Following Your Soul’s Guidance with Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik from Almost 30

Uncategorized Jul 03, 2022

I'm so excited to have Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik from Almost 30 on the podcast today! In this episode, we dove deep into following your own soul's guidance and what feels aligned for YOU. We got into Saturn Returns, social media, my magical turkey sandwich experience, what Krista & Lindsey are moving through and loving right now and so much more! I'm so excited for you to listen - I received so much from this conversation and I know you will too.


In this episode, you'll learn:

✧ How Lindsey & Krista met and started Almost 30, a top 50 podcast and global community
✧  How to navigate your Saturn Return and experience so much clarity and lightness on the other side
✧  Following your own soul's guidance and nudges
✧  The surprising (and beautiful) thing Krista & Lindsay look for in podcast guests
✧  Creating a supportive relationship with social media and separating your self-worth from it

✧  Allowing joy

✧  Where Lindsey & Krista are at in their personal development journeys now and what is currently lighting them up

✧  Balancing routine and flow

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Full Episode Transcript:

Hello and welcome to the magnetical U podcast. I'm your host Madison cert. I am a mindset energy coach here to help you feel your freakin best and manifest a life full of magic miracles and abundance. I know that whatever led you here did not happen by coincidence. So I am so excited and grateful to have you here. So let's let the magic begin. Hi, and welcome back to the magnetical you podcast. I am so excited. I have Lindsey and Krista here today from almost 30. I don't know if you've listened to their podcast, but I absolutely love it. And it's been so impactful for me, and I'm so excited to have a conversation with them today. So welcome you guys. I'm so happy to have you here. We can just like dive, dive right into it.
Thanks for having us are so excited.
Yeah, I'm really excited when this is like our favorite. We get to hang with people that like to talk about the things we talk about and just are generally interested in the show. And it's so fun to speak with our community. So I'm looking forward to it.
Yeah, podcasting is like my favorite thing ever. It's just like, it's like hanging out and like talk about like fun shirts. Like, I don't know, is there anything else I would want to be doing? Probably not. So cool. Okay, tell me a little bit about your guys's background, like what led to almost 30? How did you guys meet? And like, what led you to where you guys are at today? However much or little you want to share?
Yeah, so we started almost 36 years ago, we're now over 30. So we're now fully in it. But we were almost 30 at the time. And when I met Lindsay, we were both going through really hard transitions in our life are really interesting transitions or transitions that we felt like, we wanted to explore deeper or we felt like we were the only ones. I was someone that was in the corporate world. For eight years, I had been in consulting and digital marketing and events. And I never felt like I found my calling. I never felt like I was living with purpose. I always felt like there was something missing. And it created this insatiable drive for me to really, really find purpose and really, really find meaning in my life. And so when I met Lindsay, I was auditioning for SoulCycle. I thought souls like was my thing. I was trying to manifest SoulCycle all the way. She was an instructor. Okay. She was an instructor. Yep. So I asked to have a call with her. She got connected to me through a friend. We spoke on the phone. I didn't get my SoulCycle auditions, but we became fast friends. And there was really something special about our connection. And there was really something special about you know what we were both going through. So we started to record on our closet floors. like seven years ago, we recorded tons and tons of content, hours and hours of content that will never see the light of day. And we launched in August of 2016. And it's just been a beautiful ride and journey sentence. You know, we have a community, we have courses and a membership. And we just really want to help people in their evolution and support them as they grow and support them through their Saturn Return.
Great, I'm in my Saturn Return. So
maybe what's your timeline?
My birthday is February 11. I'm an Aquarius. So I think I'm like in it, or it feels like I'm like coming out of it. So we'll see.
Did you look up the timeframe for the years?
I don't know, like the exact timing and I'm just kind of like intuiting that I'm 29. And I think I've like felt the energy of it. But yeah, I probably should look up the exact timing and just like see what it's like I feel last Saturday. Yeah, go ahead.
I was gonna say just for anyone listening. So the Saturn Return period is basically when the SAT Saturn, the planet returns to your, the point in the sky when you were born. So it usually takes between 27 years to 31 years, it will happen at least two other times in your lifetime, depending on how long you live. And Saturn is the planet that really calls you to get serious with your life. And if you're living out of alignment, it will really check you and bring you to further alignment. So it can be a really challenging time. It can be really confusing time it feels like nothing makes sense. It feels like nothing is the same it can be kind of crazy, but if you're living a life that's aligned already it can be really really beautiful and it can really catapult you to bigger and better things. So you can check online just to any astrology website you can ask for like a Saturn Return calculator to see the window because it's usually like one to three years that you're in your Saturn Return. So it can be like a really rough time but Lindsay and I are both going through it during that time and it just really woke us up that's for sure.
Yeah, what do you guys want people to know about going through their Saturn Return for anyone who's in a or has it? Maybe coming up for them? What would you want them to know?
