldn't no way in hell or something like that again now or whatever I was like very, that was very arrogant. But it is the that process of being able to feel someone else's feelings to that level of depth. And at the time, I didn't have any boundaries. So I was letting myself get just taken by the swimming's of other people's pain and what they've been going through. And maybe that's not how you feel empathic ness for me, for very specific reasons. I don't know why I feel people's pain, I feel what they're not saying, I feel what they're hiding, I feel where they've, you know, like not been seen for a long time. Like that is how I feel empathic ness. And so it's all the nuances in what they're not saying. So, for instance, with my boyfriend, like he's also an empath, there was a we were sitting in the living room, and I was on my phone or something, and he was passing through to go clean up the dining room. And so he passed through, and then maybe like, five minutes later, he goes, babe. And then the moment I was thinking about, like, how are we going to pay for this thing? And how are we going to bla bla bla, we're trying to figure out how to bring our lives together. And I was feeling frustrated about it about how this was going to work out against render, and he destroyed her neighbor's render. So he heard that he felt it, he was like, I can feel you cooking up a thought, are you okay? Like, do you need it? I was like, I haven't even formed a complete thought yet. Like, let me sit with that for a little bit. And then I'll come and talk to you. But that ability to be able to Intuit that that shift in energy with someone else. And so what I think it is, and this is just my own proposed idea, but is that you have the sensors, and for empaths, they have more mirror neuron sensors in their brain, then the average person, and with those, those mirror neuron sensors is like we're able to pick up on very subtle, not not just energy shifts, but also visual shifts. So like the way you move your eyebrows, the way you blink, the way you nodded your head, you know, like those little things, or whatever, I can tell when someone starts to get uncomfortable, I'm talking too long. That doesn't mean I'll stop talking, but they're gonna kind of see in those subtleties and pick up on the subtleties doesn't necessarily have to mean that it's psychic as much as it's like, I am picking up more information on this vibration, and where people and what people are feeling.

Yeah, no, it does. And I definitely would identify myself as an empath, and have had to really learn how to like protect my own energy, because it's so easy to kind of be like, pulled on this roller coaster of like, feeling everyone else's emotions. And I don't know about you, but I noticed myself I like really big events with a lot of people. It's like, I have to like almost like catch my breath of like, holy shit. There's a lot of like energy rushing in. So how do you like protect your energy as an empath, and not always be like constantly absorbing because it can be so exhausting, as I'm sure you've experienced.

One is putting up conscious barriers. I don't do this very often, because I was forget. But at the beginning, when I especially when I lived in New York, I was very good about before I went outside shrouding myself with light. And essentially I would visualize I was boxing myself in a mirror. So like everything, when people would look at me, they would they would see themselves and so that their energy would be reflected back to them. So it was almost like I was invisible. And so when I went up when I go out in the city, instead of having people because when I'm not invisible people come up to me all the time and ask me questions and talk to me. And you know, whatever. Strangers all the time, I will be standing anywhere. People ask me for directions. People ask me for help. I was at the airport and this lady we had COVID was happening, mind you, and she's like, would you put my water bottle in my bag? And I'm like, I would you want to like take your backpack off and put it in yourself. You know, like, just the weirdest thing people will kind of come to you and see you. But when I would do that exercise, people wouldn't see me. Wow, people kind of like you know, shroud. Um, another thing is I wear mobile device. And like for me is the highest vibrational crystal I've ever worked with. And I work with crystals pretty avidly like crystals are my jam in the mold of my vibration, it's a space rock. It's from a meteor.

And if you're on like a necklace. Yeah, I have a bunch of them that I work with. It actually helps with my channeling and oh my gosh, I love that. Where do we get that?

