flow masterclass: how to "get back" in the flow

podcast Aug 09, 2021

July was an expansive AF month for me and it was a freaking roller coaster. I’m so excited to share the MASSIVE breakthroughs and new perspectives I’ve had around flow and alignment through this journey. This is going to be a way of understand flow and manifestation that you’ve probably never heard before.


Some highlights from the masterclass:

✧ You get to receive no matter how you feel
✧ Why you haven’t gone backwards
✧ How to “get back” in the flow
✧ How to tap into sufficiency energy
✧ Following the flow of life and your intuition
✧ Loving the process and releasing the destination
✧ Highly Paid and Sold Out starts August 11th! DM me on Instagram or go to magneticallyyou.com/HPSO to join!


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Full Episode Transcript:

Hello and welcome to the magnetically you podcast. I'm your host Madison cert I am a mindset energy coach here to help you feel your freaking best and manifest a life full of magic miracles and abundance. I know that whatever led you here did not happen by coincidence. So, I am so excited and grateful to have you here. So, let's let the magic begin. Hi, and welcome to the flow masterclass, I am super excited about this. Apologies for being five minutes late I was having some technical difficulties, but here we are. And I am so so, so excited. So on this masterclass I am going to be sharing some mind blowing magic with you. So, I want to start first by sharing a little bit about my experience that I've had in the last like month to month and a half with like really, really really intense discomfort
and emotions coming up again and again and again. And feeling like out of the flow and out of my spark
and like when is this? Like when is this discomfort going to go away? It's It's so intense, it's so much like, Oh, I don't know how much longer I want to like, deal with this, like when is it going to go away kind of thing. And now having being on the other side,
and like what even is the other side right, it's not like there was a side and that side it was all it was all the flow of life and that's really the whole message of today. We're gonna get into that and now being on the other side like I can look back with so much clarity that it was all happening for me it was all happening as it was meant to it was all of my portal for my next level of growth and expansion and stepping into this next level version of me. And it's like
if you're stepping into this next level version of you it's a call this shit that's not in alignment with that version of you has to come up and come out to right so that's what was happening.
And if you like feel like you're in a phase of life like this where the ship is coming up, I want you to know it's coming up to come out and I'm going to be sharing in this masterclass how I've led myself through that experience and the freaking lightbulb moment crazy epiphany is that I received from my inner voice throughout it all and on the other side where now I feel more I've already felt
so in flow for so many months and so in my power and so in my confidence in so in my magnetism and so interest with myself and my intuition and now I just feel that on a much greater
level because I've cleared out and created more space to receive that for that to come up so it's been a while on a freaking ride
Welcome everyone say hello in the comments let me know how you're feeling today. While you're excited I've held for this master class I'm so excited to have you guys here so welcome to everyone joining So a little bit about
my journey the last month so I don't know exactly when it was but maybe like 6556 weeks ago I just kind of started feeling like shit I was feeling like a lot of
this like forcing and pushing energy coming up in my business and this like mental urge like to do things like I need to like do something in order for my business to keep working and I gotta keep doing it I got to I got to do something I've got to say the right thing we got to figure it out very much very old patterns right like that's how I started out my business in this very masculine for supershape energy and through this launch that I'm doing right now that should had to come up to come out because it's no longer in alignment
with the way I'm running my business and who I am so there's all this forcing and pushing energy coming up there was lots of resistance I was resistant to the feeling I was resistant to my circumstances I was resistant to it all so everything going within me everything without outside of me I was like oh like just so much
resistance so much pressure on myself to feel better so much pressure on myself to do the right thing so much pressure on myself to like have it all figured out basically. And I started feeling like I had not I like I had gone backwards it felt like I felt like oh this is an old me this isn't who I am anymore but if this is do I being right now then this is who I am. Have I gone backwards?
Have I lost my flow? Have I lost my spark? Have I lost my magnetism? Is it ever going to come back? When is it ever kind of come back?
Oh fuck I feel like
this forever. All of that was coming up over and over and over again. And I was releasing
beanbag after bean bag after bag if you don't know what a bean bag is, it's something we release in my inner voice sessions with my clients. Basically, it's emotional like stuck energy that's stored
as emotions in the body, and it comes up as an emotion when it's ready to be processed and released.
