Everything On My Baby Registry: The Complete List

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I'm so excited to share my personal, curated baby registry with you! As an expecting parent, I know how exciting (and also maybe overwhelming) it can be to navigate the endless options for baby gear and essentials. That's why I've carefully selected each item on this list, focusing on what truly matters for comfort, practicality, joy and aesthetics ;) 

This list is a combination of the most highly recommended items from moms I know and trust, the most highly rated/reviewed items I found and some of my own finds I followed my intuition to. I hope my curated picks will inspire and guide you in creating your perfect baby registry.

UPDATE: I'm currently 3 weeks postpartum so I've added updates below in red sharing what we loved, what we didn't need and what we'd add to the list in hindsight.

How To Make Your Baby Registry Stress Free & Fun

  • Do it when it feels fun and trust it will get done: can you work on the registry when it feels fun/flowing and leave it alone when it feels forced/draining? 
  • Follow your intuition: let your intuition guide you to the best items for you. which items spark joy? which items feel like a clear yes? which ones do you feel nudged away from? 
  • Let it be easy: if any items on my list or recommendations from a friend feel like a clear yes, run with it if it feels right. you get to decide how many options you research and if that adds value for you or not.

When To Start Your Baby Registry

There's no right time to start. I would personally say follow your intuition and start it when it feels fun, flowing and aligned for you.

Where To Host Your Baby Registry

We used Babylist and had a great experience. Make sure you download the chrome extension; it makes it SO easy. When you go to the links below (or any items you want to add to your registry), you just click the pink heart in your extensions menu and it will automatically add it to your registry! The gift tracker was also really helpful for writing thank you notes.

Baby Gear

We LOVE this stroller. It's stunning, very functional and folds up easily. We love using the bassinet inside for daytime naps. It's also SO nice that the carseat attaches onto it easily as well. We ended up getting the Uppababy travel stroller too (see below) so we have a lightweight stroller for travel. It's been AMAZING having one brand for our main stroller, travel stroller and carseat so everything is compatible with each other. 

Love it so far!

Wouldn't recommend; it doesn't hold cups very well.

  • Uppababy Travel Stroller Bag: If you fly with the travel stroller in the bag (and register both prior to departure), any damages while in air are covered.

Why I went with UPPAbaby for the strollers and car seat:

It's the most BEAUTIFUL in my opinion ;) It was also really important to me for everything to "sync" together. The carseat hooks into both the regular stroller and travel stroller and both strollers are pretty easy to fold and transport. I also wanted a stroller that could turn into a double for 2 kids when the time comes and the Vista does!

I know everyone raves about the Doona (carseat that turns into a stroller too) but I didn't love it. My husband is super tall and it's just way too short for him to use. I also couldn't get over the ugly yellow wheels LOL.

If I were going to be running or going on un-even terrain with the stroller, I probably would have gotten a BOB. Both of my sisters have it and love it. It's great for running, trails or even walking on the beach. 

  • Baby MonitorI chose this one because of the high quality image, high ratings and ease of connecting with my phone. 

Love it. The picture and sound quality is great and it's SO nice to have both the monitor and ability to connect to my phone.

  • Artipoppe Baby Carrier: This carrier is definitely a splurge but such a VIBE. I treated myself to it because I felt like it would feel so good to have something luxurious and beautiful for myself.

Obsessed. Worth the splurge. It's beautiful and feels really sturdy/secure.

  • Solly Baby Wrap: I also wanted a less-bulky carrier to use at home, especially when the baby is a newborn. It's SOOO soft and I can't wait to use it.

Love this for when we're at home but I prefer the Artipoppe for going out.

It's beautiful and seems like it will be perfect but we haven't used it yet. This is an item we could have waited a few months to get.

Love it; super easy to wipe clean and it's so pretty :)

  • Snuggle Me Baby Lounger Our baby loves to play and take naps (when we are with him) in the Snuggle Me. For us, it's been great to have multiple "stations" for Leo to nap or hang out (crib, bouncer, snuggle me, play mat, bassinet, etc) because he seems to like the variety and it gives us options. I recommend getting a cover or 2 so it's easier to wash and keep clean.


Love it!! I am thinking of getting the small or medium size as well. I got the big one so I'd have room for my laptop if I ever wanted to bring it but it's a little too big for a short outing.

  • Kirkland Diapers Don't recommend; they weren't absorbent enough. We ended up going with the Pampers Swaddlers because they worked great for him at the hospital.
  • Kirkland Wipes Love it!
  • Wipe Warmer - White: our night nanny highly recommended getting a wipe warmer so we went with her advice and got one but my sisters never used one and said it was fine. Love it!


Here are the clothes we ending up buying that would have been good to put on the registry:

  • Neutral onesies 5 pack Super cute & affordable! Since it's summer, this is usually what he wears during the day. Between these and gifts, we probably have about 10 short sleeve onesies which is a good number for us (he goes through them quick between spit up and going to the bathroom).
  • Long sleeve 2 way zippered footies for sleep: I wouldn't recommend the ones we got but I'd recommend having at least 3-5 of these for sleep.

He's basically lived in onesies the first few weeks - it's easiest for us and works well for him because it's summer. 


Love it!

  • Crane Baby Play Mat We ended up getting a second play mat so when one is in the washer, we have another to use. We love this one too because it's soft, super cute and pretty big.
  • Teething Toys These are great but we could have waited a few months on these.



Feeding Items We Could Have Waited A Few Months To Get

We haven't used yet and probably could have waited a few months to get this. But it is nice to know we have it for when we need it.

  • Fruit Food Feeder - Oat Seems great but could have waited a few months to get.
  • Bibs - Set Of 2 RainbowsSeems great but could have waited a few months to get.
  • Feeding Set - Beige Seems great but could have waited a few months to get.




Since we hired a night nanny, we decided to hold off on a bassinet for now but this was the one I was going to get (or probably will get if we end up needing/wanting one).

^This photo shows the Crate & Barrel Recliner which we LOVE (it' so beautiful and comfortable) and it's the one I'd recommend. We ended up moving it to the living room because I think I'll want it there most and then got a cheap one from Amazon (in the photo above) to have temporarily in the Nursery for our night nanny. 


The copper pearl swaddles are super beautiful, soft and work great. However, they are more "manual" to put on. 

We've been using the HALO Sleep Sack Swaddle & Ollie Swaddle more now because they're easier to use. So far, the Ollie is my favorite (and seems to be our baby's fav too) and definitely worth the investment!

We also tried the very popular Love to Dream Swaddle Up but he didn't seem to love it. We may try again in a few weeks and see how it goes.

I recommend having a couple types of swaddles to start so you can see what works best for you and your baby. 


I made a separate blog for my postpartum favs and recommendations which you can find here. These are great to put on the registry too if you want!

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