strategy doesn't matter (this needs to be said)

podcast Aug 11, 2021


⁠they say you need to have the “right” strategy. they say you can’t be successful without it. they say you need to do steps 1-10 or it will never work for you.

if this was true, why are there a million strategies? why does one strategy work for one entrepreneur but not another? can we really say it’s the strategy that makes someone successful?

your results are not dependent on your strategy. if they were, we’d all be following the exact same steps getting the exact same results.

it’s about who you’re being. it’s about your energy. it’s about your intuition. YOU are the magic. YOU are the strategy.

do you think Jeff Bezos followed someone else’s step by step formula to create Amazon? do you think the Kylie Kardashian became the worlds youngest self made billionaire by following someone else’s process? Do you think Oprah is as successful as she is because she implemented the right 5 step process?

of course not.

magical creations don’t come from following what everyone else is telling you you have to do. they come from a deeper source within. we all have that source…some are willing to follow it and some aren’t.

idk about you but I’m not here to replicate what’s been done before. i'm here to blow my mind by what I’m capable of. I’m here to create beyond what a set of steps can create. I’m here for infinite potential. I’m here for what only can come from the deeper truth and source within each of us. That’s where the magic lies. That’s where our path lies.

Very few people are willing to follow their intuition even when it makes no sense and even when other people are saying it doesn’t work. But those who do are the ones creating results that don’t make sense.

In my world, there are no limits. There are no rules.




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Full Episode Transcript:

Hello, and welcome to the magnetical you podcast. I'm your host, Madison cert, I am a mindset energy coach here to help you feel your freaking best and manifest a life full of magic miracles and abundance. I know that whatever led you here did not happen by coincidence. So I am so excited and grateful to have you here. So let's let the magic begin. Hi, I have some real shit to share with you today. So they say that you have to have the right strategy, they say that you have to nail your niche, they say you have to be crystal fucking clear on your ideal client avatar. They say you have to be high vibe all the time, in order to manifest clients and money. They say you have to have perfect copy, they say you have to have a 10 foot long sales page, they say you have to do this, this, then this, then this, then this and a webinar and a funnel and a thing in order to make sales. They say you have to do it this way. They say you have to have the right strategy. So here's my question. If strategy, if doing all the right things, if what you're doing if the strategy you're implementing is really the make or break factor, then why is it that there's certain strategies work for some people and don't for other people? Why is it that there's no one strategy that everyone's using? Why does everyone have a different strategy? If strategy was the thing? Wouldn't we all need to do the same strategy? How is it that there are so many strategies that work? It's like saying, like, everyone needs to go on a diet and like there's a right diet? And it's like, Well, clearly, there's a lot of fucking healthy humans in the world. And there's no two people who eat the exact same thing. And yet, both of them are healthy. So how does that explain things? There can be two businesses, and they're both doing completely different things in their business. Yet both are successful. There can be two businesses, they're both following the same strategy, you get one a successful monsoon. So how the fuck do you explain this? If strategy is the thing, if it's what's required, I just heard someone say like, you can't build a business. Like without strategy. You can't just build a business off of your intuition. And I'm like, Well, I did. And it's a lot more fun. Sure, there are steps taken. But those steps come from my intuition, they come from me they come from within, those steps are not coming from someone else's strategy that worked for them, you're not meant to follow someone else's strategy, their steps or their steps, their steps work for them, because those are the steps that they're meant to take. But you're not meant to follow someone else's path, you're meant to follow your own path. We all have this built in guidance system within us. We've all have this built in GPS within us. And that's our intuition. And we constantly overshadow that with what everyone else is telling us what to do and what our mind is conditioned to tell us what to do. And we ignore our GPS. And instead, we turn right and we turn left, and we like literally go in fucking circles, when the whole time we had this inner guidance system that could have guided us a lot faster, and a lot easier. And so yeah, it's like what really makes a strategy work for someone and not someone else. How can like the same people, the same two people could post the exact same thing. And the different things would happen. We can't say it's all about the strategy. And when you're on this Chase, for the perfect strategy, you'll be chasing the perfect strategy forever. Because newsflash, it doesn't exist. It's like trying to choose the perfect diet forever. It doesn't exist. The perfect diet for you, is the foods that you feel intuitively led to eat. Same thing with your business. The steps for you the strategy for you are the steps if you feel called to take and that is what I'm on fucking mission to help my clients with and to help you with is to help you realize that the steps you feel called to take are the steps that get to work for you. And they work so much fucking better and faster than anyone elses step by step process. And it's like, why do we even want that anyways? Why limit ourselves to that? Like, you know, people are saying, like, you have to follow these steps. It's bullshit. It's fucking bullshit. I'm here. I'm here to call it out. Because this needs to be said, it's not about the steps if it were the same set of steps would work for every single person, and they don't. So what what is it about? To me? Following a very perfect step by step strategy and formula is limiting, you're constraining yourself to one how to one path to one way of things working for you when there are infinite house infinite paths. Infinite steps, you could take infinite ways it could work for you. So if there are infinite ways things could work for us, and why are we going to fucking narrow ourselves down into this one way of doing things? It's like saying like, Oh, yeah, there's only one road you could take from. If you're driving from Georgia to California, there's only one road, there's only one road. That's the only way you could get there. These are the steps you have to take, you have to get on this road. It's a fucking lie. There are zillions of ways to get there. So why are we going to do this shit we hate doing that everyone else is telling us we have to do that we don't actually feel aligned with that isn't actually even working well for us. Like, why would we do that? What if the steps we feel called to take are the steps to get to work for us? Trust me, they are. I've seen this in my own business. And with all of my clients, I basically what I help my clients do is one of my clients recently told me she's like Madison, you basically helped me unfuck my brain? And I'm like, yeah, that's exactly it. Because when she came to me, she had been so caught up in learning these the right strategies from other people, because they told her, you have to have the right strategy, and you have to follow these steps. So she's like, Okay, I'm going to do that I trust you. You're making more money than you you see more successful than me, so I'm going to listen to you. And then she got sober doubt, so unmotivated, so uninspired. She wasn't seeing the results. She wanted