And then what I do is take my clients through this process of processing, allowing rather than releasing the emotion so I was taking myself through being back released after being banned release after being regulated. As soon as I released one I was like, Okay,
do a little bit later Things are looking up. And then another one is like, okay, things are looking up a little. And another one. And another. Another release, release, release, release, release, release, release. I'm like, oh, my goodness, am I going to be stuck in this releasing season
forever? Of course not. Of course not. My inner voice
knew the whole time that it was just a season, but my mind was like, What is happening? Oh, my God, how many more beanbags Can you take. And it's cool. Now to look back and see that like, of course, all of that was coming up. Because I've become so much
stronger of a person, I've become a completely different person in the last like, seven months or a year. So of course, this old shit is ready to go. And I'm strong enough now. I've created the strength and resiliency for it to be able for it to be safe for it to come up. I'm ready. I'm fucking ready for it to come up and to come out. And as I was in the launch for highly paid and sold out, I was starting to feel like oh my gosh, like, am I actually the highly paid and sought out coach, right, like, I created this program.
Because one, my inner voice told me in an inner voice session that my next program was highly paid and sold out. And to this is just the journey I'd taken myself on the few months before,
of selling out my one on one coaching in a way that felt
so good and flowy to me, and now that I was in this space, of so much releasing and resistance and, and like almost like struggle energy, I
was like, Oh my god, like, Am I the highly paid and sold out coach? Did I lose it? Am I Am I really that person, like I was having some imposter syndrome come up, like, oh,
oh, people are gonna see me. See me and they're gonna know, they're gonna know, right? Like, we have all we get so afraid of what other people are going to think. And you know, the whole time my inner voice was reminding me like, yes, you are, this is just the portal for you to embody this version of you on another level. And so I, I stayed with the process, I allowed myself to go through it, I led myself through it, I intuitively led myself through the season of resistance and emotional roller coaster, and have come out on the other side, with so much more trust and peace and power, personal power, and clarity that like I was meant to go through this, I was meant to go through this because now I'm like highly paid and sought out to point out, like I was already that version of me. And now I'm like the 2.0 version of me like I took myself through the process of teaching in the program, literally, again, an embodied all of it on a deeper level. And I'm so excited for all the women inside that program, because of what's going to come through through now is like a million times more potent. And they're still what is like a seven or eight days until we start to like I'm sure, even more is going to come through. So I'm just so I'm just so excited. But I'm going to talk I'm going to talk more about highly paid and sold out at the end if that's the program you're interested in. But for now, back to the master class.
Okay, so that's a little bit of what went on the last month. And I'm going to now
be sharing with you the four things that allowed me to lead myself through this in a way that was in alignment
and the lessons that I learned along the way. And this is where it gets juicy. Also hi Susie. Hi, Catherine. Hi, Maggie. Hi, Laila. Hi, everyone. Welcome.
Let me know how you're feeling in the comments. Let me know if you do you guys relate to my story. Have you
been experiencing anything like this? Let me know. But anyways, okay. So the first thing
is that I allowed myself to feel it all. I allowed it all.
And a year ago, I literally couldn't process or sit with any emotions. I ran from all of them. And this is something I've learned how to do through really a lot of that inner voice work to work with my co And just going like deeper with myself and actually, like, choosing to sit with emotions, my emotions, because they're just sensations in the body, they don't mean anything about who you are and what you get to have. They don't mean something has gone wrong, they don't mean you're broken, they don't mean you need to go out and fix a bunch of
things like emotions or just emotions. And I think that we
often get into the story that, like, if we can, only good things can happen we can only receive when we're feeling really high vibe. And it's just not true. Like we get to receive no matter how we feel. And so this is what I kept reminding myself of throughout that process is like, this.
What feels like a low point in my energy doesn't mean anything about my power.