There is a company called multibyte family calm. Okay, O LD a vi T Mobile dot family. If you use the code spiritual shit, you get 15% off so that's nice. Oh yeah. But I this this this particular stone came to me someone gave it to me someone was like, I just met you or whatever. I feel like you should have this you know, whatever. And I was so crazy because I've worked with crystals for like, seven years and I never heard of this one. It's supposed to accelerate your purpose and all this stuff, all that stuff that I told you about to happen was as a result of me getting this multibyte and all this stuff kind of like kicking into gear. So it's a very powerful stone. If you're not ready for your whole life, just like turn upside down, like, I wouldn't recommend getting it, but it was just like, it is such a high vibration, for a lot of people makes it feel dizzy. They get like hot flashes, when they first start working with it does have a lot of energy, but because it resonates at such a high vibration, it's difficult for me to engage with bullshit anymore. Like boundary wise, it really boundaries, my area. So like people, people will have visceral reactions to me if their vibration does not align with mine. And in a in a not positive way. My sister, I have a sister who's, you know, something else, and a lot of stuff going on, but she cannot stand to be in my energy just doesn't align she's very negative person she wants about things that are bad all the time. That's not who I am. And at first, I used to try to combat her with like, you should think about this positively and whatever. And I'm like, Okay, stop doing that. That's annoying anyway, but there is now just a silent like, we just don't really, you know, kind of interact with each other because the energies don't align. And it's kind of like that whole thing where people talking about like attracts like, like attracts like. So if you're trying to boundary yourself, put yourself in a vibration of what you'd like to attract. Because if you're like, obviously you can't avoid you know, going into the subway or going to the grocery store or whatever with people that don't necessarily resonate with you. But you will have less crossing with them for sure. Do you notice like during COVID, especially like the people who have kind of woken up, if you will, I hate saying it like that, because it makes it sound like those people are more elevated and they're not but people who have had the opportunity to unveil themselves. Notice that there's been such a difference in the people that they've encountered, you've noticed that there's certain friends you don't see anymore. Yeah, or that you don't follow away all the way completely. Especially during this time. I feel like this was a giant awakening for a lot of people. People who are best friends are suddenly not the best friend anymore, things are coming out about them. Like that doesn't align with me, I can't talk. I'm there when you go to the grocery store now, like the grocery store is very different than when you went to the grocery store before. However, what I noticed was, is that even as I like when I'm in a super high vibrational state, the grocery store is really empty. When I go and versus one day's that, like there was one day I was super pissed about a bunch of stuff that was going on. I had to wait at the DMV for an hour. And then found out that like I like that they had to make an appointment beforehand, outside. Before I could come and had to be a same day appointment, who's got time to come up here twice. And then I waited an hour. And and then they wouldn't see me and I was probably mad. So went to the grocery store to go pick up groceries after that was 1000 people in that grocery store. I was like, how is this possible? Now, if you were if this is the first time you listen to anything like this, like there's something I believe in called timelines, and different timelines, and how we are creating new realities and the structural, I guess timelines will be the best word for it. And so we are experiencing things in our own version of reality, and in a very quantum kind of way. So the way I experienced the world is very different than the way you experience the world. We are in this holographic holographic matrix. The CIA just released a report that they found that out in the 70s. So this is a very real, practical thing that we're living in is holographic universe where we're creating our own realities. So yes, that law of attraction thing that people were talking about where when you stub your toe in the morning, and now you're late to work and now you this or whatever your vibration is creating the reality of your the energy that you experience throughout the day. And so when you're we were talking about earlier about being in surrender, that creates a very different vibration for how things come and ease to your life versus resistance when you're kind of an expectant kind of behavior. As impacts the people that we come in contact with. With a higher low vibration will be a reflection in a mirror to what it is we're exerting ourselves. So it's not just like, oh, you're this impasse swimming through the world as a sensitive and like, you can't help the people that you come in contact with, you're also radiating out a vibration that tells you what circulates in your vibrational field. Things in lower vibrational fields cannot resonate in higher vibrational fields and vice versa. So you'll find that those things start to fall away. Things that don't resonate with your vibration anymore. Do not align with your reality anymore. You don't see them anymore.

Yeah, no, I love I love thinking about it as like a holographic universe because from a quantum physics standpoint, which like it's literally proven through science for the analytical people like me, who wants some designs in logic, it's, it's really wild when you think about how big our internal energy and thoughts and beliefs create the projection of our experience of our reality. And it's literally just a projection of what's going on on the inside. And yeah, it's really wild when you think about it, but I think it's cool But that adds up to another timeline. Because it's like, nothing is real. It's just a projection of essentially our current vibration.

Right. And I, I love that idea. Nothing is real. Because in quote unquote reality, you know, we watch right now like the election is going on right? Mm hmm. There's some very different realities going on, we can look at other people and go How the hell yeah, like that. Like, for them, it is incredibly real. Yes, it's real. It's what we think about our opinion, but someone is living a very different reality where they cannot fathom the other side, which we find to be our truth. Yeah. And so to live in such a polarizing dichotomy means that there, there is no reality here. It's just our own perspective of what our own projection is, for myself, like, I want to live in a space of harmony. And and, you know, equanimity and equality, and, and not have, you know, this constant tension. And then there are these other people who are living this life less political, who are like, you know, it should just be good for me. Yeah, like, I don't want things to be better for other people. And I live in fear constantly, someone's going to take my piece of the pie.

Yeah. And in that perspective here, see when you really. Yes, it does.

But when you know that you are a child of the universe, and that this is just a hologram. Like you don't take these things personal anymore. You just kind of like, say, okay, like the universe is available to me, it's abundant to me, like life is meant to be abundant in this way. And when I don't have in scarcity, I don't need to be afraid. So I don't need to treat people like they're going to take something from me, I can just be and relax the fuck out. So?