her business, and she just felt like, Why the fuck am I even doing this? And so she hired me, like a lot of my clients do. And she was like, Yeah, I don't want that shit. Like, that's not what I want to do anymore. And if that's what I have to do, I don't fucking want it. And newsflash, it's not what you have to do. People who say that you do are lying, sorry, sorry, to break it to grace, we started working together and unfuck your brain, as she said, just tearing down all those rules. And the way she thought she had to do thing and, and the limits, it's so limiting, it's so limiting. And so we just started breaking all of that down and connecting her deeper with her own intuition with what she actually desired to do with what she felt called to do with what she felt pulled to do with what felt absolutely in alignment, and fun for her. And guess what she sold our group coaching program, she said, it was easier than ever had been before with clients that she loves. And she has another launch coming up. And she was like, I've never felt this way before. Like, I literally don't feel stressed at all about my upcoming launch. Because I trust myself, I trust my intuition. And when you have the trust in yourself and the trusting your intuition, the steps you take don't matter if the steps mattered, we'd all have to be taking the same steps. So it's not about the steps. It's deeper than that. It's about who you are and who you're being. And the best part of that is when you allow who you're being to be the thing that gets to create your results. Your results get to be a byproduct of who you are, it gets to just be like, yeah, I get to create these results, because this is just who I am. Rather than like, the only way I can like have these results, again, is if I follow all these steps. I fucking hate. Why. Why Who said that? That's the only way who said that we have to follow this very specific step by step system, who said that's the only way who said that's how it has to be fucking bullshit. And we get to do it our way and our way gets to work for us because we decided to us, I literally can't understand I'm very confused by people saying you have to do step one through 10 in order to sign clients. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I would like grab the phone and like, shake you from the screen. Because I wish someone could have shaken me. And I'm going to tell you a little bit more about my journey. Which one I wish someone would have shaken me out of this. Because it doesn't have to be that way. You don't have to do the shit you're doing. You don't have to make it. Here's the thing. It's it's a it's a limiting belief. In order to receive why I have to do X, I have to do X to get y. Anything that tells you that is literally that's a classic formula for a limiting belief if I don't even love that word, but we'll just go with it. I have to do X in order to get why. Well, who said that? What if I didn't have to do X in order to get y? What if I could just go live? What if I'm worthy, abidan amount or what? What if it doesn't matter? But if the x doesn't matter? What if I just decide that whatever x I decide to do are the steps that get to work for me? But if that's how it gets work, and it does? It does? It does? It does. This is what I've seen in my own business and my clients and a lot of my friends like you don't have to follow all these bullshit rules and strategies and formulas and shit you ain't doing and I'm not saying that any of that is wrong. Because for some people like that's what they want to do. If you're doing things you want to do. Cool, and it's working for you cool, but if you don't like it or it's not working for you, then what if it was never required in the first place? Guess what, if none of that shit you think you have to do is actually required? What if you get to refuse to do anything you don't want to do? And it still gets to work? What if you get to feel however you want to fucking feel? And it gets to work? What if you get to throw away all the rules and it gets to work? What if you don't have a plan or a strategy, and it gets to work? What if you get to follow your intuition even when it makes no fucking sense? And it still gets to work? What if it gets to work for you, no matter what steps you take? What if it's not about the steps? What if it's about who you are and what you decide you get to have? This is how it gets to work. And be honest, I'm over all the bullshit strategies out there that are like, I know that you I know that you are struggling so hard to get clients and they're poking all your pain points are like poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, and then they make you feel like shit about yourself. And then they're like, I know I have. And so if you join my 10 step program, you will become a millionaire. Why do we buy into that ship? Sure, I've done it. So I got it. But seriously, why? Why do we think that has to be the way Why do we believe someone when they tell us that's the only path fuck that it is so limiting. It's so constraining. And it's not the right strategy that you feel like you're missing. It's actually in the letting fucking go of all these rules that you're going to create the face to hear your intuition and find your own path. And that's the path of least resistance. That's the path that gets to work, like fucking magic for you. My coach and I were talking recently about what allowed me to grow my business so quickly over the last few months. And like, I just threw away all the rules, and did what I wanted to do. Follow my intuition. And there's a lot of a lot of people out there saying, like, you can't just do what you want to do and follow what feels good and follow your intuition. Like, well, I did. And it worked a lot better for me, or my clients. So it's not really true. I don't think anything's true or false or right or wrong. So we may as well do whatever the fuck we want to do and like, drop all of these rules and limits and restrictions and constraints. And like, do we absolutely not do? What if that gets to work? And it does. So when I first started my business, obviously, I had no idea what I was doing. I never had a business before. So I started following people on social