Finding Peace While You're Sick (And Maybe Even Thriving)

Pain and sickness is part of life. It's the cost of entry for being human, and no matter where you are in life, at some point, you will wake up with a scratchy throat, an infected ear, or a painful joint. But, like some wise people have said many times in the past, just because pain is inevitable doesn't mean suffering has to be. 

What Causes Suffering?

Resisting where we are: When we fight against where we are, resisting the fact that we are sick, wishing we were healthy, or trying to be more 'spiritual' or 'aligned' than we are feeling in the moment, we are actually denying our feelings. Separating ourselves from our emotions separates us from the present, which immediately brings us out of alignment.

Shoving down our emotions: This is a big one, and something we cover a lot during Inner Voice work. When we stuff emotions down, it impacts our physical and mental health! I know that when I am sick, my thoughts are always more negative, and if something stressful happens in my life, I am more likely to be sick. When we stuff emotions down, they get stored in our bodies and tee us up for extra suffering we didn't want. 

Giving in to Negativity: On the other hand, if we get stuck in our negative emotions, we can't live in alignment. When we hold on to the past, hang on to frustration that things aren't going our way, or sink into a victim mindset, we're also giving in to suffering.


How To Begin to Free Yourself From Suffering

1. Recognize that suffering isn't inevitable

A lot of times we can find ourselves feeling lost and overwhelmed in life, especially when we are sick. When we don't feel our best on the physical side, it's hard to feel our best on the inside! But the first step to releasing suffering is realizing that it is even possible to release suffering... and I promise, it is. 

In fact, I had an experience that completely changed my view on the nature of suffering. I used to struggle with chronic back pain, but after reading The Great Pain Deception, my pain disappeared... and so did my suffering (in that area of life, anyway).


2. Let yourself be where you are

Our emotions aren't the source of our suffering. Really, it is our resistance to our emotions that causes us to suffer. But when we allow ourselves to acknowledge how we are feeling (good, bad, or ugly), and feel that emotion fully, we create space for that emotion to be released instead of stuffed down.

Once it's released, you will feel clear/whole and able to act in alignment with your intuition. As you allow yourself to feel, and then release, any emotions blocking your inner clarity and wholeness, you'll find yourself immediately feeling better. 

You know how you always feel better after a good cry? This is why. When we let our emotions move through our body freely, and accept them without resistance, peace happens.


3. Identify what's causing the suffering

Now that you have acknowledged that suffering isn't the only option, and released any resistance that might be keeping you stuck in your emotions, it's time to see what you are suffering about. Is it your physical body that is suffering because you are sick? Or is your mind throwing a hissy fit because it wanted to do something else with your day? Or maybe you just feel crappy because you're missing out on something and wish you weren't. Just notice- what's the source of your suffering?


4. Ask yourself these three questions

In the book The Sedona Method, the author recommends 3 questions to help you move out of suffering. Asking yourself these three questions will create huge shifts in your suffering. It is so incredibly simple and such an effective way to release resistance and free ourselves from suffering.

1. Is it possible to let this go? Yes, or no?

2. Am I willing to let this go? Yes, or no?

3. When will I let this go? If not now, when?


I used these tips earlier this week when I woke up with a sore throat and sinus infection. Let me tell you, even though I physically felt like shit, I also felt fantastic. I know it's possible, and I want that for you! To learn more about how you can find peace while you're sick, check out the latest podcast episode!

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