Yeah, I the way we describe it sometimes it's like oh shoot to like, what is this gonna be like what do I have to brace myself for and as much as you might want to brace yourself for this season? I think the trick is to really You know, let go as much as possible. And when I say let go, I just mean, let go of the very clear or very specific plans you might have for yourself for your life who you think you are really allowing, like who you really are on a soul level to come forward and speak to you, you know, this season will really make you ask the hard questions like, am I meant to be with this person? Like, what do I really want to do with my life? And oftentimes those questions feel confronting, but honestly, if you're willing to live that question, during the season, on the other side, you will experience so much clarity and so much from our experience, like lightness, or like, oh, yeah, like, we get to, we get to really create our experience, like life is not happening to us, it's really happening for us. And I think that's one of the main themes that came forward for me, where I wasn't experiencing as much friction after my Saturn Return as I was before, so it's really an opportunity overall. So yeah, it's it's definitely going to be confronting but I would say approach it with excitement, you have everything you need to move and grow through it.
I love that so much. And it Yeah, resonated so deeply, because I feel like for me like it, like the deepening of it, I would say at the height of it was probably like six or eight months ago. And what it felt like for me was like, just a complete, like, confronting and shattering of everything I thought I wanted and who I who my mind, like, thought I was, and just allowing all of that to, like, shatter and dissolve and just be like, my soul essence, if you want to call it and like, like you said, letting go. I am, like, really come forward. And I've noticed that like lightness come in for me as well. It felt like like I was telling you, Lindsay before we started recording, like, there's just so much heaviness so much releasing so much friction for like the month and honestly, like years leading up to it. And then I like hit this shift earlier this year was like, I don't know, it just feels like everything just like fell off of me. And it just like all like fell off and shattered. And then like, Oh, I'm late. And like actually, I can just like, do what makes me like happy. And it does get to be like that flowy and that easy. And I don't have to like act like I'm climbing a fucking mountain every day. Like what? So? Yeah, it's been beautiful.
Was there any practices or things that you did to support yourself in that because that's, you know, to go from feeling super lost. And for a lot of people when they're kind of figuring out their ego, which is like all these identities, all these roles that we have, it can be really hard to let go of that. So how did you support yourself in that?
Yeah, it was really like feeling the feelings and not resisting the resistance, like learning to allow the resistance and allow that heaviness and processing through that. So for my process for me, what that looks like is what I do with my clients and an inner voice session. It's basically like when it comes up, it's not digging for like, Oh, where are the things in my body that need releasing? It's just like when like life activates them life brings them up, they're sick, you know, they're like, they're coming out to come out they're ready to be released. So it's just a goal going in and like okay, I feel like heaviness and like racing hard on my chest like where is it how big is it and just going in as my awareness and feeling and and breathing feel breathe feel really feel breathe and letting it like bubble up to the surface I my inner voice told me the other day, it's kind of like boiling water like it's gonna boil up to the surface and evaporate but you have to like get to that place of like allowing the like bubbles to come up even if they like feel really heavy. And then like through that process of like, honestly going through like so much emotional release after release after release after release. I was only can I really have another heavy emotion like I did get to a point where it's like it's just like, there's so much less of that because I allowed myself to just be in that like huge releasing phase so that's kind of what it was like for me what about you guys?
Yeah, Saturn Return for me was like such a chaotic haze. I didn't really know what direction I was supposed to go in because I was being confronted with like so many. Is this really it questions? Namely, like, the person I was with for like, almost four years. I'm like, am I meant to be with this person? And like the answer was no. And I was just so conflicted, because I thought he was my person as you do with a college sweetheart. I didn't know if what I was pursuing at the time acting and performing. It was definitely a part of my it is a part of my purpose, but like the way I was doing it was so I'm coming from a place of lack and just really desperately wanting it trying to be picked. And so all of it just felt so out of alignment. And I tried to numb out, I was drinking a ton going out a lot. I was eventually when I broke up with my boyfriend, like I was just limping around a lot. Like it was just kind of, yeah, it was all not really myself. But I was like numbing out from what was like really coming up and what I really needed to move through. And I feel like my move to LA was like the mark of my Saturn Return. Like it just kind of changed everything and really changed the direction of where I was going. And I felt this sudden, like opportunity clearing so that I could actually like, let the dust settle and see what was really going on. And so it didn't get easier right away. It just got a bit more manageable. And you know, from there, it just kind of snowballed into finding aligned career opportunities. Eventually I met Krista eventually, we started almost 30 Like things just started happening. Because I was trusting myself because I was following those pings of like, yeah, I want to do that. Like, yeah, I want to pursue that and see where it goes. And and I think that like piece of self trust is one of the big lessons that my Saturn Return, like brought me which was like, Are you going to trust yourself? Like, are you really going to trust yourself? And it was really beautiful to come out the other side feeling like yes, I definitely can.