media who talked about strategy, and he talked about making $10 million a year. And he talked about copy and funnels and webinars and converting and speaking to people's objections and speaking to their pain points, and this email script that got me $10 million. And this sales call process that, blah, blah, blah. Now I was like, Okay, wait, why? 10? All I heard I heard I missed the bullshit. My bullshit meter did not go off. Or maybe it did. I ignored it. I was like, I heard, oh, let me think $10 million. They must know everything. They must be smarter than me. I don't know anything. So I better do everything they're telling me to do. Because clearly they're more successful and clearly, like, they know what they're doing more than I do. Now, I look back at them. Like why Madison? Because that's where it was. Now it's okay. And that's okay, if you've been there, too, or you are there too. So I started getting caught up in all this shit. I would do all this crazy stuff. Follow all these email templates and scripts and plug and play takes this email script and then you plug in your own words. Oh, who wants to do that? Like, why would we ever copy and paste what someone else did? Like? That just doesn't feel right. That doesn't feel right to me. But I did it because I thought that's what I had to do. And had all these I had to do these runways this launch runway where for months, I would warm people up. What you got to warm them up to buy because you can't trust them to make an empowered decision on their own. So you have to sneakily warm them up and make them into your shit. By the words you say in the copy you use and the colors on your landing page. Okay, that's what they're saying I have to do, I guess well, I guess I'll try it. Even though this feels really weird. And icky. I guess I'll try it. So I tried it. And I hated it. It wasn't fun. I was making like less around less than $1,000 a month for a while and then was stuck at $1,000 a month for like, two years. And I was so distraught because I'm like What the fuck is wrong with me? I'm doing all the steps. I'm following the strategies perfectly. How the fuck did this make them a million dollars and I can't make $1,000 like what the fuck is wrong with me? I literally was so confused. I really felt like something was wrong with him like, why isn't this working for me? I got so frustrated and so defeated and so discouraged. And I'm like, when? When is this ever gonna work for me? Why isn't this working for me? Why am I i've, you know, just worked on this launch for five months, and barely made any money from it. Like What the actual fuck? So I got to the point where it really it was not working, I was not making the money I wanted to make and I was absolutely motherfucking miserable, and stressed out and burnt out and feeling like shit about myself. And I was just like, Fuck this. Fuck it. Why am I doing this to myself? Is this actually how it has to be? I started questioning I'm like, Wait, is this actually true? Do I actually do it this way? Have to do it this way? What if I didn't do it this way? What if I didn't have to do all this shit? What if I didn't have to warn people up? What if I didn't have to know exactly who my ideal client avatar is? What if I didn't have to have the perfect copy? What if I did have to follow this five step webinar formula? What if I didn't have to do any of this shit. So I was like, Wow, it was like, I got so low and so frustrated, and so defeated that I was just at my like, breaking point where there Oh, there was nowhere else to go. But up. And I was just I was like, I'm fucking burning it all down. I'm burning it all down, and I don't care what happens. It's not like it was working Anyway, I'm burning everything down that I thought I had to do. I'm gonna do it my way. So I literally threw away all the rules, all the strategies that I had paid, like $50,000, or plus more, and coaches, courses, programs, this thought all these things. They were telling me I had to have an order to be successful. Fuck all the shit. I don't. This is sunk money. I don't even care about the money. I literally can't do this anymore. I refuse to do this shit. This is ridiculous. I don't want to live this way. I'm done. So I was like, throw it all away. And it's not like that. I think the decision happened. And it did evolve over time of me really letting go of all these rules and the shit I thought I had to fucking do. Like today, I had this idea for this Instagram Live two minutes before I came on here. And here I am. That easy. It's that simple. That's how I'm, that's how I move in my business. I have an inspired idea. I go and it's ready to go. And that gets to work. But it's so much easier and so much more fun. It's so much more flowy. And what I used to do, if I were to have an idea, I would sit down and be like, okay, like, how does this fit into the strategy? And like, what do I need to say on here to make people buy things? And how do I get a lot of people to show up? And what if a lot of people don't show up? And what what should I call it like I have to make it the right name, I have to make it sound really, like sexy and good, or else people aren't going to show up. And I have to promote it for 600 times before anyone's going to come. And I have to write a really clear outline. So I don't go because I can't trust myself of what I'm going to say and have to do to do this. And I'd have to make brandy and I have to do this. Fuck. Now it's like no, it's like I have deleted the shit that was not ever required to begin with. I now hear my intuition. And I go all of that shit that used to be in between the overthinking the doubting the trying to like contort myself and mold myself into the perfect strategy. Like I just fuckin deleted all of that. I'm like, No, I'm done. I found out. And so as I was letting go of all that strategy, I'm starting to listen more to myself, trust myself more, listen to my intuition. What do I want to do? What do I desire to do? What do I feel called to do? And I started listening more to my intuition. And guess what? As I've let all of this go 2020 was a big year of like, burning all the old ways of doing business for me down, burn and I burned it all to the motherfucking ground