What to Do When You Feel Disconnected from Your Intuition

podcast May 07, 2022

⁠Today I want to share with you 6 signs you are disconnected from your intuition and what to do about it so you can get reconnected to your most joyful, authentic, magnetic self.


In this episode, we're chatting about:

✧ The MAJOR spiritual rebirth I experienced this month including the lessons and what it's like on the other side 
✧ 6 signs you may be disconnected from your intuition  
✧ How to create space (physically & energetically) so your intuition can start coming through  
✧ How to start reconnecting with and rebuilding trust with your intuition  
✧ The MAGIC that unfolds when you trust your desires and intuition  


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Full Episode Transcript:

Hello and welcome to the magneticallly you podcast. I'm your host, Madison Surdyke. I'm a mindset energy coach, here to help you feel your freakin best and manifest a life full of magic miracles and abundance. I know that whatever led you here did not happen by coincidence. So I am so excited and grateful to have you here. So let's let the magic begin. Hi, and welcome back to the magnetically you a podcast, I have a very juicy episode for you today. That is part of this nine episode series that I am doing, it's actually hosted on Instagram Live. So if you prefer to watch the video, you can do it on my instagram at Madison dot Arnhold Arn H O L T. Or just stay here listen here, I would recommend starting from the first one of this series. So episode 125. And then we'll go for nine, the nine episodes from there will be this series. So if you haven't listened to 125, and so on yet, go back to 125. And I recommend listening to them in order. But welcome, I'm so excited for you to be listening to this series. So these episodes are really going to be honing in on helping you heal the subconscious and the energetic patterns that are keeping you feeling exhausted and unaligned and uninspired by an in your business and really into your life as well. So that you can grow your business without sacrificing your well being without burning out and actually be living the life the freedom life that you probably started your business for in the first place where you get to travel and play. And have fun and feel excited and inspired and lit up by your business by your life and have the space and the energy to enjoy it all in this space in the energy to really serve your clients and the most impactful meaningful way and to run your business in a way that feels really, really good and true and authentic to you and really aligns with your authentic essence, your unique energy, your unique codes and conditioning, all of that good stuff. So again, I would recommend starting at the beginning of Episode 125, listening to them all in order. And without further ado, let's hit play and dive in. Welcome back to the magnetically you podcast I have so much to share and update you on. But I'm not going to dump it all into one episode because it's a lot. But we're gonna get into some of it today. And I'm going to be sharing what to do when you feel disconnected from your intuition. So if you're new here, welcome, you have picked such a great episode to start with us on and if you've been listening, welcome back. I'm so grateful to have you here. And I actually feel intuitively called to ask randomly. If you listen to this podcast and you love it. If you would pause this episode right now and go take two minutes to leave me a review for the podcast that would mean the absolute world to me, it is one of my huge missions and goals to grow this podcast to reach more people to help so many more people and the reviews really support me in doing that. So I ask if this podcast has impacted you. Or if this is your first time hearing you listen to this episode, please go leave a review. It would mean the absolute absolute absolute world to me and really support me in my goal of reaching 100 reviews this year and really growing the podcast to reach so many more people. So thank you for that. But anyways, okay, here we go. I'm just gonna dive right in. So in the last couple of months, I started feeling disconnected from my intuition, and inspiration, and in my business and my life. And I was just feeling really, really disconnected from my truth from myself from my passion. And I was not listening to myself not trusting myself not following my inner voice, my intuitive nudges and instead I really got swept away and what I quote should do, and it wasn't fun, it was very exhausting. Because when we're doing what we should do what we're supposed to do, and we're saying what we're supposed to, say doing what we're supposed to say, based on what we think we're supposed to do, based on what others have told us is the right thing to do based on how we think other people are going to react in manipulating and contorting ourselves in order to get a certain response from people and it's like we don't even know what they're going to be thinking but we're already contorting ourselves to try to, like get other people to think about us in a certain way and to react to us a certain way and I was Scott Real carried away. And that just, you know, really got so caught up in the shoulds. And the supposed tos and following what other people were telling me was the right thing to do, and just wasn't listening