I still relate to that so much. Yeah, that trust was like, has been a really, really big lesson for me, because like, a few months ago, I like fell back into this, what I would call like, follow the leader and business thing and got myself into this very, like prescriptive like cult like coaching program that I had been in many times before realized many times before wasn't in alignment, got myself back into this back out of alignments back into trying to be someone who I thought I had to be to be the right business person and the successful person and the expert. And I was like, putting on like such a show. And it was like so exhausting. And just so like not fun. And I it was like such a huge test for me to like come back to my own trust and my own alignment and realize like I can, I can drop this program, I can drop these structures, I can drop these rules, I can drop these, like you should do this, this and this. And this is right and this is wrong. And you need to post every day on Instagram, fuck, I don't want to post every day on Instagram. So it's just like dropping so much of what I was perceiving I should do based on what everyone else around me was doing and really coming back to like, Okay, well, what would actually feel good? For me? What do I want to do? And I know you talked about following the nudges, Lindsey. And that's like a huge part of what my work is about is following the nudges following the intuition. So can you guys talk about for each of you what it's like, like, what does it feel like when you have a nudge? What does it mean to you to follow your intuition? And how do you like, stay in tune with that?
Yeah, I think this one's huge. And I think this is so much of our gifts as women especially is that ability to tap into our intuition. I didn't realize how the nudges for me had really been everything that was really valuable. My life had really been provided to me through nudges, and through the voice and through, you know, Claire cognizance or channeling basically. But for me my intuition and my connection to that is everything because my intuition is a lot my soul and it's a lot my connection to Source and God so I noticed myself not connecting to my intuition or feeling off. When I'm on social media too much when I'm, you know, comparing myself when I am not in nature, when I am living out of alignment, whether that's in friendships or relationships, or if I'm eating a lot of crap food that doesn't really make me feel good thing for a lot of people can be different, you know, some people thrive in certain situations and not another. So it's really being in tune with your own soul and your own guide of like, when you're feeling connected, and when you're not doing almost 30 was a nudge, you know, being friends with Lindsey and the way that we are was a nudge going on tour was a nudge for us, you know, doing retreats was a nudge. There have been nudges that haven't been like, oh, this wasn't as you know, successful as others, but it was something that we needed to do and creatively express. So the nudges won't always make sense to everyone else. That's not the point and not just will make sense to you. And then not just will not always lead you to like millions of dollars and, you know, like the biggest dreams ever, but they will lead you closer to what's meant for you and I think that's the most important thing. But I think social media is like the greatest. The greatest hindrance we have against them. Not just because you know, for you as an example, with the coaching program, it's like your soul wouldn't nudge you to do that. But your mind when you're looking at Instagram, you're seeing something, or when we're kind of in the social media world, when we're seeing something kind of makes us think it's a nudge, when it's not always a nudge. So there's such a fine line between it and people really need to get clear and quiet. What I suggest for folks is just really journaling, like what have I been intuitively led to in my life? Thinking about that for a little bit? Like where have I been intuitively guided? What has been a synchronicity? Or an intuition that has come to fruition? That has really changed me? And what was I doing or what was happening in that situation to bring me to that, and then you can get clear on like, what your path and purpose would be and how you receive signs and how you connect to your guides and angels. But it's like the best thing in life honestly,
I cannot agree more. And it's I always say it's like when the path gets to be just as juicy as the outcome because you no longer need the outcome because the path is juicy. And it's like you get to have the juicy path and juicy outcomes. And it doesn't like you said always look like the mind thought it was going to look or you get the outcome the mind thought it was going to get but what if the whole point was the joy then the fall in the following that edge brought you and then I found to is for me that when I'm really tuned in a really connected it's like, if I'm led to places far more magical and exciting than my mind, like literally could have ever logically controlled or predicted. So I've found just like, okay, enter voice you're saying like, don't go on Instagram don't post unless it feels like joy, okay, like, hands up, like I'm going to do and I've been, that's something I've been like, doing the last like, month, I've just been feeling really called to, like, barely be on there. And it's been great. Like, my mind was so afraid I'm gonna lose all my business, which it already is, like, I thought that was gonna happen when my Instagram went out a few months ago. And then it like, didn't take I feel like that could have been a sign of like, let's back off Instagram. And then I like caught back on and I'm like, let's be on it. And now I'm like, Okay, I'm like, actually, like, right now. It's like, not the thing, and I'm allowing that to be okay. And it's things have unfolded so beautifully and joyfully, and so many more just like opportunities and ways of growing my business and connecting with people have unfolded. And it's in ways that like my mind really couldn't have like forced or controlled or predicted. And it all got to happen because I let go and allowed the process to be joyful and follow those nudges. And I believe it gets, it gets to work like that, like it gets to be, it gets to be that way for all of us. So thank you for sharing Lindsay, what about you?