My power is always solid, my ability to receive is always solid, it's always here. So my emotions and thoughts may go like this,
lots of this
last month, but my power is always there. My magnetism is always there, my ability to receive is always there, even when my mind is telling a story about what it means to be down here like, Oh, my God, you've lost it all. You must your spark, you're not the highly paid coach anymore, like your product like no. Your power and your ability to receive are constant no matter what. And I was receiving was I receiving the receiving as much as I do on the in the like highs? No, but I was receiving all along. payments, were still coming through. My clients were still experiencing huge breakthroughs with me, I was still giving them so much value there, we're still having huge breakthroughs. I was I received, I think, probably more payments last month than I ever have in my business, I realized there were 14 payments that came through. And something that I've been playing around with is like I get paid every day, like oh my gosh, it's gonna be so fun. When I get paid every day, like that's gonna be a part of my business one day I where I've received payments every day, and I'm like, Oh my God, in July, I received 14 payments, that's if we're counting, if they were all exactly one day, that's halfway to my desire getting paid every day. So I was still receiving you can receive and no matter how you feel, you still have your power. No matter how you feel, you still can provide value, no matter how you feel, you can still show up no matter how you feel.
And it's about just doing so in a way that feels authentic and aligned to you. And like, even when the mind is telling crazy
stories and your emotions are like going crazy, you can still connect with
that inner voice. And that's what I'm going to talk about in a little bit. But nothing has gone wrong.
When you're when you're here, when your emotions and thoughts are here, nothing has gone wrong. All that has happened is that you are a human welcome to Reality. But seriously, it's like our power, our magnetism, our ability to receive solid, our inner voice solid,
no matter what our emotions and thoughts can go like this. And that's okay, we can allow that to happen.
Why we feel so much struggle is when we're,
we think it only can be like this. It's allowed to flow. It's meant to flow. Life is meant to have polarities.
How could you ever feel what's up here, if you haven't felt what's down here, it's about being willing to feel it all and allow it all I released. Like I said, so many of you guys just laying down, breathing, breathing, breathing, feeling into the sensations in my body, allowing it to all be there without this is a huge thing without needing to react to those emotions and thoughts. So like racing, heart anxiety, thoughts, like, Oh my gosh, like you're not the highly paid job coach anymore. Nobody's gonna, everyone's got to take care of fraud, right?
It would have been easy to have that anxiety, have those thoughts and say, Oh, my gosh, I need to go post 100 times about this program.
And I need to follow up with everyone
who I've ever talked to, and I need to lower my price. And I need to do this. And I do that.
I sit with it.
I allow it to be I know that it's not me. It's like I'm here and all those thoughts and emotions are here. I'm like, Okay, I'm here. But the emotions,
do what you want to do. But I'm here, right? And so I let it and let it all unfold. I let it all flow. Yes, it was difficult. Yes, it was painful, but I let it all flow.
So that's the first
thing is that The flow gets to be the flow. It's all part of the flow, we think, oh, we're only in flow and in alignment here. But what if this is part of the flow? What if this is part of the alignment? What if it's all part of the flow and alignment? What if it's all working for you? What if it's all adding up? What if the drifts and the releasing and the letting go and the difficult emotions coming up is just as powerful as when you're feeling like really freaking high but what if the flow
is exactly as it's meant to be? So one of my clients, I've been working with my clients on a lot of this emotional process and being willing to be willing and able to sit with and feel
and allow it and process their emotions without reacting to them in a
self sabotaging way like what I used to do is this all would come up I would avoid it, I would not feel it. And I would immediately go into trying like trying to fix things trying to change things, trying to hide
or overcompensate with frantic action, all self sabotage. Don't let these thoughts and emotions lead you view are leading. You are here.
All the thoughts and emotions can go like this, but you are here. Okay. So anyway, it's one of my clients. she messaged me saying that she was feeling so much
guilt about receiving money with ease, because as we've been working together, like she crossed six figures and money has just been, like flowing to her with way, way, way less effort. And she was feeling really, really guilty about it. Like I feel guilty. Like it can't be this easy, like I should, I should have worked harder for it. I didn't do anything for this, like, I don't deserve this. So she was having all that guilt coming up. And she laid down, sat with it, she said for about an hour, and just let it all be there without trying to fix it, change it, react to it, just let it all be there, let herself feel it all.
