Finding Flow With A Busy Schedule [1:1 Coaching With Kristina]

heal your energy podcast Dec 30, 2023

Today is our 2nd coaching session with Kristina Andersen. She reflects on how the last 2 weeks have been since our first session and shares the things that flowed really well and the things that didn’t flow so smoothly. We also work on releasing and getting guidance from her intuition around how she can feel free and find flow, even with a busy schedule.


In this session, we dive into:

  • Releasing the heaviness, dread and feeling of being trapped a busy schedule/time
  • Why you don’t have to act on every thought you think
  • Letting go of pleasing others and putting your happiness first
  • Helpful ways to release annoyance and frustration at others
  • A simple, powerful trick from Kristina’s inner voice to stop over-thinking
  • Trusting yourself to do what needs to get done without forcing it or worrying about it ahead of time


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