Yeah, so similar. And, you know, I think social media is like a form of noise, you know, and so like, I think what I've learned about my intuition, and these nudges is, it's how often and how, clearly I'm feeling them or hearing them is related to like how quiet I'm able to get on a regular basis, and whether that's meditation, or just taking a walk, you know, by myself being with my own thoughts, or, you know, no thoughts at all, like just kind of being, that's when I get a ton, and it's really fun. And I, I sometimes get a little frustrated when, like, I am in a lot of noise when I am on social media a lot when you know, I have a lot going on or, like we have a day of calls. And I'm like, What are my thoughts like, you know what I mean? It's really my job because like life will life Right? Like we work we create, like we're around people. So we really have to make the effort to create that space and create that quiet. And then the other piece that's been so important for me is tuning into my body and what my body is saying about a particular nudge or opportunity or relationship or environment. So you know, body practices body like tuning into the body, I love to use breath work, I love to just like ecstatically move. Nothing needs to be perfect. It's really again kind of like intuitive but I find that dropping in that way physically helps to connect the whole system all mind body spirit. And because if I'm too on my head and I'm like, okay, idea are okay, nudge, like, come on in. I'm quiet. Like, it's not gonna happen.
Yeah, it's like, where are you? Where are you? Where it's like, well, yeah, damn, no wonder you can't hear you're so busy. Like
oh, well let it go. Yeah, so tuning into the body really helps me to get out of my head in that way.
I love that. Yeah, it's like out of the head and into the body. And from that space, there's like so much more openness to hear and to receive. So I love that so much. So you guys interview A lot of people and I'm curious, like how you maintain your own like, I don't know, like bubble of like what's right for me what feels good for me because I know you guys have interviewed so many people with so many modalities, so many opinions. And I know like, from listening to your podcasts you've like, tried like, you know, like all the things like breathwork, and this and that and all these different things. And I'm curious like how, like, one what has stuck with you most or impacted you most from what you've learned from what you've like received through like podcasting all the like modalities you've tried? And how do you maintain your own alignment with all of that outside guidance, like coming in for you guys so much?
Yeah, it's definitely been a practice of sovereignty for both of us, you know, doing this for six years. Now, the first couple years, we were like, trying all the diets and doing all the things. And I remember one time we were it was in the process of us being more of other health podcasts, we were talking a lot about health topics for a few years. And I was in Los Angeles, and I was driving from like a crowd therapy appointment to go to an acupuncture appointment. And there was LA traffic, and I was late, and I was like, stressed. And I was, you know, I had such so much cortisol in my system. And I felt so stressed. And I'm like, in my effort to be healthy and feel less stressed. I'm so frickin stressed. Because I'm trying to do all the things and I'm like, this is like, I'm having to do these things. Because it's like a spiritual to do list. It was I was like, Well, what am I doing, I'm like, I'm missing the point, when I'm adding all the things to my to do list, I'm not allowing myself to have space and time and breath. And so it really is like an energetic practice for us to really just kind of like, recalibrate in and really just like get come back home. And I think over the years now we're more inspired by people. So we'll hear things like from Jenna Kutcher, who's one of our friends come on the podcast and talk about her business and talk about her life and helpful and Richard is and that will become so inspiring for us. And that will become such an expansive moment for us, not only because she's successful, and she's making a lot of money, and all these things, but now we really look for people that are like deeply satisfied with their life, people that are happy people that feel fulfilled. And you can tell when we're interviewing people that are really just like going after it. And it's kind of like the bottomless pit when the ego just really, really wants more and more and more and more and more. And you can tell that from an energetic perspective. So the most inspiring people that you know, have stuck with Lindsay and I are people that are really satisfied with their life, that are really, really doing this from a place of service that are really, really doing this from a place of peace. And I think the biggest thing that's really stuck with me over everything is like energetics. Like we know we know energetics and we know energy like people like I understand energy. But when you're really in conversation with someone or when you're really in an interview with someone, the way that you can understand energetics is so nuanced and deep and intricate. Because it's like they're talking about something that's heavy, we're going low, then we're joking, we're going high, then we're opening, then we're closing, then we're shifting, then we're going then she's talking, I'm talking, they're talking, there's such such an interesting dynamic with energetics. So it's really important that we can stay in our own energy as possible. And I'm someone that's like an energy matcher I'm really great at like really meeting people where they're at from an energetic perspective. And that actually provides a really beautiful conversation, but then you kind of have to like pull out after and make sure you can come back home to your own energy. So we've learned a lot but I think being in your own energy and being sovereign is like the biggest key that we still have to work with today.
Oh, I love that. And I love so much what you said about like looking for guests who have that like true satisfaction. And rather than people like on the like Chase or rat race that you can like energetically feel that really end at home for me. So thank you for sharing that because I definitely want to like keep that as an intention for my own podcast.
Yeah, I love that. Yeah, I think you know, similarly, it's so much about the energy of someone and how they approach their work their life that really stays with me, it's hard for me to like remember specific quotes or specific learnings although, you know, there are some guests that I'm like, Oh my God, you know, that fact I'll never forget and I'll never eat kale on a Tuesday after the sun goes down. There are those moments but I really I agree with Krista it's like, you know, when you sit down with someone like a queen of Fua, who is in her 70s and probably one of the most like vibrant, vital beings I've met in a long time like just truly in her body. So healthy, energetic present, like just cool. clearest eyes. And it was like that presence and that, yeah, you could just tell commitment to health and her spirit that really just made such an impression on me. And I can't even really do it justice by describing it with words. So it's like those moments that I look forward to, because I think we're in a really unbelievable position to meet people that like, leave those marks as they just navigate the world. So yeah, that's what that's what sticks with me.