And she hadn't released the emotion yet. She was just sitting with it and feeling with it. And then she had a high ticket sales come through. And she was like, Oh my gosh, I get
to receive regardless of how I feel. And I'm like, Yes, that's exactly fucking right. You do, and you just proved it to yourself. And how you prove that to yourself is that when you're feeling low, you remain open to receive, I get to receive no matter what I'm open to receive no matter what. And then you show yourself evidence that you get to receive no matter what. And then that becomes your news story. Your story doesn't have to be I only get to receive mine, I feel like really perfect your story has to be I had some fucking
received no matter what because it's just who I am. Because my power is constant. My magnetism is constant, the solidity of my inner voice and who I am. The worthiness, my worthiness is constant, it does not fluctuate.
Like the stories in my mind. So I asked my inner voice for guidance. This was probably like two weeks ago, while I was like trickling, trickling out of the low vibes, we'll call them. And I asked my inner voice and like inner voice, what
do I need to know? What do I need to know about this season? Like, please give me guidance.
And so I journal that I want to read to you what I wrote, I shared it in another Instagram Live, but it's so powerful. And this gave me back my power not in Not that I ever lost it. But it reminded me that my power is always there. It never goes away. You have never gone backwards, ever. Okay? So I'm going to read it to you. If you want to feel free to close your eyes and just really let yourself receive this message. From here, from your inner being from the solidity of who you are from your body,
not from the cuckoo nests of our minds. At least mine goes a little Cuckoo. Hi, Abby, Okay, here we go. The wave will flow no matter what
rivers flow and no matter what. Rivers don't push and force themselves to make the water flow. The water just flows. You don't have to push yourself and force yourself to move and flow. You get to ride the wave. You are the wave. You are the river. You are the flow, you are the source. There is no pushing and forcing necessary. You get to get on a float and ride the river or you can dive in headfirst and try to swim upstream. The choice is yours. There might be rapids, there might be cell parts. There might be parts where it feels like it's not moving at all, or it's moving way too fast, but the river never stops, the flow of source never stops, you never stop, the mind may resist and try to swim upstream. But that doesn't stop the river from flowing, the mind may have a story that it stopped, and it's not working. But the river just is the river just flows. Just because there are days where there are rapids doesn't mean the river is broken. Just because there are days where the water is completely still doesn't mean the river is broken. Let the river be the river flood source the source like you be you, you don't need to get back in the flow, you are the flow, right? The waves trust the
waves. So I was like, Oh, my God, my inner voice blew my fucking
mind again. Because here I was thinking,
this isn't flow, I want to be in flow, when the whole time it was all the
flow, it was all part of the flow, it was all in alignment, it was all meant to be, it was all just as good. This is just as powerful a part of the process as this, the releasing is just as powerful as the receiving
the feeling. The intense emotions is just as powerful as the like activating an expansive emotions, it's all
part of the flow. It's all leading you to where you want to be. It's all adding up. It's all working. It's all working. So
that was the first thing is allowing myself to feel at all remembering that nothing has gone wrong. I am the flow. I can't not
be in the flow like a river doesn't go in and out of alignment. A river doesn't go in and out of flow. The river just is the river is always
flowing. It might be still and it might be rushing. But it's still the river. It's we don't think Oh my God, oh, the river is gonna be
fucked because it's still right now. It's still a river. It's just fine. It's meant to have seasons of rapids. And it's meant to have seasons of stillness. It's meant to have seasons of like, moving slow, like, it's all part of the flow. The Grand Canyon was not only built from the river rushing and rushing and rushing and moving along perfectly fast. There were ebbs and flows that created the Grand Canyon, ebbs and flows create your life. So we need to let them let there be the ebbs and flows. They don't mean anything about you and who you are, nothing has gone wrong, you are not broken, you have not gone backwards. Okay. So the second thing is tapping back into sufficiency. So sufficiency is just a remembrance of I am whole, I'm already hope I don't need anything outside of me to fill these perceived gaps in my mind of not enough, I'm already hold on already enough.
I'm already a complete, I am not broken, I do not need to be fixed. I'm whole and complete as I am. I don't need anything outside of me.
To prove that to me. I don't need anything outside of me to tell me I'm good enough. I'm whole as I am. I'm whole as I am. So that one is a quick one, right? It's just remembering that I'm sufficient. I'm whole as I am.
And whatever you're doing, catch yourself because whatever you're doing to fill in the perceived gaps is most likely self sabotage. If there were no gaps if you were already hold.