to myself. And it was, yeah, just not a fun experience personally, and then also was hard because my whole business is about helping people follow their intuition. So to feel so disconnected. When that is the very thing I teach people to do. It was there was so much impostor syndrome coming up. Just it was a whole, a whole journey. And I'm not gonna go into every single detail. But holy shit, I'm so grateful for this experience over the last few months of just like this huge, massive, massive, massive, massive, massive reverse spiritual awakening, I've been through many, this is not my first rodeo, and this one was actually amazing, reverse are always amazing. So if you're in that place where it feels like everything's like burning down chaos, like you've lost sight of like everything, you don't even know who the fuck you are, or what the fuck you're doing. You might be in a spiritual rebirth or spiritual awakening. And that is a good thing. Because what's no longer in alignment for you has to crumble so that there is space for what's actually in alignment with your truth and your values and your desires and your intuition to come through. And that's exactly what was unfolding for me. So it all happens perfectly. And I'm so grateful for it. And it's no surprise that I am in my Saturn Return right now. I'm 29 years old. I'm an Aquarius baby, and solder and if you know anything about astrology, Saturn is the planet of like, basically Okay, so your solar return is your birthday. So every year the sun returns to the place that was where you were born, that is your birthday. Your Saturn Return is when Saturn returns to the place it was when you were born. And it happens about every 29 ish years. So I am in my Saturn Return of 29 Saturn has returned to where it was when I was born. It's also very interesting that I live in Virginia and I was born in Virginia. And I'm like back where I was close to where I was born and like this is all very trippy. But anyways, in my Saturn Return and Saturn is the planet of like, like tough love like it will kick you in the ass and crumble things and knock you down and sloppy off inside the head. Metaphorically speaking, if you're not living in alignment with your truth and especially during the Saturn Return this is very much a time of if you're really not on your divine path. Saturn will kind of like knocking around shake you up until you start listening and following your truth and that's exactly what happened for me which is so funny because last year I was like okay, my Saturn returns coming out like I'm so in alignment, like I'm not going to, you know experience Saturn Return like most people and then surprise it was a whole journey but it has brought me into just deeper alignment and peace and truth and trust in my inner voice and joy in my life presence in my day to day depth in my relationship just like everything in my life and my business and my relationship over the last month. Like there was like several months of like, shattering and burning down and then it's like everything in my life has like risen from the ashes. Again, metaphorically speaking it's not like everything burns down. And now it's like unbelievable like the the like stable sense of like peace groundedness trust joy that I have been feeling over the last few weeks since making these shifts and really reconnecting to my intuition which is why I'm sharing this episode right now to one normalise that it's okay sometimes we do get disconnected we are human, sometimes we do get carried away and what we should do what we're supposed to do in our in our conditioning and our old patterns. And then it's about recognising that learning from that and then coming back even stronger, even more connected to who we are. So the nudges started getting louder about a month ago, on our honeymoon, I ran into a blast door and may or may not have broken my nose I still need to go to the doctor. Still a little bit swollen and crooked, which like yeah, I'm at peace with it, but you know, not ideal. And then a few weeks after that, I twisted my ankle and then a few weeks after that I pinched and I had a pinched nerve in my heel. So my body was like like Saturn Return I was like okay, like you weren't listening to your intuition. You weren't listening to your truth you aren't listening to it you actually want you're doing what you should Okay, we're gonna like start screaming at you light your soul your your body will will speak to you and get you to listen if you're not listening. So my inner voice came through really strong one day Because I had kind of been I knew I was disconnected, right? I was self aware. And I was like, okay, like, I'm ready for this, this to be complete, like I'm ready to move on and ready to reconnect. And I had started kind of just like opening, opening to that intention, that awareness and this very clear guidance came through one day while I was in the shower of Take, take three days off of Instagram. So I deleted it. I finally listened to the nudges I had been just like ignoring them, ignoring them, like, do what you're supposed to do, follow the plan, do the right things like what felt like I had on like, all these masks, and I have now ripped them the fuck off and I feel free again, thank God. Again, this is all part of like the personal development spiritual journey, like it's not a matter of like we