I love it so much. I want to shift gears a little bit and get a little bit personal. So where are you guys at? Like right now in this moment? Or recently? Like what's been your kind of like late recent evolution or growth? What's been coming up for you? What is what new epiphanies or realizations Have you been having recently? Hmm,
yes, the deepness. I actually have something earlier that I related to, I've taken a step back on social media, as well, Lindsey took off a full month in December. And I've taken off weeks at a time, randomly, but I think it's been three weeks now, maybe four, where I have someone that I actually hired. So she's supporting me, I do all the content, but she does all the posting and community management. And I felt this call like, I really need to be as clear as I can. And I really need to be as aligned with myself as I can. And if I want to bring in or understand my gifts, if I want to bring in, you know, if I want to channel these powerful things, if I want to be really powerful, then I need to be clear. And I really need to prioritize like hearing my own voice, and really valuing myself. And I didn't realize how much social media had impacted my self worth, and how I looked at myself. And it's not like I felt like I was like spiraling at all it was just very subtle. It's like in very subtle moments, where you'll sort of just like lose, you'll kind of go on the path of being in that person's story or looking at that person's post or you'll just be on the journey of wherever this person is taking you. And especially as a Pisces, and an empath I can be like, on that journey for the rest of my life. I'm like, Oh, wow, I met their birthday party. And like, I wonder why they were wearing that and I wonder why she was there and I'm just kind of like going off. So I really had to call all my energy back in my physical life and that also means my digital presence as well. So I've felt so much more clear and I actually don't know how I did that all the time. And I did all of our work it's it's kind of mind blowing to me. I'm like, where did I find the time to do all of it now and I will definitely go back because I do love creation I do love communicating I do love being with the community. But it's just felt really really good to listen to my intuition and take my my work and my gifts as like sacred Lee as they need to be.
I love that so much. What about you Lindsay?
Yeah, there's there's so much I'm I was in session with our healer Kiki the other day. And it was funny, she was talking about like, the joy of the summer. And I just thought it was so sweet. Because like, you know, as kids and like, teens and whatever we kind of like look forward to summer. We're like, fuck yeah, summer energy, like my husband
has that. It's really cute.
And I forgot about that. And she didn't say that to me. But I just like, remember that feeling? And I was like, oh, yeah, like, I I get to have like that. joy in life, you know, and it sounds cheesy, but it's like sometimes, like just the the logistics of life. You're like, oh, and then this and then this and then this. And so I've really been leaning into spontaneity and just going with the flow of the summer, I'm planning our wedding at the end of the summer, and just we just decided to do it at the summer. So it's kind of an exciting, like, must follow what feels good season for me. And it's at the same time. It's like, we're following what feels good. And then also I'm noticing like, especially related to family, there's lots of like, their own processing around these life transitions of like marriage and like, you know, moving on from like being a child in the family to being like on creating your own family creating your own life and that way. And so it's been such a practice of allowing them to have their process and not feeling responsible not feeling the weight of their process and how slow at times and arduous is unreal. like staying in my joy, and just like how excited I am for this season and the next chapter and the next chapter. And so, yeah, it's been like all the emotions. And I think this is the first time in my life that I'm allowing myself to feel like the whole spectrum without judging it or being in it for too long. You know, I kind of like, it feels like it's just moving through. And I don't feel like any big emotion is going to take me down, if that makes sense.
Yeah, I've kind of like started to relate more to my emotions, like, they're more like weather where I feel like what I used to do before, it's like, oh, a tornado is coming. Like, let's put it like, a blanket around and try to like, contain it and stop it. And like, you can't really stop a tornado. But if you just like, allow the tornado to come through, it's like it'll pass through, like, emotions will come in, and they'll go out and they'll come in and they'll go out and they'll come in and they'll go out just like just like, whether it rains and then it's sunny again, is the tornado, and then there's not a tornado and like, it's all okay. And I feel like that's been so freeing, because I think so much of my early personal development, spiritual journey was spent trying to get to the good emotions, like gotta feel good, gotta make myself feel good. And then it's like, it just becomes a whole like, cycle of like, spinning.
And in pursuit of happiness is like a crazy thing. And really, yeah, really, you know what I mean? Like, I get it, but then at the same time, there's kind of this like loop that can happen. That really prevents you from ever being happy because there's like this distorted understanding of like, what happiness is, I guess?
Yeah, it's like, if you're here, like right here right now. And happiness is not yet it's there. Like in the future, like, you can't ever be there because you're always here. And I think like even looking to tomorrow for your now happiness if you can't find now happiness, even tomorrow or an hour for now, you literally can only find happiness now. And no, no, no. And each and every single now so yeah, it's such an interesting process. And one of my Iran reminds me of one of my oracle decks I have. I said, Joy is flowing emotion. It didn't say joy is happy 24/7 It was joy is flowing emotion. And that just resonated so much for me. It's like joy is flowing emotion or for me how I kind of interpret that that is the absence of resisting emotions.