If you didn't need anything outside of you to complete yourself, what would you do and who would you be? Okay. The third thing is intuition, which you guys know, I'm always talking about. So this is about following the
not the not so subtle, and or the subtle, the subtle, quieter, calmer, intuitive nudges over the not so subtle mental and emotional reactions of the mind. And so for a while I was, you know, felt like I was really hearing my like inner voice like very, very clear, the mind got pretty quiet and it was hearing hearing hearing. Then the last, like, you know, six weeks, my mind was getting very loud by emotions were getting very loud, it was harder to hear, but it was always there. Your intuition is always there, your inner voice is always there, your power is always there. Your magnetism is always there, so it was always there. So in this flow, what I needed to do was to listen for the subtle, intuitive nudges over listening to and believing the Over reactive not settle reactions of my mind based on what it perceived as good or bad and the craziest stories it likes to tell basically. So listen to the polls, and it's not about, like, Where's my next step? When is the intuitive stuff coming? It's, it's not about looking out into the future because you're looking out into the future always gonna be looking into the future because the future only exists in the mind. When you go into the future in the past, you're in the mind when you go into the now you're in the inner voice. So
go into the now and and ask yourself, what is the now pull? What is the now knowing what is the now guidance,
where my life be guiding me? What signs are around me that are showing me where to step Next, the path is literally at your feet. And it's about listening to the little nudge that says left foot stuff, right? Like your inner voice is like the GPS and your mind is like the driver who turns the car left or right. And the only reason that we get in our own way and things don't seem to be like going as we want them to do is because we're letting the mind the mind is trying to be the GPS, we let the mind is trying to like take over, instead of just following the guidance from the GPS, following the guidance from the inner voice. Like if you went on a road trip, and you're like, oh, the GPS is like, I'm gonna ignore you. And I'm just gonna drive you're gonna go in circles, the mind will take you in fucking circles, the mind will take you on all these turns that you didn't need to go on your inner voice. The GPS, literally is the path of least resistance. It's the fastest path. It's the easiest path.
Like you know, when you go on Google Maps, it's way it's the best path. It's the best path or ways whatever you use, like it's the best path. And it will
your that is the path that gets to work for you. And it's only in the fighting of that fighting the flow of life fighting those edges, fighting those poles, and listening to what like the mind thinks is best based on its past conditioning, your inner voice operates fully and completely from the now and like who you're becoming. And the mind is just a compilation of what you've experienced in the past. So when your mind is running the show, you're just going to be recreating the past, when you let your inner voice run the show, you're going to be taking taken places better than your mind could have even predicted because your mind can only predict based on the experiences and things it's learned from the past. Your inner voice has much bigger plans for you.
So let's see what else I wanted to share about intuition. So this is a fun
story about following following the flow and just letting go of the forcing and the pushing. So we just moved to Virginia, and I'm in my new office, which I'm excited about is the first time I've had an office. So it's like really fucking fantastic. There's nothing in here though, except my desk and me for now. But anyway, so we moved to Virginia, and our apartment is like way, way, way, way, way bigger than anything we've ever had. So we need to get some furniture and stuff and I love my space to be like a vibe. I love it to be like exactly what I want it to be. So I was like going furniture shopping and here and there and ordering all these things. And like trying to complete the apartment as fast as possible and like forcing and pushing myself to like go to home but it's good as TJ Maxx go to this or go to the house or buy this thing search online for an hour or a piece of furniture and then have a headache when you're done right. Like I found myself in this forcing and pushing mode trying to rush to get the apartment completed. And I lay down on the couch one day and just say I'm exhausted. It was like 3pm I couldn't even open my eyes. And that's like really rare for me to just be like exhausted melodyne like what the hell have I done to get so exhausted? I'm like, oh, I've been forcing and pushing and running around non stop like a chicken with its head cut off trying to perfect this apartment. And I was like, Okay, I know I need her. So I'm going to lay here and watch love Island, I'm going to rest I'm going to take a break. And I'm setting the intention now that I'm dropping the force in the push. This is not how I'm going to operate. I'm done. I'm done with that. I'm taking that out of the equation. I choose for this to be easy. I decide now that I'm going to let my inner voice guide me I'm in it's literally all gonna fall in my lap. I was like it's I'm just gonna like, go on a walk one day and then oh, I see a piece of furniture and I buy it and like literally that was the intention. I said that it's just going to fall into place without my mind needing to effort or try hard or push or force or in To be, I was gonna let the river be the river. So I'm laying there watching love Island and deciding that like, I'm just gonna let the flow of life take me. And Trevor and I were talking about these two rugs that we wanted to return. And I was like, I want to return those, like, I want to be done with that, but I really am tired. Like one of them was a five minute drive away to return. And then the other one was like a 30 minute drive away to return. I was like, I really don't want to drive 30 minutes. And Trevor was like, oh, like, yeah, like, it would be nice if you return them and I could use a ride to yoga. So him wanting a ride to yoga was like, Okay, that was my little flow sign of like, Okay,
I'm just gonna follow that flow, I would like to give him a ride. And while I'm out there, I'm just going to flow in and return these things. Hi, Jess. Hi, Emma. Welcome. So I
dropped her off at yoga, I
schlepped the routers, with me and I go to home goods. And
I had this feeling to go to Home Goods first. That was the store those five minutes away, the other store was like 30 minutes away. Usually, I'm the type of person to like, get the hard thing over with first. So I would have only like 99% of the times I would have gone and got the longer one with over with first.