that I'm like, I'm gonna rise from the ashes. And here I am. I'm feeling sassy today if you can't tell so also let me know if this is resonating with you guys. Let me know how you're feeling. Want to check in with you guys. So in 2021 was really the year I declare I'm doing it my way. I don't give a fuck. I'm done. I'm done. I'm done. I'm done with all that shit. One time I made someone cry from a discovery call. That I used a script on. She mentioned something about not being able to afford it. And they were like this what you say, when someone says you can't afford it, or they can't afford it? And I'm like, okay, so I read her this thing. I'm like Baba Baba, basically that I like read this term, the gist of what they told me to say it was like, you're fucked if you don't join my coaching. That was kind of the vibe of it wasn't those exact words, that was kind of energy behind it. So obviously, she was like, Okay, I'll join. And I was like, Okay, and then I got off the call. I'm like, I just somebody to sign up to be my client. And I feel really icky. And I don't like this. And this feels weird. And this doesn't feel right. Like, what? What just happened, then? No surprise, like, five minutes later, I got an email from her saying that she was crying. And that she just really she didn't want to do it. And it didn't feel financially aligned with her. I was like, Oh, my God, I made someone feel like they couldn't say no, I will never do that again. And I never did, like, rip up the script to lose my focus. Peace out done with you. And like, yeah, I feel sorry. for that person. I feel sorry for the version of me who thought she had to do that. We don't have to do that chip. Kiernan? Yeah, I don't do objections. If it's aligned, it's aligned. Yes, if it's aligned, it's aligned. Like we can trust other adults to make their own motherfucking decisions. We don't have to manipulate them in order to make sales. That's a scarcity mindset, believing that you have to manipulate someone because if they don't buy there's no deficiency, so you got to get them to buy. It's fucking bullshit. So anyways, where was I? Before I dove into that story, I want to share that because I think it's just a real honest, vulnerable story about, like, what can happen when you're forcing yourself to do things that are truly not in alignment for you? So Oh, yeah. 2021, Sierra declared, like, I'm doing it my way. Following my intuition. I hired a coach who, for the first time was not selling me on this like step by step strategy. And this way that I had to do things and telling me and addressing my objections, and like, basically making me buy their minowa made me do it. I brainwashed myself, and I heard her on a podcast for like, 30 seconds. She didn't even have a website, but I'm like, I don't care something and my intuition is saying, Yes, hire this woman. And so I hired her. And through that decision, I allowed investing in myself and hiring her from that knowing intuitive knowing, like, I know, I meant to work with her, I let that decision be the portal through which I decided I'm fucking done with that old shit. And I'm moving forward, I get to do it my way, and it gets to work for me. And that starts right fucking now I let the decision to invest in myself into hire this coach I've really aligned with to be that portal for my transformation like, this is the moment I declare I'm moving forward. And so as I threw all that shit away, my business has sky rocketed. I went from struggling to get clients to having a regular flow of clients coming to me, without me having to convince people or effort or force or try hard in order to get them, I allow them to come to me. So I've filled my coaching program in the last few months in a way that felt really, really good to me, I quit my corporate job in February, which was so exciting. I went from being stuck at the $1,000 months for two years, to now hitting $11,000 months. And all the results are fantastic. But what really matters is who I'm being and who I've become and that I get to be more fulfilled, I get to feel aligned, I get to love who I am and who I'm being I get to love the process. I get to love the journey, I get to have fun, I get to have ease, I get to have flow. I don't have to do all this shit, I don't want to do like, my business truly just feels like I'm being me, living my best life growing and evolving and sharing those lessons with you, following my desires, following my intuition. And it works so much better than when I was following all these strategies. And all these formulas. And all these things they said to you they had to do and working a zillion hours a day. Now I don't really work on Fridays ever. I don't take any calls on Fridays. I typically don't take calls on Mondays. And most of the other time I work a couple hours a day maybe like two maybe three, but I can't even tell you how many hours they work because I'm not counting my business and my life are so integrated, like it's just who I am. It's just what I love doing. It's just part of my life like my business is an extension of me living my best life. It's not like My business is at the expense of my best life, it's like, No, we get to have a very successful business and a lifestyle of freedom. And we get to have fulfillment. And we get to be aligned with what we're doing. And we get to have fun. This is how it gets to work, if you allow it to, if you're willing to let go of doing all the things you thought you had to do, and instead, follow your intuition, trust yourself from within, I believe all the answers we need are within us. And it's about like, almost like clearing the way of all the like noise and shit and our conditioning of our mind and what other people are telling us to do like clearing all that shit away, and like listening to this space within. It's our GPS, it's our guidance system gets to work for us. And most people aren't willing to do this. Because in order to do this, you have to be willing to believe in something what you can't see, you have to be willing to trust in the unknown. And guess what? The unknown is where the magic happens. The unknown is where you create shit that's never been created before. I'm not here to recreate what everyone else