Oh, yeah, baby.
So what's what's really lighting you guys up right now? What's making you really happy? What are you like, super intrigued about? What are you obsessed about? Or like, super into?
I think the fact that we're traveling again, is making me really happy. I just love seeing the world. I'm in Sagittarius, moon and travels, like, my happy place. Because I just love the presence. I love the curiosity. I love the exploration. I love. I just love it. I love travel. So that's making me really, really happy. And I'm really glad about that. And then yeah, I think even like, outside of the social media thing, I think whenever I do something and choose myself, and even if it doesn't make sense, it always just feels so good. Like, I'm like, I don't really know why I'm off social media right now. But I'm trusting it and I'm going against my dopamine addicted brain. And I'm choosing myself and I'm choosing whatever's coming through. So even when it's hard, and even when it's sticky, I just love when I have opportunities to like, choose myself over my brain patterns of needing dopamine, what's supposed to be success or like what's supposed to be true. And just choosing yourself like is like the best momentum for building a life that you love. So I think that's really led me up.
Yeah, there's really literally nothing that feels better than like following your own inner alignment, inner guidance, and then it's an unbelievable momentum. Like you said, I had a day like that today where I followed a ping to go get lunch like I was telling myself like I have leftovers in the fridge. Like I should just eat those and I took a bio and I was like repulsed. I'm like I don't want these this is like I don't want this this is like I knew I knew it. And so I was like okay, I'm gonna go on y'all like follow up call it's like go on Yelp and like look up like lunch place and I found this like market that I had never been to so I walked there. And it's like the cutest market is so beautiful. There's a bar opening next door. There's flowers hanging from the roof and I had the best like sandwich with bacon and Turkey and menus and I was like, oh my god, I'm so happy eating this like, sandwich and then I got a cortado When it was this amazing delicious cortado and then I walk home and I saw this bush of fresh meant this giant bush that didn't look like it belonged to anyone. So I grabbed a bunch of men, and I'm like, I'm gonna make cocktails or water or whatever. And I was just like, so high off picking this meant off the ground. And the funny thing is, is like I feel like our minds look for big things to like get high off and get lit up by and the for me the most lit up feeling comes from following my own, like inner guidance and then and then noticing that momentum of like, like magical, like surprises kind of unfolding along the way and it like in a different state. If I said, I have to go on a walk and I have to eat lunch that I don't want to eat and I found mint I probably wouldn't be like our I probably wouldn't even see them. Or I'd be like who gets to talk about it. But I was like on my high flying disc meant what a gift like what a miracle I found meant it it's just like it's just meant but that like really resonated with me what you said Krista about like, it really feels so good to follow what you're feeling called to just like so. So good.
I love the Abraham reference on that high flying disc,
babe. Oh, yeah.
I feel like she's having a higher Abraham. They're having a moment.
They are I'm like, I've been listening. I'm like,
ready? Consciously. I think we're ready again. Yeah.
Yeah, that was one that was gonna be one of my things. I just freaking love listening to Abraham on my morning walks. It's just, it's so fun. It's it's like, it's such that it's that mix of like, truth. Funny, like humanity. And it's just beautiful. Just such a cellular reminder. So like, as I'm like moving my body. And then you get those like just deep, deep, deep soul reminders. You're like, oh, yeah, and it like integrates a little bit quicker. That brings me joy, spontaneity has been bringing me joy. And just like, Yeah, I think it's easy to be super scheduled. It's easy to to be in a routine, which I love, you know, but I'm just like, wondering what lives outside of the routine at times, it often brings in more of my creativity when I just like scramble up the day, or I say yes to something that I would never say yes to you. Or we plan a trip, like, you know, plan a trip last minute plan a wedding last minute, like, let's do it. It's just felt really, really good. Music lights me up. So just like staying connected to that channel, where? Yeah, it just feels it feels like it's more than just music coming through. It feels like it just really nourishes like, my whole my whole system. And then yeah, just like, again, like enjoying, I think to your point, like allowing every little thing that wants to bring you joy bring you joy, you know, like even if it's like, oh my god, this mug is so freakin cute. Like, you know, it's just allowing that to happen. Rather than these, like little ways we resist the joy in order to focus on like, the bigger thing. No, we got to focus. No, we got to work. No, we got to have this conversation. It's like, can we allow more of the joy to just penetrate?