But something there was a subtle, subtle pole, telling me to go return the
one that was five minutes away first. And I set the intention all time high attend NASA, I'd set the intention, the whole time that I'm going to I'm
going to be open to this being a magical experience, I might end up at a really fucking awesome plant store or like I might something magical might happen, like something amazing happened. Like, I'm just gonna like flow and like see where this experience wants to take me like I'm open to all possibilities and open to this being easy. So I go to the clothes store. I walk in, I'm returning the rug. And I'm like, Oh my god, I forgot. The other store is a sister store to this store. I saw I asked them I'm like, Can I return? I have another rug from your sister store. Can I return it here? And they were like, yes. That was like, Oh my god, you have no idea? Well, first of all, I was so excited about I just collapse time and didn't have to drive an hour to go return this other route, which I really didn't want to do because it was really tired. And second, it was like, instant fucking evidence of my shift and intention. Literally, every time I've ever connected with this, like I'm open to the flow of life, I'm open to all possibilities and open to being guided. I'm open to it all happening easier than I ever could have expected. It fucking does. I had this experience. Once I'm in DC, where long story short, I tapped into this energy and ended up having a two hour waiting for a dinner, go to instant. And then I have signed a client like right at that moment as well. So this is like an energy that has been like recurring. And I and a very useful way for me. So I go there like yes, you can return the other relevant. Thank you, universe. Thank you under voice like bug. Yeah, this shit works every single time. So I returned the raw logs. And I'm like, Oh my gosh, this is this is exactly what I'm teaching and highly paid until it out. I'm like, this is exactly what I'm teaching. When you take the forces and the pushing out of the equation, and you let your inner voice lead the way. It's the fastest, easiest, most fun path and that path. It's about deciding that that path gets to work for you. Because most of the time, we think we have to do it this way. So that's why we feel the force and the push because we're doing show we don't want to do but when we actually just do what the hell we want to do and follow our inner voice it gets to work and it gets fucking better than our minds could have even predicted. So I returned the rugs and I'm like, maybe I'll walk around homegoods and I'm my energy. I'm not even tired anymore. Because I'm like so lit up about this whole experience. So I'm walking around the store I find like so many things that I had been like struggling to like look for and find them. I can't find pillows I
like and I can't find bathroom trash cans I like and then I was just like, oh, there's the bathroom trashcan.
There's pillows, put them in the car, put them in the car, put them in the car, just like all literally like fell effortlessly into my car.
Yeah, just said flow, baby. Yes, exactly. So I'm like, oh, feeling the flow. So that I go home and I'm like, Oh no, I'm so energized. And I have an hour of my life back.
So I'm going to go on walk and then I go on a walk. And then I had a great time. And I I went to while I was going on my walk I had this package at FedEx to return and Took my package. It's literally so close, which was amazing. It was so easy. I walk in and there's no line. And the lady is so nice is like, has the best energy of like anyone ever not. I mean, that's an exaggeration, but like she had the best energy. She was so kind. She's like, I got you covered baby, like, let me help you. She's like, I was like, thank you so much. And she was like, I got you covered like a blanket. And when she said that I like got goosebumps, because I'm just like, yeah, so it is my inner voice in the universe. Covered like a mother fucking blanket. But seriously.