go from like zero to perfect. It's like there's ebbs and flows and journeys and lessons all throughout. And it's all happening for us. It's all unfolding how it's meant to so I deleted Instagram off my phone. And that weekend, we went to my now husband, I forgot I haven't even shared on here that we got married March 20. And Arizona was so incredible, but maybe I'll share more about that another time. So we're married me and Trevor, it's fun. But me and my now husband, Trevor went to Charlottesville, Virginia for a weekend getaway. And this is really when so I deleted social media of my phone. And I like really, I knew something was going down that weekend. I was like, it felt like like the the shell I had put on was like starting to crack and it was about to crumble off. And the real me underneath was about to come out. That's the closest like metaphor I can think of so I knew I'm like something is coming like I intuitively knew like something's about to like happen. And so that weekend, like everything came rushing to the surface. There's just like so much releasing so much clarity, so many downloads, so many lessons, so much like self awareness. And I was finally being honest about honest with myself, like I had just been pushing down the fact that I was like ignoring my desires, ignore my intuition, just carry on, keep going. And like I actually like finally got honest with myself. And I was like, yeah, look what I've been doing. Like, I recognise that and it just like all came pouring through, I literally took like, three pages of notes in my journal about it all. And there's still so much unfolding. So I'm not going to share like the whole story, the whole journey, everything because that might take a very long time. But basically the gist of like, the awareness I came to and the clarity that I came to that weekend was like, take the masks off, stop trying to be who you think you're supposed to be. Drop the rules, stop outsourcing your power, stop listening to others above yourself and listen to your intuition. Trust yourself, follow your true desires, and focus on what actually really matters to you. Because I was definitely in a phase where I like got so caught up in like chasing more success and more success and more success that I forgot that like success literally means nothing to me. Without following my truth without also feeling good along the way without following my desires without having fun along the way without doing it in a way that was super aligned and fun for me without the joy really. So it just felt like I mean, every it just felt like everything that I needed to let go of just like evaporated from me that weekend because I finally started listening, I finally started getting honest with myself. And I finally just allowed and surrendered to this like rebirth. And it felt like in that one weekend like every mask I was wearing every should every supposed to everything that wasn't in alignment, like I dropped it. Like it is unbelievable, like how fast that happened. But it's just like done, it was like that and is over. And I'm not going back. So everything seems like everything has changed since that weekend. And I've been really trusting myself really listening to my inner voice and it feels so fucking good. And you know, I'm just really making massive shifts within myself and my life and my business and my relationship and I'm just literally feeling like a new a new person. And so appies so trusting. So in flow, so much inspiration so much joy so much connection to what I want so much more ease making decision so much more love in my relationship with Trevor just, ah it's like yeah, so much lighter. And I've restructured and refocused so many things in the business to re align with what I truly value with what I truly care about with what I truly feel called to help people with and I'm just feeling so reconnected to my mission and it's so crazy, but it's not crazy because I know this this is what I teach and sometimes we need to go through the lessons of the things we teach again, and I say it's crazy, but it's also not crazy because like, literally, this is how it works every fucking time when you actually trust yourself and you trust your intuition. It's like magic far beyond what you ever could control or predict with a logical mind unfold. So I have been manifesting some incredible opportunities, synchronicities and signs everywhere. So many ideas, so much clarity, so much peace, so much truth and just like, I'm literally receiving like new opportunities almost every day. And it's just, it's crazy. But even more importantly, like all the like manifestations are so fun, of course, and obviously, it is such a direct reflection of me coming back into alignment with my truth and my intuition really following my desires and what I value, which is exactly what I tell my clients do. But the most important thing is that I feel so fucking good, like just so much better, so much more happy a peace, like Ferrari. And I share all of this, because I'm going to, you know, talk you through kind of like some signs that you might be disconnected from your intuition and how to reconnect based on me having really just gone through this and coming back and feeling more connected than ever, I am so excited for you, because what's on if you're feeling disconnected from your intuition right now, your passion, your