Uh, yes, I love that. And yeah, it's I feel like, there's so many, you know, differing opinions that have come to the surface, especially so much more this year. And I I got really like, appreciate your perspective on how like, yeah, it's like, nothing is real. And my I have a family member who is very, very, very strong political, and social beliefs do not align with me and my little sister. And for my little sister, it's been really hard, because she's just like, how could someone believe this? Like, it's so messed up? And I see that unfold on so many ways on this on the same, you know, and I'm like, well, they feel as real as we feel that that is so messed up. They feel that it is so real. It is so true for them it is so they grew up with that belief system, they were raised in that way. They had different experiences that shaped them in that way. And we will, I will never see the exact perspective they see. And they will never see the exact perspective. I see. And so I think like so much healing comes when we can kind of open up to seeing things from another angle and allowing other perspectives and having understanding for different perspectives, even though sometimes it's very difficult. Right, right. Because I still think they're wrong. But yeah, yeah.

You can say, okay, like, yeah, like this. This is what your reality is. You're right, and understand you . Cool, yeah. But you're in fear. And you're in scarcity. So I get that. I understand that. I don't agree with it. But like, I can still have love for you. Yeah, maybe your friends. You know, yeah. This is not a vibration. I want to hang around. But I can still have love for you to hold that personally.

Yeah, yeah. It's like having that compassion understanding. But that doesn't mean enabling or agreement. It's really compassion understanding frees you exactly it's for yourself, it frees yourself and if you're an empath, you're sensitive to that energy Anyway, you don't need to be hold that stuff. It is it is detrimental to your vibration, and what you got to go. Let it go. Let it go. Yes, love that. Okay, so this has been great. Thank you. Is there anything else on your heart that's coming up that you want to share that we didn't cover?

Let's see what the guides have to say.

The first thing that's coming up is authenticity. like letting yourself just be you surrender to who you are. Stop trying to be someone else. The version of someone else you think it's about especially in spirituality. You trying to get to a place where you know where you think we are At or where you think someone else is at or whatever, look inside, like what resonates with you what feels good to you. And be authentic to that first. Because as you do that you will discover parts of yourself that will attract the mentors that you need will attract the information that you need the perspective that you need to help you grow in the direction you're meant to go. And let go of the expectations of how you think you're supposed to be, or how you think here's what's going to make you happy. And let yourself let that come in, lean into that Yin energy. And let the I believe that again, energy is actually the strongest energy, not the, like, feminine energy they call feminine energy is the receiving energy. And if life is meant to be abundant, you want things to come in. And when we're in the do energy all the time, and we're push and force and make and do like that, that seems to be more value to society, but it's not the stronger option. It's kind of like one of my friends said to me one time she goes, man cannot seduce me. She just said it out of the blue. And I was like, What the fuck does that mean? She's like, a man cannot seduce me, in my feminine energy, I can pull things to me. And I can change people's minds, I can magnetize things in my way. I can manipulate like not I mean, we're not trying to do that. But you know, I mean, like, there's so much power in in being that we don't acknowledge. And we don't let come in when when we're introspective. When we let stuff come inward, instead of having to push outward all the time in our society values, the other energy, the push, the force, the move. And in that we feel like we're not enough, we're not doing enough, we're not productive enough. We're not successful enough. And we forget that we can actually relax. let ourselves be authentic to us feel what feels good to us, and let something even greater come in.

Oh, that was incredible. And so interesting that that's what came up because what you just said was a perfect summary of all of the like epiphanies and areas that I've been really focusing on growing. And this year, and especially authenticity has really been coming up for me is something I want to continue stepping more and more into and letting go of the idea of who I'm supposed to be and how I'm supposed to do things. And just even with my business, like, I feel like, you know, when I started it, I was obsessed with, oh, this person did this strategy. And they made a million dollars, like, Yeah, do what they did. And it's like, no, like, if you be yourself and do what feels good for you and allow yourself to receive, like, everything you want, and more and better will come to you and I agree that energy, that feminine energy of being in that receptive state is so much more powerful. And it's like that's, that's what being magnetic is like that energy literally makes you a magnet and you can allow things to come to you rather than you have to go get a cake, I guess doo doo doo doo. It's like, let's like, chill. And then it will it will come to us. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Thank you so much. This was amazing. Where can we find you hang out with you? What do you have going on right now that you want to share with you can hang out with me on my podcast, spiritual shit on all major platforms. And then you can find me on my website, my Instagram, Patreon, Twitter at the lovelyalea

Amazing. Thank you. And yeah, for those of you listening, thank you so much for being here. If this episode resonated with you, please screenshot it and tag us both on Instagram. We'd love to hear about your breakthroughs and what came through for you. And yeah, if you haven't left a review yet, it would mean the world to me if you would hit subscribe and leave review I would so appreciate you. But thank you so much, Allah for being here. This was wonderful.

Thank you so much. It was my pleasure.

I'm so grateful for you listening today. If this resonated with you, it would mean the world to me if you'd hit subscribe and then leave a review on iTunes and everybody is invited to the after party, which takes place every day on Instagram, I medically you so come hang out with us there. And if you're really fired up about mindset, spiritual and personal development, head to magnetically to check out all the fun stuff I have going on there like my coaching, and my courses, free workshops, all the good stuff and I will see you on the next episode.

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