So that is the magic that unfolds when you allow things to unfold when you
allow the subtle poles and nudges to guide you, instead of the mind trying to run the show.
And the last thing I wanted to share is the other day,
I was driving in the car feeling that feeling of like, like pushing, forcing some of that resistance, like coming back after a lot of it had started to dissipate, I was feeling I come back a little and I was like, Oh, fuck, like, Here we go again. And a question that popped into my awareness, which is the way I said that it popped into my awareness. That's a lot of times for me how it feels with my inner voice, it just like comes from nowhere and everywhere. It's just like,
here's the this question. So my inner voice gave me this question. If the next thing was the destination, what would I do?
So this is the fourth thing is about loving the process and releasing the destination. Because all we have is right here, right now, the part of the flow you're in is the best fucking part of the flow, the part of the wave you're in is the best part of the wave. Because it's where you are in you can't mentally make yourself be somewhere else. In this now moment when we're trying to mentally be somewhere else. That's when we start having all this resistance. Because in the now present moment, you can't mentally be there, there does not exist. All that exists is here. So I asked myself that question. If the next thing I do was the destination, what would I do? And I didn't even have to answer that question. Like, covered my body and chills in some coming back into the present moment of like, Oh my gosh, I've been rushing to the destination. When the whole damn time. I've always known it's about the now it's about the now step. It's about taking this step. Now that feels like the now thing you want to do. It's not about taking the step now that you think you have to do so you can enjoy the later it's about what's the step I will enjoy now. What's the now poll? What's the now knowing what's the now desire? What's the now intuition? If then, if there were no destination, and the next step I take was the destination? What would I do? Well, I assure ships, I wouldn't be sitting around, checking my email, and Instagram, wondering if anything magical was gonna happen. I wouldn't be
stressing myself out about figuring out what I'm supposed to do next, to get me to my goals. I had to do the fucking fun thing.
I had to do what I want to do. I had to do what felt like the natural next step. I had to do what I wanted to do. And that gets to work for you. You get to do it, how you want to do it. And so throughout this whole process of leading myself through this process, like there, there was receiving all throughout, there was magic all throughout and especially as I lead myself through these realizations and my inner voice was giving me this guidance and I was listening to it more and hearing it more. It's like clients were coming out of out of the Woodworks to spell the word my mind wanted to use. There were more sales more demand. I was getting like discounts all over the place. I met this lady at homegoods and her she was telling me all about her daughter her daughter's a famous makeup artists and she's done the makeup for the people on Riverdale and Rachel Bilson, and all these like famous people that I love. And we ended up connecting on Instagram and who
knows where that connection will lead but that's really cool. Like, I was connected with a basically famous
makeup artist. I had an interior designer who has nearly 2 million followers on Instagram. DM me, because long story short, I remembered she was friends with one of my aunts and I asked my aunt. I was like, hey, do you think I could connect with her cuz she came up in conversation. I was like, Oh, I really love what she's doing. Like, do you think she'd ever want to connect with me? And she's like, oh, let me ask her. She dm to me, personally on Instagram. I'm like, I don't know how you're gonna get my reply because you probably have 100 have 1000s of people messaging you everyday. But she messaged messaged me wanting to connect. And I was like fuckin course. Because this is who I am. I am the millionaire coach, have I made a million dollars yet? No, but that is where I am flowing, or, or somewhere better wherever my inner voice wants to take me. And so it's like, we allow the flow to be the flow. It just is it just gets to be our power is constant, our ability to receive is constant like we are magnetic no matter what. So to summarize, you are the flow, your flow and your power are constant. You're you are in alignment. When you're here and you're in alignment. When you're here, you're doing the right thing when you're here and you're doing the right thing. And you're when you're here, what if everything you did was always the right thing to lead you where you are meant to be, or better. What if everything you were ever feeling was meant that was the way it was supposed to work? What if it's all adding up? What if it's all working but if this is just as powerful part of the flow is this, it is because your power is constant, your ability to receive his constant, your humaneness does not diminish your ability to receive and to create, and to live and flow in a beautiful reality and create fucking magic. And the drips are important. They're part of the flow. And it's really like, What's so clear to me now is like my circumstances and my emotions, and my thoughts were all the portal for me to step into my