inspiration, your motivation, this can really support you. And what's on the other side waiting for you is so magnificent. So I want you to know that the other side is coming. And you're ready for it. If you're listening to this episode, there's already that awareness within you that you've been disconnected and you're ready to reconnect just that is so powerful. So it's very exciting, because what's on the other side is going to be so much better than you can even imagine. So some signs that you might be disconnected from your intuition. One is, there's your mess, your message, your body is using your messages sending you body, your body is sending you messages. Maybe you're having weird pains, maybe you're running into glass doors, maybe you're twisting your ankle, maybe you're having a pinched nerve like me, right? Is your body speaking to you? Is it asking you to slow down to pause to listen, might what's going on in your body actually just be a message from your body asking you to slow it down asking you to check the fuck in with yourself and your truth. So number two, when you try to hear your intuition, all you can hear is like all the ways you've been told you're supposed to do it. And it just like feels like you've been brainwashed, which we kind of have, but we also do it to ourselves. Number three, you feel disconnected, uninspired, unmotivated, lost touch with yourself, your passion. Number four, you're outsourcing your decisions to other people, especially authority figures. So maybe experts, if you're looking for business advice, or even your coach, right like I my coaching style is very much like I'm not going to be telling I'm not here to tell my clients what to do. I'm here to support them and discovering their own truth. And we can get into unhelpful, codependent patterns with a coach if we go to them for every answer before going to ourselves. And they're not the kind of coach who's going to bring us back to our truth but is instead going to tell us what to do. And then we listen to them. Because guess what, when we listen to other people, we don't then have to blame ourselves when it doesn't go according to what how we thought it should go or how we wanted it to go. We get to blame the things outside of us, right? And maybe it's even your you're asking your like your partner like oh, what do you believe? What do you think about me switching careers? Or what do you think about me doing this in my business and you're like, really, really, really relying on and outsourcing your decisions and opinions and thoughts to other people. Number five, you feel like you don't know what you want. You're like, yeah, I would love to know what I want medicine but like I just I just don't know what I want. And that's often we can't hear what we want when we've been burying it so long with what we're supposed to do. So know that like, that's normal, and you will you're gonna get clearer and clearer on your what you want, as you allow this process to unfold. Number six, maybe you feel like an impostor or like you're living someone else's life when we're not following your intuition and we're outsourcing our answers from other people. We're outsourcing our truth we're relying on other people's opinions above our own. We're putting others on others thoughts on a pedestal above our own, that we can start feeling like an impostor because we're not living our life in our truth. We're like literally like contorting ourselves to who we think we're supposed to be. You, and that can feel like we're not being ourselves because we're not. So those are the six signs that you may be disconnected. So where where to go from here, this is what these are kind of this steps, we'll say there's no steps, right? It's your intuition, like this life is not a math equation. But these are just kind of four key things that really supported me and kind of like moving through this rebirth and coming out on the other side of being so disconnected to now like feeling just so deeply connected to myself and authentic. This is why my podcast is called magnetically you. It's like this is the fucking definition of magnetically you. It's like when you're in alignment with your truth, your desires, who you really are, you are literally inherently a magnet for the opportunities, people, places, things, joy that are meant for you. Without having to put on a show without having to try to be someone you're not like, just by being you interesting yourself, your desires that makes you magnetically you. So where to go from here. First, decide now that you're open and willing to listen, or you have this awareness, you're still listening to this, you probably have an awareness that you've been feeling disconnected, not a problem. Again, it's normal. And now it's coming back. It's setting that having that awareness and then setting that intention to Open to open to receive the guidance and willing and an open to being guided. So I like to do a little I call it a little like prayer or possibility rampage or whatever you want to call it. We're all kind of just close my eyes, and I'll put my hands on my heart maybe and just connect with myself. And you know, just start declaring what I want. Like I'm open and willing to being guided, I'm open and ready to reconnect with my intuition. I'm open and willing to see things differently. I'm open and willing to receive the