Yes, like we we don't have to withhold our joy until like XYZ. Like happens. My I feel like my intuition like, yeah, give me like so many reminders of that last year where it's like, you don't have to have any other reason. Other than that you desire to feel good to feel good. Like, no reason is needed. No big exciting thing. Literally nothing but your desire, like you don't have to withhold your joy. It's like why do we do it? Then it goes back to like this deserving thing. It's because we think we're somehow like, we only deserve to allow in the joy when we've done XYZ or accomplished XYZ and it's just yeah, it's bullshit. So I love that
unify I think too, it's like when we find what we're resisting joy or resistance to the joy is like the work because that's like, what is the story around your resistance to that? I don't have time. I'm not where I want to be, you know, I'm not good enough or I'm not you know, whatever that is, is oftentimes the story around the work
totally Yeah, for me lately it's I'm really in this season of like, let go let go let go let go let go and so much stillness and what what my mind would call doing nothing. And my mind definitely has the resistance of like, can it be this easy? Can I allow this much joy when my husband's like he's not here right now but usually he's like in there working he's not the opposite. But when he's like working all these hours a day and working really hard and like Yeah, and I'm over here like at the pool like, chillin like is that like It allowed, like, Am I allowed to be that free? Am I allowed to be that joyful? And so that's been really a huge practice for me, lately of noticing when my mind wants to tell that story that I'm not allowed to have my joy or do the thing that feels aligning to me because he's working and grinding and maybe not joyful, or he or he is I think he actually is because he loves his job. But it's like, I'm making up stories about like, what he's going to think about me being so like, free and joyful. And it's just like, so like, funny to watch the mind, like, have those stories and be like, now, like, no, like, I can I do what I want and also hold space, where if he has a judgment or reaction to it, like, that's okay, too. And like, that's been a real, like, practice for me to have like, noticing if my mind's like, oh, you can't do that. Because Trevor's gonna think this about it or feel this about, so you got to do this, because then he'll be happy, then you want to deal with this uncomfortable emotions. It's just like, whoa, like, when did I become the gatekeeper of someone else's, like, emotion. So just like letting that go? It's been, yeah, something that's been coming out for me. So yeah, resistance to joy. Definitely, definitely resonate with that. And in
partnership, it's like, so interesting, you know, the more we are ourselves, even if it's like, complete opposites in some aspects of how that's expressed. That's when like, we become, like, true gifts to one another, because your ability to like, relax and be by the pool, and rest, and you know, be quiet, he might see that and be like, Wow, I actually really respect that. And maybe I need to have a little bit more of that. And then maybe you see his driver determination how much he loves his job. And like, maybe that gives you a little bit of fire. So yeah, I I've learned that too, because I'm definitely I used to be like that people pleaser of like, oh, like, you know, maybe they they think I'm lazy or whatever. The more we are ourselves, the more it becomes that gift to the other person.
Yes. 100%. I love that. Yeah, so good. All right. What else did I want to ask you guys? I'm gonna think about what was like coming through right now. Well, let me ask what's on your heart to share today that we haven't talked about?
What would you say your community's most like? Like, what is your community like, so we can give a message that's appropriate, appropriate for
personal and spiritual development lovers? Definitely a lot of like entrepreneurs, but not all entrepreneurs. So probably pretty similar to your guys's audience.
I think so I'm doing a lot of work around. I'm doing some podcast stuff around like empathy, and being an empath. And I think in our world today, where there's so much information and social media and the news that we have access to, it can get really confusing when you're an empath. And when you're someone that's not really aware of how you're managing your energy or sourcing your energy or giving your energy, you can get really, really hijacked. And so just offering for people, especially the feelers that are out there, to just sort of check in and be even more diligent about your energetic hygiene and your boundaries around social media around the noose around people that are toxic, because that can be really where some of the most powerful people like empaths really lose a lot of their power by either becoming codependent or matched, or being hijacked by you know, whatever the popular narrative or the popular conversation is happening in the news. So for all the feelers just being extra mindful, being extra careful, being extra cautious and really tuning into yourself as much as possible because we need all of your gifts.
So good, thank you.
And I am feeling called to share just a reminder around creativity because I feel like we are so prone nowadays to feel like okay, anything I create, I must share on social media or I must monetize or, you know, turn into my career. And it's really, really important from my experience to have dedicated creative time space for things that only you will experience and see. I think that just really deepens the intimacy with self and the trust with self. And I think to Chris's point in stepping away from social media, like you can really then hear and experience who you are and through creating it's like, oh, wow, like, I am a creator and then there's no like, eyes on it. There's no feedback. There's no comparison. So I just, I want that for myself more. So that's why I'm saying it. But maybe it's I mean, how radical to like, you know, get into pottery and never show anyone what you create and just have a collection that you adore every day or something like how crazy would because it is kind of crazy now, right? Like, usually someone's going to start an Instagram with their pottery, or they're going to sell it, you know, which literally, zero shade. It's more. So how often are we creating just because we adore the process and adore what we create. And it's like a sacred, a sacred.
So I love that. And I'm actually August after this, we're gonna send you an episode from Abraham Hicks I was listening to today. And she was literally talking about that exact thing you just said, and how like, as soon as you receive, like, even receive a thought or receive a download or receive, like you said, like the creativity, like, keep it to yourself. And she kept saying, like, that's for me. And that's where we that's where we and that's where me and that's where me so it's like why a new one I need to I go like I like I there's like 800 And I'm like inner voice which one should I pick? And sometimes it's like 300. So sometimes I go way back and then so I don't know which one it is, but I will try to find it and send it to you because I think it'll like super resonate. And yeah, of course, like that came through for you today. And I was like listening to the same like message today. So maybe I'm also meant to hear that now. It's my second time hearing it today. So thank you for that. Okay, I know you guys have a couple more minutes. I have one more question that I want to talk about Lindsay, you were mentioning earlier about structure and routine. And I'm curious where you guys are personally at and your relationship with, like, structure and routine versus flow? And like what your like, thoughts are on that? What are your feelings on that? Where are you like, in that? I guess, like journey or dynamic?