next level self for me to shed all the parts of my being that were no longer in alignment with the fucking places I'm going with the 20k months, I'm about to create with the 30 day months, 50k months, 100k months, like, that's where I'm moving. That's where I'm headed. And so the drifts are important because they're a portal, they're a portal on your path, they're a part of the path, they clear the path, they open it up, you receive new lessons, new perspectives, right, like what I shared today was like, I couldn't have shared this with you six weeks ago, because this all came from my inner voices came from the portal of my experiences and my thoughts and my emotions, bringing these lessons through to me. And in this space, like left behind, I don't know if those are the words are looking for. But in this space left behind, after all that releasing, it's like more connection to the power, my inner voice who I truly am, like, I just feel more connected to myself and more in my power than I ever have. Because I've released more parts of me that were not that, that were just stories of my mind conditioning old experiences, it's like, Out with the old in with the nail. So I'm so excited to share more about highly paid and sold out right now. So if this program is something you're interested in, stick around, I'm going to tell you a little bit more about it. If it's not, thank you so much for being here. I'm so grateful for you spending how long it's been like an hour with me.
Thank you so much. So highly paid and sold out. I'm so excited. I'm so excited. Because like I said, I feel like
I've stepped into this highly paid and sold out 2.0 version of me. And the energy I'm feeling right now is so potent. The lessons I've received, the downloads I've received are so freaking potent. And I'm so excited to bring all of that thrown highly paid and sold out. And it's so clear now why my inner voice guided me to making this a really long launch. It's so that I could go through this experience to bring fogging next level magic into this program. So it's going to blow your mind, it's going to be incredibly powerful. This program is all about the mindset and energetics of selling out your one on one coaching program. And it's about doing it your way, in a way that feels really good and flowing to you in a way that allows you to be a human, you don't have to be perfect, we can let that shit go. And in a way that's really following your desires and your intuition and what you want to do. Like that way gets to work for you. And I'm going to help you release the stuff that's standing in your way help you develop such a deep connection with your inner voice that you it's like you almost don't even care about the results because you're so freakin solid in who you are now. And then of course the results come because it's a byproduct of who you are. They're forcing and pushing is not required to fill up Have your coaching practice and attract to the soulmate clients that you really want to work with, like, through this program, it's going to become a natural extension of you being you, you following your desires and you following your intuition. Like that's how it gets to work. There are no fucking rules, I used to be very caught up in the super masculine like bro marketing strategies and like funnels and you have to create bigger urgency, and you have
to send 100 emails and you have to do all this shit. None of that is bad. But none of that is required. If you don't want to
do it, there's a different way that gets to just be you growing and becoming the best British version of you, you living your life you doing what you want to do, saying what the fuck you want to say. And following your desires and your intuition. So this program is $777. So when you pay in full or there are payment plans, very flexible payment plan options you can DM me about and this is the lowest price it's ever going to be. So this is a very special special price, like just the inner voice work we're going to do in this program. Just like that one. In our voice beast we're gonna do the program is we're 777 and there's going to be so, so much more magic than that. So
we're starting August 11. If you feel that intuitive poll within you to join this program, then let's fucking go.
I'm ready. If you're ready,
so send me a DM if you want to join there. Also, there's also one VIP option where you'll get private coaching with me. So if you're interested in that VIP option, just let me know what when you DM me, there's also a link in my bio if you want to go like if you're someone who likes to like read a page for more information, you can go do that. Read a little bit more about that. messaged me on Instagram. If you have any questions if you're like, I'm ready. I know. The intuitive follows here. I'm ready to fucking go. Then send me a DM. So that is thank you so much for being here. And if you're in highly paid
and sold out, I will see you and I'm like looking at the date in eight days.
I'm so excited.
Thank you so much for listening to the magnetically your podcast. If this episode served you I ask that you share it with someone who could make a difference for or share it on social media and tag me magnetically you make sure to hit subscribe so you don't miss any of the magic. And it would mean the world to me if you would leave a review
on iTunes. Thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart for being here. And I will see you in the next episode.

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