nudges, the signs, I'm willing to listen, I'm willing to see things differently. I'm open and willing to be guided, I'm open and willing to take the next step I'm ready for my next step, I'm ready to receive my next step, I'm open to my next step, right and you can just kind of like take yourself through that process and at and do it just allow yourself to play with it play with the openness until you start like feeling that openness. And there's actually an amazing ritual inside ritual queen. I think it's a tapping in the. So go to the EFT tapping section, I believe it's called Open openness to possibility that is such an incredible one to do at this time. And you can do a free seven day trial. So you can go do that one for free by going to ritual queen.com. And you can get a free seven day trial, do that ritual. And then of course, you can decide if you want to stay in after that it is incredible, by the way, so definitely recommend joining. Okay, so that's part one, just deciding I'm open and willing to listen, I'm open and willing to being guided. And number two is creating space. So energetically and physically creating that opening so that the guidance can come through so that you can actually hear your intuition. So it's turning off the turning off the noise. So sorry, I was writing that down because I want to make sure I include that in the show notes. Anyways, creating space so turning off the noise like what have you been listening to that is brainwashing you that is filling your mind with all these shows all these supposed to use? Get it the fog of your social media, get off those podcasts that are telling you all these things to do they're actually making you hate your life and feel discouraged and feel defeated and are not like alliance for you. Like clear that shit out of your sphere. Stop Listen, stop brainwashing yourself. Turn off the noise. Maybe take a break from social media. That's what I did. And I'm still haven't come back. I've been I've barely been on social media in the last month and it's been fucking incredible. And I'm definitely gonna come back but it's just like I'm taking the space because I wanted him allowed to do it. And there's no rules. There's no pressure I don't I have to be on Instagram every single day in order to have a successful business. My business is actually growing a lot fucking more hours, since I haven't been on it a lot, listening to myself, right? So it's maybe taking time off social media, maybe it's unfollowing those accounts that you're outsourcing your power to maybe it's unfollowing those podcasts so you're outsourcing your power to like where are you outsourcing your power, where whose guidance are you putting above your own? And can you can you set some boundaries and cut off that noise, to create more space to listen to yourself? And then energetically so that's kind of like the physical world things you can physically do right to make that space and then energetically You can create space by through ritual. So meditation, hypnosis, visualisation, EFT, tapping, those are all the rituals we have inside virtual queen, again, highly recommends going and doing that because these, the the power of ritual is that it can clear our mind and clear our energy to open up that space to connect us to our inherent joy and wisdom and truth. And it is so fucking powerful. And that's one of the tools that I've really come back to like I have been doing one of the rituals from ritual Queen pretty much every single day, the last month and has supported me so much and reconnecting. So whether you can go join ritual clean and do those rituals, or maybe it's going for walks without headphones, and just clearing your minds, maybe it's taking a bath, maybe it's dance, right, like what gets you out of your head and into your body. That's really what ritual queen is for. So if you literally want to just go do it on demand and have it done for you without having to think about it or search for what to do or figure out what to do, you will be guided. And that's a great way to do that. But of course, there's so many other ways. So do what works for you do what you feel called to do. So decide that you're open and willing to listen creates a space. The third thing is to start paying attention. Look for the signs, look for the nudges I promise you, they're there, you've probably just been drowning them out because you've maybe been too tunnel vision focused on one thing or the right way or this suppose two way and you're literally missing those. So open, open your energy field, open your mind set that intention, I'm going to start noticing I'm going to pay attention, I'm going to look for the signs. And then the last thing is start listening start trusting or acting on the nudges. And if you need to rebuild that trust with yourself, then start small, to remind yourself that it's safe to follow your intuition. It's safe to follow your intuition into the unknown. And to remind yourself of the magic, like literal fucking magic, there's no other way to call it that unfolds when you follow your intuition. So you know, it can be as simple as like choosing your nail colour. So as a couple of weeks ago, I went to get my nails done. And this is as I was like beginning to like start cracking the door open back to my intuition cracking the door back up to trusting and listening to the nudges. And so this