has done. I'm here to build a motherfucking Empire, from my soul from my intuition that is, like, the I'm the only one who could have created this because it came from me. And I want you to have that experience to Who are you the way you feel about your business is like I'm literally the only person in the world who could have created this visit came from me, it came from my heart, it came from my soul, it came from my intuition didn't come from me forcing and pushing myself to do all this shit. I didn't want to do. So the moral of the story is just notice, notice what they are saying you have to do and ask yourself, Is it true? What if there are no requirements? What if I get to do it my way and it gets to work? What if the steps I feel called to take are the steps that get to work for me? Trust me? When I say they are I have seen this in my own life. My clients have been experiencing this in their businesses, as well. One of my clients just had our second highest month ever. And she just crossed six figures. And we hardly talked about the right steps or the right strategy. Yes, I actually have a fuckton of knowledge and experience about strategy. So if that ever is something my clients like, want to get into, like, I can have those conversations. It's not like we have to avoid strategy at all costs. It's just that we don't have to rely on it. We don't have to rely on having the right strategy. In order to read the results. We get to create them no matter what we get to create them, no matter what should I do, if we get to create the matter what steps we do or don't take, we get to create the results we want, no matter how we feel, we get to have what we want. And we get to do it our way. So I want to invite you, if this is something that resonates with you, if this is speaking to you, and you're done trying to struggle and strategy and funnels, follow your way to filling up your coaching practice, and you're ready to drop all that shit and do it in a way that actually feels really good to you. And in the way that gets to work like fucking magic for you, then I'd love to invite you into my new program highly paid and sold out. This is not a step by step, typical online course this is not going to be like any program you've ever taken. Because the way I teach is based in energy, the way I teach is about you, not me, your process, your energy, your desires, your intuition. So what I'm going to do is help you basically unfuck your brain and clear out all the shit that's been standing in your way. So that you get to take the steps that you feel called to take and those steps get to work for you. I'm going to be sharing everything, everything along this journey that has allowed me to skyrocket my business and sell out my coaching program in a way that felt really really good to me and honestly felt easy. It just felt like oh, yeah, it's it's just who I am. This is what I've decided I get to have this. So I've decided I get it gets to work. And this is just what I get to have. And you get to where you are and you get to have it too. And it's just about allowing yourself to let go of all the shit you thought you had to do and actually give your intuition a chance, a chance to see what magic can unfold. And trust me when you're following your intuition and following your path your desires, what you actually want to do what actually feels good for you. It's so much more fun and it works so much better than trying to follow Someone else's quote, perfect strategy. So this program starts tomorrow, our welcome call is at 1pm. Eastern, I'm so excited, which is like, I was like looking at the clock, less than 24 hours away, and I'm so excited, this program is going to be life changing, it's going to be a game changer for the coach who's ready to fill her coaching program in a way that feels really good to her like this program is a no brainer. I'm so excited. I'm sharing everything that I've embodied and implemented in my life in my business that truly allowed me to do this. Okay. So what else I want to tell you about it? Yes, we're starting tomorrow. So I wouldn't wait. And here's the thing, it felt like, I'm not going to be the person to tell you like, if you don't get on those program your fuck no, if this program feels aligned for you, and your desire to join, and you believe this can support you, then it can. And you get to let it be your portal for your transformation. And I would love to be your partner for your transformation. So if this program feels aligned, if this is what you desire, if you feel a tug in your heart right now saying, yes, this is what I've been looking for, then I can't wait to see you on the welcome call tomorrow. So if you want to join, you can send me a DM or go to magnetically slash HP s o n all capital letters. So it's $777. When you pay in full, or there are flexible payment plan options, you can break it up into four payments of two to two or if there's a different payment plan, you would like there are no fucking rules in my world. So do me if it's speaking to you. But there's also a VIP option where you'll get for private coaching calls with me. So if you're interested in VIP, send me a DM also, like I like to believe this is the price of this program because it is like next level what I'm sharing like just the inner voice and inter intuition work that we're going to do in the program is worth the 777 like it's a no brainer price. And if you feel called to join and you know this program can help you you're going to be so glad you did. And I'm so excited to welcome you into this program. So I will leave you with that. I hope you have an amazing rest of your day and make something fucking magical happen in your world today. Thank you so much for listening to the magnetically you podcast. If this episode served you I ask that you share it with someone who could make a difference for or share it on social media and tag me magnetically you make sure to hit subscribe so you don't miss any of the magic. And it would mean the world to me if you would leave a review on iTunes. Thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart for being here. And I will see you in the next episode. Transcribed by

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