Yeah, I think it's such a great question. Because I think for a lot of people, you know, they might see maybe myself in the process where I'm in a more of a flow state and a flow frequency in my life and be like, Oh, my God, I'm just going to flow, which is true for a lot of people. But I think when you're kind of leaving a structure of the old world, of the matrix of your job of like an idea of your life and how it should be and then going straight to flow, it might not work. And for me, what I had to do was sort of be in that structure, have my routines, have my processes, and then continue that until it got to a place where I had enough sovereignty and discernment and trust in myself to decide when I'm going to do something, why I'm going to do it. And if I'm going to, you know, continue on with a program with a meditation with a whatever. Because if we go from like a something in our life, where we're like, we're wanting to change our life, and then we're actually not applying structure to the changes we're wanting to make, say That's meditation, or healthy eating or movement or mindfulness, then it most likely won't stick and you probably won't see change. And that's sort of where people get lost. So it actually is very, very important for people that are early on in their process of personal growth development. Whenever we're learning a new skill period, you really need to be about your process. So for me right now, I'm into tapping, and I've been tapping every day for the past two weeks. So I want to see if this works, I want to see if this is something I'm going to do. So I'm going to make it structured, and I'm going to make it a habit until I decide if this is worth it or not. But other parts of my life like meditation I've been doing for over 10 years, and I do it every single day. But if I miss a day, I'm fine. If I do in the evening, I'm fine if I don't do it. So I actually think structure and routine is really, really important for people that are newer in their process. But once you get to a point where you're fully conscious, you know why you're making the decisions you're doing. And you feel like your life is at a place where you are at a happiness set point or a joy set point or satisfaction set point where one routine or one process won't shake you then you can sort of move things in and out.
Oh, I love that. Thank you for sharing.
I like to use like routine and structure as like a just really solid jumping off point. So if I know that I'm going to have for example, a really busy day or Sam moving all around or just there's some sort of like, consistent momentum that I really have to be present for and ready for. I really like to have a structured morning routine, for example that is like that, to me is symbolic of just like a solid foundation that I can build upon for the day. If the day is a little more lacks, I allow my routine to be a little bit more lacks and spontaneous and maybe doing something totally different. But I, as I try new things like I make sure to note whether this felt good for my body. Did this feel good for my mind? Like did it emotionally improve or not improve how I'm feeling. And I just take note, I think most mostly with what I put in my body because we like, have all these supplements. We do these teas and tinctures and all these things. I'm like, Okay, what's actually working what is like a solid foundational regimen that I can have. So high level, I'm looking at my day, and just being very specific, where I need a foundation. So it might be in the morning, it might be a really loose day and morning, and then at night, before I go to bed, I really want to have like a foundational moment. And that's when I'll, that's what I'll just kind of fit in the routine, whatever that looks like. But I've learned to be very, very flexible with it because life happens. And if the routine suddenly becomes the thing that if it's not perfect brings chaos. It's like what? What's the point? So just learning to be flexible with it, I think is really important.
Yeah, and I love that question you asked is like, where do I need Foundation? And I think on the other side of that is like where do I need a lack of foundation or just a complete openness? And I think those are two really great questions to wrap up on. So thank you guys so much. This was really fun for me. And I'm so grateful to have had you guys here. Where can everybody find you? And if you have any offerings you want to share about feel free to share this. We'll go live in the next week or two, if that helps you with the offerings thing? Yeah,
amazing. Yeah, this is so much fun. Your lunch inspired me that lunch walk I was just totally with you. Because like, in the location, I'm like, it's just such an important. It's so subtle and so important. So I'm so glad this isn't so much fun. And yeah, we have camp summer sessions. So we do a virtual event, a free virtual event twice a year. This one is summer sessions. We have Shalina Ayana rising woman, we have queen of Fua, which Lindsay talked about before, Lindsay and I are going to be doing some sessions. And it's just a really beautiful opportunity for people to come from their homes and join us for a really transformational day. And it is on July 30, you can register at almost Again, it's totally free. You can attend the sessions with us you can attend the sound bath, whatever you want to do that day we're excited to have you so almost And then almost for anything else with a pod. We're wherever you listen to podcasts. We're on YouTube, and we're excited to connect with your community if they're like you, they're top notch.
Thanks save to you guys.
Thank you so much medicine so far. You
are welcome. Thank you so much for listening to the magnetically you podcast. If this episode served you I ask that you share it with someone who could make a difference for or share it on social media and tag me at magnetically you. Make sure to hit subscribe so you don't miss any of the magic. And it would mean the world to me if you would leave a review on iTunes. Thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart for being here. And I will see you in the next episode.

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