is what I mean by kind of like you can start small to rebuild, start rebuilding that trust muscle and be like, okay, like this is actually okay to to completely trust what absolutely makes no fucking sense because it's actually my truth and my intuition. And it's safe to trust that over what other people are telling me are the 10 steps to get it right like Oh, my goodness, anyhow. So I went to get my nails done, and I was overthinking the colour so much and the guy was like, okay, just go get your pedicure. Like you can choose your Nail Colour later. Like he I could tell he was like annoyed that I was taking so long to choose the Nail Colour. He's like, just go get your toes done. I was like, Okay, so I'm like sitting there and I'm like going Gosh, what colour do I have a colour? And I was like, still, I'm like, wow, this is like a lot for just a nail colour. So I was like, okay, and our voice what colour would you have me choose? And I kept hearing blue. And my mind was like, fuck blue. I don't like blue. Blue is ugly. Blue is my least favourite colour, like this month. This can't be right. Let me ask again. Enter voice what colour blue? Enter boys, I call it but I just kept asking. So like, This can't be right. Like, what's up off? My mind was like, No, I don't like blue. And it just kept saying blue. So I was like, You know what, like, I'm going to trust it. I'm going to trust it. I'm gonna get blue Fuck it. So I finished my pedicure. I go over to the colours, I find the first blue that jumps out at me and I'm like, I'm getting blue. And I go sit down to my station to get my nails done. And I'm just thinking I'm like, This is hilarious. Like, why am I getting blue like oh my God and I was like, You know what, I'm just going to choose ahead of time. I'm going to love it all month this is going to be great. And that's another thing is sometimes doing just doing the opposite of what you would normally do is so powerful. So blue was definitely an opposite for me. Anyways, I sit down I'm like oh my gosh, like what am I doing with these blue nails? And the I see my nail person I don't know what you call them. I wish I had a more like honouring name to call them a more respectful way to say it but we're just gonna go with it my nail person, my wonderful now person was looking for the colour and she couldn't find it. And she's like, Do you know where the colour is? And I was like, No, and I look to my left and the colour the blue Nail Colour is sitting On the table at my station, every single other dip powder colour is on the shelf. This one colour out of the hundreds of colours that I picked up my inner voice told me to pick is sitting right there as if it was waiting for me all fucking along. And then I was like holy shit like my I'm still covered and goosebumps just thinking about it because it's like, yeah, it's a silly story about nails but it's so much deeper because they're our inner voice like truly has an intelligence that will guide us to our highest good and things just unfold in the most miraculous synchronistic beautiful ways are unexpected opportunities come things just click into place things just unfold and seem to work out better than you ever thought they could. And it was just like, the perfect like little example that I needed to be like, oh, yeah, this is what happens when I really trust and I just started going full force and trusting after that, and what's unfolded has just been Yes, so incredible. So many opportunities, so many new ways of growing things in my business, so much growth with Trevor, like it has just been so incredible. So I hope this episode has served you and if it has, it would mean so much to me. If you would screenshot this, share it on Instagram, tag me on Madison dot Arnholt AR N H O LT that would mean so much to me. And yeah, if you've been feeling disconnected from your intuition, and you know that you've been putting other people's guidance above your own, and you're ready to reconnect, and you're ready to rebuild that trust that connection and experience the joy and the magnetism that unfolds as a result of it. This is really what we do in my private coaching programme and I have spots open right now. So if it calls to you, if your intuition is like, Yes, this is for me, you can go to Madisonarnholt.com/coaching Check out more details there you can book a free alignment call, we can chat and see if it is an aligned fit for both of us. But that is all for this week sending you so much love and I really hope this episode serves you and I know that if you really started listening to and trusting those, those nudges that guidance, that inner guidance, even when it makes no sense I know things are gonna start turning around and unfolding in really beautiful ways. And I'm so so so excited for you. So thank you for listening, and I will see you on the next episode. Thank you so much for listening to the magnetically your podcast. If this episode served you I ask that you share it with someone who could make a difference for or share it on social media and tag me at magnetically you. Make sure to hit subscribe so you don't miss any of the magic. And it would mean the world to me if you would leave a review on iTunes. Thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart for being here. And I will see you in the next episode.

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